Pacific Ocean Row 2014 - TEAM SUCH A BLAST !


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Presentation of the Pacific Ocean Row 2014 for Team Such A Blast, who will be rowing from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii, in June 2014, on a journey of over 2,100 Nautical Miles.

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  • If you are in North California around the 25th, come to the presentation event, we would love to have you !!
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  • Presentation of the Pacific Ocean Rowing project: Don't miss the french event on Jan.17th in Lille, and the american event in Santa Rosa, CA on January 25th.
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  • Please contact me or Roman at for any comment !!
    Check our website on
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Pacific Ocean Row 2014 - TEAM SUCH A BLAST !

  1. 1. “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. PACIFIC Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” OCEAN — Goethe — ROW 2014Picture: Courtesy of Chris Martin and Mick Dawson
  3. 3. From California to Hawaii MONTEREY, CAHONOLULU, HI Cyril Derreumaux –
  4. 4. The Race - Introduction• DATE: June 2014.• START: Monterey Bay, California. FINISH: Honolulu, Hawaii.• JOURNEY: over 2,100 nautical miles (2,500 miles)• GOAL: compete to be the first to reach the finish line• SKILLS for SUCCESS: teamwork, navigational know-how, weather and routing skills, physical ability, mental strength, a little bit of luck. With a mix of these skills, together with willpower and determination, anyone can achieve the unbelievable. Cyril Derreumaux –
  5. 5. The Race - Introduction• UNIQUE: This is the first event of its kind on the Pacific Ocean.• NEW RECORDS: Most crews taking part will break the current record of 64 days, mainly because of improvements to boat design and material technology. – A four man boat : between 30-55 days. – A double: between 35-80 days. – A single: between 45-90 days.• ROUTE: the most direct is a little over 2,100 nautical miles. BUT: ocean conditions will push the boats off the optimal course. The actual route will be longer.• PACE: 45+ days rowing, 2 hours in, 2 hours out, 24 hours a day. Cyril Derreumaux –
  6. 6. The Experience for the rower “No engine, no sails, just muscle”• UNIQUE: Rowing across an ocean is like nothing else you can imagine. Being so close to nature means you’ll experience things that only other ocean rowers can.• NOT EASY: Everyone who has rowed an ocean has had to overcome at least one major challenge during their crossing. This could range from a damaged piece of equipment, injury or withstanding a storm.• IMAGINE: just imagine the feeling the rower will experience when he steps onto Hawaii, having rowed across the largest ocean on the planet. It is an amazing feeling that only comes from using your own human power to move a boat across an ocean. Cyril Derreumaux –
  7. 7. THE ROWERS: Cyril DerreumauxCyril Derreumaux - French - 09/05/1976 - 5’10’’ – 175 lbsObjectives: Push his limits, Have Fun and Feel Alive.• 2009 to current: Tamalpais Outrigger Canoe Club, Sausalito, CA• 2010/11/12: Catalina Outrigger Challenge, 32 miles race• 2010/11: Moloka’I Hoe Outrigger World Championship, 43 miles• 2012: Yukon River Quest, Canada, 440-mile ultra-marathon Canoe Race• 2012: Monterey Bay Crossing, OC6 Iron, 28 miles, course record holder Cyril Derreumaux –
  8. 8. THE ROWERS: Roman KristlRoman Kristl – Slovak - 09/19/1960 - 6’2’’ – 195 lbsObjectives: Check the Pacific Ocean off his bucket list!• White water junior national team (C-2)• 1982-1986: Czech Olympic Team - flat water (K-2)• 2004: Primal Quest finisher (400-mile multiple venue nonstop race)• 1990/2010: Moloka’I Hoe Outrigger World Championship, 43-mile race• 1989 to current: Ke Kai OUhane Outrigger Club• 1991/2010: Catalina Outrigger Challenge, 32-mile race• 1992: Kona - Outrigger Race• Multiple years wave chaser series, Adventure Racing, Wild Flower Triathlons (Olympic and 1/2 Iron), Eppies Great Race, Sierra Three Step (3 consecutive Marathons).• 2012: Yukon River Quest, Canada, 440-mile ultra-marathon Canoe Race Cyril Derreumaux –
