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Multicultural Iissues Presentation

  1. 1. MCOD Presentation By: Chris Jones Multiculturalism Issues in Student Affairs
  2. 2. Bunker Hill Community College Fast Facts White 3,921 33% Black or African American 3,305 28% Hispanic/Latino of any Race 2,676 22% Asian 1,383 12% Two or More Races 628 5% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 17 <1% American Indian orAlaskan Native 3 <1% Students of Known Race/Ethnicity 11,933 100% Students of Color 8,012 67% Race and Ethnicity Unknown 1,571
  3. 3. Multiculturalism  Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) is a comprehensive, multi-campus urban institution.  BHCC is one of the most diverse institutions of higher education in Massachusetts. Approximately sixty-seven percent of BHCC students are people of color and more than fifty percent are women.  There are more than 800 international students who come from approximately 100 countries and speak more than 75 languages, making BHCC one of the most cosmopolitan institutions of higher education in New England.
  4. 4. Mission Statement  Three separate but cohesive mission statements guide Bunker Hill Community College.  The first is a comprehensive, system-wide mission statement for Public Higher Education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The second is a mission statement of general characteristics common to all Massachusetts community colleges.  The third mission statement contains the specialized and focused component that identifies Bunker Hill Community College's distinctive characteristics and priorities
  5. 5. Leadership and Advocacy President’s Message International students and international education have been very important to Bunker Hill Community College since its founding in 1973.Our institution has a national reputation for serving students from around the world. We view our international students as a great resource because they help us to learn more about the world and the cultures around us.
  6. 6. Policy Review  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is here to ensure that all people who work, attend school and use the College campuses are treated with respect and are able to pursue their endeavors without experiencing incidents of discrimination or undue impediments, barriers or obstacles.  The Office ensures this through the enforcement of the College's nondiscrimination policies and the coordination of educational opportunities and programs open to all in the community.The Director of Diversity and Inclusion also serves as the Section 504 andTitle IX Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer for the College
  7. 7. Recruitment Retention  Human Resources Bunker Hill Community College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.We are committed to a diverse, multicultural, multi-ethnic work environment. Women, people of color, persons with disabilities and others are strongly encouraged to apply.
  8. 8. Multicultural Competency  Affirming Diversity on Campus  The NCBITeam at BHCC offers experiential workshops for faculty, staff and students, ranging in length from a single class-period to a full day.  National Coalition Building Institute, founded in 1984, is a non-profit leadership training organization that works to eliminate prejudice and conflict in communities throughout the world.
  9. 9. Scholarly Activities  Achieving the Dream  Achieving the Dream, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping more community college students, particularly low-income students and students of color, stay in school and earn a college certificate or degree.  Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society  AKM is the name of BHCC's chapter of the PhiTheta Kappa International Honor Society. Membership qualifies students for transfer scholarships at colleges and universities throughout the country.
  10. 10. Department Programs and Services  Special Programs and Events for students, faculty, and staff.  Events Sponsored byThe Office of Diversity and Inclusion  Compelling Conversation with Laila Ali Wellness Advocate and Former World Champion Boxe  Compelling Conversation with Harold E. Ford, Jr. Public Policy Professor and News Analyst and Former Five-Term U.S. Congressman  Student Activities - celebrates cultural diversity and encourages cultural interaction.
  11. 11. Physical Environments Student Clubs African-American Cultural Society African Students Club Arab Students Association CapeVerdean Club Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, andTransgender Student Union
  12. 12. Assessment  Institutional Effectiveness  Institutional Effectiveness is the systematic comparison of institutional performance with institutional purpose.The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides oversight, coordination, information resources, and data analysis for college planning, assessment and research.