Brentford community survey draft report 280710


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Brentford community survey draft report 280710

  1. 1. Brentford Community Survey Results of initial phase amongst Brentford residents July 2010
  2. 2. Background and objectivesBrentford Community Council has undertaken asurvey to ask local people and organisations involvedin Brentford what they would like to see improved inBrentford.The questionnaire results will inform a community-owned Community Strategy and Action Plan to helpguide the Council, councillors, businesses and otherservice providers where support and investmentshould be prioritised.The project spans across residents, businesses andcharities. However this first iteration will focus onresidents only
  3. 3. A note on the sample profile achieved so far So far we have interviewed 136n Brentford Residents The majority have lived in Brentford for at least 6 years and tend to be involved in the community. A note of caution: base sizes are sometimes low for subgroup analysis but when relevant data cuts are shown for qualitative reading and flagged as low base sizes. Note: see local statistics in appendix section for reference. How long have you lived Number of children: in Brentford: A year or less 3% 4 or more 3% 1-2 years 8% 3 11% 3-5 years 14% 2 0for ever 25% 50% 53% 6-10 years 22% 1 11% 75% of our sample recruited so far has been living in Brentford for at least 6 years
  4. 4. About You & Brentford
  5. 5. About You & BrentfordResidents surveyed show attachment toBrentford as very few intend to leave inthe short to medium termHow long you have lived in Brentford tends to correlate with anticipated length of stay(although too few recent joiners to draw conclusions) which seems to suggest a divide ofresidents between the core and a more transient population.Encouragingly 41% of those who have lived here under 6 years intend to stay at least aslong.Long term residents are loyal to Brentford: 2 thirds who have lived in Brentford foreverintend to stay forever69% intend on staying at least 6 years and only 8% plan on leaving the town within the next2 years.How long have you been in Brentford (whether living, workingor playing here) and how long do you see yourself staying for? Lived for… How long lived in A year 1-2 3-5 6-10 Brentford vs Intend to for ever or less years years years stay (%) Total Plannin g on A year or less 0 (0) 0 (0) 1 (7) 1 (5) 1 (2) 3 staying for... 1-2 years 2 (67) 0 (0) 3 (21) 0 (0) 1 (2) 5 3-5 years 1 (33) 5 (63) 3 (21) 3 (14) 10 (19) 23 6-10 years 0 (0) 0 (0) 3 (21) 6 (27) 6 (11) 15 for ever 1 (33) 3 (37.5) 4 (29) 11 (50) 35 (66) 54 Total 3 8 14 22 53Base: 116n answers Global % out of all table Column % (i.e. all cells add up to 100%) (i.e. all cells in columns add up to 100%)
  6. 6. About You & Brentford There is a variety of reasons cited in relation to an eventual move out of BrentfordReasons to move out of Brentford:(Open question) Retirement, desire to move out in the countryside or just having to return back home were frequent reasons cited for eventually leaving Brentford. Work relocation also unsurprisingly was often cited. More worryingly we note a sense of despair vis a vis the regeneration of the High Street, some people ‘giving up’ on seeing improvements. Base: 50n answers
  7. 7. About You & BrentfordA tale of two cities?Brentford is perceived as a friendly butrun down placeHow do you see Brentford (first three adjectives that spring tomind when you think of Brentford)?(Open question)Brentford is first and foremost perceived as a friendly place andto a smaller extent a community.We also note frequent mentions to the historical nature of thetown.However almost as top of mind are impressions of a run down,shabby, neglected, tired or even dirty place.Base: 111n answers
  8. 8. About You & Brentford Majority of residents either opt for a mix mode of transportation or drive to commute in and out of Brentford Although cycling represents a small proportion of commuting choices (however way higher than the London average it has to be said) it is more popular amongst new residents (under 2 years) Conversely driving tends to be more prominent amongst those who have lived for over 6 years Main modes of transportation: – Combination 37% – Drive 31% (38% amongst those in Brentford over 6 years) – Bus 11% (24% amongst those in Brentford 3-5 years) – Tube/rail 11% – Cycle 7% (42% amongst those in Brentford under 2 years) – Walk 4%Base: 108n answers
