OW Imvelo Awards - Social Involvement 2012


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Oude Werf Hotel Imvelo Awards - Social Involvement 2012

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OW Imvelo Awards - Social Involvement 2012

  1. 1. stellenbosch, south africa imvelo awards 2012 entry best social involvement programme
  2. 2. “izandla ziyagezana /hands wash each other”We take this age-old wisdom to heart in a business so interdependent on people. Itunderlines much of the Oude Werf Hotel’s Corporate Social Investment approach.We believe that the smallest contribution has the power to effect change…from the development of a talented kitchen worker to a sous chef supreme, thehealth and fitness project initiated by waist-watching staff members, the supportof a job creation project that makes crafts sold in the hotel, the rands from a hotelguest that help fund our community projects or the efforts of staff to see more of acity’s homeless with food and shelter this winter...…every little bit counts.A sample of our Corporate Social Investment projects and initiatives is included here.For more detailed information, visit our website www.oudewerfhotel.co.za
  3. 3. introductionThe Oude Werf Hotel prides itself on taking any opportunity to assist the local community which is seenas our extended “family”.Whether it is a small donation for fundraising; giving food to the homeless; educating our employees onwhat they can do in their local communities or supporting local non-profit organisations financially on amonthly basis, everything done or given, comes from the heart.A committee of staff from the supported Hotels run the committee and distribute funds. They meetmonthly to evaluate progress of projects and authorize funding to new ones. The Our Kids of the CapeFund (KOTC) Committee also arrange various social involvement projects for staff, and draw on theresources of the hotels to assist with sponsorships and donations in kind. Between August 2011 and July2012, R 260 332.00 was collected by the KOTC. In 2011/12, R351 700.00 was donated or spent onCSI initiatives.To grow our initiative we have successfully become a beneficiary of My School My Village My Planet.We also have a SMS donation facility: Simply SMS ‘KOTC’ to 38021 / each SMS costs R10**Please note: a percentage of the R10.00 donated will go to network operator and administration fees.
  4. 4. donations to long termbeneficiariesBaphumelele Children’s HomeWoodside Special Care CentreThe Stellenbosch HospiceAquarius School Feeding SchemeSt Michaels Home for GirlsGenesis TrustAnthea Pieters Safe HouseSA Childrens Home
  5. 5. baphumelele children’s home - www.baphumelele.org.zaBaphumelele Children’s Home in Khayelitsha is a very special home to about 180 children from newborn to 18. It is a place ofsafety for abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned children - most infected or affected by HIV/Aids. To limit the effects ofinstitutional living, children are accommodated in houses each with 12 children. Our contribution pays the monthly expenses of onehousehold.woodside special care centre - www.woodside.co.zaWoodside Special Care Centre is a private residential home to about 90 intellectually and physically disabled children and youngadults. Our funding goes towards their general expenses such as food and toiletries.the stellenbosch hospice - www.hospicepalliativecaresa.co.zaThe Stellenbosch Hospice provides holistic, palliative and chronic health care to all the communities of Stellenbosch and thesurrounding areas since 1992. They offer a 24/7 palliative ward service, home based care for over 400 patients per day, whosuffer mainly from Cancer, HIV/AIDS and TB and provide the psycho-social support and counselling to patients and their familiesto cope with the burden of disease.aquarius school feeding scheme - clkolbe@cybersmart.co.za (email address)The Aquarius School feeding scheme provides soup and bread to over 8500 of Cape Towns poorest Children at School. Retiredpensioner, Clive Kolbe collects thousands of loaves of bread weekly and delivers this to the needy schools.genesis trust - www.genesistrust.co.zaGenesis Trust sees potential in the disadvantaged children of South Africa. These children, like any other child, have dreams,ambition and talent. The real needs of these children are education, mentoring, guidance and support. Without funds none of theseare possible – funding to help set up a firm foundation to further their education, issue them with home basics and to help themfind work and a place to live. The fund supports a bursary for one learner towards their tertiary tuition.
