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Task Informatics AP Private Limited

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Task Informatics (P) Ltd 2011

  1. 1. Task Informatics AP Private Limited www.taskinformatics.com
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILEABOUT USTask Informatics AP Pvt. Ltd. is a global provider of ProfessionalServices, Medical Transcription Services, Pre-Packaged IT Solutions,Software Development and Consulting Services.We as a professional service provider are highly concerned with thequality of our solutions and services. Our team constantly works ondeveloping and improving our service performance to satisfy ourCustomers & Clients and to maintain a long-term cooperation withthem.We offer cost-effective Development Services, Transcriptions Services,Consulting Services, Software Solutions & Pre-Packaged IT Solutions toour Customers & Clients with projects both small and medium.Nevertheless, we are experienced, fast learning and well-prepared tomaster your specific project. www.taskinformatics.com
  3. 3. OUR SERVICES:Medical Transcription ServicesDatabase Software SolutionsCustom Software Solutions2D Animation3D AnimationVFXGame DevelopmentConsulting ServicesTraining & Placement ServicesData Entry ServicesOur Mission and VisionOur Mission is to provide Cost-Effective services with excellentQuality and Turn-Around-Times and reliable Customer Service. Weaim to reach the highest echelons in the Healthcare Industry in-hand with the advanced Technology, Quality Measures, QualityStandards, and Strong Determination of every head in theOrganization. www.taskinformatics.com
  4. 4. CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR WEBTask Informatics specializes in custom software developmentservices. We deliver business applications, applicationmanagement, and comprehensive web solutions developedon the platforms like .NET, PHP, JAVA, Ajax and others.Expert Solutions And ServicesWe deliver result-oriented solutions and feature a team ofexperienced professional software developers ready to assistyou in every step - from solution design, to delivery,implementation and maintenance.Task Informatics can serve you in following areas:* Customized Software Development* Custom Application Development* Software Design and Testing* Software Maintenance and Enhancement* Web Design & Development www.taskinformatics.com
  5. 5. Only an expert like Task Informatics can take care of yoursoftware development needs.Custom software development corresponds to a complexprocess that includes conceptualization, design,development, and implementation of a solution that isintended to meet unique needs of a business.Evidently, only a team of experienced professionals withknowledge of the impending challenge can devise thesolution that suitably meets the need all the while keepingthe expenses minimum. Our team, headed by a projectcoordinator, undertakes thorough analysis and evaluation ofyour exact requirements, devises plan in communication withyou, and elaborates the strategy before embarking on theprocess of developing a custom software solution. www.taskinformatics.com
  6. 6. TASK’S IT & ITES SERVICESTASK has excellent professional expertise topresent effectively and efficiently to our Clients & Customers. Wehave an integrated team of creative designers, content writers,website developers, experienced programmers and marketingprofessionals who are best at their work and know how to achievebest results.Our business-driven approach and unparalleled internationallyrecognized Quality measures and methodologieslike Six Sigma separates us from typical development companiesand thus, we have built a reputation for creating a positive returnon investment for our Clients.We offer Offshore Software Development Services, WebDevelopment, Website Maintenance, Customized and CompleteManagement development of packaged Business Applications andQuality Assurance services that will help to fill the expertise gapsand help control run-away development costs. www.taskinformatics.com
  7. 7. CORRESPONDENCEWe own our customer/client with a strong bond of give & takerelationship – giving the best of our services and taking theremuneration, which we deserve and are worthy of. At the sametime, we wish to nurture and nourish a most cordial and friendlyrelationship based on mutual trust, understanding and acceptancewhich will go a long way in establishing a long term partnership inthe business venturing forth.READY AVAILABILITYWe are of easy access, round the clock – a mail away in terms ofemail facility, or a message away in terms of Skype facility or a callaway in terms of telephone / cell phone facility. Our officeadministration will only be too glad to connect and be of whateverservice required. www.taskinformatics.com
