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We're beyond the tipping point of the importance of social media, mobile is driving exponential sales growth and your best customers live in the digital world. Consumers have radically changed their information acquisition and buying habits. Standing still in this digital world will put you further and further behind your competition and, oh by the way, there are new competitive players stealing your market share as you read this. This presentation will share successful strategies for taking advantage of these new technologies to maintain and increase your market share.

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Gaas digital realities 13

  1. 1. May 21,2013It’s a Social, Mobile, Digital World!Are You Taking Advantage or LettingOpportunity Pass You By?Cynthia R. Cohen@StrategyDiva
  2. 2. Final ThoughtIncrease your SPEED of Change!
  3. 3. John Said It in 1971!Strategic Mindshare
  4. 4. Objectives for TodayStrategic Mindshare1. Convince you that you can’t standstill even for a moment2. Present examples of successfulstrategies3. Provoke ideas for action4. Give you confidence to fail!
  5. 5. Consumer RealitiesStrategic Mindshare
  6. 6. Consumer RealitiesUnprecedented AdoptionStrategic MindshareHong Kong 85%Sweden 85%Australia 72%South Korea 66%Japan 62%UK 56%Netherlands 54%USA 54%Saudi Arabia 53%Canada 44%France 41%Malaysia 41%Source: TomiAhonen ConsultingAnalysis from Mary Meeker & Informadata• 50% of Walmart customershave smartphones• In US, Hispanic and Blackpenetration beat White demoSmart Phones per Capita
  7. 7. Consumer RealitiesUrgently and Frequently ConnectedStrategic Mindshare#1
  8. 8. Consumer RealitiesUrgently and Frequently ConnectedStrategic Mindshare• Patterns changed• 68% leave cell phonenext to bed• Check average 150times/day#1#2
  9. 9. Consumer RealitiesEveryone is Social and SharingStrategic Mindshare• Age 55-64 fastest growingon Twitter 79%• Facebook monthly activesexceed 1.1 billion• 50% more YouTube hourswatched Mar’13 vs Aug‘12• Google+ 2nd largest socialnetwork• Over 2 mill users onLinkedInBoomersTeensEveryoneWorkers
  10. 10. Consumer RealitiesShop Anytime/Anywhere and Schedule Anything w/MobileStrategic Mindshare• Fewest clicks to buyinfluence brand choice• Mcommerce grew 30%Q1’13• Tablets preferred gadgetfor shopping• Online scheduling is theexpected norm
  11. 11. Consumer RealitiesResearch RulesStrategic Mindshare• Discover, research, getcoupon, then shop• 75% of smartphone usersuse location basedservices
  12. 12. What Smart Brands KnowStrategic Mindshare
  13. 13. What Smart Brands KnowSchedule to Time of DayStrategic Mindshare• Mobile is not a tiny website• Content, offers, andmessages programmed bytime/deviceMorningNightNoon
  14. 14. What Smart Brands KnowSocial Signals WorkStrategic Mindshare• Likes, links, mentions,tweets, retweets,hashtags expand reachand organic listing• Guest contributors arecost effective• Multiple touchpointsare the rule
  15. 15. What Smart Brands KnowGovernance and Vigilance ImportantStrategic Mindshare• Yes, you will be hacked,deal with it timely!• Consumers expect socialmedia response within 24hours• Standards established byspecialists
  16. 16. What Smart Brands KnowSEO and SEM Work in SyncStrategic Mindshare• Click thru improveswith both PPC andorganic listings• Best companies usespecialists
  17. 17. What’s Next?Strategic Mindshare
  18. 18. What’s Next?PC’s Will Be this Decade’s Rotary TelephoneStrategic Mindshare• Babies born today maynever use a laptop
  19. 19. What’s Next?BtoB Digital Marketing Catches BtoCStrategic Mindshare• Platform optimization
  20. 20. What’s Next?International Sales Will Boom, Tcommerce ComingStrategic Mindshare• “We talk about Canada andAustralia quite a bit here atFiftyOne. Canada is ourlargest international market”
  21. 21. What’s Next?Stores Will Incorporate DigitalStrategic Mindshare• Pace slow, starts withPopups• Dynamic digital contentwall, handheld salesand service
  22. 22. What’s Next?Wearable Tech and RoboticsStrategic Mindshare• Pic and post in a wink• Protection and servicerobots
  23. 23. How You Take AdvantageUniversal Rule Hasn’t Changed-Target!Strategic Mindshare
  24. 24. What’s Next?Embrace “tions” from Big Data AnalyticsStrategic Mindshare• Commerce curation• Localization• Personalization• Gamification– Customers– Employees
  25. 25. How You Take AdvantageFail Fast, Analyze, Take ActionStrategic Mindshare• Experiment with newplatforms and tactics• Content is iterativetesting• Hire statistical talent
  26. 26. How You Take AdvantageBet on Mobile, Follow the ConsumerStrategic Mindshare
  27. 27. May 21,2013It’s a Social, Mobile, Digital World!Are You Taking Advantage or LettingOpportunity Pass You By?Cynthia R. Cohen@StrategyDiva
  28. 28. Cynthia R. CohenStrategic Mindshare Founder and President, Cynthia Cohen, is a prominent retail strategist. Consideredone of the nation’s leading authorities on consumer trends and strategic marketing, her areas ofexpertise include business strategy, market positioning, branding, e-commerce and social media. She isalso known for her research and thought leadership on the buying habits of consumers by generationand ethnicity.Cynthia’s clients range from global Fortune 500 companies to fast track start-ups. They are retailers,consumer product companies, real estate firms, media companies and technology vendors. Clientcompanies include; Bloomingdales, Sports Authority, NCR, Sensorrmatic, Pepperidge Farm and GodivaChocolatier. She is also an advisor to several venture capital and private equity funds that invest inconsumer businesses.Known as the “Strategy Diva,” Cynthia is a widely sought after speaker and authority on consumer trendswho combines consumer insights and prognostications with realistic market penetrations strategies.Frequently quoted by the national press, she has appeared on Nightly Business Report, BloombergRadio, CNN and other business news programs. She regularly publishes trends and retail reviews is currently a member of the board of directors of bebe, a women’s apparel retailer, Equity One,a shopping center REIT and Steiner Leisure, a global spa operator. She is a qualified financial expert foraudit committees and has experience as Lead Director as well as Chairman of Audit, Compensation andGovernance Committees. Recognized as a leader in the area of corporate governance, she has been aspeaker at NACD conferences, KPMG’s Audit Roundtable, The Institute of Internal Auditors annualconference, the Outstanding Directors Exchange and the Women Corporate Directors annualconference. Cynthia was recognized as an outstanding director by Directors & Boards magazine in theirDirectors to Watch feature.Her community involvement includes membership on the Executive Advisory Board for the Center forRetailing Education and Research at the University of Florida and the Advisory Board for the Terry J.Lundgren Center for Education and Research at the University of Arizona.A native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cynthia initiated her career in retail at an inner city supermarket.Prior to founding her consulting firm , she was a Partner in Management Consulting at Deloitte.Strategic MindshareAlways On Trend