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Qs express ( magezine)

  1. 1. 27 MAY 2013Interview with seniorQuantity Surveyor Mr.HJ ZARIFUL HJMOHAMEDBest sellingprofessionalmagazine in year2013
  2. 2. HJ ZARIFUL HJ MOHAMEDMRICS, MPUJA(B), Reg. QSBrunei CitizenBSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying, 1991• Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(RICS), UK since 1996 (MRICS Membership no. 0098454)• Corporate Member of Pertubuhan Ukur, Jurutera & Arkitek, (PUJA)Brunei since 2003 (MPUJA(B) Membership no. CM142-S025)• Registered Member of the Board of Quantity Surveyors (BQSM),Malaysia since 2006 (BQSM Registration no. 2006/MT00001)• Committee member for PUJA Surveyor Division since 2010• RICS Brunei APC Assessor since 2003• 21 Years experience as qualified Quantity Surveyor• 1991 – 1996: PWD, Ministry of Development. Notable projectsinclude Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Building Complex inBSB and Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah• 1996 – Present: Sole Proprietor, Z-Arif Consultant
  3. 3. Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a professional workingwithin the construction industry concerned withconstruction costs and contracts. The services providedby Quantity Surveyor such as, Cost planning andcommercial management during the entire life cycle ofthe project from inception to completion, Valueengineering, Risk Management, Procurement advice andassistance during the tendering procedures, CommercialManagement and Contract Administration Assistance indispute resolution Asset Capitalizations.Mr. HJ ZARIFUL HJ MOHAMED is professional inQuantity Surveying field over 20 years. Now, he is a seniorQuantity Surveyor. As a senior Quantity Surveyor his job isgiving the advice and sharing the experience with otherQuantity Surveyor.For Mr. ZARIFUL the most important factors that leadto become a successful Quantity Surveyor is the passiontoward the jobs, he enjoy his jobs every single momentand he did not felt his jobs as a burden. Besides, attitudeis a key to become successful person not only in term ofwork but also in personality.
  4. 4. Quantity SurveyorTo ensure Quantity Surveyor can continue to getting jobs fromthe client, they must provide good quality service and maintain agood image toward the client so the opportunity of getting projectis much bigger.What skill is required for Quantity Surveyor?Management skills is much more important for QS suchas time management skills the reason to having a goodtime management skill is the process of the constructionproject will normally start from architect – engineer –and the last is QS thus QS need to done their work inlimited time.For Quantity Surveyor there are some insurance thatmush buy which is “Professional Indemnity Insurance”.The income of a Quantity Surveyor isunable to be controlled because it dependon the construction industries.There are some law needs to bepractice for QS but the law in differentcountry have their own law and mustnot obey.
  5. 5. Menara Darussalam / GrandHyatt Hotel, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Completed: 2012BRIDEX Exhibition and ConferenceHalls at Jerudong(B$38.0M; Completed 2009)Performance Optimization Centre atBolkiah Garrison (B$7.0M;Completed 2011)
  6. 6. CONCLUSIONAs a conclusion, through out the interview withMr. HJ ZARIFUL HJ MOHAMED I know more about theQuantity Surveying. As he said “ attitude, notattitude, depend on your attitude”, from his words Irealized how important attitude is toward not only forjobs but also in life. Quantity Surveying is achallenging job it required specificknowledge, determination, perfection, responsibility,and teamwork. Quantity Surveyor also play animportant rule in construction, without them it willnot be able for a construction project to run smoothly.I really appreciate Ms.Normah for giving us thischance to have an interview with the professional inQuantity Surveying.