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9324 mgd1059.zipfirst ebook

  1. 1. ZZZZZZZ = $$$$$$$$! Make BIG Money While You Sleep Using Twitter By The Twitter King (Paul O’Mahony)Version 1.2 © 2010 RRP - $97 h t t p : / / w w w . T h eT w i t t er K i n g . n e t www.paulomahony.com 0 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  2. 2. 1 – Introduction……………………………………………………22 - Getting Started…………………………………………………23 - Getting Your Tweets Set Up…………………………………104 - Building Your Followers ……..……………………………...295 – Eleven Ways To Monetize Your Followers…………...…….396 – Bonus! How To Gain Massive Click Through Rate From Your Followers…………………………………….............…447 - Conclusion………………………………….…………………468 – Appendix & Links….…………………….…………………..47 Copyright © 2010 by Paul O’Mahony. All rights reserved.No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise without the prior written permission of the author, Paul O’Mahony. Limit of Liability / Disclaimer of Warranty:The information presented herein represents the views of the author, as of date of publication. Because of the rate change in the internet and the rising of new circumstances, the author reserve the rights to update and alter the opinions to suit the new condition(s). The report is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept and responsibilities from any liabilities resulting in the use of the information. While everyattempt has made to ensure that the information is accurate, the authors and/or his associates cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies. Results DO vary from person to person and is very much dependent on the amount of work one puts in. The author and/or his associates do not make anyguarantees implied or otherwise that a profit is assured. To get the latest updates to this eBook, visit the link below and follow the short instructions listed.www.paulomahony.com 1 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  3. 3. 1 - Introduction:Welcome to how to make BIG money while you sleep using Twitter. Usingsocial media and Twitter specifically, in my experience, is THE fastest way tomake that elusive first sale on line. Not only that, it is an easily scalableprocess so once you have proved to yourself that you can sell, the next step isto rapidly scale up to maximise potential earnings. The intent behind this bookis to share with you how I make money while I sleep using Twitter and toprovide you with all the basic requirements needed to get up and running andmaking money using Twitter as soon as possible. If you apply the techniquesshared with you in this book, you will shortly be in the enviable position ofactually making money while you sleep!!2 - Getting StartedThe very first thing you clearly need to do is to set up your Twitter accountwhich is very straight forward. Login to www.Twitter.com and click on“signup now”.You will then be asked to enter your name, your username, password andemail address. The one thing to watch for here is to ensure that your username(and full name if you so choose) if possible can be linked in some way to yourarea of interest. For example, if you are into making money online, look foroptions such as CashKing or if your preferred option is already taken, thenusing your name followed by 001 or 101 or something of that nature. This willlet your followers and potential followers know what your main interest is.www.paulomahony.com 2 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  4. 4. After this, be sure to upload either a personal photo or a photo that people willlike rather than a dollar sign for example, which comes across as impersonaland could give the wrong impression (i.e. that you want to make money fromall your followers!). Bonus Tip: I’ve found that female named accounts getmore followers than male named accounts in a direct head to headcomparison!Once you have your account set up, you now need to update your biographywhich is one of your first money making opportunities available to you onTwitter. Click on “settings” on the upper right hand side of the screen.The important boxes to look out for here are “More info URL” and “One LineBio”. As your username will already be set up to give your followers clues asto what your primary interest is, you should now use your one line bio as anopportunity to expand on this. Whatever you do, try to make yourself soundinteresting as this is what most followers will check about you to identifycommon interests etc. This is important to get you more followers.Your URL however is your first opportunity to make some money usingTwitter. Do not leave this blank! This link should either send your followersdirectly to your website, your blog or possibly a review you have done of anaffiliate product you have for sale. Avoid having this link directly to a salespage as this is not the message you want to convey to your followers, that yousee them all as your customers!Ideally within your website or blog, you will have links to opt in pages andsales pages and so forth, and as your followers review your site and blog, theyare starting to learn more about you and your relationship is starting todevelop and in time you have a much better opportunity of making sales.www.paulomahony.com 3 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  5. 5. One last thing that I always do and have often forgotten to do until I open myemail account is to disable the functionality in Twitter which emails you everyDirect Message (DM) you receive and when you have a new follower. If youforget to do this and haven’t got to your email in a week, you could easilyhave over 4,000 new unread mails especially if you follow the tactics Isuggest later in relation to generating followers!!! To undo this functionality,when you are in the “Settings” tab, click on the “notices” tab and untick theoptions to receive updates every time you have a new follower or receive anew direct message. There are easier ways to mange this which I willreference later.www.paulomahony.com 4 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  6. 6. Now that your “settings” are updated, I recommend that you “pimp” up yourTwitter background to really make your account stand out from others. Mostpeople stick with the Twitter default or use the options available withinTwitter itself. If however, you are striving to make money from Twitter whichI know you are, you must try and have as many opportunities for yourfollowers to see links to your URL as often as possible. I have found a newservice which I really like! It is called http://www.twitbacks.com/. It is a freetool which allows you to update your background with a large selection ofoptions, as well as allowing you to add your specific logo, more room for abiography on the left hand side of the screen and of course room for yourpicture and URL’s. This is a self explanatory tool and I will take you throughthe step by step here now. (I used to recommendhttp://www.mytweetspace.com/ however this is now a paid service)Firstly, you need to register an account. Click on the “create a Twitterbackground for free”.As soon as you have this done, you will see the following.www.paulomahony.com 5 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  7. 