30 (Plus) Blog Ideas For Young Women

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Forget slinging hamburgers. Make money blogging. Here are 30 (plus) ideas to help you get started courtesy of http://www.wpgeekgirl.com

Forget slinging hamburgers. Make money blogging. Here are 30 (plus) ideas to help you get started courtesy of http://www.wpgeekgirl.com

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  • 1. Get Ready to Brainstorm The hardest thing about starting a blog is choosing a topic because there are just too many ideas to pick from. Here's how to narrow the field: Print this list then gather up a set of colored highlighters or markers. On your first pass, cross out any ideas that are out of the question. I'd cross out sports, news and money but you might love those and pass on TV, fashion or crafts. If the idea gives you even the tiniest spark, leave it and go to the next. Once you've removed the obvious no's – go back and mark the remaining ideas with different colors. Yellow for the ideas that get you excited. Pink for the maybes. Draw stars  next to the ones that call your name.  As you go through the list, remember that you're going to need to write at least a post a week on the topic. It needs to be a topic you enjoy but it's okay if you don't know that much about it. You and your readers can learn together. (See the movie Julie and Julia) When you're done. Walk away. Really. Leave the list alone for at least a few hours. Then go back and look at it again. Which of your highlighted ideas just pop off the page? After you've narrowed the list down to a few, ask your friends and family for their opinion. You might find out that your best friend loves your fashion tips, so why not share them with the world? Or maybe your mom thinks you were born to be movie critic. (It's always fascinating to discover how other people see you.) Now it's decision time. Pick one and don't second guess. You can always pick a different idea later or start a second, or third, or fourth blog. (Been there – done that.) Ready to get started? Here we go – 30+ ideas* you can blog about for fun and / or profit.
  • 2. Fashion and Beauty (One of the most popular blog subjects for young women) Fashion:  Personal style blog with photos, shopping hauls and advice  Designer and couture blog covering fashion news, shows and design Beauty:  Product reviews and shopping hauls  Nail or hair blog with design videos and product reviews Shopping Deals and Giveaways  Deal blog with coupon links and freebies Stores and Selling  Blog about cool stuff you can find on the internet (like on Etsy or eBay)  Run your own online store selling things on your blog Product Reviews  Reviews by type of product such as all make-up, CDs, food  Reviews by end user such as products for fitness buffs, students, moms Books and Writing Reading  Book blog with reviews and author interviews Writing  Creative writing blog with your own stories or poems  Writing how-to blog with advice for writers
  • 3. Hobbies and Home Crafts  Scrapbooking with layouts and product reviews  Jewelry making with video tutorials  Sewing or knitting with tips, patterns and tutorials Art  Drawing or painting blog showcasing your work  Art history blog with posts about your favorite artists  Photography blog with tips and a portfolio of your work. Food  Cooking or baking blog with recipes and tips  Diet blog following your weight loss journey  Ethnic food blog highlighting your favorite cultural dishes  Vegetarian or organic blog with recipes and product reviews  Restaurant reviews Travel  Travelogue with stories and photos from your travels  Travel wishes blog with posts about places you'd like to visit Home  Decorating your bedroom, dorm room or just on a budget  Organizing tips and how to do things better and faster  From stamps to antique jewelry – write about the things you collect  Gardening blog with tips for indoor gardening or in a big backyard
  • 4. Entertainment TV and Movies  Start a fan blog for your favorite TV show or movie  TV review blog for all of your favorites  DVD review blog with affiliate links to new releases  Movie reviews and / or trailer reviews  Blog about how to become a filmmaker or YouTuber Celebrity  General gossip site covering celebrity news  Start a fan blog for your favorite star or stars  Celebrity fashion blog with advice on how to get that look Music  Rock or County – blog about your favorite music style  Start a fan blog for your favorite singer or band  Are you a musician? Blog about making music Pop Culture  General blog about what's trending in your world  Humor blog with funny photos and videos  Video Game blog with reviews and cheats  Comic book blog with news and reviews  Toy blog with news on action figures, model kits, etc. Technology and Science Technology  Tech news  App reviews Web and Web Design  Design blog with examples of great design  Web development blog with tutorials
  • 5. Go Green  Ecology news  Tips for living a green lifestyle Science  Space blog with news about space travel or astronomy  Nature blog with posts about the world around us  Animal blog about pets, wildlife, or endangered species News and Finance News  Women's issues in the news  Politics  Local news from your town or your school Money  Blog about ways to make money online or otherwise  Blog about how to save money  Blog about Wall Street and investing Career  Blog about starting your own business  Blog about your internship  Interview people who work an industry you enjoy Sports and Fitness Sports Fan  Build a fan blog for your favorite sports team or player  Sports news from your favorite pro sport  News about a local or school team Player  Sports from the player perspective including tips and product reviews
  • 6. Fitness  Exercise blog with tips an encouragement  Healthy eating blog Lifestyle and Personal School  High school or college survival blog  Preparing for college blog  Blog about events at your school Advice  Zen blog with tips on how to live a calmer, happier life  Tips for parents on how to deal with their teens  Relationship advice with tips and stories about dating Lifestyle  City or Country living blog  Cultural blog with posts about the food, holidays and traditions of your ancestors  Religious blog, tell the world about how religion guides your life  "I'm a. . . " blog about what makes you, you. Personal  Blog about your life – the good, the bad, the crazy, the boring – doesn't matter  Just blog * For more options, mix and match topics or narrow them down to a specific niche. Still not sure? Think about the subjects you loved in school, the websites you visit, the books you love to read and the shows you watch on TV. Are you into history, ghosts, gardening, math, pageants, collecting, dogs or dolls – if you love to talk about it, write about it. Maybe you'll be the very first person to write a blog on your favorite subject!
  • 7. Now that you have an idea, visit our website to learn all about how to build your blog and how to turn it into a money maker. Good luck! http://www.wpgeekgirl.com Because every girl needs a blog Copyright © 2013 CBoris Media. All rights reserved worldwide