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Sharecash Document Transcript

  • 1. Introduction:Well, you obviously bought this eBook because you want to learn how to make some goodmoney through ShareCash.I must start the eBook by saying that if you believe that the method won’t work then you areright and if you believe that it will work then you are also right.What do I mean by this? This means that, you shouldn’t just read this eBook and wait formoney to miraculously appear in your bank account, there is no way in this world where youcan earn some good money without making an effort. So yes, let me tell you in advance thatyou will have to do some work.Disclaimer:We cannot be held responsible if your YouTube/Sharecash accounts get banned. Your content,your fault. Make sure whatever you stay within the terms of the websites your are working on.You do not own any resell rights, distribution rights or any right over this ebook other thanthe right to read it yourself.Sharing, distributing or leaking the contents of this e-book without the consent of the authoris illegal and may lead to consequences.
  • 2. PART 1 - The basic methodWhat you will need:A Youtube Account (create one here)A ShareCash Account (create one here)Visual Basic (download it here) (optional, read ahead)HyperCam (provided in the attachments folder) (optional, read ahead)The method:This method consists of finding people’s wants and turning them into money. No, you will notbe fooling people, unless you want to. You will be generating money by making these peopledownload your files through sharecash.First of all, think. You now have to find something for people to download.What is your targeted audience?What would your targeted audience most likely want to download?Example: Think about all the 12 year olds and their obsession with runescape. They wouldmost likely want to download runescape related stuff, like, hacks or guides.What about email bombers and other tools like that? Many people would be willing todownload that.Well, just think of something good, this step is very important for you to succeed. If you do notchoose something interesting for the majority of your audience then you will automaticallyfail, the point is to make them download the files, you are not going to force them to do it, youare going to make them want to do it. You now have 2 options:OPTION 1: You will have to search for what you are going to offer people to download. Youcan find it on several forums and/or websites/blogs. You may also want to get ideas aboutwhat to offer from these forums or websites.OPTION 2: Alternatively to this you may want to create your own little useless program, usingvisual basic, to guarantee that it can’t be found anywhere else or if you can’t really find whatyou want to offer. Don’t worry, this is not difficult, you will not be developing complexprograms and you will be able to find a lot of tutorials on the internet that will tell you exactlywhat to do. Programs that people usually search for on youtube and would be willing todownload are related to hacking, gaming, spamming etc.These 3 topics already have infinite simple things that you can create. What about a hotmailaccount cracker? Or maybe a key code generator for a game? An email bomber? All of theseare simple things which you can make by looking at tutorials on youtube. The program doesnot have to work, you can simply have a good looking program that will make people
  • 3. download it (don’t lose a lot of time in this). I will use one of these as an example further on inthis ebook and I will guide you through visual basic so you can see how basic it really is.Example for OPTION 2: So, I have decided that I will make a keygen for Call of Duty Black Ops.A lot of kids really like this game and would probably want a key that would allow them to playonline. I am going to be making a simple program that won’t take me more than 3 minutes tofinish. I have searched for a youtube video that shows how to make a simple keygen in visualbasic. Here is the video that I used as an example: you follow that easy tutorial you will be able to make a simple (useless) program like this onewhich I just made: Note: I have included the code for this in the attachments folder (Visual Basic) if you wish to make a similar keygen. Follow the youtube tutorial and use the code, you’ll be done in 3 minutes. (most of the time is actually spent on making it look good)All I did extra here was add a Picture Box and add the top picture to it. Pretty simple.Video of your programYou now need a video that you will upload onto youtube. You now have two options, youeither record the program yourself or you find a video for that same program, download it,edit it and upload it as your own. Obviously if you chose OPTION 2 on the previous step andmade your own program, then you only have one option here which is to record the program.Option 1 - Recording:Go to the attachments folder (Recording) and install HyperCam (HC2Setup.exe). Open theprogram and you will have all the information you need to know in there. Just record yourprogram showing users that it works (or maybe not but they don’t have to know that).By the default, HyperCam will save your recorded clips in your documents folder.Option 2 - Downloading videos:Let’s say you found a video of the program you are going to offer people to download, it is notwatermarked and is ready to be edited and used by yourself.
  • 4. Go to and enter the URL of the video you want to download. ClickDOWNLOAD and wait until your file is ready to download. Save it and you’re good to go.Editing and watermarking your video:All of your computers should come with video editing software. Go to you video editingsoftware and add text on top of the video, this text should be your youtube username toprevent people from stealing your stuff and your download links either on the whole video orin the end as a credit style ending with the download links passing by.Uploading your video:Now that you completed your video, it is time to upload it. By now you should have created ayoutube account, if not go ahead and create one (DO NOT use your personal youtube account,use a new one).1 - Login to the youtube account you are going to use and at the top click on Upload.2 - Now go ahead and click on Upload video.