7. Now enter your Twitter username and email address and create a newpassword for the use of twitbacks.com. I recommend that you use the same asyour Twitter password so that you don’t end up getting too confused!! Whenyou have the information entered, you can click on “Continue”.You will then be faced with the following:Now, proceed to enter your name and your website and blog URL’s. Give afew sentences about yourself but not too long (2 – 3 lines) as you will find itwill take from the space you have to advertise more links to your sites ;-).Choose your industry and then upload your logo (if you have one) and aphotograph (ideally the same as the one you uploaded earlier for consistency).You are then asked for your email address which you must provide.www.paulomahony.com 6 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  8. 8. REMEMBER to uncheck the tick box requesting that your email is shown onyour profile as this will save you from receiving lots of spam!After this you can enter your links to multiple social media sites such asfacebook and linkedin among many others. Finally, make use of the final fourslots (Other Link 1 – 4) which allow you to enter up to four more URL’s so besure to use them!! I keep the font settings at the default.Finally, look at the right hand side of the page and choose from the manytemplates available. Many are free but many more have a charge but the freeones look fine. Scroll down on the right hand side of the page and select one,and then you are ready to click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.You will then be taken to the page above which has a preview of yourbackground and options for uploading your background. Click on “Click hereto automatically post your background to your Twitter profile” to do just that!The next page asks you for your Twitter account name and password andwhen you have these filled in, click on “post your background to your Twitterprofile”.www.paulomahony.com 7 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  9. 9. If this works for you successfully, you will see the confirmation as follows:If not, there is no need to panic! It is very easy to upload your backgroundmanually if Twitter is too busy. Press the back button to take you back twopages to where you were congratulated on creating your background. Click on“Download TwitBack” and save the background to your desktop. There is alsoa detailed explanation on how to upload your background manually once youhave it saved to the desktop when you scroll down. It is included in thegraphic below also. Remember that you need to go into Twitter to youraccount and then click on “settings” and “design” and you can upload it fromthere.You will also receive an email from twitbacks with a direct link to your newbackground which is a very convenient way to access your current set up andmodify as you like. Save this email in a safe place.www.paulomahony.com 8 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  10. 10. Your background will then look something like below where you can see linksto facebook, linked in and friendfeed in the sample below. One very usefulsite to update all of these sites together at once is www.ping.fmwww.paulomahony.com 9 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  11. 11. 3 - Getting Your Tweets Set UpOk, so now that you have your account set up in a professional mannermaking it very clear what your interests are and the kind of target market youare going after, the next money making step is in the Direct Message (DM)that you will send to your followers when they decide to follow you.It is important to remember that this is your first real contact with them so bevery careful once again not to come across too eager to sell something. Myadvice here, given the very limited space you have, is to be interesting andinvite them to learn more about you on your website or your blog, which inthemselves should contain plenty of links to your sales pages, optin pages andyour current products, affiliate products and reviews. This is key…..don’tcome across as being too eager to sell to them as that is what so many othersare doing right now, differentiate yourself from the crowd!The software I use for this is free and it is called http://bit.ly/evergold. This isa brand new tool that other successful Tweeters now use to great effect. Getstarted by going to the website http://bit.ly/evergold. I use this instead ofsocialoomph due to the ease of set up and the additional tools available inevertweet.Now go ahead and register your newly set up Twitter account by clicking on“don’t have an account” and filling in the appropriate blanks.www.paulomahony.com 10 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  12. 12. Go ahead and enter a username and password to get started which isnt yourtwitter account - you add those later. Once you have this done, click on“create account” to see the following.You are then taken to the following page:www.paulomahony.com 11 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  13. 13. Firstly, go to the “Add A Twitter Account” on the right hand side as shownabove with the arrow. Enter the details (username and password) of your latestTwitter account and click “Add Account”. You should then see the following:Click on the “Messaging” tab that is up towards the top of page as indicatedabove. This brings you the page shown below and your next step is to click on“Welcome DM” as indicated below.When you click on this, you now can enter your welcome message for anynew follower in the space provided.www.paulomahony.com 12 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  14. 14. Enter your welcome message, with a link to your site or optin page orwherever you chose and click “Add DM”. You can enter two more alternateDM’s here and click “Add DM” each time and one of the three will berandomly chose and sent to each new Twitter follower you get! 1 2 3Finally select “Start Sending DM’s” and all of your followers will nowreceive one of these messages. This is an amazing way of driving free trafficto your link.The next thing that you want to do here is to set up some messages that will bescheduled for delivery at a later stage. This is ideal for any promotional tweetswith links that you may want to send out once or twice a day over theupcoming days, weeks and months. If you now select the “Messaging” in thebrown tab, you will be brought to the following page.www.paulomahony.com 13 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  15. 