  6. 6. st michaels home for girls - www.st-mikesct.org.zaSt Michaels Home for Girls is an innovative; therapeutic and developmental residential environment for up to 25 vulnerableyoung women between the ages of 13 and 18 who have been seriously traumatized and removed from their families for their ownprotection and safety by an order of the Children’s Court.anthea pieters safe house - mike.luppnow@vodamail.co.zaAnthea Pieters of the Eersterivier Empowerment Centre takes care of children who have been placed in her care, who are all victimsof neglect, violence, drug and alcohol abuse of the parents. These children range from 1 - 11 years old.Over and above this, she also provides temporary shelter to women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. With oursupport, she is able to provide the foster children with the daily essential.sa childrens home - www.sakinderhuis.orgThe South African Children’s Home was the first welfare institution established in South Africa. Originally known as the ‘OrphanHouse’ it was founded in 1808. The children are placed in their care strictly through the Children’s Court and are given threebalanced meals each day, attend local schools and are provided with school uniforms, sports equipment and casual clothing. Theyreceive medical and dental attention as well as therapeutic and counselling services. Our support has enabled them to completetheir play therapy room as well as regular equine therapy for the children.“home is where the heart is” - sa childrens home44 children + 8 caregivers = 1 amazing family
  7. 7. the our kids of the cape fundad-hoc projects:atlantic hope – september 2011Atlantic Hope is an emergency safety home for vulnerable infants. The infants placedwith Atlantic Hope are placed through the courts and are in need of immediate safecare. These infants having either been removed from their parents due to neglect/abuse or abandonment or are waiting adoption. With more than 500 babies beingabandoned in Cape Town over a 12 month period our contribution was made toassist with the feeding of these infants.philippi children’s centre – december 2011The Philippi Children’s Centre provides a crèche and educare centre for disadvantagedchildren from three months to six years of age which include those affected by HIV/Aids, TB and foetal alcohol syndrome. We assisted the centre with the purchase of anew cot, bedding and the repair of a donated sewing machine.earth child – september 2011 - www.earthchildproject.orgThe Earth Child project aims to transform existing classrooms into “living”,interacting learning environments which are engaging, practical and fun for children.Through workshops Earth Child offers teachers tools that can be integrated into alllearning areas. Our funds enabled another Living classroom to be set up with a wormfarm, container vegetable garden, sprouting kit and monthly life skills classes for thelearners.
  8. 8. ocean view junior fire fighters – march 2012Enviro Wildlife Services established the Ocean View Junior Fire-fighters in January 2012, with the aim of training youth in thearea to become ambassadors for their community in increasing awareness, assisting in the prevention of veld fires and to providenecessary life skills to the children of the Ocean View community. Our contribution assisted with the purchase of first aid kits forchildren who have completed a registered Level 1 first aid course; fire beaters and protective clothing for children who pass thebasic veld fire fighting course.cape care centre – march 2012The objective of the Cape Care Centre is to feed underprivileged Primary school children at Garden Village Primary in Maitland.We assisted the centre with much needed funds to provide breakfast for 200 children for two months.shooting stars – march 2012Is a developing day care facility in the informal settlement of Bonnytoun which aims to provide early childhood development forpre-school children to ensure a smooth transition to formal education and a platform from where the education of parents can beaddressed. Our contribution went towards the set-up of the much needed day care facility.
  9. 9. tea partyIn December 2011, a High Teaparty was arranged at the hotelfor the girls of St. Michaels,Heathermore, and the Girls ofBoys and Girls Town. A wonderfulafternoon was had, the roomwas decked out in pink, with theyoung ladies being treated to anafternoon of tea & treats, eachyoung lady received a goodie bagfull of girlie essentials including agown, make-up, hair accessoriesand a pair of shoes generouslydonated by Jordan shoes.
