Put your startup on steroids


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Put your Startup on Steroids!
Gain an advantage by plugging into the US ecosystem

The US can be one of the most inspiring places for entrepreneurs. Through the CTI Market Entry Camp USA, the swissnex outposts in North America offer Swiss tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage this dynamic ecosystem to accelerate their startup’s growth.

In September, swissnex’s Cyril and Niccolò lead a startup roadshow across Switzerland, stopping by six Swiss cities to talk about startup opportunities in the US market. Join them along with former Camp participants to gain in-depth knowledge of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in Boston, New York, and San Francisco, and learn how to best leverage these markets to accelerate your company’s growth and gain a competitive advantage.

What you will learn
You will learn how your startup can benefit from US exposure, which city is the best fit for your company, and how to get relevant market feedback quickly. Find out what you can realistically expect if you enter the US market, how to leverage US-based talent and expertise, and what you need to know to successfully raise money in the US.

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Put your startup on steroids

  1. 1. Cyril Dorsaz, swissnex San Francisco Niccolo Iorno, swissnex Boston September 2013 Put Your Startup On Steroids! Gain an advantage by plugging into the US ecosystem 
  2. 2. Agenda 1.Why we should look at the USA? 2.Presentation of the main startup hubs: -Boston -Silicon Valley -New York 3.How to leverage the US ecosystem? -Going Alone -Going with an US accelerator -Going with the CTI - Market Entry CAMP 4.Questions
  3. 3. Why we should look at the USA?
  4. 4. (1) USA: access to skills ‣Access to talents & expertise ‣Access to mentors
  5. 5. (2) USA: access to distribution ‣300 millions of consumers ‣Access to big companies ‣Medias ‣Conferences
  6. 6. (3) USA: access to money ‣Strong VC & angels community ‣Access to crowdfunding platforms ‣Big Exit Market
  7. 7. Leverage the US ecosystem ‣Get access to skills ‣Get access to distribution ‣Get access to money
  8. 8. Boston
  9. 9. Boston - why ‣Academic hub ‣Leadership in Life Sciences ‣Mature startup culture
  10. 10. Boston - the startups
  11. 11. ‣Accelerators: TechStars, MassChallenge, Healthbox Boston ‣Co-working space: Cambridge Innovation Center, Learn Launch, Lab Central Boston - education & community
  12. 12. ‣Jeff Busgang, Flybridge Capital ‣Todd Foley, MPM Capital ‣Fred Destin, Atlas Ventures ‣Paul Mader, Highland Capital ‣John Flint, Polaris ventures ‣Noubar Afeyan, Flagship Ventures Boston - the money
  13. 13. Boston - meetups & events ‣Biopharm America ‣Venture cafe ‣Global cleantech meetup ‣BIO
  14. 14. ‣Access to pool of talents ‣Tight bonds with Europe ‣Strong Academic Campuses ‣Close to Washington ‣Difficult access to specific communities ‣East coast Boston - pros & cons
  15. 15. Silicon Valley
  16. 16. Silicon Valley - why ‣World epicenter of innovation ‣Access to role models ‣Easy to find mentors ‣Funding: 11B$, 1176 deals, 41% USA
  17. 17. Silicon Valley - the startups
  18. 18. Silicon Valley - education & community ‣Accelerators: YC, 500 startups, Lemnos Labs, RockHealth, SkyDeck ‣Co-working space: RocketSpace, Runway, Parisoma, General Assembly
  19. 19. ‣Dave McClure - 500 startups ‣Toni Schneider - True Ventures ‣Jeff Clavier - Softtech VC ‣Nicolai Wadstrom - Bootstraplabs ‣Naval Ravikant - AngelList Silicon Valley - the money
  20. 20. Silicon Valley - meetups & events ‣Launch conference ‣Health Innovation Summit ‣Demo Conference ‣Drinks Entrepreneurs ‣SF New Tech ‣VLAB Bay Area ‣General Assembly Workshops ‣Game Developers Conference
  21. 21. ‣Access to top expertise ‣Built for entrepreneurs ‣Money ‣Closed ecosystem ‣Huge competition ‣SF is becoming expensive Silicon Valley - pros & cons
  22. 22. List of vcs & angels: http://twitter.com/#!/Scobleizer/venture- capitalists Map of SF startups: http://map.innovatesf.com https://www.startupdigest.com https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-coworking-spaces-in- San-Francisco Silicon Valley - find out more
  23. 23. New York
  24. 24. New York - why ‣Epicenter of the media, finance, advertisement and fashion industry ‣Big companies are looking for innovative startups ‣Support from the city to foreign startups ‣Funding: 2.4B$, 401 deals, 9% USA
  25. 25. New York - the startups
  26. 26. ‣Accelerators: TechStars, New York Seed Start, ERA ‣Co-working space: General Assembly, We Work Labs, Fueled Collective New York - education & community
  27. 27. ‣Fred Wilson, Union Square Venture ‣Chris Dixon, Founder Collective ‣Eric Hippeau, Lerer Venture ‣Alan Patricof, Greycroft Partners ‣Danny Schultz, DFJ Gotham ‣Roger Ehrenberg, IA Ventures New York - the money
  28. 28. ‣New York Tech meetup ‣Digital Dumbo Brooklyn ‣Likemind NYC ‣Uncubed ‣Ignite nyc ‣99U Conference New York - meetups & events
  29. 29. ‣Diversity of industries ‣Access to capital ‣Active tech community ‣The city is expensive ‣Very stressful environment ‣Startup entrepreneurs are not hype New York - pros & cons
  30. 30. http://www.garysguide.com https://www.startupdigest.com http://www.meetup.com/cities/us/ny/new_york/ http://fr.slideshare.net/schlaf/guide-to-nyc-techv3 New York - find out more
  31. 31. How?
  32. 32. Alone ‣Spend 2-4 weeks ‣Stay with with Airbnb host ‣Attend events & meetups ‣Require lot of preparation ‣Limited knowledge of the market ‣Difficulties to prioritize ‣No network
  33. 33. ‣Get access to network, mentors, expertise, community, investors ‣It’s feasible! ‣The competition is huge! ‣Be ready to share US accelerators
  34. 34. CTI Market Entry Camp ‣For CTI startups ‣Up to 3 months in start-up hub of your choice ‣Feedback from customers, partners & investors ‣Expert coaching & workshop hours ‣Weekly 1-on-1 milestones tracking + coaching ‣Access to desk and office infrastructure ‣Stipend
  35. 35. Market Validation Camp (new!) Test your product and business model ‣Early Stage Start-ups ‣Prototype, Ready for feedback ‣1 month immersion ‣Up to CHF 4000 stipend
  36. 36. Market Entry Camp Acquire customers & partners, hire collaborators ‣Close to- or post- CTI label companies ‣Initial Market Traction ‣2-3 months program ‣Up to CHF 8000 Stipend
  37. 37. FACTS ‣Over 150 startups served since 2006 ‣25 CTI startups hosted since 2011
  38. 38. FACTS
  39. 39. Eligibility and Application ‣Get the support of your CTI coach ‣Contact the swissnex team ‣Examination on a rolling basis ‣Selection based on maturity, milestones and scalability to foreign market
  40. 40. Visa ‣ESTA - visa waiver: 90 days ‣B1: business visa: 6 months ‣E1: Treaty Trader ‣E2: Treaty Investor ‣L1A/B: Intracompany Transfer ‣H1B: Specialty Occupation ‣O-1: Extraordinary ability
  41. 41. Fundraising webinars ‣ http://www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PL8BXDz7nZGH8hyx5Y1s71WrQaN5uYFHsk