15. In here, you can now type out your tweet that you want to schedule, selectwhat date and time you choose to send it at and then just click “ScheduleTweet”. You can repeat this process over and over to schedule a bank oftweets all at once.This is a great place to set up a schedule of tweets to your followers which canprovide them with content, jokes, but also some links to your sites whereultimately you will be attempting to make sales.There are lots of good sites that allow you to schedule your tweets for free soif you have the time, some others you may like to check out arewww.twuffer.com or www.twaitter.com, any of which will work well for you.Here are some specifics around how you should set your tweet routine.Option 1: Batch Tweeting Use about 5 – 10 tweets per “block” Try to use a 3 : 1 content/promotional tweets ratio minimum Same content/promos may be repeated between batches (just change up the order a bit) Limit one squeeze page promotion per batch Promo tweets should follow the content tweets Shorten long URLs with Bit.ly(enables click-tracking) The entire block should be tweeted within 5 – 7 minutes (i.e. one tweet every 30 – 60 seconds) Each tweet block should contact a mix market-specific content and general content Repeat approx 3 -5 times per dayOption 2: Continuous TweetingAn alternative to this which also works well is to continue tweeting throughthe day with a ratio of 2 : 1 content/promotional tweets ratio minimum. Threeto four tweets an hour using this tactic would be more than enough. Instead ofniche specific content, jokes or quotations can work very well too.For Market-Specific Content, you can use any of the following sources:www.paulomahony.com 14 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  16. 16. Google Alerts – hhttp://www.google.com/alertsAllTop – http://www.alltop.comDigg – http://www.digg.comFor General Content, you can use any of the following sources:StuffToTweet – http://www.stufftotweet.comPopURLS – http://www.popurls.comI personally use a paid tool to schedule all of my tweets (promotional, jokes,quotes, news feeds etc). It is absolutely amazing and head and shouldersabove anything else out there at present. It allowed me to explode the numberof sales I made directly from Twitter due to its amazing features whichinclude providing the jokes and quotes for you, complete tweet randomisation,unlimited sequencing features, ability to create ratios of promotional to nonpromotional tweets as well as in built controls that ensure you tweet within theoutlined rules and regulations of Twitter. This tool is available athttp://bit.ly/fmtpro2Once you have your tweets all set up and ready to go, the next step is to beable to monitor how many of your followers are actually going in and viewingyour links. I use http://bit.ly to do this.So click on the site and click on “Sign Up” in the upper right hand of thescreen.www.paulomahony.com 15 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  17. 17. Fill in the blanks and I would recommend that you use your most used Twitteraccount name to save you having to try and remember different names for allyour accounts.Now that you have this done, you are asked to enter in the website link oraffiliate link or whatever link at all you intend using.Once you do this, you are able to monitor exactly how many clicks you aregetting and can also even watch graphically minute by minute how manyclicks you get in response to various tweets that you are sending out! I findwww.paulomahony.com 16 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  18. 18. this an amazingly powerful tool. For example, on the graphic below, it showsthat I have received 18,000 clicks since this campaign was set up three weeksago and how when I sent out a campaign at 11.45am that I received 62 clicksdirectly to that site in just three minutes, so this is a good way of comparinghow well your tweet attracts your followers.Coming back to the part earlier in the chapter when there was a request toenter your Bitly key login and API key; your username that you selected toregister is your Bitly key login. Finding your API is a little more complicated.Click on the “Account” icon on the upper right hand side of the screen andyour API key is the very long mix of characters and numbers presented foryou to copy and paste to wherever you need it. You may now want to automate your account further through the use of RSS feeds, which are “Really Simple Syndication" or sometimes "RichSite Summary” and are instantly recognizable from their symbol. This is alittle complicated and it doesn’t specifically guarantee you that you will makeany cash from this as it will not promote any of your products. It is aconvenient way however of automating your tweets with some general contentwww.paulomahony.com 17 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  19. 19. which will be of interest to your followers, so for the sake of completeness, Iwill include it here.Firstly, I use the free software http://Twitterfeed.com/ to tweet the RSS feedsto my accounts. Once again you will need to login to this site and set up anaccount.Click on “Register Now” and enter your email address and password and click“create account”.You will see the following.www.paulomahony.com 18 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  20. 20. In the “Feed Name” section, type the name of the topic you would like to sendsome new feeds about e.g. real estate, gardening or whatever your niche is. Itdoesn’t matter what you type in here as it is only for your records.The next step is to find the RSS feed you are going to use. Depending on thetopic you just selected, you now need to find an RSS feed for this. Don’tworry…. this is not as complicated as it may sound!Log into www.google.com and into “My account”. If you do not have anaccount already set up, you will need to set one up here. If you have a gmailaccount, you are already registered with google and you can use this as yoursign in. Click on “Sign in” on the upper right hand side.www.paulomahony.com 19 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  21. 21. Now enter your log in details.The next thing is to get to the alerts which can be tricky to find! Don’t worry,just follow the screen shots below.Now you can select “Alerts” from the next page.www.paulomahony.com 20 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  22. 22. Now you are ready to start setting up your alerts. Enter the keyword you wantto choose as your feed (“Twitter” used in the example below). Leave the“Type” as “comprehensive”. Change the “How often” to “as it happens” andchange “Deliver to” to “Feed” as below. Now create on “Create Alert”.Now, your feed is listed. In the screen shot below, it shows four feeds set upincluding “Twitter” which we just set up.www.paulomahony.com 21 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  23. 23. To view the feed, click on the name of your new feed on the left hand sidewhich is “Twitter” in the example above.This will then give you a view of the type of feed available on this topic suchas you see below which you should review for suitability for your following.Now click on the back button as shown above to bring you back to the list offeeds again.www.paulomahony.com 22 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  24. 