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Lingotek Share Point Atidan May 16 2012

Lingotek Share Point Atidan May 16 2012



The Power to Translate is now in SharePoint with Lingotek and Atidan

The Power to Translate is now in SharePoint with Lingotek and Atidan



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  • Lingotek + SharePointThe power to translate is now InsideMicrosoft SharePoint
  • Information ExplosionVolume of New technical information doubles every two years!
  • The Situation: SharePoint global employees, partners and customers are re-thinking how to translate this massive amount of information?
  • Market size was approaching 30B in 2011; is now above 30B in size for 2012Common Sense AdvisoryThe Language Services Market: 2010 An Annual Review of the Translation, Localization, and Interpreting Services Industry By Nataly Kelly and Robert G. Stewart May 2010 As of 2010, Common Sense Advisory calculates that the language services market is growing at an annual rate of 13.15%.
  • Translation are slow and expensive. Average $.23 a word to translation.
  • Moving a large offline business process ONLINE.
  • Introducing Lingotek | THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Lingotek’s – Collaborative Translation PlatformWe give Enterprise business customers’ new ways to engage their global communities by providing trusted, rapid translations to expand and grow business in a cost effective way.
  • Lingotek’s Collaboration Translation PlatformWe provideServices - Translation ServicesHosted - SaaS MarketplacePremise - Software SalesInside - API embed anywhere
  • How It WorksThe Lingotek platform includes a robust and open API for integration to third-party systems. Lingotek Inside offers a suite of integrations to industry leading content management systems. Lingotek Inside integrations enable the continuous translation of documents and web content by seamlessly transferring content between CMSs and Lingotek’s Collaborative Translation Platform.Lingotek Inside integrations not only transfer content to/from the CMS, but also automatically publish translated content within the CMS.Lingotek Inside integrations continuously monitor content within the CMS for additions and/or changes made to the source – automatically placing the translated content back into the translation workflow anytime edits are made to the source.
  • Advanced FeaturesMachine TranslationAutomatic machine translation is one pillar of cost-effective, rapid, trusted translation. Some material is too time sensitive for professional or community translation. Some material is of indeterminate value. Machine translation helps provide the gist and overall meaning for short-term usage and to decide whether to pursue more comprehensive translation options.Lingotek has public machine translation engines like Microsoft Bing and Google Translate integrated directly into the Collaborative Translation Platform workbench. Lingotek is also integrated with private machine translation software like LanguageWeaver. Additional machine translation engines plug in simply and quickly thanks to Lingotek’s comprehensive API.Custom MTSolutions like ProMT and Moses offer machine translation engines that can be trained on a particular topic or a broader set of general documentation to significantly boost the accuracy of instant machine translation for your content. Custom MT engines integrate easily into Lingotek’s Collaborative Translation Platform.Advanced Translation Memory LeveragingTranslation memory leveraging is one pillar of cost-effective, rapid, trusted translation. Translation memory reduces cost and increases the speed and accuracy of your professional and community translations. Lingotek’s advanced leveraging technology matches anywhere from a full sentence down to single relevant word to maximize TM data reuse. Matches or hits are prioritized by subject tags, private versus public data sources and percentage overlap with the source text.Fully Customizable, Secure, Shareable TM Storage VaultsLingotek’s Collaborative Translation Platform allows you to customize where the translation for each document is stored. Lingotek’s customizable data storage containers are called vaults. Vaults can be shared or kept private. Multiple vaults can be added to a translation project for reference and leveraging.Terminology ManagementTerminology management is one pillar of cost-effective, rapid, trusted translation. Ensuring that your translations use the proper terminology in each language helps to maintain brand consistency and feeds into a global marketing strategy. A comprehensive glossary is one of the most effective means of controlling the quality of a translation project. Lingotek’s Collaborative Translation platform prompts users when a term in the source text matches a glossary entry.EnhancementsLook for enhancements to terminology management on the platform in the near future. One feature is an audit to verify a translation adheres to terminology dictionary. Another feature is a tool that automatically generates a list of key terms from your translation memory vaults to form the core of your glossary.Workflow Templates and Ad Hoc ExtensibilityFlexible workflow templates can be prepared in advance or customized on the fly.Team or Individual Assignment, Self-Assignment and Community AssignmentA variety of assignment models facilitate anywhere from entirely automated to entirely manual project management paradigms.Traditional Review or Peer Voting ReviewLingotek’s Collaborative Translation platform allows for peer voting in addition to the traditional single-expert review model. Multiple users can review the translation for accuracy and consistency independently or concurrently. Interactive voting mechanisms and configurable thresholds eliminate the need for manual coordination. Reviewers can vote for or against a translation and offer an alternative if they have an alternative entry. Once a translation has been approved by the desired number of users, it is automatically accepted and the project moves automatically on to the next stage.
