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Elly Classified Ads
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Elly Classified Ads


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Hi, Elly:
    It is kind of traditional but profesional indeed.
    Besides, it precisely teaches students to use the website. Good work.
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  • 1. Reading - Classified Ads Instructor: Dr. Hung Name: Elly Date: 2008/10/29 Topics on Instructional Media and Technologies for Language 
  • 2. Lesson Plan
    • Goal : To understand simple and practical topics of articles or guidebook by reading easier themes in daily life.
  • 3. Lesson Plan
    • Objectives :
    • To be able to find needed information from an ad.
    The student will demonstrate understanding of the conventions of classified ads by showing their ability to read them.
    • T o understand and identify abbreviations .
  • 4. Lesson Plan
    • Numbers of students: 20
    • Students level: Basic .
    • Time: 70 min.
    • Material and Equipments: newspapers, computers, projector, Internet and worksheet.
  • 5. Lesson Plan
    • Procedures: warm up (10 min.) A teacher asks students: 1) What are the classified ads? 2) What do you already know about them? 3) What is difficult to understand in the classified ads?
    • The students discuss their experiences reading / using classified ads, and their confusion about whether some letter combinations were abbreviations or just words they didn't know.
  • 6. Lesson Plan
    • Procedures : presentation (25 min.)
    • (1) The teacher give Ss handouts and show two classified ad examples.
    (4) The teacher introduces the common abbreviations . Give Ss abbreviations list handout . (3) The teacher makes Ss to circle abbreviations from classified ads. (2) The teacher teaches Ss how to d etermine the reading purpose .
  • 7. Lesson Plan (5) Ss need to use particular reading strategies in order to meet their purpose . ( pair work ) (6) The teacher teaches the strategies to make Ss catch the information of classified ads.
  • 8. Lesson Plan SALES PERSON FT. Minimum 3 yrs exp. 2 refs. Apply in person, Furniture Mart 124 E. Union Blvd FT – full time yrs – years exp . – experience ref . – reference. a person for whom you have worked. He or she could tell your new boss how well you worked. Blvd . - Boulevard Company and location to d etermine the reading purpose How to apply Abbreviations
  • 9. Lesson Plan APTS. RENT-SOUTH Garden Apt. 1 lge bdrm. 1 bth. No pets. $ 600 mo. rnt required. 555-0929 apt – apartment lge – large bdrm . – bedroom bth . – bathroom mo . – month rnt. - rent requirements Contact way to d etermine the reading purpose Abbreviations
  • 10. Lesson Plan
    • http://
    • Procedures: activities (15 min.)
    • Make Ss go to the website to practice abbreviations
    • Make Ss go to the website to practice reading comprehension
  • 11. Lesson Plan
    • Procedures: evaluation (15 min.)
    • Pop quiz in the end of the class.
    • Procedures: assignment (5 min.)
    • Worksheet
    • Discuss on wiki space.
  • 12. Thank You !