Cuesta College LIBT 214: Letter of Introduction


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Letter of introduction to prospective internship sites supervisors.

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Cuesta College LIBT 214: Letter of Introduction

  1. 1. (LIBT 214) Information Technology Internship Hello Prospective Internship Site Supervisor, Let me introduce myself -- I'm Ellen Jagger, one of the instructors at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo in our Library/Information Technology program. Since our program is almost entirely online, we have students enrolled from all over the state (and sometimes beyond). The capstone course in our program is the internship course which is offered each spring semester to seasoned students as they finish up the curriculum. Thank you for considering hosting a student from Cuesta College’s Library and Information Technology Program. The Library/Information Technology curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful vocational career in the organizing and managing of information. It is offered in two academic programs. Students may choose the path leading to an Associate in Science Degree or one leading to a Certificate of Achievement. Both provide instruction in the skills and background needed to enter into or to gain advancement in an occupational setting. There is a description of the Library Technology Program at Cuesta College (, as well as an FAQ sheet that may answer some of your questions regarding the internship ( In addition, I can provide a Course Expectations document describing what we hope your library and the student will contribute to create a positive experience for both of you. The internship consists of coursework conducted during Cuesta College’s spring semester, and 81 hours of unpaid supervised field work. The exact distribution of an intern's 81 hour commitment is flexible to fit the needs of the hosting site and the intern, but should begin during or after the week of January 17th, 2014, and must conclude by May 13th, 2014. Please let me know if I can be of more help to you. For additional questions, you may contact Mark Stengel, Cuesta College's Library Director at or 805-546-3159. Again, thank you for considering hosting a student intern from Cuesta College's Library/Information Technology Program. Ellen Jagger Instructor, Library/Information Technology P.O. Box 8106 Cuesta College San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8106 805-546-3100 x2280 voice messages 805-546-3109 fax