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  • I’m Siti and my topic for today is Forecasting the future or shaping it, an article by Herbert A. Simon.
  • First, the differences between predicting the future and shaping the future. Predicting the future means to observe the trends and to be able to tell what comes next in the future. However, shaping the future goes one step further which means that instead of only predicting the future, we take control of our future and determine it.
  • We are not observers of the future but instead, we are the actors who determine the future with our actions.

Siti Zulaiha Bte Kamarudin Siti Zulaiha Bte Kamarudin Presentation Transcript

  • Forecasting orShaping the Future?Siti Zulaiha Bte Kamarudin, G13
  • Background Predicting the future = Know and observe the future Shaping the future = Determine the future
  • Background Our task is not to predict the future but to,Design a future for a sustainable and acceptableworld
  • Sustainable and Acceptableworld Living at peace with all of nature Find a way for sharing broadly and fairly Eliminate “we” from “they”
  • Interesting Points Achieving the sustainable world is not mainly dependent on technology but, Dependent on people’s simple desires“We want enough to eat, warm relations with someother people, pleasant and intellectually challengingtasks and surroundings, and freedom from pain, fearand hate.”
  • Interesting Points Technology = knowledge We ultimately decide the extent of advancing to the sustainable future.
  • Key Takeaway Messages Only through present efforts do we determine how sustainable our future will be Focus should shift from forecasting the future to shaping our future
  • Personal Rating 8/10  Comprehensive and an easy read  Unique perspective on technology  Too idealistic
  • Discussion Do you think that it is possible to achieve this sustainable future? Does technology help us in achieving a future we would like or does it hinder us from achieving it?