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Group document

  1. 1. Creative Thinking Skill Final Project The Game Tournament – Creating a Game out of Daily Objects PART B –GROUP DOCUMENTATION GROUP NAME : Slouth GAME NAME : Screw You GROUP MEMBERS : Woo Wen Jian (0315123) Ng Ji Cheun (0315479) Benny Tan Showee (0315447) Teo Chong Yih (0314660) Liu Wei Cheng (0314712) OBJECT : Screw LECTURE : Ms Deliya Zain
  2. 2. Original Game
  3. 3. Group Poster
  4. 4. Costume White Blouse Boxer White blouse (formal) + Boxers (casual) - To attract people -Creative -Cool -Make people fun -Formal with casual - Create a funky & special style
  5. 5. LOGO CHEERING SONG We are slouth, We got socks, But we don’t suck,
  6. 6. Process and Development Game Name : Screw You Object : Screw Game Types : 2-players game Game Duration : 3 minutes Require skill : Speed, strategy, teamwork. The game is about screwing screw into a wooden board, 2 players need to represent their team to play this game, the minimum requirements numbers of the team is 2 and the maximum up to 3 group play at the same time. Each player is given a screwdriver. When game begin players start to screwing the screw into the wooden board as many as they can, but at the same time the players can unscrew the opponent to reduce their marks to prevent them to win the game. Rules and Regulation Players can not block or disturb the others to screw or unscrew by using any methods. Wining condition The team that scored the highest marks win the games. Scoring System Long screw with complete screwed - 3 marks Short screw with complete screwed- 2 marks Half screwed- minus 1 marks
  7. 7. The Actual Event • THE ACTUAL EVENT Our unit, the Sloaths had screws as our game’s main item and the game was named as Screw You! The other materials we had used for the game was planks and screw drivers. The unit code for our unit was B3 The actual game tournament event runs on the date 13th of August 2013. The Creative Thinking Skill Game Tournament contain of 15 games that were created by 15 different units lead by both Ms Delliya and Ms Norma. Each units have to play another 14 games and finished a game within 10 minutes, After 10 minutes, we will move on to the next game in a rotational basis. Points will be collected by the players in every units after the completed a game. The unit with the highest point will be the winner of the CTS Game Tournament. The itinerary for that day was as below: THE GAME TOURNAMENT'S ITINERARY: 7.30 Prepare at Sports arena 8.00 Game Starts- First session kick off 9.00 First session ends and a short break (votes and rest) 9.30 Second session starts 10.30 Second session ends and a short break (votes and rest) 11.00 Third session starts 11.30 Third session ends – votes and rest 12.00 Rest, closing speech by Miss D and Miss Norma, cleaning up booth 12:30 Closing and prize giving ceremony
  8. 8. 1pm - ends, last time check the cleanliness of the whole court During that day, all of the units members reached Sports arena at 7.30a.m. to prepare and setup their game. After all the preparations had done, the First session of the game tournament kicked off at 8 a.m. During the first sessions, 2 players from 2 different units played our game and we had played the 6 others games by the other units. After all the six games, we had a half-an-hour break before the event move on at 9.30a.m. During the break, all students were given “ballot” papers to vote for the best-dressed unit. The games continued with second sessions around 9.30a.m. after the short break. During the second sessions, we played the next 5 games with the flow that had been arranged by the organizing units. At the same time the other units played our game. The five of us in a unit take turns to be the facilitators to guide the people who played our game and to be players to play the other units game. After all that 5 games, we had a short breakfast break. Fried noodles and Ribenna drinks were served to the students. Just like the first break, students were asked to vote for the most Energetic unit. The event moved on to the third session after the break ended around 11 a.m. The last 4 games were played and all students were asked to cleaned up their booth and hand in their point sheets to the respective facilitators that will accumulates and calculates all the points that the unit had obtained. Students were also asked to vote for the last award which is the best-game award. After all the cleaning were done, students were asked to gather at the middle of the arena and Ms Deliya gave a short speech about our games and our performance throughout the event. Winners of the “best-dressed unit”, “most energetic unit” and “best game” awards were announced and the winners of the game event were also announced before the whole event comes to an end.