Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise - Presented by Atidan


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Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise - Presented by Atidan

  1. 1. Reimagining Productivity David J. Rosenthal President & CEO, Atidan Microsoft MTC, NYC, May 6, 2014
  2. 2. The Modern Workplace
  3. 3. Are organizations prepared? 75% 49% 10K 40% 75% allow personal mobile devices for business use ~49% of work requires network contribution 10K new federal & industry regulations created in last 5 years 80% of employees are ineffective at collaboration! only 24% have a BYOD policy in place 93% of employees admit to violating compliance policies 40% growth in global data generated / year 62% can’t use info for effective decision- making! ¥ Computing Technology Industry Association's (CompTIA) 2nd annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility study from February 2013. *The Future of Corporate IT 2013-2017 ** CEB Survey of 165,000 employees †2012 Survey on Self-Service BI and Analytics, Unisphere Research
  4. 4. Flexibility and choice Enterprise-grade cloud Essential productivity services Familiar and easy Office Vision: Flexibility and choice Enterprise grade cloud Essential productivity services Familiar and easy Productivity Cloud
  5. 5. Enterprise social Cloud sharing Real-time collaboration Video, voice, and web conferencing Office experiences on any device Touch, ink, and voice Live documents & data Multi-media & HD presentations Device & Data Protection DLP & Rights Management Policy & compliance standards eDiscovery Small & Big Data access Ad-hoc reporting and analysis Natural language query Visualization & geo-mapping
  6. 6. Office apps on virtually any device Touch, ink, and voice Live documents & data Multi-media & HD presentations Get work done more easily Get the most from BYOD Engage and excite customers
  7. 7. Mobile first, cloud first: Office for iPad Familiar Office experience designed for iPad with Word, PowerPoint, Excel Fantastic touch experience built from the ground up for iPad Edit, create, and collaborate to create beautifully designed documents Anywhere access to your up-to-date documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
  8. 8. Office apps on any device Seamlessly switch devices and keep the rich experience using Office Mobile, Office Online, Office for iPad Create professional output even without your own machine, using any browser Get your personalized Office experience on all your devices with Office 365 ProPlus Be instantly productive in a new location by streaming Office to any Internet-connected PC Full, rich Office experience, even offline with Office 365 ProPlus Excel 2013 for PC Office Mobile Office for iPad Office Online
  9. 9. Touch, ink and voice Work naturally on mobile devices using Touch Optimal experience for each task; touch- first or keyboard/mouse with touch Work on digital content like you would on paper - annotate or draw using inking Multi-task with voice-activation; read your voice mail or respond to an email Real-time co-authoring lets you work from the Web, desktop, a Windows tablet or iPad, a mobile device, offline or online OneNote on Windows 8 tablet OneNote on PC
  10. 10. Live, interactive documents & data Create brochures and pitch books with a professional look, using Live Layout and Image Correction Create engaging, interactive marketing materials or training content using Inline Web Video Word, Live Layout Visio, 3D Drawing Showcase your products with life-like images using 3D in Visio Instantly show the impact of time, location, or product on business results using live data and Excel animation Excel, Refresh Data Education
  11. 11. Dynamic multi-media presentations Liven up your customer presentations with new Transitions, Animations & Effects Create professional marketing materials in-house using new Artistic Effects Create engaging, HD digital marketing and training content in PowerPoint Create recorded PowerPoint slide shows to replay, to train or for digital marketingPowerPoint, Artistic Effects PowerPoint in Office Mobile on Android phone
  12. 12. Sara uses her smartphone to read emails from the store manager and HR. Sara checks the company portal, The Contoso Times, to scan company news, learn about new promotions & products, and read the CMO’s blog about new innovative service plans. Before the store opens She uses a mobile device to personalize the customer’s experience. She hands the device to the customer so he can watch a quick demo. After interacting with the virtual product, he decides to buy. Sara processes the order for delivery. Sara welcomes her first customer Sara accesses the knowledge base from her tablet device to address questions and enhance her customers’ in-store experience. She also watches an online training video about next month’s promotion and new product rollout. During a slow period She checks the online store calendar for her staff meeting start time. She submits a time-off request form for approval. And thanks her coworkers for responses to her earlier post. Before the store closes 8:30 am 9:00 am 16:30 pm 19:00 pm
  13. 13. Social workplace Video, voice, and web conferencing Cloud storing & sharing Real-time collaboration Increase employee engagement Innovate and stay competitive Be more responsive to customers
  14. 14. Social workplace Improve responsiveness by allowing employees to quickly find experts and expertise Extend collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners using a dedicated online workspace Increase executive-employee connect to listen, and drive change using social intranets Create peer and mentor networks for employees to nurture career development Social intranet with SharePoint and Yammer Yammer people card
  15. 15. Accelerate innovation by bringing together the right people from multiple locations Meet virtually face-to-face more frequently with customers and partners without the travel costs Lync HD Video Conferencing on PPI Quickly set up or join conference calls from your Windows, Android or iOS device Add attendees or presenters on the fly with integrated presence Lync Meeting, multiparty conversations