24. Ok, now you have reviewed the feed and I will assume you are happy with it.If not just, select the “New Alert” on the bottom right to try out anotherfeed. The next step is to click on the orange feed icon as shownabove and it will bring you to the page you see next below.Now, copy (right click on mouse and select copy) the RSS feed which is in themain URL section at the very top of the webpage.Now that you have this copied, you are ready to go back to your Twitterfeedpage and enter the feed you have copied into the appropriate section, which is“RSS Feed URL”. Paste it (right click on mouse and select paste) into thespace shown with red arrow on next graphic.www.paulomahony.com 23 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  25. 25. Now click on “test rss feed” to test that it works correctly.Now you can enter into the “Advanced Settings” and select how often youwant to post the feeds, and then choose “title only” under “post content” as“title & description” will usually be too long as a feed. When you have thisdone, you are free to select “create feed” right down the bottom.www.paulomahony.com 24 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  26. 26. This will result in you getting the page below.The next stage is to click on “Twitter” as shown above. This brings you thestep where you choose which Twitter account you want to send this feed to.www.paulomahony.com 25 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  27. 27. Click on the big blue icon “Authenticate twitter” to see the following.Enter the username and password of the Twitter account that will be receivingthese news feeds. When you do this, your newly authenticated Twitter accountwill automatically appear on the next page in the drop down menu asindicated below for “solutionsboy”.www.paulomahony.com 26 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  28. 28. Click on “Create Service” at the bottom of the page to bring up the following:Select “All Done” and you will receive confirmation of set up as follows:www.paulomahony.com 27 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  29. 29. Be sure to go into your Twitter account to ensure that it is functioningcorrectly for you and if not come back and check your settings. It is alsopossible to add multiple feeds to the same account following the same processoutlined above by going to “Go to Dashboard” and clicking on the “+ Createnew feed” icon on the upper right hand of the screen.My advice is to start sending your tweets and feeds right away ahead ofgetting any or many followers as many potential followers will like to see thatyou send plenty of tweets before they make the decision to follow you.Congratulations on getting through this section as it is quite tricky, but nowyou are sending out some phenomenal content, all up to date and tweeting asit happens so your following are going to love it and it will begin todistinguish you as an expert in your niche!www.paulomahony.com 28 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  30. 30. 4 - Building Your FollowersBy now you should have all your tweets set up ready to go, your RSS feeds inplace, your profile in good shape with all your links to websites set up andyour tracker software ready to monitor your success, but you still haven’tmade a cent!! There is good news though! That was the difficult piece andfrom now on the work is much simpler and can get quite repetitive. In order tomake any cash on line, you need customers, which in your case are somefollowers! So now let’s get stuck into this.The following steps which I will outline are how I attained over 30,000followers in under 35 days across four accounts. So before you move onto thissection, you may want to go and set up more accounts to repeat the level offollowing that I had or of course you can proceed with just the one for now.Getting started can be quite slow and it involves following 50 - 100 people peraccount per day. The main tool I use for this is www.search.Twitter.com toget this started. It is an amazing tool which allows you to find out who isspeaking about the topic you are interested in.Enter in the keywords that you are interested in such as “affiliate marketing”as shown below and it brings up a list of all the tweets currently matchingyour request, what the tweets say and the tweeters involved. This is useful asjust because another software tool has found your chosen search words, itdoes not distinguish between tweets for example that may say “I absolutelyhate affiliate marketing and will kill the next one that follows me!” and“please tell me more about affiliate marketing”. So it allows you to reallyhandpick potential customers of yours.www.paulomahony.com 29 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  31. 31. You can now follow each of these tweeters individually who fit your criteria.This page also continues to update while you have it open. You may also usethe “advanced search” icon to really get very specific about your search.One other tool that is useful here in when you are being very specific in whatyou are looking for is www.twellow.com which in essence is the yellow pagesof Twitter.Once you have reached about 200 followers using the methods outlined abovewhich should only take a couple of days, if even that, you are faced with achoice. You can continue to handpick the exact followers that you want or youcan decide to speed things up a little which may mean the loss of some of thespecificity of the tweeters you start to follow. If like me, you want to speed upthe process of getting followers, let me introduce to a great tool available atwww.buzzom.com. This tool allow you to follow up to 50 followers at a time,reciprocate with your followers which means that you can follow back thosewho are following you with the provision to block some of your unwantedfollowers if necessary.So as you will see this is a phenomenally powerful tool. To get started, Iwould recommend that you use the feature which allows you to mass followbut at the same time be specific about the type of person you are following.When I stated earlier that you may lose specificity when you mass follow likethis, you are still going to see who you are following and they will be specificto what you are looking for, but you will not know exactly what they aretweeting about but I think the upside far outweighs the downside!To start, go to www.buzzom.com and log in with the Twitter by selecting“login with Twitter” just above the “Go” button.www.paulomahony.com 30 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  32. 32. Enter your Twitter account details when you see the following.This brings up the following page.www.paulomahony.com 31 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  33. 33. You are now ready to find followers who are interested in your specific niche.Go ahead and enter specific keywords that are of interest to you, like forexample “affiliate marketing” and search for this in either people’s bio’s,locations, names or tweets. I usually choose “Tweets” here so go ahead andchoose “Tweets” after you have entered your keywords and press “GO”.Now you can see a list of 50 people who are tweeting about your chosencategory. I recommend that you take a quick browse down through the 50 andwatch out for any unwanted tweeters you will see some from time to time!Choose either “select all” or hand pick whom you wish to follow back andwhen you have ticked those choose the “Follow” button. Once you have thisdone, Buzzom tells you which followers it has added.www.paulomahony.com 32 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  34. 