  • 5. 3 - Search for your video and select it, then click on Open.4 - While the video uploads, complete all the information for the video. In this case I used:Title:[FREE] COD Black Ops KEYGEN Tested & Working (16-04-2011)Description:Tested & Working as of the 16-04-2011Download links for the keygen: hereanother mirror hereTags:keygen black ops call of duty free 2011 working tested hack hacks game aimbot wallhackCategory:GamingWhen you’re done, go ahead and click on Save changes.
  • 6. 5 - You’re done!
  • 7. Getting easy views to your youtube videos:You are now going to spread your video with boosting tools. There are many tools on theinternet which you can use but I suggest you use views exchange sites like EnhanceViews(here) and Viewet (here).All you have to do is watch other people’s videos and you will get credits for it which you canthen exchange for views/comments/likes to your videos.In this case, I would suggest you get a lot of credits on EnhanceViews and use them to getaround 20 positive comments and likes to your videos. What is left over just use for views, butdon’t abuse! Too many views in such a short time are not good.Viewet only lets you exchange for views so just go ahead and exchange all your credits toviews to your videos, if you have a lot, you might want to save some for a future video.How to exchange your credits in EnhanceViews:1 - Login.2 - Click on redeem credits.3 - Click on either Youtube Video and Channel Views or Auto-Generated Comments andVideo Likes.
  • 8. 4 - Complete the form.For views, in the Link box you just enter the link to your video, check the box below that saysCheck this box if the link is for a YouTube video, choose your desired views and submit it (I’dsuggest 250 views here just to get you started).For comments and likes the process is similar, enter the link to your video, choose the amountof comments you want (I suggest 10-20), choose the comment types (don’t choose all, or elsethe comments in your video will be a mess, choose the correct one for your type of video).Check the last box of all (Add likes) to get likes to your video. You’re done, submit it.5 - Wait for views and comments to be completed by EnhanceViews users.How to exchange your credits in Viewet:1 - Login through the Viewet program.2 - Click on my videos on the sidebar.
  • 9. 3 - Click on SUBMIT A VIDEO.4 - Enter your video’s link and click on NEXT STEP.
  • 10. 5 - Click on the refresh button to the left of the label box, wait for it to refresh and then clickon SUBMIT.6 - Click on your video and then click on MANAGE CREDITS IN SELECTED.
  • 11. 7 - Write the amount of credits you want to spend and click DEPOSIT CREDITS.8 - You’re done. Now go auto watch more videos and get more credits!Bypassing the youtube freezing bug:You may have noticed before that many videos have the views frozen at around 300. This isbecause youtube performs a check when videos get to 300 to see if the viewers are real or ifthey are bots. This may happen to your videos because of the same people viewing yourvideos over and over again on views exchange sites.In order to make youtube unfreeze your views you have to make them believe that real peopleare watching your videos.
  • 12. How do you do this? It is actually pretty easy, you just have to keep watching your video overand over again. So, how can I do this automatically? Easy.Just use auto refresher tools on firefox, chrome or opera.Opera already has this feature incorporated. You may download addons to do this for firefox(here) or for chrome (here).Open several tabs and make them auto refresh your video every once in a while. If your videois 3 minutes long then I suggest that you set it to about 3 minutes and 5 seconds so you let thevideo load and finish paying before refreshing. You may want to leave this for several hours ormaybe during the night until it works. Note - Opera instructions: Right click on the page you want to auto refresh. Select Reload Every and then choose Custom…Basic Tips: 1. Think of something popular (Like: Microsoft Points Generator, Black Ops Map Pack Generator). 2. Upload a lot of video and files. One video will not give you a lot of money. 3. When you upload your file to sharecash, be sure that file has a good name (Bad Example: 123456789.exe) (Good Example: Free PSN Code Generator.exe). 4. Always protect your video (Example: watermark your video with your YouTube Channel username). 5. Try to be as much as possible legit when recording a video. 6. Try to add proof if you can. Give them a reason to believe you (If you already have a map pack and you created a map pack generator, show as proof that you have the map pack). 7. Use a lot of the youtube view/comment/like booster websites or you may also want to try boosting programs. 8. Try to follow game news to know whats popular right now. 9. Always look professional. 10. Prevent people from thinking poorly about you! (Example: YouTube Comments) 11. To make your description sound more legit you can add things like "This file has been downloaded 132 times". 12. Add a lot of related keywords on your YouTube video. 13. Try to think of a good title for the video (Bad Example: ms points generator) (Good Example: [2011] Microsoft Point Generator Tested & Working the 08/01/2011) 14. If your earnings goes down suddenly, this could mean that your video was deleted. Keep doing this!
  • 13. DoneYou are done, now keep doing this and watch your money grow! Go on to part 2 if you feel likereading some advanced tips.