  10. 10. golf day 2011In November 2011, the KOTC held its first charityGolf Day. The day was a huge success, supportedby the likes of Chester Williams, Mat Pierce, RyanO’Connor and FW De Klerk with R141 000.00 beingraised for KOTC.What did we do with the golf day money?Funds Woodside HoistIn support of our quest to “help the children who can’thelp themselves”, KOTC has decided to use a portionof the funds raised at our charity Golf Day to install asecond electronic bath hoist at Woodside Special CareCentre - a home for profoundly intellectually disabledchildren and young adults.With a hoist in each bathroom, the carers will beprovided with much-needed relief as they carry out thechildren’s daily bath routine. It works firstly, by liftingand lowering each child safely and securely into thebath and secondly, by supporting them, once in thebath, so that the carer’s hands are free to give them anice clean wash.
  11. 11. our social involvement with the local communityTo ensure the rights, traditions and cultural heritage are protected; the General Manager serves as a member on the Heritage Council ofStellenbosch. She is also on the board of directors of the “Stellenbosch 360”, ensurng we’re always informed of where the needs are in thecommunity and how we are able to assist.Whilst there is still a lot of work to do, we are slowly beginning to support local businesses as much as possible. This includes local transportservices (Kumkani and Adventure Centre) as well as only stocking the locally-produced wine of the Stellenbosch region. We are furtherassisting two local boys with a soccer magazine initiative by providing them with two hours of free internet per week.We have a strong relationship with the local Hospice and the University of Stellenbosch. Hospice is given once-off donations when needed orwhen funds are available. We provide them with clothing once a year and we host an annual cake & tea for the nurses to thank them for thehard work they are doing. For the University we make special exceptions with bookings when requested and also support “Jool” (a communityinitiative of the University) annually with donations.Annually, at Christmas, we have the Gift of Giving, where employees fill shoeboxes with necessities for children, which is then taken to localhospitals and handed to the children.In Winter, we host weekly dinners at the Stellenbosch Shelter by providing the homeless with nutritious soup. Our kitchen team makes thesoup and also then serves the soup in the evenings. We have also provided tin cups and soup to a local shack outreach.“We give back to the community by giving Christmas boxes to kids in the hospital and we have the Kids of the Cape where we give donationsto them every month and I was also involved with a Soup Kitchen, where we give it to Mathew, the Maintenance Manager, that he gives tothe shelter.” Nadia Blom, Cook.One of our Duty Managers, Gregory Young, started his own initiative with his family. Once a week they pack their car with food (mostly soupand bread) and drive to a local squatter camp, where they then hand the food to the less fortunate people.
  12. 12. Date 2011 Gift Voucher Granted to Gift Voucher Details08 April Business Woman Association SA Function Two course dinner for two, incl bottle of house wine09 May Girl Guide Movement Annual Fundraiser Lunch or Breakfast for two30 May Stias Fundraiser One night’s accommodation for two people, incl Dinner30 May Adventures Centre Lucky Draw Two night’s accommodation for two people11 June Celebrate Life Fundraiser - Huis Horison Stellenbosch One night’s accommodation for two people, including dinner30 June Derek Houston Workshop One night’s accommodation for two people21 July Leisure Education Trust Fundraiser Breakfast for two people12 August Rhenish Primary School Fundraiser One night’s accommodation for two people05 September Laerskool Mikro Fundraiser One night’s accommodation for two people16 September Laerskool Stellenbosch Golf day Fundraiser Champagne breakfast for two people16 September Laerskool Stellenbosch Golf day Fundraiser Champagne breakfast for two people16 September Laerskool Stellenbosch Golf day Fundraiser Champagne breakfast for two people16 September