Ultimate Project Office with BrightWork and Nintex - Event on May 6


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Ultimate Project Office with BrightWork and Nintex - Event on May 6

  1. 1. Ultimate Project Office with BrightWork, Nintex, SharePoint & Atidan Get Started Fast and Evolve at Your Own Pace David J. Rosenthal, CEO, Atidan May 6, 2014
  2. 2. Logistics for Today’s Webcast • Use your computer or any voice line for WebEx Audio – Select ‘I will call in’ for USA and Global numbers • Questions and Answers – Impractical to take questions on the phone throughout - sorry! • Your phone has already been put on mute for now to avoid accidental background noise – We will answer questions at the end as follows: • WebEx – Chat panel – After the webcast - extra questions to brightwork@atidan.com • Remember to go to the “full screen” – pull down menu on top right, select ‘View’ and ‘Full Screen’
  3. 3. Today’s Webcast Description Available to deploy on premise or online, BrightWork & Nintex on SharePoint 2013 will help you: • Easily initiate, plan, track and control all projects in one SharePoint environment • Efficiently collaborate and get everyone on the same page • Effectively manage portfolios • Increase your project success rate • Evolve your project management best practices
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda • Project Management on SharePoint 2013 • Summary, References, Suggested Next Steps • More Q & A
  5. 5. Demo and Deployment Sequence 1. Start Quick and Get Immediate Visibility and Control 2. Improved Best Practices Templates – Collaboratively Manage in the Small, Medium and Large 3. Effectively Manage Across Projects and Portfolios 4. Workflow and Forms 5. Evolve Project Management
  6. 6. Start Quick and Get Experience “For the things we have to learn, before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” - Aristotle
  7. 7. The BrightWork Approach Start Deliver Immediate Visibility and Control Evolve Mature Project Management Practices with Flexibility
  8. 8. Built-in Best Practices (in Templates)
  9. 9. Get Immediate Visibility and Control Projects Tracker (Inside a Project Office) - One Project Status Update - Many Dashboards Updated
  10. 10. Very Quick Entry of Project Updates
  11. 11. Fast Reporting of Project Status
  12. 12. All Projects on One Set of Dashboards
  13. 13. Collaboratively Manage in the Small Create New Project - from a Template Use a Simple Process i. Project Statement ii. Tasks (really easy update) iii. Documents iv. Issues v. Status Reports Reports - My Work - Gantt - Dashboards
  14. 14. Manage Project with Project Lite
  15. 15. Manage with Medium Complexity Add More Process, e.g. - Risks - Metrics - Status Reports - Resource Reports
  16. 16. Sample Tiles: from Project Standard
  17. 17. Manage with Medium Complexity Add - More Process, e.g. - Change Requests - Post Mortem - etc. - Project Sync – Wow!
  18. 18. Nintex Workflow QUICK & EASY DRAW IT, NOT CODE IT Empower all SharePoint users to automate their own processes in minutes through intuitive, easy to use, browser based drag- and-drop workflow designer. BUILT ON SHAREPOINT WORK BETTER, INVEST SMART Protect your SharePoint investment through simple deployment and management, while avoiding additional infrastructure and client software costs. CONNECTED SYSTEMS AND CLOUD INTEGRATION Connect Nintex Workflow to Office 365, external systems, Exchange server, Lync server, databases, web services, and a world of cloud services seamlessly.
  19. 19. • Browser based, embedded in SharePoint • Drag and drop • Design once for many devices Quick and Easy Forms Design • Desktops or mobile devices • Authenticated or anonymous • Publish in SharePoint or on the Internet Consume Anywhere on Any Device • Rich business applications • One solution package • Connects applications to cloud services Seamless Workflow Integration
  20. 20. http://ntx.lv/1lTO1PP Sample Live Form – Anonymous Internet Access
  21. 21. Workflow Demonstrations 1. Task Assignment Notifications – Due Dates 2. Issue Escalation – Status has not changed 3. Weekly Status Reports – Automatically generated
  22. 22. Automated Email Reporting & Notifications
  23. 23. Form Demonstrations • Tasks – Mobile everywhere • Issues – Extend to clients & partners • PMO Process – Approvals – Budgeting
  24. 24. Next Actions - “We are ready to start” • Have your Project Office up and running in as little as three to six weeks • The bundle includes: (i) software; (ii) consulting / training; (iii) support •Fifty perpetual end-user licenses of all BrightWork templates •Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for unlimited users •Project scoping, planning and setup, and needs definition •Installation and configuration of the BrightWork and Nintex solutions •Design of the local Project Office hierarchy •Configuration of 2 templates to manage 2 different project types •Configuration of 1 Project Office/rollup template for program level reporting across projects •Three workflow processes to support the PMO including portfolio management, project status and task escalation •Five mobile-enabled forms for project initiation, issue management, task tracking, risk reporting, and change requests •Introductory training for support staff and end users •Software support & new releases for one year •Annual Health Check with advice and recommendations Web www.atidan.com  brightwork@atidan.com  Americas: 1-215-825-5045 Ext 5001
  25. 25. Today’s Agenda • Project Management on SharePoint 2013 • Summary, References, Suggested Next Steps • More Q & A
  26. 26. After Survey/Poll - Reflection • Would you now like to use SharePoint 2013 to manage your Projects and Project Office? 1. No 2. Maybe 3. Yes
  27. 27. “I need some Information” 1. Ask questions now! 2. Try these ideas for yourself http://www.brightwork.com 3. Call Atidan to ask your more specific questions 4. Q&A and Feedback Web www.atidan.com  brightwork@atidan.com  Americas: 1-215-825-5045 Ext 5001
  28. 28. Appendix • Free Project Management Template for SharePoint
  29. 29. Risk Reporting and Personal Reporting
  30. 30. Ribbon - Shared Reporting
  31. 31. (i) Free Trial & Training; (ii) Hosted PM Site
  32. 32. BrightWork Training Included
  33. 33. Configurable Scorecards (as web-parts)
  34. 34. Microsoft Project to SharePoint Sync
  35. 35. Add Status Report: Dashboards Updated Added Quick Status Reporting Simplified Metrics Separation of powers! - A Simpler Project Statement - more static information - Status Report does updating
  36. 36. 40 Amazon EC2 Create Instance Create an Amazon EC2 instance Amazon EC2 Instance Management Manage virtual servers in Amazon's EC2 Web Service Yammer Create User Create a new Yammer account Yammer Search Messages Search for Yammer messages Nintex delivers innovative software and cloud services that empower organizations to automate business processes, quickly and easily – all without a single line of code – increasing the success of business operations. Nintex Live enhances Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms by adding even more tools to the workflow toolbox, connecting workflows across distributed SharePoint deployments, including Office 365, and extending the reach of business forms to customers, suppliers, and remote workers outside the firewall. With Nintex Live, your workflow possibilities are endless…
  37. 37. 41 Complementary Form Solutions for Complementary Form Needs InfoPath Nintex Forms List Items List Views List lookups Workflow Tasks Workflow Startup Validation Nested Repeating Groups XML Documents Embedded .NET Code BCS Support No Code Needed Call Web Services Directly Browser-Based Designer Workflow Variables Mobile Devices Pages Content Types Rich Client Rendering View/Fill Out in BrowserRow-by-Row Conditional Formatting Touch Support Handwriting Support Fill Out Without Access to SharePoint Consumed by Anonymous Users Direct Database Access Easy for End Users Toggle Between Form/Workflow design SharePoint-Aware Visual Elegance Repeating Groups Forms as Documents Forms as Applications Mobility Public Access Workflow Integration