  16. 16. Cloud storing & sharing Enable employees to work remotely, with easy access to documents, reports, policies from virtually any device Avoid delays by ensuring everyone is working on the most current documents on their PC, tablet, or phone OneDrive for Business Enable employees to catch up on mail or use Office even when offline, on their tablet, laptop, or phone Share business files selectively and securely with colleagues, suppliers, and customers Familiar consumer experience makes it easy to use OneDrive for Business app for iOS OneDrive for Business via browser
  17. 17. Work in real-time with colleagues to finish a report, sales presentation, or financial plan Accelerate an RFP response by distributing sections to topic experts wherever they are located Stay informed with Exchange alerts and notifications pushed to your device Continue an ongoing conversation with team members or get help, even when you’re traveling OWA for iOS, push notifications Lync Mobile Office for iPad, co-authoring
  18. 18. Business requirements Improve communication and collaboration to run manufacturing at peak efficiency 168,000 employees in 1,500 offices across 150 countries Improve resolution times for quality or production issues to improve customer service Solution impact Connected 300 production plants via real-time communications to avoid production issues Fostering innovation through knowledge sharing using real-time translation capabilities Improved consistency of customer service by coordinating account teams in different countries Extended communication and collaboration to 70,000 “un-wired” employees
  19. 19. Know business performance Make better decisions, faster Get ahead of market shifts Access small and Big Data Ad-hoc reporting and analysis Visualization and geospatial mapping Search based answers
  20. 20. Small & Big Data discovery Search across both public and corporate data sources with the Data Catalog feature in Power BI Use all relevant data - internal LOB, unstructured web, social media - to get a holistic picture before making decisions Collaborate and share reports and data sets with Power Query by accessing a breadth of data sources Avoid costly data or modeling errors using Spreadsheet Inquire; prevent modeling errors using Flash Fill Data Catalog in Power BI for Office 365Power Query for Excel
  21. 21. See how sales, product shipments, or production numbers are doing over time using time slicer Identify trends and patterns in large-scale (100s of millions of rows) data using Power Pivot Historical prices Enable users to instantly analyze and present their data using Quick Analysis and Recommended Charts, without burdening IT Quickly find an actionable insight by clicking through different pivots of the data using PivotTable Recommended Charts for Excel Power Pivot for Excel
  22. 22. Visualization and geospatial mapping Fine tune marketing campaigns or plan inventory levels based on location and time-based data in 3D with Power Map Spot trends in regional performance or by time period using live visualizations that stakeholders can play back Enable any user – executive, analyst, or front-line staff – to create views to visualize the data as they need in seconds, using Power View Power View for Excel Power Map for Excel
  23. 23. Enable any user to get answers to complex queries without complex BI training, using Q&A in Power BI Search based answers Q&A in Power BI for Office 365
  24. 24. Simon gets up in the morning, opens up Outlook on his tablet and sees an email from Julian his manager about wanting a view for brand perception to get ready for an executive presentation. At Home Once in the office, he pulls in segment, social media, and customer service data from Radian 6, Exact Target, and Adobe Analytics to evaluate the all-up brand perception for his product line, gain insights into customer preferences, and analyze customer sentiment. Simon’s Office Simon creates a single view of the all-up brand perception report for his manager with highly interactive data exploration and visualization which helps his manager quickly decipher that brand perception, customer preferences, and customer sentiment are top areas of focus. Simon’s View Simon shares the analysis via SharePoint and lets his manager and team know via Yammer on the “Team Contoso” yammer group so that they can all help contribute to their managers presentation for the executive review. This would’ve taken weeks to gather all this info; now Simon can do it all by himself in a few hours. On the Go 7:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 10:05 am
  25. 25. Device and data protection DLP, encryption, and rights management eDiscovery Policy and compliance standards Protect confidential information Ensure corporate compliance Protect brand and reputation
  26. 26. Centrally manage devices and device data policies from Office 365 admin center Prevent loss of confidential email and related data on lost devices via Remote Wipe Eliminate downtime due to infected inboxes and devices using Exchange Online Protection Protect employees and the organization from fraud or identify theft using advanced spam fingerprinting in real-time protection Office 365 admin center Exchange Active Sync Device Management
  27. 27. anagement Protect sensitive information where stored and in transit using DLP and rights management Use Rights Management to restrict access to desired users and encrypt documents Encrypt and digitally sign emails through S/MIME Ensure adherence to risk management policies via hold, block, audit, and notifications Avoid and plug compliance loop holes with a comprehensive reporting of DLP policy performance Word, Encryption Outlook, Policy Tip
  28. 28. e Manage information risk proactively with mailbox management and expiration policies Meet compliance requirements by implementing data retention and time-based hold policies Quickly track down compliance violations to take corrective actions and minimize business impact Enable compliance officers to conduct comprehensive eDiscovery while leaving end- users alone Hold immutable copies of documents, emails, and conversations; which can later be searched via eDiscovery eDiscovery portal Outlook Web App retention policies
