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Yikes!  A person with hearing loss just
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Yikes! A person with hearing loss just



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  • 1. What should I do?What should I do?What should I do?
  • 2. Relax. There’s noneed to panic.
  • 3. First, find out thetype ofaccommodationrequired.
  • 4. When it comes toaccommodations,there is no “onesize fits all.”
  • 5. You may be askedto provide:
  • 6. An American SignLanguageInterpreter.
  • 7. American Sign Languageis a beautiful, visuallanguage that isstructurally andgrammatically differentfrom English. It is NOTEnglish in signed form.
  • 8. You may be askedfor a:
  • 9. Signed English orPSE (Pidgin SignedEnglish)Interpreter.
  • 10. Signed English is atransliteration ofspoken English. PSE isa combination of ASL(American SignLanguage) and English.
  • 11. ASL, PSE, andSigned Englishlook the same tothe untrained eye,but they are NOT.
  • 12. Or the person withhearing loss maywant an OralInterpreter.
  • 13. Here’s a shortvideo explainingoral interpreting:(Click on CC for captions)
  • 14. You might also beasked for a TactileInterpreter for aDeaf/Blindperson:(Click on CC for automatic captions)
  • 15. Or – you may beasked for CART(Captioned AccessReal Time)(Click on CC for automatic captions)
  • 16. Now that you know andunderstand the variousaccommodations fordeaf/hard of hearingpeople, you need toknow where to find thesetype of service providers.
  • 17. To findinterpreters inyour area,contact:
  • 18.  An Independent Living Center (may offer referral services). Local organizations that serve deaf/hoh people, such as speech and hearing centers, resource centers, etc. Schools/programs/colleges for the deaf if they are in your area - some run referral services or even offer interpreting services. Colleges that have interpreting training programs/sign language classes (maybe a student that has finished the program will be willing to interpret).
  • 19. You can also: Try the yellow pages under Translators and Interpreters. Look for Interpreting Services listings in the TDI Blue Book or another TTY directory for the deaf. Use a search engine to locate interpreters in your area.
  • 20. To locate a CART(Communication AccessReal Time Transcription)provider, go to:http://captionmatch.com/
  • 21. Providing equalaccess to eventsopen to the publicis a requirementunder the ADA(Americans withDisabilities Act).
  • 22. Because THIS:
  • 23. is wrong.
  • 24. For more information, pleasevisit:http://www.4ears4eyes.com