  8. 8. PROMPTNESSWe promise and assure you of prompt response, reply, help,assistance, verification, checking, modifications, specifications,references, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, notes,changes, corrections in templates, dictations or letters,Addendums, documents - whenever and wherever needed,keeping in mind the urgency and requirement.CLARITYWe will keep perfect clarity in all our correspondence and contactsto eliminate ambiguity, confusion and doubt to foster perfectmutual understanding.WILLINGNESS TO HELP, ASSIST AND COOPERATE TO THEBESTIt shall be our constant endeavor to offer our services wheneverrequired to ensure that all the document requirements are fulfilledand completed. www.taskinformatics.com
  9. 9. 2D AnimationIllustrationArtBackgroundAnimationCompositingProduction Flow3D Animation VFXSet ModelingOrganic Modeling Matte PaintingRigging KeyingAnimation Wire RemovalTexturing RotoscopyLighting Color CorrectionDynamicsCompositing Particle EffectsProduction Flow Digital Compositing www.taskinformatics.com
  10. 10. Animation @ Task InformaticsTask Informatics AP Private Limited head quartered at Hyderabad,India, is a young vibrant company of the new age Multimedia andprovides Creative Digital Communication Solutions. We are acompany totally committed to Quality and Innovation. This hasgranted us widespread recognition and has been our guiding mottoever since our inception.At Task Informatics AP Private Limited, we work as a team, tounderstand our customers requirements and meet theirexpectations. In a volatile marketplace, we are constantlyupgrading our skills and keeping abreast of cutting-edgetechnology to cater our customers inherent needs. Task Informatics AP Private Limited has the necessary expertiseand ability to deliver quality solutions within tight deliveryschedules. Our costs are highly competitive since we employProcesses and Methodologies that increase efficiency. www.taskinformatics.com
  11. 11. DATA ENTRYTask Informatics also deals with data entry services offeringinnovative and flawless data entry services for corporate,besides, small and big companies. Our key data entry strategiesprovide the clients:• Cost Effective Ways to Manage In-house Flow of Information• Easy-to-Use Data, which can be Referred for Practical Applications• On time Delivery of the Database Powered Web & SoftwareProjects• Management of Large Volume of Crucial & Proprietary Databases• Time Efficiency & Effective Use of Man Power Resources• Quality Internet Database Sharing Over Secured Servers• Smart Data Storage System for Any-Time Use• Accurate & Fast Data Conversions for Immediate Use www.taskinformatics.com
  12. 12. WE CAN ASSIST YOU WITH: Data Entry Services Data Processing Data Conversion Services Services Data Entry Data Processing Data Conversion Online Data Entry Forms Processing Document Conversion Offline Data Entry Insurance Processing XML Conversion Image Entry Check Processing SGML Conversion Insurance Claim Entry Image Processing HTML Conversion OCR Cleanup CAD Conversion Survey Processing Catalog Conversion Data Mining Book Conversion Data Cleansing PDF Conversion www.taskinformatics.com
  13. 13. ACCUDOC MT - Medical Transcription ServicesAccudoc MT a vertical of Task Informatics is an upcomingTranscription Service Provider, comprising a team of experiencedand committed professionals, excelling and exceeding customersexpectation of performance standards in delivering quality service.Accudoc MT’s core strength lies in providing cost-effective serviceto our clients without compromising on Quality and TAT.The key to our success is our Team. The most valuable asset weemploy is our core Team of Medical Language Specialists. Wederive our strength from combining the expertise of experienced,well-trained, responsible, and dedicated Medical LanguageSpecialists.Our Team has vast experience in working for a large variety ofDictators from a wide range of facilities that include Hospitals,Diagnostic Centers, Clinics, and Private Practices. www.taskinformatics.com
