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Vivian Speaking

Vivian Speaking






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Vivian Speaking Vivian Speaking Presentation Transcript

  • Teaching Demonstration- teaching speaking for advanced students Subject : Topics on Instructional Media and Technologies for Language Reporter : Vivian 9722607 Instructor : Hung, Po Yi Dec. 10, 2008 01 YOUR TITLE HERE
  • Syllabus Items Contents
      • Goals
    To be able to speak fluently and with accuracy
      • Level and number of learners
    20 students passed the GEPT intermediate level (word ability: 8000 up)
      • Timetable fit
    The first course after Unit 15 of the textbook
      • Objective
    To be able to use English dealing with daily life needs when you are abroad
      • Teaching materials
    2 text sheets 4 work sheets
      • Equipment
    On-line computers, projector
  • Lesson Plan Procedures Contents Minutes
      • 1. Pre-Speaking
    Free-Talking 5 mins
      • 2. Meaning-Focused
      • Speaking
    Speaking by Numbers 15 mins
      • 3. Fluency Speaking
    4/3/2 Technique 15 mins
      • 4. Post-Speaking
    Role-Plays 15 mins
      • 5. Assignment
    Newspaper Talks
    • Pre-Speaking (5 mins) :
    • Free talking
    • What is the most challenge when you speak in English? Fluency? Accuracy? Or the others? What are the improvement ways for your speaking? Share your opinions in class and gather them on work sheet (1).
  • Work Sheet (1) Pre-Speaking Free Talking Name : _________ No. The challenges The solving ways 1 2 3 4 5
    • Meaning-Focused Speaking (15 mins) :
    • Speaking by Numbers
    • In addition to form-focused speaking (repetition drills), language learners should also be exposed to and given opportunities to practice and use meaning-focused communication, in which they must both produce and listen to meaningful oral communication. Follow the steps on text sheet (1) and try to complete work sheet (2) below.
    • (1) Make a small group (3 people in each team), order the numbers 1~3 and fill in the list.
    • (2) Each group make a topic related to the topic of U15 of the textbook.
    • (3) Think about the topics in 2 mins and then teacher calls a number in draw lots .
    • (4) The student with that number then says five sentences in order about the topic.
    • (5) The students with the same number in different team have to ask a question.
    • (6) Guess the correct topic of each group.
    Text Sheet (1) The steps of Speaking by Numbers
  • Work Sheet (2) Meaning-Focused Speaking Speaking by Numbers Name : _________ Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Instructions Questions The answer of the topic
    • Fluency Speaking (15 mins) :
    • 4/3/2 Technique
    • Fluency in speaking is the aim of many language learners. 4/3/2 technique includes the features that are needed in fluency development activities. Follow the steps on text sheet (2) and try to complete work sheet (3) below.
    • (1) Make a small group with the different members of text sheet (1) (3 people in each team) and order the numbers 1~3 .
    • (2) Choose a topic for group about the daily life abroad.
    • (3) S1 tells a story about the topic to S2 and has a time limit of four minutes to do this.
    • (4) S1 tells exactly the same story to S3 but this time has only three minutes to tell it.
    • (5) S1 now has two minutes to tell the story.
    • (6) Complete the comments of work sheet (2) for group and hand in next class .
    Text Sheet (2) The steps of 4/3/2 technique
  • Work Sheet (3) Comments of 4/3/2 Technique Topic : ________________ Name : _________ S1 __________ S2 __________ S3 __________ The first time with 4 minutes The second time with 3 minutes The third time with 2 minutes
    • Post- Speaking (20 mins) :
    • Role-Plays
    • In a role play, students are given particular roles in the target language. Students have to plan a role play activity about the topic of work sheet (3) for 3 mins and write brief instruction on work sheet (4) in 3 minutes. Also, give the comments for the other groups.
  • Work Sheet (4) Comments of Role-Plays Group : ________________ Name : _________ Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 The topics The roles The comments/ instructions
    • Assignment :
    • Newspaper Talks
    • To choose an article about the daily life abroad from an English language newspaper to present. Must not read the article aloud but must describe the main points of the article. Use the webcam to video your presentation and put it on Youtube http://tw.youtube.com/ . The class should then ask the presenter questions below the video of the front page.
  • Thank you for listening!