30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn
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30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn



30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn

30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn



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30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn Document Transcript

  • 1. 30 Minutes toMaximizing LinkedIn by Neal SchafferHelpful Tips from the Author who Brought You:Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing &Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn MAXIMIZE SOCIAL BUSINESS WITH NEAL SCHAFFER
  • 2. 1  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer As the leading author and speaker on 1 DETERMINE YOUR LINKEDIN OBJECTIVE LinkedIn for business and professional networking, I often get asked for beginner tips to help you get started and find real If you don’t have an objective for using value in using LinkedIn. While I can’t offer LinkedIn, or any other social media website, as much help here as I could by your you could be wasting a lot of your time. In order reading my two books, I did want to offer to ensure you gain positive ROI from your time a quick summary to help ensure that you spent here, make sure you determine your don’t miss out on what LinkedIn has to objective for using LinkedIn – and always offer and get started (or restarted) – in a 30 return back to it if you think you’re getting lost minute read. on the site. Neal’s Tips – Some Popular LinkedIn Objectives Promote My Company Find New Customers Increase Website Traffic  Build a Professional Community within My Industry Professional Networking Personal Branding Social Recruiting Find a New Job Additional Information Links: What is LinkedIn and Why Should You Join? LinkedIn’s Value http://wind.mn/xWMVGr Why Use LinkedIn? 7 Reasons for Every Professional to Join http://wind.mn/wVR7BS   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 3. 2  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 2 Additional Information Links: CREATE YOUR LINKEDIN ACCOUNT AND PROFILE LinkedIn Profile Tips: The 10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid and Why Joining LinkedIn is easy, and all you need is http://wind.mn/dJ2hKu an email address to sign up. Once you sign up and establish an account, LinkedIn will LinkedIn Profile Completeness - 10 ask you to enter a lot of personal information LinkedIn Profile Tips in order to better develop your profile. While http://wind.mn/buA2NG you might be taken aback by this, the more information you provide here the easier it will Inbound Marketing and Your LinkedIn be for both you to get back in touch with those Profile: 10 Ways to Maximize from your past and vice-versa. It will also add http://wind.mn/x4YCBx more of your keywords to the LinkedIn data- base to allow opportunities to come your way 4 Questions to Ask in Creating Your for whatever objective you might have. LinkedIn Public Profile http://wind.mn/ruBV5H Neal’s Tips – Building a Stellar LinkedIn Profile Be Real (professional photo, use full real ? DID YOU KNOW name) Be Complete (use all of the real estate that LinkedIn provides you to be found) 87% of recruiters Be Branded (use the Headline and ­Summary areas to expose your strengths, use LinkedIn to differentiate yourself from the others, and allow relevant viewers of your profile to reach and engage want to contact you) Be Searchable (make sure that relevant potential candidates keywords associated with your brand, experience, profession, and industry are (JOBVITE 2011 SOCIAL RECRUITING SURVEY). included in your profile)   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 4. 3  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer sional fes o ro ot Branded He adline Ph P e et l mp o Be C ed Summary and lete Br mp Co Be ble ha arc e Be S   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 5. 4  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 3 Additional Information Links: BUILD YOUR NETWORK How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network in Once you’ve gotten your profile set up, you 15 Ways http://wind.mn/y7Ve07 now want to build your LinkedIn empire by establishing a robust network of connections. LinkedIn Connections - How Many Since LinkedIn is a database, the more con- Should You Have? [VIDEO] nections you have, the more you will be able http://wind.mn/cKRCgb to easily contact others through 2nd degree (removed by 1 common person) connections ections Easily Found n g Conn ght Corner A d d i U p p e r Ri and vice-versa. Simply select “Add Connec- e tions”, which appears at the top right-hand in th corner of every page on LinkedIn, and upload your email database. You can also search for Colleagues or Alumni based on where you worked or went to school. Make sure y Ways to Find People you only send an invitation to those you truly M an know – LinkedIn will potentially restrict your account if the recipient of your invitation says they don’t know you. Neal’s Tips – Who to Send Invitations to Colleagues (past & present) Partners & Clients Professional Association Members Networking Acquaintances Classmates Friends Family One Introduction Away from Millions of Professionals!   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 6. 5  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 4 Additional Information Links: REQUEST & RECEIVE RECOMMENDATIONS LinkedIn Recommendations: Will You Write Me One? http://wind.mn/y3cgsW As you increase your network of connections and more and more people from your past get The Real Value and Importance of back in touch with you, it’s time to think about LinkedIn Recommendations LinkedIn Recommendations. Recommenda- http://wind.mn/yM8kyO tions are powerful in that they are “Virtual Ref- erences,” allowing others who view your profile to verify your professional experience. If some- one wants to contact you for a professional or business opportunity, they will often look at your Recommendations, see who wrote it and what their relationship to you was, and con- firm that the content of the Recommendation matches up with your profile. Neal’s Tips – Recommendations Best Practices LinkedIn recommends you receive 3 recommendations to “complete” your ­ p ­ rofile. Contact all of your old report-to mana­ gers and ask them for a recommendation, r ­ eminding them of your accomplishments in your request. Pay It Forward and recommend others that you think are worthy of it. Sometimes they might recommend you in return, but never write a recommendation (or ask for one) with a quid pro quo objective: It will be clear to those who read it.   