  14. 14. We hire and train only the most qualified professionals in ourindustry with at least 4 years of relevant experience. Above them,our executive management team consistently demonstrates thehighest level of competency and professionalism. We have anongoing evaluation and training program designed to enhance thecapabilities of our core team members.Team’s hands-on experience in transcribing variety of work types such as:Sleep Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology HematologyCardiology Occupational Therapy PsychiatryDentistry Oncology PulmonaryDermatology Ophthalmology Radiation Oncology Oral & MaxillofacialEndocrinology Radiology SurgeryFamily Practice Orthodontics Rehab MedicineGastroenterology Plastic Surgery PodiatryInternal Medicine Immunology NephrologyNeurology www.taskinformatics.com
  15. 15. www.taskinformatics.com
  16. 16. OUR OBJECTIVEOur Objective is to provide high quality transcripts with aconsistent accuracy rating above 98.5% with fast and unmatchedTurn-Around Times. As per our Clients requirement, we even servequality transcripts with short Turn-Around Times like 8-hours and 4-hours.Our Management and Quality Teams respond to each individual Clientwithin 10 minutes to provide personalized and reliable Customer Service.OUR TEAMOne of the most valuable Assets of our Organization is our core team ofMedical Language Specialists and Quality Analysts who are well trained,well experienced, responsible, committed, and dedicated with zeal toprovide Quality Reports.OUR MISSIONOur mission is to provide high quality service in timely and cost-effectivemanner, coupled with excellent customer service. We aim to be themarket leader by providing low cost transcription services while executingon all aspects of the order. We invite you get in contact with us so we canlearn more about your organization and how our services can best fit yourorganizations needs. www.taskinformatics.com
  17. 17. Six Sigma InitiativeWhat is Six Sigma?Six Sigma stands for Six Standard Deviations (Sigma is the Greekletter used to represent standard deviation in statistics) frommean. Six Sigma methodology provides the techniques and toolsto improve the capability and reduce the defects in any process.It can also be defined as a Process development andimprovement methodology which involves resolving problemsrelated to the process and re-engineering a process to ensure:A) Customer Satisfaction; B) Increase the Quality of the end-product.DMAIC and DMADV are the 2 principles which can be applied to aSix Sigma project. www.taskinformatics.com
  18. 18. D - Define the project goals and customer (internal and external) deliverablesM - Measure the process to determine current performanceA - Analyze and determine the root cause (s) of the defectsI - Improve the process by eliminating defectsC - Control future process performanceDMAIC Principle of Six Sigma should be used when a product or processis in existence in the company, but is not meeting customerexpectations or is not performing adequately.D - Define the project goals and customer (internal and external) deliverablesM - Measure and determine customer needs and specificationsA - Analyze the process options to meet the customer needsD - Design (detailed) the process to meet the customer needsV - Verify the design performance and ability to meet customer needsDMADV is also called DFSS (Designed for Six Sigma).DMADV should be used when:A) To develop a NEW process in an OrganizationB) DMAIC has not helped and does not give expected results www.taskinformatics.com
  19. 19. Six Sigma in HealthcareSix Sigma Methodology may be used in a wide array ofsituations varying from business transformations and strategicimprovements to simpler problem-solving exercises. Six Sigmaprojects in healthcare organizations tend to focus on theoperational aspects of service delivery rather than the clinicaldecision-making process.Six Sigma incorporates the basic principles and techniques used inBusiness, Statistics, and Engineering. These three form the coreelements of Six Sigma. Six Sigma improves the processperformance, decreases variation and maintains consistentquality of the process output. This leads to defect reduction andimprovement in profits, product quality and customersatisfaction. www.taskinformatics.com