  • Content Value IndexThree levels of Trusted TranslationProfessionalUsing paid experts is sometimes the correct choice for certain kinds of material such as official publications. The right technology, workflow, and project management practices minimize time/cost and maximize content reusability.CommunityYour users are often the best available experts on your global message. Transcreating with community users provides colloquial and subject matter accuracy for lower cost and reasonable speed.AutomaticSometimes the general meaning of a text is all you need or want from your translation. In these cases, machine translation provides the perfect combination of speed, accuracy and cost.
  • Content Value IndexBy plotting the content value index on a chart assessing the publishing frequency and editing probability of various content types, we begin to see that different content types can require different translation workflows.The Lingotek Collaborative Translation Workflow is uniquely positioned to support any of the various translation workflows you need to translate all the many different types of content within your organization.
  • Lingotek Workbench
  • Lingotek Dashboard
  • OurSolution with SharePointSharePoint Integration
  • Lingotek Inside SharePoint integrationContent identified within SharePointRouted to Lingotek with the click of a buttonSeamlessly viewable within the Lingotek Workbench through single sign-onTranslations completed by:Machine and translation memory Community volunteers and/or crowdsourcingProfessional translatorsTranslated content automatically savedExported to original file formatFormatting retainedTranslation memories created for future translationTranslated content published back to SharePointRelatedSecuredRouted through workflowsPublished to Intranets, web sites, and applicationsMonitored for adds and changes
  • Why?SharePoint customers are multi-national organizations in need of translation/localization solutions. The Lingotek – Inside SharePointintegrates directly into SharePoint.Provides a quick and efficient method for translating content without leaving your SharePoint site.
  • Lingotek Inside SharePoint: Web Content Translation
  • The site shown is a publishing site with the variations feature enabled. There are four variation – one source label (English) and three target variation labels (French, German, and Spanish). The variation settings are all at their default values, meaning that site structure and publishing pages from the source label are automatically copied to the target labels by a timed job. The point of view is that of a user who is authorized to add and edit pages.To create a new page in the source label, click the Site Actions dropdown (which opens the menu shown), and then click "New Page“.
  • Enter a title for the new page.
  • With the text of the new page having been entered, the Publish tab is activated in the ribbon toolbar, showing the Lingotek settings button.
  • Clicking the Lingotek settings button brings up this modal dialog box for selecting the desired translation workflow to be used within Lingotek for each site variation of this page.
  • Click the Publish button to publish the new page to the site, which also sets the Propagate Page job to copy the new page to the target variation labels. It is also at this point that the Lingotek Inside SharePoint workflow will kick off for each of the newly propagated pages. The Lingotek Inside SharePoint workflow will handle the submission of the new page to the Lingotek translation workflow (native to Lingotek), which exists independently outside of SharePoint.
  • The Propagate Page job has run, copying the new page to the target variation labels.
  • The Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration transfers the source language content to Lingotek.
  • The translation workflows (native to Lingotek) which were selected via the Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration are auto-created within Lingotek for each of the page variations.
  • Translations are performed using the Lingotek Workbench. The Lingotek Workbench can be accessed through either Lingotek or directly from within SharePoint via single sign-on.
  • TheLingotek Inside SharePoint integration maintains a “Lingotek Work Items” task list which includes pages currently within a Lingotek translation workflow.