34. To repeat this process, press the “Refresh list” icon. Then press “select all”again and you will have those people added. If you find on the second or thirdrefresh that many of those people are already added as Buzzom will tell you,you can consider switching to search in “Bio” or “location” or “names” asopposed to search in “Tweets”, however do remember Twitter do not lookkindly upon mass following so be careful not to follow more than you should.My advice is when you start out, do not follow more than 300 people than arefollowing you until you have over two thousand followers. When you arebetween 2000 – 4000 followers, following somewhere between 300 – 350more than are following you is reasonably safe. The ratio I find to bereasonably safe once over 4000 is about 1.08 and I would not advise to goover and beyond this. So let’s say you had 10,000 followers, you should notbe following more than approx 10,800 people or there is a high possibility ofsuspension. The calculation to use is (# of followers x 1.08 = max # of peopleI should follow).An easy rule of thumb over and beyond 10,000 is never to be following morethan the current 1000 bracket you have as followers i.e. if you have 15,3000followers, do not follow any more than 15,999 until you have 16,000followers. Although when you get within 200 or so of the new limit, it seemsto be acceptable to add 100 or so in the new bracket.All a bit confusing isn’t it!! I learned about the limits through trial and errorand suspensions and I can not guarantee that these guidelines will work everytime as the rules can change at any time. But my advice is for you to alwayserr on the side of caution and do not to go beyond 1.08 following to followerratio when above 2000 followers even if buzzom allows you to.One point to note here is that buzzom can often bring up an error saying thatyou can not follow anymore followers at this time which is shown below. Thiswill happen with some of your accounts more than others and seems to be aglitch. You will find that some accounts will grow much faster than others.Ok, when you have tried this out for a bit using keywords that are suited toyour niche, there are some tools that are even more powerful available free toowith buzzom. Click on “Twitin” on the top of the page as shown below.www.paulomahony.com 33 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  35. 35. This brings up the page seen below.The first thing I recommend is that you follow people who are following you.Click on “Reciprocate” in the blue button, and then take a look through thepictures of those following you and if you are interested in following themback, select them, and then select “reciprocate” in the grey button.www.paulomahony.com 34 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  36. 36. Again, just like before you will see a breakdown of who you have nowfollowed.Just like before, buzzom can often bring up an error saying that you can notfollow anymore followers at this time which is shown below. This will happenwith some of your accounts more than others.One question I get asked a lot is “I am following 2001 people and I have beenstuck with 1500 followers for the past 2 weeks, how can I fix this as I can’tfollow anymore people and my progress has completely stopped?”. You are ingood company here as this happens to almost every tweeter except celebritiesof course who tend to have more followers than those they are following! Sowhat you need to do now is imitate the celebrities!! Yes, you need to try to getsomewhere near the point of you having more followers than people you arefollowing, at least try and get within a few hundred anyway. Thankfully thisis not a difficult task!!www.paulomahony.com 35 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  37. 37. Once again Buzzom comes to your rescue here. We will now move on to the“Flush” feature which is just like what it describes, you flush away users youfollow who are not following you back. This time you choose the “Flush”button at the top and then you are presented with a list of all those you arefollowing who are not following you like as seen below.You can “select all” like before, or you can handpick who you choose. It iswise to handpick as you may be following celebrities or others who will notbe following you but you may still want to follow them. Once you haveselected those whom you want to unfollow, click the grey “flush” button.Then you should get confirmation that you no longer follow these users. Ifyou want to permanently flush them so that you do not follow them again,choose “flush and block” instead of “flush”.One very important thing to remember here is that Twitter also does not lookfondly upon the mass flushing of followers as they know it is a tacticemployed to allow people follow more. What to watch out for here is that youdo not overdo it in terms of the volume of people you unfollow at any onetime or in the frequency that you do it. My suggestion is to unfollow onlywhat you need to. For example if you are at a limit like 2000 followers asmentioned earlier, bring yourself back to following only 1800 people whichgives you enough room to breathe. If you unfollow about 150 – 200 peopleeach 3 – 4 days, you should not attract attention to your account and will beable to go on following others. Also, if you are not getting many peoplefollowing you back, take a look at your tweets as they just may not beinteresting enough.Another useful and quite amazing feature is the “crossfollow” function whichallows you to follow people who are following somebody else in your niche.This saves you the hassle of seeking people out through keywords and giveswww.paulomahony.com 36 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  38. 38. you the list right there! So when you enter the name of someone well knownin your field, their list of followers will pop up and you can follow them ….Great!! It is as almost as good as getting access to the person’s mailing list!One note of warning, quite often it does not bring up any names but it is worthtrying often. The crossfollow is on the right hand side of the page as shownbelow.Enter the name of someone in your niche who has lots of followers and press“Go”. You can then decide to follow these just like shown earlier for specifickeywords.One last feature which is relatively new to Buzzom and is quite interesting isthe “TwitIn Stats” available on the column on the right. It gives you a breakdown of your followers and ranks you under different measures which it hascreated to measure the health of your account. It also gives you advice if yourscore in a particular area is quote low as to how you can fix it which I think isa useful little feature!www.paulomahony.com 37 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  39. 