8 Thing Marketers Should Automate to Drive Leads & Revenue


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8 Thing Marketers Should Automate to Drive Leads & Revenue

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8 Thing Marketers Should Automate to Drive Leads & Revenue

  1. 1. Tweet CoreMotives This!8 THINGS MARKETERS SHOULD AUTOMATETO DRIVE LEADS AND REVENUEM any marketers are struggling to provide the personal touch today’s buyers want. Given the challenge of scaling individualized communications across dozens, hundreds or even thousandsof prospects, that’s understandable. Perhaps counterintuitively, the solution lies in automation. Butsimply automating processes won’t cut it – you have to use automation to understand buyer intent,engage in your prospects’ interests and allow them to self-move through their journey.Depending on your needs, you can use automation to acquire, convert, grow, retain or reactivate. Simply find a businessproblem, begin collecting behaviors (Web, email, social and more), and use these to create a unique, personablecommunication experience across touch points. Here are 8 things you can automate to help invigorate your marketingprograms and drive more revenue:1 Data Enrichment The database is the heart of a modern-day marketing program,so it’s necessary to regularly breathe plays, etc.), which salespeople can use to have more effective conversations with prospects, and enable sales to drop contacts into a nurture program. 3new life into it by providing updatedpreference, demographic Welcome Programsand behavioral information. Sending a personalized,Automation can help achieve automated welcome email isthis by facilitating the “getting to an excellent way to quickly engageknow you” process. prospects by educating them about your value proposition, asking themFor starters, you could use a basic to tell you more about themselves, andemail campaign to encourage providing resources and helpful informationor incent prospects to update personalized to their point of entry ortheir records, leading them to a interests. Depending on the business, manyprepopulated Web form where they could savvy marketers are even moving beyond welcomeupdate their information and provide additional messages to activation or onboarding programs that guidepreference and demographic details. the prospect or new customer through the process of getting2 the most out of your free trial or online services. Nurture Programs 4 What’s your story? Nurture programs enable you to educate prospects who aren’t yet ready to engage Product / Service Reviewsa sales resource and gently guide these buyers through the and Testimonialspurchase process by delivering relevant content such as Asking for reviews of your products and serviceswhite papers, articles, and event and Webinar invitations. can provide you with valuable content you can use to nurture prospects and entice them to take the desired course of ac-With marketing automation technology, you can set up tion. Where applicable, follow a purchase, download or eventprograms that gradually help you collect data, build the with an automated message asking for a review.relationship and are responsive to prospect interestsand behaviors. Easily build nurture campaigns that route For best results, don’t just send a boring message request-prospects down numerous different paths based on whether ing a review — show some personality and be helpful,they opened your email, downloaded your content and/or including links to:shared it with their social networks. • Related thought capital • Customer service infoAs an added bonus, robust automation platforms offer • Owner’s manual, knowledge base or forumsintegrations that enhance sales and marketing alignment.These systems give sales visibility into a lead’s behaviors Once you’ve built up an archive of reviews and/or(site visits, downloads, link clicks, form submissions, video testimonials, you can include these peer reviews in your coremotives.com © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 1
  2. 2. Tweet This! 8 Things Marketers Should Automate To Drive Leads and Revenuecontent, which can be a powerful way to drive conversions. prospects interact with your communications and events.Even better: Use dynamic content to populate your messages For example, you might use your marketing automationwith testimonials aligned to the prospect’s interests, behaviors platform to set up three messaging tracks for an event asor position in the buying cycle. follows:5 Ordering • Invitation: Initial invite followed by messages If you have a large product line, offer dozens of services depending on whether they opened but didn’t click and/or have a large sales team, moving to a more (reminder), clicked but didn’t register (reminder withautomated ordering process may be beneficial. In many cases, alternate resources) or actually registered for theautomation can enable you to free up valuable sales resources event (move to confirmation track).that can be reallocated to moving leads through the funnel. • Confirmation: Send event details and reminder pre- event, then follow up afterwards based on whetherFor example, if you have a large enterprise sales team tasked they actually attended (thank you note, survey, relatedwith personally delivering new-product updates to business resources and/or invite to set up a call with a sales rep)clients and collecting orders, you can use automation for or didn’t attend (route to “Did Not Attend” track).seasonal product order reminders, product relaunches for items • Did Not Attend: Send “sorry we missed you”that were previously out of supply, refill orders and more. message with option to view slides, download theBottom line? Automation enables you to create an ongoing recording or watch a video of the event, plus relateddialogue with business customers without creating additional resources and alternate calls to action. 8work for sales representatives. And as an added bonus,automation makes it easy to send a thank you confirmation. Lifecycle Messages6 The same foods you love to eat for dinner might Transactional Emails not be so appealing first thing in the morning. Does your business engage in transactions that require Likewise, buyers crave different content at different times order status receipts, service request updates, and in the buying cycle. So, consider segmenting campaigns byshipping notices or confirmations? In this instant-message stage of the relationship, specifically tuning different emailage in which waiting days or hours to get a transactional messages and offers based on both explicit and implicitconfirmation is unacceptable, delivery is the single most indicators of your customer’s readiness to purchase. Forimportant aspect of a transactional email. A robust marketing example, messaging might change throughout a customerautomation platform enables you to set up your system so the lifecycle as follows:transaction triggers these emails immediately. • “Interested” Phase: Welcome messages,A well-branded transactional message sent within minutes is educational and best practices content, promotionsgreat, but don’t stop there. Go beyond the basic transaction for first purchaseor receipt information and provide additional content that • “Engaged” Phase: Reminders of upcoming events,provides value. This might include product usage tips, targeted content based on website page visits, pric-answers to frequently asked questions, delivery tracking ing and feature comparisons, testimonialsinformation or links to community forums. This is also a good • “Lapsed” Phase: Surveys to gain a betterplace to invite recipients to connect with you socially via understanding of the buyer’s needs, incentives to revisitLinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. website, promotions to encourage re-engagementWhile transactional content should make up the bulk of these By “listening” to buyer cues and delivering the rightmessages, you can also use these emails to cross-sell or upsell content at the right time for each prospect, you’ll nurtureother products and services. Use dynamic content to populate more relevant dialogues and build stronger connections.these messages with info specifically related to the buyer’spurchase, industry or stated preferences.7 For more tips on marketing automation and all things digital Events marketing, check out our blog and Resources page. For many businesses, events are a critical part of the nurturing process. From initial invite to post-event Like our content? You’ll love our product.message, automation enables you to easily respond to how Contact us for a demo. coremotives.com © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 2