  • The “Lingotek Work Items” task list reports the real-time progress of the work items created when the page propagated. Status updates are retrieved from the Lingotek translation workflow, providing SharePoint users with full visibility into the Lingotek translation workflow progress as it occurs.
  • Click the title of a Work Item to see further details.
  • A modal dialog shows more details about a particular Lingotek work item.Future versions of the Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration can include additional meta from Lingotek (e.g. task assignee’s name) as requested by clients.
  • Upon completion of the translation workflows within Lingotek, translated content is automatically sent back to SharePoint via the Lingotek Inside SharePoint Integration.
  • With the Lingotek translation workflows having been completed for all of the target variation labels; the Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration automatically publishes the translated content to each of the three variation labels.
  • As is often the case with web content, adds and changes need to be made from time to time to content that has already been published and translated. Here we see an edit being made to the page in the source variation label after it has been published.
  • Upon publishingthe edit to the source variation in SharePoint, the Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration picks up on those adds/changes and puts the page variants back into the Lingotek translation workflow so that the deltas can be translated.NOTE: By default, at this point, the changed source document would propagate, just as the original version did, to each of the target variations. This would overwrite the target versions entirely with the updated source (English) version of the page. However, the Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration intercepts this event, canceling the propagation and instead adding the newly-changed source document to the Lingotek Inside SharePoint workflow. Thus the obsolete, but translated, version remains visible in the target variations, awaiting the new translation from the native Lingotek translation workflow.
  • The LingotekInside SharePoint integration auto-updates the translations in Lingotek with the adds and changed. We can see that the word count has increased and the workflow progress bars have been adjusted to reflect what percentage of the segments (sentences) remain translated. In this case, the update increased the segment count from one to two, so the progress percentage for each target variant's workflow is set to 50%.
  • Because Lingotek auto-applies the translation memories created from the initial translations, segments (sentences) which weren’t modified remain translated. This means that only the adds and changes need to be translated, saving money on translation costs. In addition, translation memory can help by partially translating those segments (sentences) which were edited.
  • As with the initial translation, we see the list of translation work items that have been submitted to the Lingotek Inside SharePoint workflow, which provides real-time visibility into the native Lingotek translation workflow for the adds and changes made to the source content in SharePoint after the original translation was already completed.
  • Lingotek Case Study
  • ROI: Cost Calculator Adds/Changes
  • Lingotek PricingLingotek SaaS pricing for SharePoint:$36,000 per year$5,000 SharePoint Integration software (one time charge)ImplementationLingotek-$5,000 Remote installation includes 35 hours Additional hours at $150 per hourSharePoint integration costs- determined by Microsoft Integrator
  • Free 30 day trial community for up to 10 users.http://www.lingotek.com/SharePointPromo Code: SharePoint
  • Contact us!Lingotek contact information:http://www.lingotek.com/sharepointKent BridgesVP of Business Developmentkbridges@lingotek.com408.313.4323David BakerSr. Director Channels & Alliancesdbaker@lingotek.com512.301.3705Suzie GuerreroChannel Program Managersguerrero@lingotek.com801.331.7777 #143

Lingotek Share Point Atidan May 16 2012 Lingotek Share Point Atidan May 16 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • +The power to translate is now Inside Microsoft SharePoint 1
  • Information ExplosionVolume of newtechnical informationdoubles everytwo years! THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 2 2
  • THE SITUATIONGlobal employees, partners andcustomers are re-thinking howto translate this massiveamount of information THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 3 3
  • Translations are slow and expensive. Average $.23 a word to translate. PROBLEM THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 5
  • BIG OPPORTUNITY Moving a large offline business process ONLINE.THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 6
  • 7
  • SOLUTIONLingotek’s Collaborative Translation PlatformWe give Enterprise business customers’new ways to engage their global communitiesby providing trusted, rapid translations to expandand grow business in a cost effective way.THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • FeaturesMACHINE TRANSLATION TERMINOLOGY PROJECTTRANSLATION MEMORY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT• Customization • Content Isolation • Import Glossaries • Customizable• Retraining • Selective Sharing • Automated Extraction Workflow• Post-Editing Pre-fill • Capture, Reuse, Recy • Management • Flexible Expansion• Searchable Resource cle Interface • Clear Visibility • Legacy Content • SEO Management • Real-time Stats Alignment • Flexible Resource Allocation THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 11