39. Ok, ok, I know you must be thinking “that is a hell of a lot of work!!” and doyou know what, starting out it can be, especially with multiple accounts but itdoesn’t have to be☺! As soon as I made my first two sales, I decided to atleast partially “outsource” the task! This is the first paid tool so far that I amrecommending and remember you don’t have to pay for it, you can justcontinue to do what I recommended. But, my thought process was, ok, I wantto find software that will manage my accounts. By “manage”, I meanmanaging my auto tweets, selecting and choosing my followers, followingthem for me, removing those who don’t follow me after a certain number ofdays, mimic other people’s followers, rotate my biography to keep itinteresting, manage my direct messages, all without breaking any of therules!!! Then I thought ok, well how much would I be willing to pay for thisper month which is really a reflection how I valued my time. The toolrecommended to me by my friend who is a software designer for Twitterapplications (so he should know!) was http://bit.ly/managemytweets ortweetspinner as it is known. The cost is currently $15 per month which, forwhat it does, in my opinion is tremendous value and it is the price of less thanone sale on most affiliate products. You could possibly use this as an incentiveto yourself to make your first sale and then you can hand over all the dirtywork to a software program allowing you to focus on what to tweet andchoosing or creating your products!There is a free version available with limited functionality and the maindrawback is that it will only manage one account for you and I can tell youfrom my own experience that I did not have success getting followers withthis version. As this is a paid product, I will not do a step by step overview asit is quite self explanatory but I will be creating a video on youtube to step youthrough the set up if you are interested, which will be posted in my blog atwww.paulomahony.com/blog. It’s totally up to you as to how much time youare willing to spend on getting followers yourself or paying for it. I havefound that it comfortably gets you close on 500 followers a day when you areat the 30,000 follower mark or so.www.paulomahony.com 38 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  40. 40. 5 – Eleven Ways To Monetize Your FollowersNow that you have your followers in place and are using either an automaticor manual system to continue getting more and more followers on a dailybasis, you should start thinking about how to make money from yourfollowers while continuing to entertain them of course.NOTE: My advice is not to try and sell anything or promote any products untilyou have at least 2,000 followers in your account.I am going to outline eleven different methods that you can use from the verybasic to the more sophisticated. These are as follows; 1. Getting clicks andpurchases directly from your Twitter home page, 2. Getting clicks andpurchases directly from your introductory DM, 3. Selling affiliate productsdirectly, 4. Selling affiliate products from reviews or your website, 5. Sellingyour own product 6. Building a mailing list, 7. Renting your account,8.Agreeing to a pay by sale agreement with other sites, 9. Giving away a freeproduct and 10.Sending followers to your sites set up with Google Adsense,11. Sending followers to Amazon or Ebay links.There are other means too but this should be enough to get you started!1. Getting clicks and purchases directly from your Twitter home pageThe first means of making cash from your followers is to have your URLreferenced on your Twitter home page in as many places as is possible. If youhave followed the instructions outlined in chapter 2, you will already have thisin place with your URL and possibly your logo visible on both the left andright hand side of your Twitter home page. There is not much else for you todo here, this tactic is now set up for you!2. Getting clicks and purchases directly from your introductory DMThis method is much more powerful than tactic 1 as your automated directmessage tweet will be sent to every one of your followers. This is theequivalent of sending an email to each follower with a link to your home siteor blog. This can be a very powerful tool and you will already have this inplace if you followed the steps in chapter 3. Remember to make your DM asinteresting as possible to convert your DM’s into clicks to your site.3. Selling affiliate products directlySelling affiliate products via a direct link to a sales page from your tweets,direct messages (DM’s) or bio is by far the easiest option but one I don’trecommend the over use of! If you don’t understand the terminology, anaffiliate product is somebody else’s product that you try and sell for them towww.paulomahony.com 39 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  41. 41. make a commission. This is definitely the easiest but also the crudest way ofmaking money from your followers and a method which will cause you tolose followers very quickly. There are many millionaire’s online today whohave made their money purely through selling other people’s informationproducts but they use much more sophisticated methods. I am a fan of affiliateproducts especially in order to get you making your first dollars online but ifyou are going to use them please use option 2 so you don’t undo all the goodwork of getting your followers.4. Selling affiliate products from reviews or your websiteThe easiest way to get started with affiliate products is to go towww.clickbank.com and register with them and find the top products for salein your niche. Once you have this completed, set up as an affiliate for theseproducts (2 -3 max for starters), turn your hoplink into a bit.ly link asdescribed in chapter 3 and you are ready to roll. (All of this except the bit.lypiece is explained in the clickbank website). Now what I recommend you donext is to create 3 – 5 minute videos reviewing the product and why peopleshould buy it. All the info you will need for this will be in the sales page.When you upload the video to www.youtube.com for example, be sure tohave your link to the product beside the review.I have used and still use with great success a product from a very successfulInternet Marketer named Julia Serbanete which shows you how to createeffective videos and to leverage youtube.com to skyrocket your sales. Usingher strategy combined with your free Twitter traffic generated using themethodology described in this book will absolutely skyrocket your sales! Herproduct is available here with a free 20 minute video. http://bit.ly/juliapWhat you tweet to your followers is the link to the video itself so that they canget to know you and see what you think of a particular product. By doing this,your relationship grows and they can see that there is a real person behind thetweets and not an aggressive affiliate marketer.You may also send your followers to your blog or website which containsreviews of the product and can have the youtube video embedded also butmost importantly has your link to the product sitting next to it. Thesestrategies will help increase your sales dramatically.Just so you are aware, since I have been asked to include these, my top twoselling affiliate products are currently a free Affiliate Supertips Ebook with akiller sales page that sells like crazy and secondly, Subliminal software whichis an excellent product which I use, that helps you condition your mindset toachieve your personal success. The links are below:Affiliate Supertips free ebook: http://bit.ly/FreeEbookforYouwww.paulomahony.com 40 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  42. 