  20. 20. Our HighlightsOver 20 years of collective experience in the Healthcare Industry24X7 Customer SupportInternationally recognized Quality measures of “Six Sigma”Vast experience working on all major online PlatformsThree levels of Quality check done by Editors, Proof Readers andQuality Analysts ensuring 98.5% accuracySecure delivery & backup of all Voice files and Transcribed reportsUser friendly interface for delivery of transcribed files via SecureFTP www.taskinformatics.com
  21. 21. Our TrainingWe conduct Medical Transcription Training program as per theAHDI guidelines both for aspiring, as well as, Trained MedicalTranscriptionists and follow a stringent selection criterion for theplacement of Medical Transcriptionists into production.Thus we proudly present Our Team to be the most talented andefficient in the field of Transcription.“We strictly follow AHDI guidelines in our Medical TranscriptionTraining Programs.” www.taskinformatics.com
  22. 22. Our Prevent-A-Disaster StrategiesOur Prevent-A-Disaster Strategies include (FMEA) Failure Modesand Effects Analysis and Cause and Effect Analysis.These methods help us preventing disasters and dealing with adisaster, if any occurs.Our strategies are applicable to all sorts of scenarios and aseparate plan has been designed against each problem type. Ourdisaster preventing strategies also includes a globally knownproblem solving method called “8-D” (8 Discipline Method) whichenables us to take interim containment actions and permanentcontainment actions to make sure any problem is not repeatedagain. www.taskinformatics.com
  23. 23. SECURITY Physical security systems in place: Physical Guards/Log-in software/Server room restricted entry/Transcription Area out of bounds for other Employees.Cyber-Crime:1. No E-mail sites can be accessed from the workplace.2. No incoming and outgoing mails from the Internet to workplace, except intranet mails. Selected outgoing Internet mails are allowed based on profiles.3. Independent internal audit system to review and monitor NW environment, devices and practices.4. External review and certification as required from time to time.5. Accessibility to CD-ROM drive and USB devices etc., is denied.6. Use of mobile phones, electronic devices/gadgets, pens, etc., is prohibited on the production floor. www.taskinformatics.com
  24. 24. Data Protection and Encryption: 128-bit SSL and data encryption on all web-based applications. Secure FTP and VPN as per client’s need. All data is batched and logged. No data is removed from the premises by unauthorized users. All data is backed up daily and kept offsite in a secure location every night, as a means of redundancy and disaster recovery. Also, we are point-to-point RF connected with firewall for Internet with the ISP outside our premises. We are HIPAA compliant and have very strict procedures and rules for data handling by our employees and for backup procedures.Authentication: Each user has unique login, power-on and passwords. Passwords are structured to meet standards such as minimum 8-digit alphanumeric with a case-sensitive character. Client information access is restricted to the team, which is handling the client’s transaction. www.taskinformatics.com
  25. 25. Security Holes: Physical restrictions on access to work area and network center. Firewall protection for internal network from the World Wide Web. Enterprise-wide multiple virus protection system. Controlled media usage/movement.Privacy: Every employee signs a confidentiality agreement with severe penalties for violations. Access to applications/databases defined on “need to know” and “minimum necessary” basis. www.taskinformatics.com
  26. 26. Our InfrastructureServer - Intel Dual Core Processor, 4 GB Ram & 250 GB HardDisk, DVD ROMClient Nodes - 30, Intel Pentium IV Processor, 1 GB and 80 GBHard Disk.Operating System -Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP fornodes.Printer (s) -1 HP laser colour printer. Scanner (s) -1 HP scanners.Data Backup Units - CD Writer, One touch 500 GB external harddisc. Networking - All systems are under network only.Switches- 2 (24- Port).Backup Power Unit - UPS [10KVA] backup for all systemsand equipments. www.taskinformatics.com
  27. 27. Contact Us Office Address: Task Informatics AP Pvt. Ltd. HEAD OFFICE # 2-2-1118/6/A, 2nd Floor, Above Corporation Bank, Shivam Road, Hyderabad – 500013 (A.P.) India BRANCH OFFICE # 1-98-5/3, Near Dena Bank, Arunodaya Colony, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081 (A.P.) India Phone: 040-42208237/42208257 Website: www.taskinformatics.comFor business enquiries, please email at info@taskinformatics.com