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SharePoint - Find the Right People


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  • 1. 1 Find the right people
  • 2. 2 See what’s going on in your organization with the Newsfeed— share information, engage in conversations, and stay connected with people who share your interests. Discover the newsfeed
  • 3. 3 Follow the people and topics you want, and your newsfeed will show you any posts they make as well as information related to those topics. Follow what matters
  • 4. 4 Start a conversation, and choose whom you want to share it with. Only the people or groups you select will see the conversation in their newsfeed. Spread the news
  • 5. 5 Use hash tags, like #Sales, to easily organize and label content related to that tag. Create new hash tags by posting them in a conversation, or let SharePoint make suggestions as you type. Organize information with hash tags Easily view the most used hash tags within your organization.
  • 6. 6 Tag someone with an “at mention,” like @Janet Schorr, in conversations to get their attention. Connect with experts As soon as you tag someone, SharePoint notifies them by email, as well as in their newsfeed under Mentions.
  • 7. 7 Community sites help organize conversations and identify people that can help. Share your knowledge
  • 8. 8 Organize your communities even further by creating different categories for all the topics in a particular community. Share your knowledge
  • 9. 9 Dig into a discussion to view and rate existing replies. The best-rated replies move to the top of a conversation, helping others find the most helpful answers quickly. Get in on the discussion
  • 10. 10 Search for a particular topic, and then refine the results to find experts in that area with custom recommendations. Hover over results to find out more about people—the skills they have or what projects and documents they’ve worked on. Find experts
  • 11. 11 Take advantage of the knowledge spread across your organization by searching through existing conversations on community sites and newsfeeds to find what you need. Find answers
  • 12. 12 • View and set up your profile HA102785967.aspx?CTT=1 • Update your profile to help people find you find-you-HA102814274.aspx?CTT=1 • Follow people to keep track of their activities HA102785944.aspx?CTT=1 • Follow tags to get information about topics that interest you topics-that-interest-you-HA102785925.aspx?CTT=1 • Post something to everyone • Post something to a small group of people • Add features to a newsfeed post • Find content that’s important to you topics-that-interest-you-HA102785925.aspx?CTT=1 • Get email notifications about newsfeed items newsfeed-items-HA102923895.aspx?CTT=1 • Video: Follow documents documents-VA102897380.aspx?CTT=1 • Video: Update your profile privacy settings your-profile-privacy-settings-VA102897377.aspx?CTT=1 • Video: Include tags and mentions in a newsfeed post newsfeed-post-VA103923430.aspx?CTT=1 • Training: Update your profile and privacy settings privacy-settings-RZ102886566.aspx?CTT=1 • Training: Post to the newsfeed RZ102889848.aspx?CTT=1 Appendix A: About the newsfeeds
  • 13. 13 • Join a community HA102891683.aspx?CTT=1 • Join a discussion aspx?CTT=1 • Add community features to a SharePoint site features-to-a-sharepoint-site-HA102891810.aspx?CTT=1 • Create a community community-HA102891678.aspx?CTT=1 • Customize the look of your community community-HA102891681.aspx?CTT=1 • Manage community membership HA102925051.aspx?CTT=1 • Create a community portal community-portal-HA102891677.aspx?CTT=1 • Moderate a community community-HA102891682.aspx?CTT=1 • All Office Products Trainings Appendix B: About community sites