42. Subliminal software: http://bit.ly/PowerOfTheMindOne thing to note with the Affiliate Supertips product is that you have topurchase from the free ebook first before you can sell it on, but read the freeebook and you’ll see what I mean about a convincing sales pitch. Also in theinterest of full disclosure, both links are my own affiliate links to theseproducts but you should set them up similarly in your blog!5. Selling your own productThe most ideal products to sell online if you have them already created are ofcourse your own! Some golden rules to remember if you are selling your ownproduct: If you are selling your own product, be sure that your Twitter followers can see that this is clearly a product aligned with your niche, so you are being considered an expert. Send your Twitter followers to a review of your product either in article form or video form as just described above. Do not undo all the good work you have done in creating your own product by sending your followers directly to the opt in or sales page all of the time. Although this is not as much of a crime when it is your own product as it is for an affiliate product, it is good practice to mix up the tweets to send followers to reviews of your products also. A follower who may have read your sales page previously will quite possibly buy from you when they get to hear you personally review or someone with credibility in that niche review your product. Get them up on www.clickbank.com and have others sell them for you!6. Building a mailing listProbably the cleverest use of your Twitter followers and the first task youshould set your mind to once you have over a couple of thousand followers isto try and convert them into subscribers to your emailing list. There are fullproducts for sale online on this topic and it is a subject deserving of an ebookin itself. But to keep it simple, if you have your own product, you can tweetdirectly to an optin page or the preferable option as stated earlier is to sendyour followers to a review of your product or affiliate product on youtube, inan article or on your blog or website and have your link to the opt in pagethere. A great way to encourage followers to go to your optin page and to giveyou their details is to provide them with a free product if they sign up.Alternatively, if your free videos deliver value to your followers consistentlyover time, they will be quite willing to opt in to hear more from you.www.paulomahony.com 41 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  43. 43. Once you have your followers on your opt in list, you then have a group ofpeople that you can continue to market to repeatedly with a much highersuccess rate. These guys will also be more interested in higher priced back endproducts which you may have.7. Renting your accountThis is a tactic that can be used but the tenants will have free reign as to whatthey do to your account including the background. If you want to takeadvantage of some passive income and not worry about trying to sell yourown products to them, this could work for you. I have usedhttp://bit.ly/twittads for this purpose.8. Agreeing to a pay by sale agreement with other sitesAnother option open to you which is preferable to option 5 in my opinion isusing a website which will advertise others products through their own tweets.What this entails is that you register with a particular website who paytweeters with accounts of a certain size to tweet for their clients. You have fullcontrol over how many are tweeted, which tweets you are willing to tweet,you can even re-word the tweets as you would like it and can stop it at anytime! You receive a commission on any sales made so it is quite similar toaffiliate marketing. I use http://bit.ly/bamagpie for this and I find them quitegood but you wont get rich from this tactic but a nice income generator!9. Giving away a free productGiving away products is now the number one BEST way to make money online in the current climate. Giving away anything for free is great becauseeverybody loves freebies whether you can afford it or not, you would ratherget it for free! Giving away a product of values is even better, and a freeproduct that is linked directly to your primary product best of all! There aremany ways of using this tactic all of which will help you make sales. Themost basic is to send your followers directly to a site where they candownload it for free and they will hopefully remember you for that act ofkindness! You can also of course send them to an optin page where yourfollowers have to give you their details to get it and hey presto, you have themin your list to be marketed to over and over again!One amazing tool which is “available” free online is www.twiveaway.com.The functionality of this free site is phenomenal! Twiveaway can set upcompetitions for you that your followers have to enter to win the free ebook!You can also set up a campaign which will only allow followers who retweetyour link to their followers to access the free ebook and likewise if thoseretweets are tweeted to their followers, they can access it and so on, which iscompletely viral and could result in you getting access to tens if not hundredswww.paulomahony.com 42 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  44. 44. of thousands of followers who not only may follow you back but will alsodownload your ebook and get to know who you are and what your mainproduct for sale is! This is when you can start to make serious money out ofTwitter! You are not annoying anybody and you are delivering value. In caseyou are thinking, “but I don’t have any free products”, Twiveaway have avault of free products that you can give away and check outwww.Gutenberg.org for 10,000’s of free ebooks! Just before you run off andstart clicking onto those sites immediately, the bad news is that havingchecked it tonight, Twiveaway.com says it is currently closed to newmembers but keep building your followers and continue to check on a dailybasis to see when you can join up again.10. Sending followers to your sites set up with Google AdsenseA very simple means of getting passive income through having Twitter onautopilot is when you are sending tweets that are linked to your website orblog, be sure that you are set up with Google Adsense so that you can get paidfor every click that each follower makes within your site. Simple but veryeffective! Watch your site boost up the Google rankings too if you cancontinue to send your followers there. Also, take a look at setting up ebay,amazon and clickbank plugins which give you three more monetizingopportunities.11. Sending followers to Amazon or Ebay linksAnother very simple means of getting passive income through having Twitteron autopilot is when you send tweets that direct people to an offer on Amazonor Ebay. Let me explain this a little more. Anyone can sign up to Amazon andEbay as an affiliate. Once you have done this, if you tweet your affiliate linkto any product on Amazon or Ebay, you get paid if a follower of yours buysanything from Amazon or Ebay! This is extremely powerful!! Amazon andEbay are designed to sell to consumers, so as soon as you can get someone tothese pages, they may remember something that they had planned on buying.Once they buy, you get paid … magic!!www.paulomahony.com 43 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  45. 