  9. 9. About You & BrentfordThe overwhelming majority ofresidents feel safe in Brentford… 64% 30% 91% feel safe know how to contact the police in a non- emergency contacted the police in the last year In Brentford … and there is generally good awareness amongst the residents surveyed of how to contact the local police or Safer63% know how to contact their local Neighbourhood Team.SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team • However figures dropBut drops to 33% amongst those living inBrentford for less than 2 years dramatically amongst recent joiners which points to a need to 36% relay the message amongst aware of the them. policing pledgeOnly 8% amongst those living in Brentford forless than 2 yearsBase: 112n answers
  10. 10. What’s on in Brentford
  11. 11. What’s on in BrentfordThe most frequent activities of Brentfordresidents within Brentford are unsurprisinglyshopping but also walks, visiting parks aheadof pubs and restaurant outings What do you do in Brentford? WEEKLY Locals go for walks more often than they visit pubs and restaurants in BrentfordBase: 112n answers
  12. 12. What’s on in BrentfordWhen looking at it on a monthly basis we notehigher rates of visits to arts places andmuseums as well as medical services. What do you do in Brentford? MONTHLYBase: 112n answers
  13. 13. What’s on in BrentfordArt venues, museums and (thankfully?)medical services are the least frequentlyvisited facilities in Brentford What do you do in Brentford? LESS OFTEN THAN MONTHLY Around a fifth of residents use supermarkets outside of Brentford A quarter prefer to frequent pubs and restaurants outside of Brentford (or just doBase: 112n answers not visit them at all)
  14. 14. What’s on in Brentford Around 1 in 4 are not aware of extended services such as dance mats or cookery clubs. What do you do in Brentford? NOT AWARE OFMore than 1 in 10 Few arehave not heard of unaware ofthe Children Centre Museums andor Support Groups arts places Base: 112n answers
  15. 15. What’s on in BrentfordBelow are the results of the previous pagespresented in full overviewDifferent way of presenting infoCan chose whatever best fits report’saudience What do you do in Brentford? FULL OVERVIEWBase: 112n answers
  16. 16. What’s on in BrentfordOverall our sample was aware of mostlocal activities but mostly attended theBrentford FestivalEvent with lowest awareness is May Fayre withalmost 3 in 10 not having heard of it Have you attended (in 2008 or 2009) the following community events: Christmas Picnic at Christmas lights May lights St Paul’s switch on at Fayre fundraiser park Watermans at Syon ParkBase: 108n answers
  17. 17. What’s on in BrentfordThere are 3 key priorities for Brentfordresidents: more shops, a better highstreet and more restaurants & coffeeshops What would you like that doesnt exist in Brentford? (Open question)Detailed coded answers:Better Shopping facilities: 18 Allotments: 1Better/ decent/ thriving High Street: 16 Brentford Baths to re open: 1More restaurants, family pubs & gastropubs: 8 Buildings more in keeping with our canal/riverside location: 1Nice coffee shops: 7 Canal side development: 1Fresh, healthy food, greengrocer: 6 Clean air: 1Better supermarket (Sainsburys, Waitrose…): 5 Decent selection of places to go out in evening & weekends: 1Cleaner streets: 5 Eco friendly: 1Community/ Youth Center: 5 GPs surgery open at hours accessible to working people: 1Wider variety of shops: 5 Gym: 1Better Secondary Schools/ More schooling options: 4 More free parking: 1Deli: 4 More landscaping: 1Good live music/ events venue: 4 More pedestrian areas: 1Better canal/ riverside: 3 More vibrant town: 1Better transport: 3 Not too many big companies moving in: 1Bookshop: 3 Police station open longer: 1Clothes shop: 3 Premiership status: 1Decent/ proper Town Center: 3 Refurbished boatyards: 1Farmers Market: 3 Save historic Brentford: 1More/ better childrens playgrounds: 3 Skate/ BMX park: 1Shopping Center: 3 Support for Lone Parents: 1Celebrate & signpost heritage: 2 Youth Club/activities: 1Trampoline club for adults.: 2 Zoo: 1A civic society group: 1A comunity spirit like it used to have: 1Base: 89n answers
