Scooby brews money making guide v0.2
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Scooby brews money making guide v0.2



Check out my other videos and my website for other great money making guides.

Check out my other videos and my website for other great money making guides.



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Scooby brews money making guide v0.2 Scooby brews money making guide v0.2 Document Transcript

  • ScoobyBrews money making guidehello and thanks for downloading my guide, hopefully youll earn some money with it :DMake money by shortening URLs (easy,little work) Step a1: Preparing Register at LinkBucks, this is how youll start earning money. To register, simply go to this URL: Click here (url is incase the button doesnt work) Alright, now that you have registered, its time for step 2. Step a2a: Getting refferals (More money, less work) Since you get 20% of your refferals earnings, 10% of their refferals earnings and 2% of 3rd tier refferals earning, it will make you very good money. Invite people, they are going to share it with their friends, and their friends are going to share it with other friends. Registering assomeones refferal doesnt make you lose anything from it. To advertise, heres a list of forums on which you could get refferals: or Sign up to those forums, advertise your refferal link. Make sure you dont spam, write the advertisement in the correct section and ofcourse, provide a non-ref link if its needed. Dont make short posts.You can just make 1 good message and c&p it to other forums. Also,who said that those are the only forums? There are plently of those out there, just search for them and share your link. Step a2b: Sharing links (less money, more work)Sign up to YouTube, twitter and other social networks (vkontakte works especially good if your group has a lot of people in it), create stuff, it could be anything – video, music, art, bot etc. Put a linkbucks link inthe desc/tweet. This is pretty hard if you dont have something good tooffer. Also, you could try to scam and make a video on something thata lot of people would like to have and just put a false link. Make it look legit, like a signup to a giveaway. Runescape bots, skill changers and coin/membership generators seem to go well.
  • Tip: Alternatives to linkbucks adfly - adfocus - Make money autopilot – extra income Step a1:MYTV seems to be a popular website to get money by leaving your PC on, or incase you want to promote your video – you could use this sitefor that too. The views come from diffirent domains, thus, people wont know you are using it. Works on monetized videos too. Sign up - Step a2a (less work, more money): As i mentioned earlier, create threads with your refferal link on other forums, get refferals and theyll do the job for you. Before you startreffering people, i recommend getting vip or mega membership since youll get more money from your refferals. List of forums: or Step a2b (more work, less money):If that didnt work for you, then just leave the autoviewer on, youll getsome money eventually and you can just use this to make some extra money while youre doing other methods. Step b1:Sign up to websyndic and start getting credits, as i mentioned earlier, use the forums above to advertise your refferal link. You can sign up here: Step b2: Once youve gained enough credits, sell them on websites/forums. Agood site to do that would be fiverr, here is the price for what you can sell the credits: 1k - $0.50 - $1
  • Make money from Vkontakte This method is quite hard, you need to be patient and the method might not work for everyone! Step 1: Register on, you need to be able to understand russian quite well and also, you need to be able to make good rage comics or atleast have some of them on russian. Also you need to have some funny videos. Once you are prepared, go to step 2. Step 2:Create a group, make it a meme group (they are more popular), butany other group will work fine, you will just need a diffirent theme for it. Start posting diffirent images etc., post fun stuff that people will like.Eventually people will start joining your group. Once you have quite a few people in your group, go to step 3. Step 3: Now that you have quite a few people in your group, post your links with ads on them, make sure you dont post too much of them and make sure you dont scam the people in your group – if you scam, people will leave your group, you dont want that. People will click your links and get you money ^_^. Perhaps you can share your ref link even and explain to the people how it works? And the fun thing is, ifpeople will like it they will click i like and basicaly, their friends will knowthat they liked it and if their friends like it then the friends of their friendswill check it out too and so on – what you post will get spreaded easily and a lot of people will know.
  • ScoobyBrew @ TBN v.0.2 Changelog: v.0.2 – 03.03.2012 1. Added another autopilot method2. Added Vkontakte method – can be the most profitable out of all if used correctly 3. Fixed spelling error in linkbucks method 4. Added alternatives to linkbucks V.0.1 – 03.03.2012 Created the E-book.