45. 6 – Bonus Section! How To Get A Massive Click Through RateFrom Your FollowersWhen I started writing this book, I had not intended to write a section on thistopic. However, when I was at a recent Internet Marketing conference, when Ipresented the statistics that I had in relation to click through rates from myfollowers to my sites, it completely astounded other internet marketers in theroom who wanted to know what my secret was!In reference to the example I show below, I tweeted a link to a particularproduct starting on August 5th to three separate Twitter accounts withapproximately 15,000 followers between them. I ran the campaign for sevendays and you can see the results below for yourself. I received over 13,000clicks through to the site in seven days and even after the campaign ended,there were approx 1,500 residual clicks over the next few days.This is getting close to nirvana in search engine optimisation as this is FREETRAFFIC!! And not only that, but it is traffic from the niche you are selling toso that is why these stats are so exciting! So imagine how you can takeadvantage of the methodology I just showed you in terms of monetizing yourfollowers with this kind of click through rate! >13,000 clicksSo how did I do it? Well, it’s not overly difficult really. I compared the tweetsthat I write versus some other internet marketers in the room who were sellingthe exact same product. The difference? Well there was a big one, the style ofthe tweets. In the case of the subliminal mind conditioning software Imentioned earlier, some of the tweets which were being used by othermarketers were something like this “Click here to find out how to reconditionyour mindset while using your laptop <link>” which is ok and does get clicks.www.paulomahony.com 44 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  46. 46. What I have found however is to try and write your tweet using the followinghints: Write in a non obtrusive way Do not make it sound like a sales pitch Grab your followers attention and peak their interest Make it sound like there could be an interesting article to follow If possible, make it funny so that it will be retweeted also for a viral effect!An example of a tweet I used for the Subliminal Power product was “Peoplefear public speaking more than death! At a funeral, people would rather be inthe coffin than giving the eulogy! <link>”. Its these subtle differences that canmake the difference of 1 sale a week to 50 sales a week to the same followerspurely by getting people to click into the sales pitch or other.www.paulomahony.com 45 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  47. 47. 7 - ConclusionCongratulations on making it to the end!!! I did my best to fill this with asmuch useful content as possible so it will take time to get through particularlyif you have been following in a step by step manner. I really hope that youbelieve that this book exceeded your expectations in terms of the valuedelivered to you and I encourage you to get started immediately and takeaction!So to boil it down to the bare minimum for you, Get your account set up and looking professional Automate a good proportion of your tweets Get followers, entertain your followers and keep your followers Promote a good product(s) through reviews Increase your earnings through taking advantage of the other monetizing methods recommended Write your tweets in an interesting, witty way Wait for the cash to roll in ☺Best of luck on your journey!www.paulomahony.com 46 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  48. 48. 8 – Appendix & LinksTweet: The message of 140 characters or less that you send from youraccount to all of your followers.Tweeter/Twitterer: I use these terms interchangeably as anyone who issending or receiving tweets on Twitter.RT: This is a “retweet” which is when you receive a tweet that you like andforward it on to your followers just like you may do with a joke you receivevia email.DM: A direct message is a tweet message sent to one individual only. It is justlike a personal email sent to one person only rather than their full list. Theyare not seen by all of the other followers.RSS Feed: Really Simple Syndication but sometimes Rich Site Summary. Inessence a news feed source that you can automate in your account.API: This for "Application Programming Interface". An API is just a definedway for a program to accomplish a task, usually retrieving or modifying data.In Twitters case, it provides an API method for just about every feature youcan see on its website. Programmers use the Twitter API to make applications,websites, widgets, and other projects that interact with Twitter. Programs talkto the Twitter API over HTTP, the same protocol that your browser uses tovisit and interact with web pages.Bit.ly: Bit.ly.com is a website that allows you to shorten your full weblink toone that is usually no longer than 15 characters.Click Through Rate: Measures the rate at which people who see your linkclick on it.www.paulomahony.com 47 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net
  49. 49. Links:http://www.paulomahony.comhttp://www.Twitter.comhttp://www.twitbacks.comhttp://www.bit.ly/dmautohttp://www.evertweet.comhttp://www.twuffer.comhttp://www.twaitter.comhttp://www.socialoomph.comhttp://bit.ly/evergoldhttp://www.google.com/alertshttp://www.alltop.comhttp://digg.comhttp://bit.lyhttp://Twitterfeed.com/http://www.twollow.comhttp://www.twollo.comhttp://www.buzzom.comhttp://www.twellow.comhttp://bit.ly/managemytweetshttp://www.paulomahony.com/bloghttp://www.clickbank.comhttp://www.youtube.comhttp://bit.ly/juliaphttp://bit.ly/FreeEbookforYouhttp://bit.ly/PowerOfTheMindhttp://bit.ly/twittadshttp://bit.ly/bamagpiehttp://www.twiveaway.comhttp://www.Gutenberg.orgAny feedback on this book or queries on my other products that you may be interested in will be gratefully received as a posted response on my blog at www.paulomahony.com/blog or via mail at info@paulomahony.com. Thank you!!www.paulomahony.com 48 “The Twitter King” www.thetwitterking.net