  • Content Value Index» Three Levels of Trusted Translation THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 12
  • Content Value Index THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 13
  • Lingotek Translator Workbench Source Statistics Target Edit and Community Voting Translation Memory Hits Machine TranslationTerminology Notes and Comments THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 14
  • Lingotek Project Dashboard Project Manage Summary Projects •Documents Project •TM Stats Resources •Reports •Settings DocumentsCommunityReportsCommunityMaintenance THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 15
  • Lingotek and Microsoft SharePoint integrated Workflow Lingotek integrates directly within SharePoint and existing business processes for translating and publishing web content and documents eng123 Inside Lingotek Inside SharePoint integration 1 • Content identified within SharePoint • Routed to Lingotek with the click of a button • Seamlessly viewable within the Lingotek Workbench through single sign-on Translated content published Translations completed by:4 back to SharePoint 2 • Machine and translation memory • Related • Community volunteers and/or • Secured crowdsourcing • Routed through workflows • Professional translators • Published to Intranets, ger123 swe123 fre123 web sites, and applications • Monitored for adds and changes Translated content 3 automatically saved • Exported to original file format • Formatting retained • Translation memories created for future translation THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Why?  SharePoint customers in need of translation/localization solutions  Lingotek – Inside SharePoint integrates directly into SharePoint  Provides a quick and efficient method for translating content without leaving your SharePoint site THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 18
  • Lingotek Inside SharePoint: Web Content TranslationTHE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Create a New Page THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 20
  • Enter the Title THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 21
  • Click Lingotek Settings Button THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 22
  • Select Translation Workflows THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 23
  • Publish the Page THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 24
  • English Propagates to Variants THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 25
  • Content Sent to Lingotek THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 26
  • Translation Workflows Created THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Translation Performed THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Lingotek Work Items THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 29
  • Real-time Workflow Progress THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 30
  • Click on a Task for More Details THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 31
  • Detailed View of the Task THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 32
  • Translations Completed THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Translated Content Published THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 34
  • Post-translation Edits are… THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 35
  • …Tracked by the Integration THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 36
  • Content Put Back into Workflow THE TRANSLATION NETWORK
  • Only Edits Need Translated THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 38
  • Progress of Adds/Changes THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 39
  • ROI Cost Calculator Adds/Changes Cost assuming an agency performs Add/Change translations: Website Metrics- Calculations Number of Words on source Web site 350,000 Number of different language sites 5 Total number of words on all sites 1,750,000 Percent of content, add/changes per year (industry average is 20%-25% per year) 25% Total content, add/changes per year (words) 437,500 LSP cost per word for add/change translations $0.23 Total annual translation costs using LSP $100,625 ROI Annual Saas license $36,000 Total annual cost adds and changes using Agency $100,625 Total annual savings using Lingotek and Community $64,625 THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 41
  • Lingotek Pricing» Lingotek SaaS pricing for SharePoint:  $36,000 per year  $5,000 SharePoint Integration software (one time charge)  Implementation o Lingotek-$5,000 Remote installation – includes 35 hours – Additional hours at $150 per hour o SharePoint integration costs- determined by Microsoft Integrator THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 42
  • Free Trial Offer  Free 30 day trial community for up to 10 users http://www.lingotek.com/SharePoint  Promo Code: SharePoint THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 43
  • Contact Us Lingotek contact information: http://www.lingotek.com/sharepoint Kent Bridges VP of Business Development kbridges@lingotek.com 408.313.4323 David Baker Sr. Director Channels & Alliances dbaker@lingotek.com 512.301.3705 Suzie Guerrero Channel Program Manager sguerrero@lingotek.com 801.331.7777 #143 THE TRANSLATION NETWORK 44