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Dripdrops presentation

Dripdrops presentation

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  • 1.  
  • 2. In the Beginning Long ago, when the Drip Drops uncovered Rainbow Rock something magical happened. Right before their eyes the very first Rainbow appeared. It was the most colorful thing ever the Drip Drops had ever seen. As the Rainbow glistened in the sky it was almost as if a magical knowledge rained down upon Tint Town. And from that moment forward the Drip Drops knew everything there was to know about color.
  • 3. Synopsis
    • Set in Tint Town the series follows the adventures of the Drip Drops as they carry out their mission of bringing color to the World. The Drip Drops were creative by nature and combine their love of nature with their knowledge of color to make the world a more beautiful place. 
    • The Drip Drops are always eager to help a friend, and willing to explain how our vivid and vibrant world works. While each story illustrates a color lesson, it also contains an important message on the value of caring and compassion. The series allows both children and parents to benefit from underlying values showing a child that you can color someone’s day in many different ways.
    • But the most important message is the one that teaches children that there is a rainbow hidden in all of us just waiting to be uncovered!
  • 4. The Drip Drops
    • The Drip Drops, are a cast of twelve (12) loveable characters, each with their own adorable personalities.
    • The came from color and therefore know everything there is to know about color.
    • They are called to duty when someone has a question about color, or if there is a problem color problem.
    • Their mission is simple, it is to “Color the World”.
  • 5. Tint Town
    • The Drip Drops live in Tint Town – a colorful, whimsical community where each Drip Drop lives in it’s own magical cottage that is specially designed to match each characters individual personality
    • Tint Town is also home to Paint Drop Park, Tint Town Hall, Tint Town Market, Rainbow Community Garden and most importantly Rainbow Rock.
  • 6. What they are about
  • 7. Brand DNA
    • Well developed content
    • Great visuals
    • Strong Characters
    • Uniquely Different
    A brand designed to make learning engaging and fun through art and color
  • 8. Differentiation
    • The Drip Drops are the only brand in the marketplace with emphasis on teaching kids about color, caring and nature.
    • They teach the importance of color in the world and show how a colorful world is a better world for all of us.
    • Simplistic in style and rich in content, the Drip Drops combine color, caring and nature in a fun way that children of all backgrounds can understand
  • 9. Consumer Targets Primary Consumer (user): girls 3-6 10 MM in the US Secondary Consumer (purchaser): Parents of girls 3-6 20 MM in the US Secondary Consumer (purchaser): Girls 6-8 4 MM in the US Secondary Consumer (purchaser): Tween girls 12 MM in the US
  • 10. Publishing
    • Initial series of six titles completed and gone to print
    • Six additional titles to be completed end of June ‘10
  • 11. Entertainment
    • Drip Drop Animation Series underway.
    • Strong Music
    • Ongoing discussions with major media partners
  • 12. Online Components
    • Play will be a virtual playground where children and parents can play with their favorite Drip Drop characters and follow along with interactive stories that color our world.
    • Cause -When registered users play on the site, progress and achievements will be measured in Tint Town dollars which will be donated by the child to the “Circle of Friends Foundation” or one of our other charitable partner in the form of hard currency.
    • Education is not only an online environment but it is also a learning tool the teaches the the importance of giving.
  • 13. Marketing Time Line
  • 14. Eye Catching Merchandise
  • 15. Contacts Cynthia Modders, Firefly Brand Management Email: [email_address] Cell Phone: (818)209-2678 Visit us at Tony Lawlor TCKL Inc. email: Cell Phone: (617) 335-1876