  18. 18. What’s on in BrentfordAlmost 40% of our sample go at leastoccasionally support the Bees Do you go to Griffin Park to watch Brentford Football Club? most matches 16% less than five a year no 23% 61%Base: 109n answers Last season I watched 13 games. This season it will be only 3 games, due to I lost my job. my son and husband go finances currently dont to every home game permit regular visits, even less a season ticket! Used to go with my brother, but his health is too expensive for the Havent got round to it now not so good, but all quality on offer the family are members of Bees UtdBase: 106n answers
  19. 19. What’s on in BrentfordOur sample (admittedly biased towards longterm residents) is generally keen to beinvolved in the community. 46% would bewilling to make a time commitment to a charityWould you like to know how to get involved in communityevents and groups (saying yes commits you to nothing)? Would like the option of knowing about them and explanation of how No people can get involved. 39% Regular email or similar would be good. Yes 61% Possibly depending on the type of eventBase: 96n answers already involved up to often miss out on limit of time availability knowing about events till after they occur as I live on the ealing side. Am very involved in community life on Brentford DockWould you be willing to make a time commitment Yesto a local charity or group 46%, from reading to children at school or community gardening to Nomaintaining a charitable web site? This could be anything from a coupleof hours a month to a regular daily commitment. Saying Yes does not 54%commit you. Base: 98n answers
  20. 20. What’s on in BrentfordAround a quarter of the sample would be willing to make regularmonetary contributions to charity and would be most motivatedby transparency on what has been achieved with the funds.Those willing to make a time commitment are also more likely tomake a donationWould you be willing to make a regular contribution to a Amongst those willing to make a timecharity that operated solely for the benefit of Brentford commitment to a local charity or groupcommunity (from £2 a month)? Yes 27% No Yes 48% 52% No 73%Would you be more willing if it was a charity (where you couldGift Aid) rather than a voluntary group? Yes 28% Yes 42% No 58% No 72%Would you be more willing if you could see what happened tothe money? No 23% No39% Yes 61% YesBase: 92n answers 77%
  21. 21. Finding out what’s on in Brentford
  22. 22. Finding out what’s on in Brentford Word of mouth and the TW8 website are by far the most common ways of finding info on what’s on in Brentford How do you find out whats available in Brentford (tick all that apply)? Word of mouth 71 Free local newspaper 50 Flyers through door 42 HM magazine 31 Brentford library 24 Notices in private Web search 22 windows Local toy lib Pub - advertises in pub and through word ofOther (please specify) 15 mouth in pub Community groups networks Paid for local 12 Brag. Matt harmers newsletter. newspaper Being observant / through work GP waiting room 8 Info on our estate notice board Phone book / yellow Shop ads 6 pages Community groups and local Church Base: 108n answers
  23. 23. Finding out what’s on in BrentfordThe overwhelming majority are clearlyhungry for more information on what’shappening in Brentford via an onlinesourceWould you like to know more what’s happening in Brentford? No 20% Those who said no mentioned the following reasons: I prefer to get my entertainment in pleasant I already know where to surroundings find info Its not a lack of information, its that not many events interest me. Yes 80% There is nothing that interests me in Brentford I get it all but it is clumsy I have plenty to do! - to get to perhaps a good website I work here, so really only need to know would be useful about shopping facilities and transport Depends what is being and I can get this by walking the high advertised - dont want street and from the train companies to be inundated with E-I keep up to date with mails/flyerswhats going on. No 7% Would prefer paper 4%Would you like one online source ofinformation for Brentford?Base: 103n answers Yes 89%
  24. 24. Finding out what’s on in BrentfordAnd Email is by far the preferredmedium for example in the form of anewsletter How would you like to find out whats on in Brentford? (Open question) There is also clear appetite from news from the TW8 website. A solid base to further develop?Base: 75n answers
  25. 25. Specific issues in Brentford
