GLEAN Vision Garage Talk 2007
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GLEAN Vision Garage Talk 2007

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We can change the world by teaching entrepreneurs, leaders and altruists of every generation how to find their path, earn each other's trust and join forces for the common good.

We can change the world by teaching entrepreneurs, leaders and altruists of every generation how to find their path, earn each other's trust and join forces for the common good.

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  • 1. We can change the world By opening minds… How your support for the Global Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Altruists Network (glean) will change the world
  • 2. Prepared by Tom Kosnik, Consulting Professor, Stanford Technology Ventures Program With help from glean colleagues around the world. Version 53.0, June 1, 2007
  • 3. The Problem: A World in Crisis Scarcity Isolation Ignorance Selfishness Economic Decay Violence/War Prejudice Crime Toxic Environment Dishonesty Treating the surface level symptoms isn’t working.
  • 4. The Opportunity: To make our world a better place. Abundance Community Wisdom Generosity Economic Vibrance Peace Harmony Law and Order Healthy Environment Integrity
  • 5. We can change the world by teaching entrepreneurs, leaders, and altruists of every generation how to find their path, earn each other’s trust, and join forces for the common good.
  • 6. What is glean ? Global Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Altruists Network. With roots in a cluster of great organizations Invisible. No dues. No budget. No bricks and mortar. glean Other Universities, Non-Profits, Governments Other Global Entrepreneurial Firms BASES, NUSEA, Exitera, SEC, SWIB SCPD Stanford SoE MS and E STVP Educational Network: (via, MySpace, Linkedin) NUS, KTH, SSE, SSES, HBS, &… Industry Network(via, MySpace): EA, VCs, BigTent, glean startups, &…
  • 7. Vision for GLEAN companies: Perennial Renaissance Focus Flexibility High Low Low High Lockstep Chaos Paralysis Paralysis Perennial Renaissance
  • 8. glean Mission & 5 Objectives (What we want to achieve)
    • To promote world peace by helping global leaders, entrepreneurs, altruists do 5 things:
    • Build trustworthy networks
    • Transcend culture, time and distance
    • Create true value
    • Save the planet
    • Share the wealth.
  • 9. glean Strategies (How we will achieve the mission & objectives)
    • Help entrepreneurial leaders to build trustworthy companies, networks, and markets around the world.
    • Develop new generations of global entrepreneurial leaders.
    • Help women entrepreneurs and “new kids on the block” get access to capital, customers, and talent.
    • Deliver world class learning to entrepreneurial teams whenever, wherever they need it.
    • Blend education and entertainment.
  • 10. glean Whole Product (Branded and owned by Stanford (STVP, SCPD, MS and E), NUS, KTH, or HBS. Help to develop their future leaders Pragmatic Consulting On demand Cases, books, Articles, digital videos & clips Interactive Global Courses Coaching re. Access to Circles of Influence Career Coaching Access to talent who have earned our trust Access to the glean network Adapted from: Moore (2002), Crossing the Chasm. For Professors And Students For entrepreneurs and leaders of Global Companies Generic Product: A global network for altruistic leaders & entrepreneurs.
  • 11. glean Values and the Invisible L... Laughter Loyalty Learning Leadership 5 L’s
  • 12. glean hot spots Today: Singapore Sweden Silicon Valley Tomorrow: Shanghai? Seattle? Boston? Beijing? San Diego? Salt Lake City? Hong Kong? Vancouver? Ho Chi Min City? A cluster in India?
  • 13. How can you help?
    • Let us learn from you as Global Entrepreneurial Leaders.
    • Come as guest speakers for our classes or BASES events.
    • Serve as a judge or mentor in a business plan competition.
    • Let us tell your story in the books we write.
    • Sponsor a research project with us and our students.
    • Hire us in for an educational workshop or offsite.
    • Hire our students and alumni
    • Partner with us in venture philanthropy
    • Whatever else you think makes sense...
  • 14.
    • Thank You!
    • For more info pls contact
    • Gundeep Kaur [email_address]
    • Eugene Chean [email_address]
  • 15.
    • Appendix
  • 16. glean Course Roadmap Note: The number following each course is the number of times it has been offered.
  • 17. glean Research Roadmap Note: Although most of the research deliverables in this table are described in print form, if funding can be obtained, there will be for every book, a set of digital video clips, available via the STVP Educators’ Corner. The people and organizations we are studying are best brought to life through a combination of print and interactive video and audio media.
  • 18. The glean core faculty research & teaching team
  • 19. In 2007: Key Administrators, Students and Alumni on glean Teaching & Research Team
  • 20. The glean Alumni Team (just a few of the most active)
  • 21. Glean Target Partners (some active clients/partners , some prospects) SCPD China Mobile Communications Group HP China JDSU Mentor Training RingCube Samsung Singapore EDB Deloitte Ernst & Young PRTM Mohr Davidow Ventures Apple Electronic Arts Facebook Google Palm Inc. Microsoft TCG Advisors Yahoo! Lots of startups And VCs Who won’t pay cash and have an insatiable appetite for my time. STVP Stanford Dept of MS and E Stanford SoE BASES NUS NUSEA Springboard/WTC HBS KTH Earning Potential High Low Learning Potential High Low
  • 22. How to identify ideal target investors
    • Legally Qualified: They satisfy any legal requirements.
    • Fit: Their selection criteria fit our investment opportunity.
    • No conflicts: Their other investments do not compete with us.
    • Aligned: Their objectives are aligned with our objectives.
    • Connected: They can give us access to customers, other investors, government officials, etc.
    • Well funded: They have the capacity to invest now, and in the future if needed.
    • Smart: They have expertise and experience that will help us to succeed.
    • Motivated: They are willing to commit funds within our time window.
    • Honest: They have unimpeachable integrity.
    • Trustworthy: They trust us, and we trust them.
    Adapted from Kosnik (2000) guidelines on selecting investors for AVAcore Technologies.
  • 23. Where can you learn more?
    • Stanford Technology Ventures Program:
    • http://
    • NUS Enterprise:
    • http:// /
    • Applied Entrepreneurship in Teleinformatics
    • http:// /
    • Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students
    • http://
    • Global Entrepreneurial Marketing (GEM)
    • DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (ETL) Program
    • http://