  9. 9. The Weather• RANGE OF WEATHER: from storms to flat calm seas.• NOT A STRAIGHT WIND PUSH: In this race, winds don’t blow in a straight line to Hawaii. Crews will first experience winds with a more northerly component, before hopefully receiving help as they are 300-400 miles from land.• START: The weather also dictates when the start of the race occurs, in early June 2014. A delay may occur depending on the weather conditions. Cyril Derreumaux –
  10. 10. The Boat • NEED: Each crew will need a boat and numerous pieces of equipment to be able to row across the Pacific Ocean.• DESIGN: Ocean-rowing boats are ruggedly designed and built from glass fibre, carbon fibre and Kevlar composite materials to withstand the worst that the ocean can throw at them.• JUST IN CASE: They are designed to self right if they capsize.• CABINS: Each boat has water tight cabins at the bow and/or stern. One for storage and the larger one for the sleeping quarters, where the crew can rest or wait while a storm blows past outside. Cyril Derreumaux –
  11. 11. The Boat• STORAGE: Under the deck of the boat are a number of individual watertight lockers used for storing ballast water, food and other pieces of equipment. • ENERGY: All electrical items on the boat are powered by batteries. These are charged by solar panels placed on top of the cabins. • STANDARD ELECTRICAL ITEMS: a GPS unit, lights, VHF radio, a water maker (a device that turns sea water into drinking water) and a satellite phone. Cyril Derreumaux –
  12. 12. The Cause = Bone Marrow Donations Awareness www.bethematch.orgMYTH #1: All bone marrow donations involve surgeryFACT: The majority of donations do not involve surgery. Today, the patients doctor most oftenrequests a peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation, which is non-surgical. The first way isPBSC donation, it is a nonsurgical. The second way of donating is marrow donation, which is asurgical procedure. In each case, donors typically go home the same day they donate.MYTH #2: Donating is painful and involves a long recoveryFACT: There can be uncomfortable but short-lived side effects of donating PBSC. PBSC donorsmay have headaches, joint or muscle aches, or fatigue. PBSC donors are typically back to theirnormal routine in one to two days. Those donating marrow receive general or regionalanesthesia, so they feel no pain during donation. Most marrow donors are back to theirnormal activities in two to seven daysMYTH #3: Donating is dangerous and weakens the donorFACT: Though no medical procedure is without risk, there are rarely any long-term side effects.MYTH #4: In bone marrow donation, pieces of bone are removed from the donorFACT: No pieces of bone are taken during marrow donation. Only the liquid marrow foundinside the pelvic bone is needed to save the patients life
  13. 13. Why Sponsor this Challenge ? REASON #1: VALUESTHAT SPEAK TO YOU, AND TO YOUR CUSTOMERS ! Cyril Derreumaux –
  14. 14. Why Sponsor this Challenge ? REASON #2: EYEBALLS! - SOCIAL MEDIAS -• FACEBOOK PAGE: 150 followers reached 20 times a month = 3,000 views (x 12 months = 36,000 views)• SLIDESHARE: 1,700 viewers on the slideshare• BUZZ: Possibility to create a huge buzz around this event with your internal social media tools (twitter, facebook, instagram…). Cyril Derreumaux –
  15. 15. Why Sponsor this Challenge ? REASON #3: EYEBALLS! - WEBSITE / VIDEOS -OUR WEBSITE AND YOURS: Integrate ourcontent within your website, stores, socialmedia tools.• Viral Video: a videos presenting the project will soon be made. We could feature your company.• Pictures: a professional photographer will be following our every move from now on!• Interviews of the rowers on TV, press, internet. Cyril Derreumaux –
