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What is new with Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2013 from Atidan


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. What’s New with EnterpriseContent Management inSharePoint 2013
  • 2. WWW
  • 3. Enterprise Content Management Create Control Protect Create and organize Manage content policy, Reduce risk and manage content easily with the information architecture compliance with centralized help of relevant discovered and taxonomy eDiscovery tools information
  • 4. Create
  • 5. Control
  • 6. Protect
  • 7. 1 ECM has evolved, where content creation and organization is intuitive and simple through discovery and collaboration2 Ensure compliance is achieved through content policy, information architecture and taxonomy3 Centralized eDiscovery across the Office platform helps protect organizations by improving compliance without affecting user productivity
  • 8. What’s New with ECM in SharePoint 2013Working with eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013Working with Site Mailboxes in SharePoint 2013
  • 9.
  • 10. Ask colleagues forexpertise Follow relevant content and subject matter experts Hashtags tied to taxonomy Preview content inline
  • 11. Recommendation engine based suggestionsSingle place to track docsimportant to me
  • 12. Timeline view of tasks
  • 13. Rollup of tasks,including workflowtasks
  • 14. Organizational sites deemed relevant by the businessConsolidated view ofrelevant sites for me, that Iam following
  • 15. SkyDrive Pro – cloud storage for users @ workSee which files areshared and with whom
  • 16. Drag files directly intoSkyDrive Pro
  • 17. Easily see who can view oredit the file
  • 18. Invite others to collaborateon your document
  • 19. Click ‘SYNC’ to synchronize document libraries for offline accessSpecify where synchronizeddocuments will go locally
  • 20. Always stay in sync withSkyDrive Pro
  • 21. Library with custommetadata columns backedby term store
  • 22. Document set
  • 23. OneNote andfolder supportin documentsets
  • 24. Easily declarerecords
  • 25. Send to record centerLock iconrepresentsrecord
  • 26. Garth sees an email with an attachment relevant for the Investor Relations Handbook ProjectAnd drags it directly intothe document library forthe project site
  • 27. Document gets uploadedto SharePoint
  • 28. Here it is! 
  • 29. Garth could also drag and drop the email into the Site Mailbox for everyone on the project to seeOR he could drag it into SPso that it can potentially bemanaged as a corporaterecord
  • 30. Email can be managed inSP as a record
  • 31. Column metadata backed byterms in term store
  • 32. Edit metadata in bulk
  • 33. Expertise search also returnsrelevant authored documents
  • 34. Adding ‘research’ to queryyields smarter results Query rules expose ‘HCI’ results within Knowledge Center Portal
  • 35. Create knowledge management portals with auto- generated contentTaxonomicnavigation bound toterm set inmetadata term store
  • 36. Taxonomicnavigation
  • 37. Legal teams can creatediscovery sets for in-placepreservation View in-place hold stats in real time
  • 38. Add Exchange mailboxes,SharePoint sites and fileshare sources Preserve content in original location with high fidelity
  • 39. Create queries to trimdown content required forreview or export
  • 40. Powerful query languagesupports Boolean, proximityand prefix wildcards Quickly see what parts of the query contribute the most content
  • 41. Exchange results includeemails and Lync instantmessages
  • 42. SharePoint results includefeeds, web sites, blogs,documents
  • 43. Export options to de-duplicate emails andinclude doc versions Export content to EDRM XML standard format
  • 44. Exported .mht file showspreserved content inoriginal fidelity