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Yammer Working Social Essentials - Presented by Atidan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Working Social Essentials Transform your business with Yammer David J. Rosenthal President & CEO, Atidan May 12, 2014 opening loop
  • 2. WELCOME
  • 3. opening loop Join the Conversation! Install the Yammer app for your device • Windows Phone • Windows 8 • Android • iPhone/iPad
  • 4. Agenda
  • 5. #worklikeanetwork Work like a network. Enterprise Social and the Future of Work:
  • 6. The world has become a giant network. #worklikeanetwork
  • 7. What if you could work like a network?
  • 8. As a result, companies are being disrupted. #worklikeanetwork
  • 9. Work like a network. #worklikeanetwork Listen to conversations that matter Adapt and make smarter decisions Grow your business
  • 10. Listen more visibility into other departments and locations 76% Adapt improvement in project collaboration 37% Grow of business leaders agree that internal social tools stimulate innovation 93% #worklikeanetwork Listen more visibility into other departments and office locations 76% Adapt improvement in project collaboration 37% Grow of business leaders agree that internal social tools stimulate innovation 93%
  • 11. #worklikeanetwork Westfield connects hundreds of stores and listens to customers. Listen
  • 12. #worklikeanetwork Red Robin adapted to customer needs in weeks rather than months. Adapt
  • 13. Xerox grew innovation by taking ideas to execution faster. Grow #worklikeanetwork
  • 14. • Set up your profile and notifications • Join 3 groups of interest to you • Post your first update • “Like” a post you find interesting or valuable • Download the mobile app. Get started with Yammer Tip! Visit for resources to use!
  • 15. Home Feed1 Be sure to select the right group when posting. Choose from Top, All, & Following.
  • 16. Inbox2 Create a message See read & unread messages
  • 17. Groups - Join this group!3 Post to just this group here. Join / leave here.
  • 18. Your Profile Page4 See your conversations & content. Bio & profile.
  • 19. 1. Why Social? 2. Make Social relevant to your organization 3. Work in a Social way 4. Adapt and Iterate
  • 20. Effective Community Management Are the right people involved? Executive Support & Participation Will this be an official channel for collaboration? Clarity of Purpose What do you want from your network? Integrations Is Yammer connected to your current platforms?
  • 21. Social strategy and roadmap session Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) Sign me up to start working social! The Next Step in your social journey
  • 22. THANK YOU! 1-215-825-5045 x5001