  16. 16. Why Sponsor this Challenge ?REASON #4: • NEWSPAPERS: Press covering the event before/during/after the race.EYEBALLS! • SPECIALIZED MAGAZINES: Ocean related magazines - PRESS • HIGH INTEREST: Since New Ocean Wave is the firstCOVERAGE - Pacific Ocean Rowing Race, increased levels of media interest are expected for the event. Cyril Derreumaux –
  17. 17. Why Sponsor this Challenge ? REASON #5: EYEBALLS! - BRANDING -• BOAT BRANDING: Create a fully personalized boat with the company colors.• BOAT EXHIBITION: Have the personalized boat in your company’s headquarters• EVENTS: Create marketing events / motivational presentations with the rowers before and after the crossing.• GEARS: Distribute promotional items at departure to the attending crowd.• PRODUCTS REVIEW: Exclusive branded content featuring your product in the field and commentary on how we use it.• REPEATABILITY: Possibility to own the boat for 2014 and 2016 editions of the race. Cyril Derreumaux –
  18. 18. Financing this Venture / Ball Park figures TEAM SUCH A BLAST – PACIFIC OCEAN ROW 2014 Pair Boat Ocean Rowing Boat $45,000 Equipment: Includes Trailer, Desalination device, Power source, Navigation and Systems $30,000 management, Safety items, Mattress, Oars Boat Shipping $7,000 Race entry fees $25,500 Miscellaneous: Travel; Food; Gear, Foul weather clothing… $15,000 TOTAL $122,500 Resale the boat after race (with equipment) – Estimate (note *) -$60,000 Cost after resale of boat $62,500Note*: The amount of money from the sale ofthe boat will be donated to a Cause chosen inaccordance with the main sponsor. Cyril Derreumaux –
  19. 19. Corporate Sponsors / Three levels “Indian Ocean ” Sponsor “Atlantic Ocean” Sponsor “Pacific Ocean” Sponsor $10,000 $30,000 $75,000 Sponsor’s logo, tag line, and link on  All Corporate Sponsor Benefits  All Category Sponsor Benefits our website’s sponsor page  5 videos with product-use  Naming of the Boat with the Sponsor’s mentions on social testimonials and product review by Sponsor Brand (The “Sponsor media (blog, twitter, Facebook, the team Name”) Google Plus)  500 photographs for company  Branded video feeds, such as a 100 photographs for company marketing campaigns video message from the row, marketing campaigns complete with logo  Brand positioning on boat and Autographs and Pictures sent to team gear (jackets, pants)  Prominent sponsor logo and Sponsors and Supporters recognition of sponsorship in all  Sponsor logo and recognition of our promotional materials Written testimonials and product sponsorship in all our promotional review by the team materials  6 personal days of work (travel expenses not included)*  2 personal days of work (travel expenses not included)* * Examples: In-person autograph, photo opportunities, and events. Site visit by Team Such A Blast ! after completion of expedition to share the Pacific Ocean crossing experience with employees and inspire the workplace. Cyril Derreumaux –
  20. 20. Individual Sponsors$25: Sponsor a Mile: $500: Satellite phone call:Choose 1 specific mile. Once we get Talk to Cyril and Roman whilethere, we will make a social media they traverse the Pacificupdate in your name! Ocean.$50: Your name across the Pacific Ocean.We will put your name on our boat and youwill follow us all the way on this journey! $1,000: Sponsor a day: Receive all the above perks:$100: Postcard from Hawaii: choose a mile, your nameReceive a postcard from Honolulu. across the Pacific Ocean, receive a postcard from Hawaii, whiteboard message photograph, and satellite$150: Whiteboard Message photograph. phone call!Receive a personalized white board messagefrom both crew members on our boat as wemake this adventure happen! Cyril Derreumaux –
  21. 21. MERCI! – THANK YOU!• LEARN MORE:• EMAIL US:• TALK TO US: Cyril: +1 (707) 529 8585• FOLLOW US:
  22. 22. “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. PACIFIC Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” OCEAN — Goethe — ROW 2014Picture: Courtesy of Chris Martin and Mick Dawson