Laerskool Stellenbosch Golf day Fundraiser Champagne breakfast for two people18 November Our Kids of the Cape Fund Golf day Fundraiser Two night’s accommodation for two peopleDate 2012 Gift Voucher Granted to Gift Voucher Details10 May Sunflower Foundation One night B&B for two people01 June Rhenish Primary School Golf day Fundraiser Breakfast for four people27 June Christmas in July Dance Fundraiser One night B&B for two people13 July ACVV Crèche Bothasig Golf day Fundraiser Breakfast for two13 July ACVV Crèche Bothasig Golf day Fundraiser Lunch for two13 July ACVV Crèche Bothasig Golf day Fundraiser Accommodation for two for one night24 January Amanda de Villiers - Retire Boland College Stellenbosch Accommodation for two for one night + Cake & Tea for 226 July Cancer Association Fundraiser Breakfast for two
  13. 13. addressing local issues & wellbeingWe address issues such is HIV/Aids; TB; cancer; etc. through raising awareness amongst our employees for them to share in their localcommunities. Employees are given education and taught the value of giving back to others. Through education, employees are taking it uponthemselves to serve a purpose in the community, for example, Dorothea Smit (Chef de Partie) made lunch for children in her community andMerisa Solomons (waiter) is helping a local HIV/Aids organisation with feeding; bathing and dressing the critically ill.“We focus a lot on giving back to the staff, but also the community. We try to encourage staff to see the bigger picture, to see how they need tocare for others and care for each other.” Shayleen van der Roll, Front Office Manager. In July, we hosted a Kids of the Cape Workshop to raiseawareness amongst staff on where they can assist with projects.The Hotel supports KOTC by:We have also established the Oude Werf Hotel KOTC secondary committee, to focus on social initiatives in the Stellenbosch region such asaddressing local issues; wellness activities and providing assistance to ad hoc projects. This is all done through our You are the World programme.One of the focal points of the programme is to raise awareness through either talks hosted or posters in the employee dining area. In the past wehave raised awareness/ done the following:• TB Awareness• World No Tobacco Day on 31 May• Blood Donation – Where this can be done and why you should donate• Breast Cancer Awareness – Pink ribbons for staff to wear in October, including posters with relevant information• HIV/Aids Testing; Counselling and training and showing awareness by wearing Red ribbons in December• Blood Pressure Testing• Diabetes TestingThe planned awareness for the remainder of the year is as follow:• National Start Something Day Competition – Employees need to start something meaningful in their community. The person with the best initiative will be the winner and he/ she will receive either financial assistance or equipment to assist with the project as their prize• Money Matters – How to manage your finances• Health Awareness – Testing of diabetes; cholesterol and blood pressure
  14. 14. development in the communitywww.seedstellenbosch.org.zaWe support SEED (Stellenbosch Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development) with a free venue for their training sessions as well asdiscounts on food for they days they conduct training at the Hotel. Last year we supported them with eight (8) workshops:Development is a great passion of Oude Werf’s and therefore we do our part in developing students. Earlier this year we took partin the Tracker: Men in the Making Initiative (http://www.tracker.co.za/CorpSocialInvestment/MenInMaking/MITM.aspx?NK=/corpsocialinvestment/meninmaking/mitm.aspx), by hosting three (3) boys from the local Kayamandi High School for a day of jobshadowing. This type of project is something we would like to expand in the future.The boys who joined us for the day were: Dates Nr of learners• Wandile Mafumana (Gr. 10) 20 July 2012 12• Mthabisi Mphomane (Gr. 11)• Ndimphiwe Nobumba (Gr.12) 21 September 2011 20 22 September 2011 20On a regular basis we take on students from local hospitality institutions 23 September 2011 20that require exposure to the hotel industry. 11 October 2011 16 12 October 2011 16“Students build a name for themselves.” Shayleen van der Roll 13 October 2011 16 24 October 2011 13