  • 14. PART 2 - Advanced tipsHow to get massive youtube traffic: Note: Do not upload any adult/illegal files on ShareCash, it is against the ToS. You can use these tips and tricks on your normal video uploads, be it on video games, fashion, cheats, music videos, movies (trailers) etc.Maximising interest in your videoThe winning title:Make money online - very bad titleMake 10 000 $ online - goodHow I made 10 000$ online - betterHow I made 11 437$ online in just 3 weeks - epicHints:  Use exact values / details to draw attention. The more generic it looks, the faker it sounds.  Look for catchy phrases to support the title: holy S**T, THIS is insane, BEST software in town. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but dont go ALL CAPS on it. Just highlight the quantifier adjectives.  Misleading titles: Every one does this, its not unethical: Example - post a movie trailer and a description link with text “See the FULL movie here”. People will try and download like crazy.  Maximising your views only has one purpose - making the user WANT to watch the vid until the end.Tags:Write as many tags until you reach the maximum number of characters. Just click on anyrandom viral video of the related niche and copy the tags if you feel lazy/uncreative.Winner description should have:  URL FIRST, with "http://www." on it - to maximise profit, you can use in this link as well.
  • 15.  Get random text, loads of it - YouTube crawls descriptions without a spam penalty so just get as much text as you can - use software for this (google keyword generator). Ensure that you have 5-6 lines between this and the URL.Thumbnails:  The thumbnail generated is from the videos halfway frame.  If your video has a transition at the halfway mark, your whole campaign can be penalised as the thumbnail will just be dark/white  If you want, find the halfway frame, sub it for an awesome pic, and save the video. The frame will not be noticeable as it will show for only 0.035 seconds - nobody will know!"Exclusive content" - well, sort of.  Find something that has a "to be released" status with an epic hype around it (e.g. Call of Duty 8), and include some sort of description that implies you have a link to some sort of "beta" version  Everybody downloads like crazyKnowing your market:Needless to say, there are loads of video types that you can use for your ShareCash money-making pleasure: game hacks, free games, movies, keygens - well, pretty much anything that isborderline legal. What you have to do is to target the most profitable tier of all for borderlinelegal stuff - the 19 to 28 year old male. Many people that I see trying to apply this trick use"free runescape cash" kind of stuff. Attempt this if you so wish, but Runescape is for 7-12 yearolds who obviously cannot complete a survey that requires personal details because, well, theyare minors (you can still earn money from them from free offers, but it will be less than frompaid surveys). You want the youth with the credit cards that isnt afraid to dump personal infolike 21/12/12 was tomorrow (your average university student will do this). Paid surveys areobviously worth more for the site, so you get paid more.You may want to pick quantity over quality if you are confident in your skill - in that case, gowith the kids and their never ending obsession with horrible-tier games.After your tier is chosen, stick to it. You are obviously NOT going to only have one video, so ifyou pick, say, the 19-28 tier, make sure your genre is constant. You want to havefight/sports/racing/war game related content, because its appealing to that particular market.If you pick more than one tier, do not mix them. If you pick both the runescape kids and thewargame fanatic youth, be sure to have different channels for each tier - most people checkout channels if they want related content, so dont mix and match.
  • 16. YouTube Awards:Awards are your quick highway to get featured on searches and the "related videos" sidebaron each video. There are ways to do this, but neither are free:  Purchase software that auto comments and auto rates on your video (google = tube automator). You will get plenty of comments and 5 star rates on your video, so your video is going to be honoured as the most voted and the most discussed within its category.  Advertise your video on PTC websites (if your target audience is money troubled people, this method is perfect)If you dont feel like spending, you can always go the hard way around and create multiaccounts to 5-star and comment on your video. Itll take a lot of time, though.If you want to be completely retarded and mess with peoples feelings, you can always appealto them so that they rate the video positively.(e.g. if you post a funny video of someone being stupid, you can always say "Being mentallyretarded is not easy to overcome. Rate if you feel bad about this guy")Converting viewers into visitors is the trickiest bit of all this. After all, ifnobody visits the URLs, whats the point in watching the links?  Watermark the video with your url. This means from beginning till the end, not just beginning, not just the end, not just in the middle. Completely. Because there will be other people who will just take your video, edit it and remove your credits, and then add their own credits in order to gain traffic. By completely watermarking the url, you avoid this.  Make use of the TOS restrictions in order to drive traffic to your website. For instance youtube forbids game highlights for defines sports events. You can just make a slideshow with pictures from the match, and at the end of the video, say: “Youtube TOS forbids us from showing more. Please visit our site to see more”. Another example: upload a trailer of a movie (this is legal), and at the end say: “In order to see the full movie online, visit *your link+”.  Give them just a little of what they want, and at the end of the video redirect them to your link to see everything. For instance, lets say you have a video of a skateboarder fail - you cut the video right before he attacks the stairway rail, and display the message: "do you want to see what happens next? Click the link."For all the above, the examples are countless. Experiment with a few, and see what worksout for you.