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 7. 6  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 5 Additional Information Links: JOIN GROUPS LinkedIn Groups: What are They and LinkedIn Groups are the biggest public Inter- Why Join a LinkedIn Group? net forums for professionals in the world. As of http://wind.mn/yqGK3w January 1, 2012 there were more than 1 million LinkedIn Groups, with the largest having more Which LinkedIn Groups Should I Join? than 600,000 members. I consider Groups to LinkedIn Groups Guide be virtual industry conferences or tradeshows http://wind.mn/uziIwW – wouldn’t you want to be seen, meet others, and promote your expertise at the largest net- LinkedIn Groups Best Practices and working event for professionals on earth? Social Networking Etiquette http://wind.mn/wKy481 Neal’s Tips – Join 50 Groups Recommended LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn allows you to join 50 Groups. To The Social Media for Strategies maximize your potential to reach others – Business Group http://wind.mn/windsm and for them to reach you – I recommend you join the maximum 50. Windmill Networking - Social Media Which Groups to join? Try a combination Education & Open Networking of Big Groups, Local Groups, Alumni http://wind.mn/windwn Groups (from both past universities as well as companies), Industry Groups, Professional Association Groups, and ? BUSINESS IS EVERYWHERE IN LINKEDIN GROUPS. Target Market Groups. Here’s how I developed business Make sure that you don’t get daily or through a group discussion. In weekly updates from every group you join, unless you want to start receiving lots of Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and email from LinkedIn! There is a link at the Social Media Marketing there is a bottom of every newsletter which allows case study of a businessman who you to turn off the daily or weekly update. generated 75% of his five million Make it a habit on a daily or weekly basis dollars in annual revenues from to jump into a Group conversation or start LinkedIn Groups. your own!   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 8. 7  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 9. 8  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 6 Additional Information Links: CHECK OUT ANSWERS LinkedIn Answers Tips and Why Every There are more than 1 million LinkedIn User Should Use It Groups based on every profession or indus- http://wind.mn/wI8ZyJ try that you can imagine. LinkedIn Answers, on the other hand, are public Q&A forums LinkedIn Answers Feature Tips and that provide you with only 20+ categories to Etiquette Recommendations choose from. This means that, for most pro- http://wind.mn/yhuIR4 fessionals, you can concentrate your efforts on only 1 or 2 categories. Answers provide Find Answers in you a perfect opportunity to not only tap the the More Tab LinkedIn community for answers to your pro- fessional problems, but Answers may also help you promote yourself and your compa- ny by displaying your expertise in respond- ing to the questions of others. Neal’s Tips – “Own” Your Answers Category Look through the Answers categories – and where appropriate subcategories – and make a commitment to “Own” it or become the expert in it. Make it a habit to check out your cate- gory on a daily or weekly basis to see if there are any questions you can respond to – or even learn from. Try reaching out to others who respond to your questions or answer the same ones – it could lead to fruitful networking opportunities – and even future business! ­   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 10. 9  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 7 RESEARCH COMPANIES If you want to opt-in to receiving updates on a company that you are particularly Regardless of your LinkedIn objective, there interested in, make sure that you select might be a need for you to do research on “Follow Company” on the top right-hand companies. Instead of going to Hoovers corner of the Overview page for the com- or OneSource, try doing a search within pany. LinkedIn Companies. Companies provides a resource by allowing you to search through its database of more than two million compa- Additional Information Links: nies that are registered. Companies allows 10 Steps to Maximizing LinkedIn for you to map your own Professional Graph Sales & Social Media Marketing to whoever is working at the company you http://wind.mn/rm9ULo are researching, allowing you to easily find networking opportunities at that particular Windmill Networking Companies Page company. http://wind.mn/AqpKgn ? Neal’s Tips – LinkedIn Companies: An Invaluable Source of Business DID YOU KNOW Intelligence LinkedIn is more global than you think! From the “Companies” home tab, make There are 19 countries that have sure you navigate to “Search Com- more than one million users in every panies” to see the search filters that major continent, including North LinkedIn provides to make it easy for America (United States, Canada, your to find your target company based Mexico), South America (Brazil, Argentina), Europe (United Kingdom, on a number of criteria, including loca- France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, tion, industry, and company size. Germany, Belgium), Africa (South When you find a company, click on the Africa), Asia (India, China, Turkey, “Check out insightful statistics about Pakistan, ­Indonesia) and Australia. [Company Name] employees” on the The most “LinkedIn” countries? More top right-hand side. This will lead you to than 10% of the population of these a number of unique insights about the countries are LinkedIn members: United company drawn from user-generated States, Netherlands, Canada, United content of LinkedIn users. Kingdom, Australia, and Belgium.   