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  • 1. Learning on Blog Course Presenter : Andrew Mark Jessica Instructor : Dr. Po-Yi Hung Date: Dec. 24, 2008
  • 2. Blog
    • In the recent 20 years, instead of body language and face-to-face conversations, blogs are a new way to communication through words on computer screen. Here are advantages and disadvantages of blogs in EFL writing:
  • 3. Advantages
    • 1. Blogs can be an excellent way of sharing knowledge in an EFL writing environment.
    • 2. Students are better informed by a teacher because messages from the teacher can be displayed on blogs for a whole semester.
  • 4. Advantages
    • 3. In terms of writing, blogs offer more opportunities for collaborating. Students can compare other classmates’ with their own and learn from each other.
    • 4. Blogs can be a positive way of getting feedback, giving suggestion and comments to the class community.
  • 5. Advantages
    • 5 . Engaging students’ participation in reading articles / writing assignments on blog.
    • 6. Blogs can be a classroom activity extension for students to do reading or writing assignment.
    • 7. Blogs can display students’ learning processes and serve as learning portfolios.
  • 6. Disadvantages
    • 1. Literally, feedback and comments are free to give to peers. However, giving comments need training, so does possessing good writing skills to evaluate peers’ performances
    • 2. Many people don’t have very much to say, and are unable to write down their ideas clearly to the points.
  • 7. Disadvantages
    • 3. Blogs can display photos. audio and even video files. However, audio and video may greatly reduce the speed that no one would like to wait for them.
    • 4. Although all sorts of voices and opinions can be written to peers’ performance, it can be wasting time if opinion givers do not speak truth in love.
  • 8. What is Blog?
    • Easily speaking, from any Internet connection point, blogging has become firmly established as a web based communication tool.
    • The blogging phenomenon has evolved from its early origin as a medium for the publication of simple, online personal diaries, to the latest disruptive technology, the ' killer app ' that has the capacity to engage people in collaborative activity, knowledge sharing, reflection and debate (Hiler, 2003).
  • 9. Application on Listening
    • Video: Podcasting in Plain English
    Online resources from blogs Cell phone i-pod Mp3 player Listening whenever or wherever you are Posting reflection onto blogs Completing open-ended Q & A on blogs
  • 10. Application on Reading and Writing
    • Journalism
    • Another recommended blog : Twitter -- http:// twitter.com /
    Massy reading Typing to submit comment or reflections Accumulating writing skills
  • 11. Application on Speaking
    • Little application on speaking.
    Speaking recording Posting onto blogs Time- consuming Dilatory Delayed ?
  • 12. Discussion Blogs Skills Reading & Writing Video MP3 Photo Music
  • 13. Blog Activity for Writing
  • 14. Blog Activity for Writing
  • 15. Blog Activity for Writing
  • 16. Blog Activity
  • 17.
    • Thank You for Listening.