  29. 29. Get full transparency of security, privacy, and trust principles via Office 365 Trust Center Protect your data, reduce risk, and enable compliance regulation with MFA for Office 365 Use a solution that meets or exceeds industry standards for compliance – Microsoft Compliance Framework Ensure your business meets ISO 27001, US-EU Safe harbor, EU model clauses, HIPAA BAA, FISMA, and FERPA requirements Office 365 Trust Center Certifications Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365
  30. 30. Business requirements Improve productivity tools to deliver luxury sports cars with cutting-edge design, high-end performance and comfort Keep IT focused on high-value projects manufacturing IT projects Business transformation drove need to implement tighter security and compliance procedures Solution impact Enterprise grade email, conferencing and collaboration Allow employees to use Office and access corporate information and email on personal tablets, smartphones and PCs at home Increased communications with suppliers to improve collaboration in the supply chain Implemented legal holds on mailboxes, eDiscovery and enforce retention to protect intellectual property Prevent 1.5M spam messages/day from reaching their systems
  31. 31. Redundancy & financially backed SLA Security, privacy and trust principles Flexible deployment options Enterprise services & support Enterprise Grade Cloud Visibility and control for IT Service continuity Data sovereignty Migration and change management
  32. 32. $3bn+ investment in cloud infrastructure Dark Fiber between hubs with multiple international edge points DC Physical Software Benchmark setting Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Redundancy and Financially Backed SLA
  33. 33. Security Best-in-class security with over a decade of experience building Enterprise software & online services Physical and data security with access control, encryption and strong authentication Security best practices like penetration testing, defense-in-depth approach to protect against cyber-threats Unique customer controls with Rights Management Services to empower customers to protect information Compliance Commitment to industry standards and organizational compliance Enable customers to meet global compliance standards in ISO 27001, EUMC, HIPAA, FISMA Contractually commit to privacy, security and handling of customer data through Data Processing Agreements Admin Controls like Data Loss Prevention, Legal Hold, E-Discovery to enable organizational compliance Privacy Privacy by design with a commitment to use customers’ information only to deliver services No mining of data for advertising Transparency with the location of customer data, who has access and under what circumstances Privacy controls to regulate sharing of sites, libraries, folders and communications with external parties Office 365 trust Built-in capabilities and customer controls
  34. 34. Enterprise Services & Support Premier Support for Office 365 Cloud Vantage FastTrack
  35. 35. IT Cloud Expectations What it means to move On-Premises to Multitenant Cloud Service updates & management Monthly service updates Service reliability & Incidents Control considerations IT customizations Service data Extensibility considerations Deployment planning System requirements Validating LOB apps User training Lifecycle management Hybrid vs. Full cloud Migration plan ServiceexperienceSupport Self Help resources: Service Health Dashboard Message Center Office 365 Community Office 365 Blog Premier Support for Office 365 Service delivery management Resolution Services Education & Process Improvement Managed Deployment Service Enablement through FastTrack Deploy Service Enhancement Migration Services Managed Lifecycle Service delivery management Cloud Strategy and Planning User Adoption Acceleration
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Appendix
  38. 38. "When you look at the capabilities, the price per user, and the opportunity costs of supporting on-premises servers internally, we are confident Office 365 is the right decision for our business." Patagonia “We now have what we consider one of the most advanced communication and collaboration ecosystems in the public sector.” State of Minnesota of the Fortune 500 have adopted in the last 12 months 8M 1IN4 ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS RUN OFFICE 365 60%
  39. 39. Markets 141Markets AlbaniaD Algeria AngolaD Argentina ArmeniaD AustraliaS, E Austria Azerbaijan BahamasD Bahrain BangladeshD Belarus Belgium BelizeD BermudaD BoliviaD Bosnia & HerzegovinaD Brazil BruneiD Bulgaria CameroonD Canada Cape VerdeD Cayman Islands Chile ChinaD Colombia Costa Rica Côte d'IvoireD Croatia Cyprus Czech Rep. Denmark LibyaD Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Malta MauritiusD Mexico MoldovaD MongoliaD Montenegro Morocco Netherlands New Zealand NicaraguaD Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Romania Russia RwandaD Saudi Arabia SenegalD Dominican Rep. Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia FijiD Finland France GeorgiaD Germany GhanaD Greece Guatemala HondurasD Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia IraqD Ireland Israel Italy JamaicaD Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea Kuwait KyrgyzstanD Latvia LebanonD Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey UAE Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela VietnamD Virgin Islands, U.S.D ZimbabweD 25Currencies 40Languages
  40. 40. Office at a glance New, modern Office Familiar & full Office applications Work online and offline Touch, ink and voice Office in minutes across your devices Work across your Windows, Android and iOS devices (x-platform) Get Office fast (deploy) Fast, impactful updates (updates) Office where you need it (roams, OnDemand) Work how you want with the cloud Simplify and enrich your communications Pervasive social experiences Protect your data and stay compliant Support employees with and without PCs
  41. 41. Microsoft security best practices 24hr monitored physical hardware Isolated customer data Secure Network Encrypted data Automated operations Office 365 built in security Office 365 customer controls Office 365 independent verification and compliance
  42. 42. Security comes first Evolving standards Direct feedback Real-time information Common support issues Monthly release cadence Minor & major updates Up-to-date, no patching Continuous innovation with confidence and control Direct to customer communications Organizational reediness content