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 11. 10  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer dvanced Companies Search Access A Tab from This Click Here to Access Business Intelligence about This Company Subset of Insightful Statistics   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 12. 11  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer Additional Information Links: 8 Additional Information Links:keep your finger READ LINKEDIN TODAY Social News with LinkedIn Revolutionizes LinkedIn Revolutionizes Social News with s that others in LinkedIn Today http://wind.mn/eFSbwC LinkedIn allows you to keep your finger on the LinkedIn Today http://wind.mn/eFSbwCng through their pulse of the news that others in your indus-tion, which you 6 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Signal Tool to 6 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Signal Tool to try are reading through their LinkedIn Todayws” tab. Consider Analyze Users Tweets Analyze Users Tweets app, which you can find under the “News” tab. http://wind.mn/vTaMAgpaper for keeping Consider Today your daily newspaper http://wind.mn/vTaMAg essionals have keeping tabs on what other professionals for rthy of reading, Windmill Networking on have already decided are worthy of reading, Windmill Networking on LinkedIn Today: ing through thesaving you time by Today: through the noise LinkedIn cutting http://wind.mn/yYY0dk Internet. that exists on the Internet. http://wind.mn/yYY0dkn Today as an Neal’s Tips – LinkedIn Today as an Engagement Vehicle LinkedIn Today gives you the ability toou the ability to save interesting articles for you to reads for you to read later on LinkedIn - or on your smart n your phone’s LinkedIn app! You can alsopplication! e ­asily share something from Linked-are something In ­oday to your network as a Status T your network as­a Update. If you don’t have anything to post, why not update others on some- on’t have anything others on thing that you recommend they read?ommend they You’ll notice that under the “News” tab is also a “Signal” link. Signal is an ap- plication, which allows you to search the “News” tab is nal is an through all of the news sharing and sta- ion Links:ws you to search tus updates that happen on LinkedIn and shared on LinkedIn via Twitter. Try some sharing and searches if you’re trying to find who isppen on LinkedIn sharing information relevant to you – andn via Twitter. Try consider engaging with them!e trying to find whoelevant to you – with them on   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 13. 12  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 9 ADD APPLICATIONS LinkedIn can feel overwhelming at times, and by no means is there any need for you to add any of the optional applications that exist. However, depending on your objec- tive, these are the apps that I recommend you consider adding: Reading List by Amazon (if you’re an avid book reader) Events (for professional networking) SlideShare Presentations (to promote your company presentations) WordPress or Blog Link (if you blog) Neal’s Tips – Profession-Specific Apps to Consider Lawyer Ratings and Legal Updates (for lawyers) Real Estate Pro (for real estate profes- sionals) Portfolio Display (for creative profes- sionals) GitHub (for software developers) Additional Information Links: What are LinkedIn Applications? http://wind.mn/xxQxU0 Create a LinkedIn Event on Your Next Trip and Windmill Network! Example of SlideShare http://wind.mn/lEHfVX   Presentation on My Profile   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com Subset of insightful Statistics
  • 14. 13  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer 10 STAY UP TO DATE ABOUT NEAL SCHAFFER LinkedIn is constantly changing their func- Neal Schaffer is a leading social me- tionality and adding new features. dia strategist who was recently chosen Make sure you stay up to date by: as a Top 30 Social Media Power Influ- Subscribing to my Newsletter encer by Forbes Magazine. The author (http://wind.mn/windlist), of two social media books, Maximizing Following me on Twitter LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media (http://twitter.com/nealschaffer), Marketing and Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximiz- Joining my Facebook Fan Page ing LinkedIn, and frequent speaker for (http://facebook.com/windmillnetworking), corporations and associations on a wide Circling me on Google+ variety of social media for business top- (http://gplus.to/nealschaffer), ics, Neal’s Windmill Networking Blog and finally on Social Media Strategy is considered one of the top 100 marketing blogs in Connecting with me on LinkedIn the world as recognized by AdAge. Neal (http://www.linkedin.com/in/nealschaffer). has created social media strategies Additional Information Links: and executed educational programs for a variety of companies, from a Fortune 10 New Features LinkedIn Introduced in 50 company to a musician who has one 2011 to Leverage in 2012 million social media fans. In addition to http://wind.mn/zyCLb9 providing speaking, training and social media coaching through his own Wind- mills Marketing agency, Neal is also Vice President of Social Strategy for 5150 and Green Dream Social, two social media agencies located in Southern California. Neal is a graduate of Amherst College, speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, and currently resides in Irvine, California.   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com
  • 15. 14  |  30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn by Neal Schaffer How Neal Can Help You Read the Blog http://windmillnetworking.com Buy the Books http://wind.mn/windbook http://wind.mn/linksalesbook Social Media Coaching, Training, and Speaking http://windmillnetworking.com/social-media-consulting-services/ Social Media Audit, Strategy Creation & Agency Retainer http://social5150.com http://greendreamsocial.com   (888) 541-3429  neal@windmillnetworking.com  http://windmillnetworking.com