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Share cash sucess_ Share cash sucess_ Document Transcript

  • Sharecash Success!By: Wyatt B. a.k.a. goluigiResale Copy: NoReview Copy: NoPrice Paid: $10.00 – If you paid more, then you didn’t get it in the right place!Guaranteed Success: Yes!
  • With this guide, we will go from this:To this:This is what happened to me in less than a month. This will be you!
  • Step One: Setup. Ok, so I presume you have a sharecash account.If not, please sign up at Now we’re goingto need a few things. First let’s get a folder set up on our desktop. Rightclick > New folder. Name it “Sharecash Success”.NOTE: The following programs might not work on a Macintosh system.Programs needed: Any Video Converter (That’s the actual name of theprogram), and Utorrent. I hope this e-book gets you making money as quickly as possible.Remember; try ALL the methods to make money like in the picture.Once you get all of the following methods set up, you will only have torepeat every 2-3 weeks. This means auto-pilot money.
  • THE WALLPAPER METHOD! -- Whitehat First we need to start gathering material. Make a new foldercalled wallpapers then navigate to This is agreat place to find wallpapers. Another place is Also remember Google isALWAYS your friend for anything you need to find. Save as manywallpapers as you can. Also make it as organized as possible. Now right click on the folder and “Add to wallpapers.rar”. Onceit’s compressed upload to Now where do I spread thewallpapers? Graphics forums. A Google search for that may bring up
  • the hackforums graphics section, which is great too. When making athread on ANY forum be polite. I use the following format: “Hi! I decided to upload this cool collection of wallpapers for youguys because I don’t contribute much. Anyways I have about (nuberof wallpapers) HD wallpapers so you can download here: (SHARECASHLINK). If you want samples here’s a couple:(PHOTOBUCKETLINKTOIMAGE1)(PHOTOBUCKETLINKTOIMAGE2)”Warning: Prepare for a storm of angry people flaming you. Don’t givein. If they pull the old “NO SURVEYS IN MAH COUNTRY BRAHH PMDIRECT LINK DEWD!”, tell them to get a proxy or VPN running. If peopleflame just ignore and report the post.
  • THE YOUTUBE METHOD! – Greyhat Ok, so let’s get started on this method. We will use Any Video Converter forthis. If you run Macintosh I’m sure there is an alternative YouTube videodownloader. So we need to search one of these terms:MSN hackerAIM hackerSkype hackerPayPal money adderEtc. Go to one of the last pages so you find a video with around 10- 500 views.Download this video as so:Once you have downloaded the video as .mp4 format, Navigate to Documents>Any Video Converter> MP4 and upload that video to
  • Use the following description as YOUR description in the video, just mess aroundwith it a little.“Hey guys, I found this cool hacking program. I scanned it with my AVG andnothing was going on so I guess it works well. Enjoy! Download: (Your sharecashlink, It can be an upload of anything that says “hack”). Now you need to spread your link all over the place. Go to a n00bish forumand say “This ULTIMATE hacking tool! Here is the video! (Youtube link). This willmake your video spread like wildfire.
  • THE PIRATE METHOD! – Blackhat The internet is full of, and always will be full of, Pirates. No, not yarhar pirates, software pirates. So let’s head over to search for some good software. I would recommend the following software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Adobe Dream Weaver Sony Vegas 9 Pro FL studio Make sure your download is around 250mb or it’s too big for sharecash.Once you have downloaded the software, Put it in a .rar (must be 200mb or less,Use a stronger compression need be!) and upload to sharecash. Targert sites suchas Or any other sites that promote piracy!
  • THE FACEBOOK METHOD - Greyhat This is the final step to making your thousands. This one might, By far, bethe easiest method. The first thing to do is make a as a girl. Find a girl on Facebook who looks moderately pretty and copyher info and pictures into your new account. Next, start mass adding random 16 -24 year old men. You can get around 250 people in an hour. After you get around500 -1,000 friends, make a post as follows: “Lol hi, this is (NAMES) friend. This is what you get you whore! I haveuploaded your nudes for the world to see here (SHARECASH LINK OF RANDOMPICTURES)! I changed your password so you can’t remove this!” After about 24 hours you will have half or more of your people download.This is probably the quickest way to get downloads. So this concludes my e-book on making thousands with If this e-book has been leaked report it .com and you will get a small reward. I hope you can getas successful with making thousands as I am and will continue to do.