  15. 15. In the last year we assisted the following students:Student Name Institution Training at Hotel DatesJorika Lötz Private Hotel School Six month Internship 01 July 2011 – 01 December 2011Jaco Botes Private Hotel School Six month Internship 16 January 2012 – 18 June 2012Nico Theart Private Hotel School 120 hours for WBL 27 January – 18 May 2012Kay-Lee Berry Private Hotel School 120 hours for WBL 27 January – 06 April 2012Caitlyn February International Hotel School 20 week internship 10 April – 15 June 2012 25 September – 30 November 2012Leslie Olivier Boland College Stellenbosch Holiday Internship 19 June - 04 July 2012Jennifer Mbete Cape Wine Academy Five-week Internship 16 July to 17 August 2012Suzette Viviers Boland College Stellenbosch 23 July – 07 September 2012Nancy Nangle Private Hotel School 120 hours for WBL 30 July to 21 September 2012Tunde Ijaoye Private Hotel School 120 hours for WBL 30 July to 21 September 2012Anneline van Wyk Boland College Stellenbosch 07 August – 21 September 2012
  16. 16. Miss Stellenbosch Beauty Fund RaiserTo whom it may concern,Bachelor & Bachelorette of the Year 2012 in aid of CANSAThis letter serves to confirm that we give permission to the Semi-Finalists for this year’s Bachelor & Bachelorette of the Yearpermission to do official fundraising for CANSA.The Competition will allow the winners to be Ambassadors for CANSA. All semi-finalists are requested to raise funds for ourorganisation, and all donations will be appreciated.Any donations can be made into the Organiser’s account. We work closely with CopperStone Promotions, and alldonations/funds get audited.When making donations, please use the following account: - J Momberg - Standard Bank - Savings - Acc no 414 550951 - Branch: Castle Walk - Branch Code: 01464500Please use your name, followed by “BB and the Semi-Finalists name” as reference.CANSA would like to thank you for joining hands with us to fight this terrible decease. This Competition will raise fundsspecifically for Childhood Cancer, and will represent children facing cancer, and the support and hope that one day cancer will beconquered.Should you enquire any other information regarding this project, please contact Jacques Momberg on 082 771 0533 orjacques@c-stone.co.za. You are also welcome to contact me on 082 469 7793 or rvermaak@cansa.org.za.Thanking you in advance.Ronel VermaakCorporate Relationship Manager/Regional Manager082.469.7793/011.768.4342
  17. 17. OF THE CAPE WORKSHOP BLISTERS FOR BREAD Thursday, 05 July 2012 Sunday 26 August 2012 Training will take place in the conference room. Please retrieve an entry form Please take note of the time YOU need to attend: from Wilzaan. *Kry asb ‘n inskrywingsvorm van Wilzaan. 09:00-10:30 11:00-12:30 13:30-15:00 15:30-17:00 Yolandie Tanya Baradeen Uanita Saskia Siyabonga Clara Elmarie Return the Ivan Hanley Minnie Noma Brodwena Nadia Natalia Lydia completed form + your R35.00 Tapfuma Albert Shayleen Uanita Elanie Xolani Mario Johnai to Wilzaan BEFORE 02 August 2012. Arizaan Merisa Phumla Oom Cyril *Gee asb die voltooide vorm + R35.00 vir Wilzaan, Chris Ricardo Zelda Mandy VOOR 02 Augustus 2012. Muriel Phillip Bonga Nic Wilzaan Jaco Gregory Allan Natashia Lorraine Sanna Zanele If you participate on the day, we will John Wonder Sherron REPAY you your R35.00 afterwards. Dot *As jy deelneem op die dag, sal ons die R35.00 daarna Mathew vir jou terug betaal. This training is compulsory!! Transport can also be arranged, if there isIf you do not attend the training as stipulate above, disciplinary action will be followed! enough staff who wishes to participate! *Vervoer kan gereël word, indien daar genoeg staff is wat belangstel Please see Wilzaan for any questions or queries. om deel te neem.
  18. 18. Green Team Certificate Presented to Titus Brown For membership of the d’Ouwe Werf Hotel’s “Green Team” _____________________________ ____________________ GENERAL MANAGER DATE
  19. 19. soupkitchen
  20. 20. tel +27 (0)21 887 4608 / email hotel@oudewerfhotel.co.za Oude Werf Hotel thank you!web www.oudewerfhotel.co.za 30 Church Street Stellenbosch 7600 South Africa