Microsoft Vision and Roadmap -the new Era of the Cloud - from Atidan


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Microsoft Vision and Roadmap -the new Era of the Cloud - from Atidan

  1. 1. Microsoft Enterprise Vision & RoadmapThe new era of the cloud OSDavid J. RosenthalPresident & CEO, AtidanNovember 12, 2012
  2. 2. Transformational trends Cloud Social and its and the rise of intelligent apps economic benefits compute storage network Mobility datadata Big and the explosion and the explosion consumerization of IT of information
  3. 3. Modern platform for the world’s apps transforms the datacenter enables modern apps Cloud OS unlocks insights on any data empowers people-centric IT
  4. 4. Modern platform for the world’s apps scalable & elastic any data, any size, anywhere shared resources connecting with the world‘s data always up, always on immersive data experiences automated & self-service every app, any scale personalized experience hybrid & extensible any device, anywhere rapid, dynamic lifecycle secure & well-managed
  5. 5. What makes the Cloud OS unique Customer flexible development unified management One Windows consistent platform Service common identity azure provider integrated virtualization complete data platform
  6. 6. Modern platform for the world’s apps Cloud OS
  7. 7. Transforming the datacenterScale and secure workloads with a dynamic, multitenant infrastructure  Scalable and elastic virtualization  Automation of IT process workflows  Easy IaaS  High availability and disaster recovery  Single pane of glass across  Common virtualization, identity,  Simplified networking heterogeneous environments development, and management  Strong governance and compliance  Management of any common  Migration without changing code  Server management and automation computing device  Advanced PaaS environment  Balancing ease-of-use with IT control  Business insights from both structured and compliance All in the box!  Reduced downtime with deep and unstructured data application insight scalable & elastic shared resources always up, always on automated & self-service
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  9. 9. Enabling modern appsRe-imagining the application lifecycle Deliver predictable application service levels with deep application insight Deep application monitoring and diagnosis Comprehensive application manageability Service-centric approach every app, any scale hybrid & extensible rapid, dynamic lifecycle
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  11. 11. Unlocking insights on any dataEmbracing the new scope, scale and diversity of data any data, any size, anywhere connecting with world‘s data immersive data experiences
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  13. 13. Empowering people-centric ITDelivering a productive infrastructure, on your terms personalized experience any device, anywhere secure & well-managed
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  15. 15. The Cloud OS Modern platform for the world’s apps Customer transforms the datacenter One Windows consistent platform Service enables modern apps Azure provider unlocks insights on any data empowers people-centric ITDEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT DATA IDENTITY VIRTUALIZATION
  16. 16. Getting startedYour path to taking advantage of the Cloud OS 3 Increase IT agility and reduce costs with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 2 Increase automation and self-service capabilities 1 Take advantage of third-generation virtualization
  17. 17. Next steps Learn more about Microsoft’s approach to the cloud and big data
  18. 18. 215-825-5045 x5001