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Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
Ivan Brandon Reddy
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Ivan Brandon Reddy


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • If people just settled for what they had and were contented, we would not have been able to develop and emerge into a state that we are in today.
  • Extremely thought provoking piece of article for me.A piece that was mentally challenging and shed some light on how I could see things in a different perspectiveInteresting
  • Transcript

    • 1. Do you know who she is?
    • 2. The Somalian Refugee Crisis
    • 3. The mass media, culture and society
      News agencies, transnationalisationand the new order
      Done by: Ivan Reddy
    • 4. Content
      Article Overview
      Key takeaway messages
      Personal Rating
      Issues for Discussion
    • 5. Article overview
      The free market system denies access to the vital information for the citizenry by making access a monetary function
      News broadcasting have been affected by corporations and big businesses
      Crucial and vital information can be found in elite newspapers and magazines
      Widening gap of the information rich and information poor
    • 6. Key takeaway messages
      News agencies face a constant struggle in non-partisan reporting
      Evolution of news from a commodity to a big business exhibiting business tendencies as a whole
      A highly stratified system emerges where vital information needed for political judgments is confined to the elite publications only
    • 7. Video
    • 8. Critics
      Having news is still good news
      Having chicken rice for lunch everyday is still good because I have food
      Wearing the same underwear everyday to class is still good because I have clothes
      “Why settle for mediocrity when one can strive for excellence”– Ivan Brandon Reddy
    • 9. Personal Rating
      “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” – Mark Twain
    • 10. Issues for Discussion
      When you watch news on television today, how skeptical or receptive are you to it?
      Will there ever be a time when we experience totally neutral news reporting? Why/Why not?