  26. 26. Specific issues in Brentford Overall support for the need of a Youth Club in Brentford is strong (both spontaneously and when prompted) Do you think there is a need for Do you think Brentford needs a more youth provision in Brentford? permanent youth club in a dedicated building?Dont Know Dont Know 37% 36% Yes Yes 59% 59% No No 4% 5% Base: 99n answers List up to 3 types of youth provision you would like to see (clubs, activities,...): Base: 53n answers
  27. 27. Specific issues in BrentfordMost surveyed residents are aware of theplanned move of Brentford FC to Lionel Roadbut support is not unequivocalAre you aware of the plan to move Do you support the move to LionelBrentford Football Club to Lionel Road?Road? No 25% Not sure 41% Yes 46% Yes 75% No 13%Those who were not sure said:(as a % of all 100n respondents who answered the question)DK/ No views (14%)No interest in football club (6%)Potential issue with what will happen with existing site (5%)Lack of information (5%)Where is this? (3%)Pollution from A4/M4. Tight site. (1%)Far from pubs (1%)Effect on local businesses (1%)Divided as a fan vs resident (1%)Attached to current site (1%) Base: 100n answers
  28. 28. Specific issues in BrentfordMaintaining and increasing greenspaces would be the first priority in theresidents’ view should money beavailable If money were to be allocated to Brentford (from S106 funding *for example), on what should it be spent? Maintaining/increasing 73 green spaces Youth club 40 Community Development Co- 39 Ordinator** Youth services 38 Play equipment in 32 parkOther suggestions (word cloud): - needs to be coded for better analysisBase: 91n answers
  29. 29. Specific issues in Brentford6 in 10 are aware of the Community PaybackScheme. The main activity envisaged foroffenders would be to help clean the streets &parks and remove graffitis.Are you aware of the CommunityPayback Scheme, whereby Nooffenders have to do community 41%work?Base: 53n answers Yes 59% What should offenders do as part of this scheme?
  30. 30. Specific issues in Brentford Most are aware (at least ‘sometimes’) of planning developments before the start of construction. Are you aware of planning developments Is there a vacant plot of land near you before they start building? that could be opened up to the Would like to community, or that isn’t maintained? be Yes 9% 23% No respondent could identify vacant plots of land, however they pointed to a variety of disused or derelict sites: No 9%Sometimes 59%
  31. 31. Appendix National & Local Statistics
  32. 32. 2001 Census Demographicsfor Brentford & IsleworthTotal 2001 Population: 105,343Gender: Education:Male: 48.6% Full time students: 5.8%Female: 51.4% Graduates 16-74: 37.2% No Qualifications 16-74: 19.3%Age:Under 18: 20.7% Accomodation :18-60: 63.8% Owner-Occupied: 59%Over 60: 15.5% Social Housing: 21.5% (Council: 16.1%, Housing Ass.: 5.4%)Origins and ethnicity Privately Rented: 16.7%Born outside UK: 30.3% Homes without central heatingWhite: 70% and/or private bathroom: 7.2%Black: 4.6%Asian: 18.7%Mixed: 3.3%Other: 3.4%Religion:Christian: 55.5%Hindu: 6.6%Muslim: 8.2%Sikh: 5.1%
  33. 33. Internet Access70% of households had access in 2009Households with access to the Internet, UK18.3 million households in the UK (70 per cent) had Internet access in 2009. Thisis an increase of just under 2 million households (11 per cent) over the last yearand 4 million households (28 per cent) since 2006. UK estimates are notavailable prior to 2006.The region with the highest level of access was London, with 80 per cent. Theregion with the lowest access level was Scotland, with 62 per cent.Sixty-three per cent of all UK households had a broadband connection in 2009,up from 56 per cent in 2008. Of those households with Internet access, 90 percent had a broadband connection in 2009, an increase from 69 per cent in 2006.In 2009, 37.4 million adults (76 per cent of the UK adult population) accessed theInternet in the three months prior to interview. The number of adults who hadnever accessed the Internet fell to 10.2 million (21 per cent) in 2009.Sixty four per cent of all adults who were recent Internet users (having accessedthe Internet in the three months prior to interview) had ever purchased goods orservices over the Internet in 2009. Of these, 83 per cent (26 million) hadpurchased within the last three months.Sources: National Statistics Omnibus Survey
  34. 34. UK wide statistics