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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cynosure     I feel Cynosure is a genuine consultancy to dea...

Srikanth has done a awesome service in getting my            I joined hands with Cynosure-Inc for my HSMP...

E2 4th Floor, RM Towers, 108, Chamiers Road, Teynampet, (Opp Satyam Ltd.) Chennai - 18.

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Tier 1 General E Brochure


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Tier 1 General E Brochure

  2. 2. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES At Cynosure, we provide Immigration, Work Permit and Visa and applications to the courts, who are experienced in leading advice, assistance and representation for a wide range of high profile cases in India and abroad. countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand Our clients range from multi-national companies who need to and a range of other countries. employ large numbers of staff and individuals who want to make Cynosure provides both immigration consultancy and a substantial investment in the UK, to young women and men interactive online Immigration, Work Permit and Visa services wishing to come to the UK to study and people requiring for Employers, Recruiters and Skilled Workers around the assistance with Immigration applications for family members. World. Clients include those working in the arts, technology, the financial Our team of lawyers, including specialist advocates, work with sector and medicine, and academics. skilled support staff and undertake work in all areas of All our clients have different needs and priorities and our service is Immigration and legal issues, on a corporate basis and for always tailor-made to the individual case. As soon as you instruct individuals. us, a member of the team with appropriate comprehensive and For non-UK immigration matters, such as US or Canada up-to-date knowledge will represent you, look after your interests Immigration, our Consultants are either legally qualified in the and keep you informed throughout. We do not incur costs relevant country and / or registered to provide advice and without your express consent and take time and care to make sure representation for that country. that you have the most accurate possible estimate of what your case is likely to cost. Whether you want to ensure that a Thanks to unprecedented levels of service, coupled with an straightforward application goes smoothly, challenge the ongoing commitment to developing the knowledge levels of limitations of the existing law in a complex and technical case, or our UK immigration consultants, we have grown to our current instruct us to sort out a case that has run into difficulties, our position. A "can do" mentality continues to differentiate experts can ensure that your case has the best possible chance of Cynosure, as does our willingness to understand and success. appreciate cultural diversity. We offer the advantage of being a immigration partner that Our exclusive focus on these areas of the law enables us to focuses on your individual requirements. A partner that provide a comprehensive, in-depth service to corporate and specialises in immigration services and delivers the latest individual clients and to take cases requiring specialist expertise legislation updates in a language you can understand. A partner on referral from other law firms. We have a dedicated that believes in transparency and accountability of work. department dealing with Work Permits and the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) for UK and specialists in appeals
  3. 3. TIER 1(GENERAL) MIGRANT CATEGORY Our commitment to maintaining a positive working relationship with the government and immigration authorities ensures the smooth processing of your visa application The Points Based System (PBS) is a system for managing c. Maintenance. It is important that migrants are able to support migration for those wishing to enter the UK for work or study. themselves and their dependants as they do not have access to Tier 1 (General) Migrant of the Points Based System was state benefits. Migrants should have sufficient funds to support launched for foreign nationals living in the UK on 29 February themselves and any dependants from the point at which they 2008 and replaced the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme enter the UK until they begin earning or receiving an income. (HSMP). Applicants will have to reach the pass-mark for each of the above On 30 June 2008 three additional sub-tiers were rolled-out and in order to gain entry, and continue to stay when their right to stay the programme was extended to include applicants resident is renewed after three years. overseas. 1. There will be a single application process, whether in or The four sub-tiers are Tier 1 (General) Migrant, Tier 1 (Investor), outside the UK. There will also be a single application fee for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) and Tier 1 (Post-Study Work). principal applicants. The fees will be set for the points system by balancing the need to recover the full cost of providing services Tier 2 for Skilled Workers and Tier 5 for Temporary Workers and while maintaining the global competitiveness of UK. the Youth Mobility Scheme were launched worldwide on 27 November 2008. 2. Successful applicants entering the UK will be issued with biometric visas. This will mean to know exactly who they are and The introduction of PBS takes place at a time of fundamental what they are entitled to do. changes to the UK's immigration system. This includes, in the first quarter of 2008, the completion of the global biometrics 3. Successful applicants entering the UK in, or switching into, the programme, the introduction of severe penalties for the Tier1 General category, Investors or Entrepreneurs sub- employers of illegal workers in the UK and the creation of a categories will be granted two years' leave. Successful unified UK Border Agency. applicants for the Post Study Work sub-category will receive a single, non-renewable, grant of leave for two years. In addition, as of 1 April 2009, applicants who use false documents or deception to try to get access to the UK will face 4. Subsequent grants of leave in the Tier1 General Category, bans on coming to the UK of 10 years. Investors or Entrepreneurs subcategories will be for three years. It will not be possible to apply for an extension of stay in Post Highly skilled applicants will need to show they have enough Study Work. points to qualify to enter or remain in the UK. Points will be earned against three sets of objective criteria: 5. Time spent in any Highly Skilled sub-category except Post- Study Work will count towards the period the person needs to be A. Criteria specific to each sub-category (pass mark 75). here for before being eligible to apply for settlement in the Highly b. Competence in English Language. Requiring migrants to Skilled or Skilled tiers (currently 5 years). speak English is a key part of the Government's immigration policy. It improves migrants' labour market outcomes and participation in the workplace, and assists with integration and social cohesion. As a result it is right that all skilled migrants coming to the UK should meet Specific English language requirements. For Tier 1, in particular, it is right to require a high level of English. (Pass-mark10)
  4. 4. THE BIG PICTURE Tier 1 (General) Category Attributes (75) Qualifications Previous Earnings Age Maintenance (10 Points) Bachelor's In pounds per year Points scored Under 29 Applying from within the UK 30 points Under £25,000 0 20 points Proof of £800 in a £25,000 - £29,999 5 bank account at all times for Master's 30 to 34 three months prior to application £30,000 - £34,999 15 35 points 10 points £35,000 - £39,999 20 £40,000 - £49,999 25 Applying from India PhD 35 to 39 Proof of £2800 in a bank £50,000 - £54,999 30 50 points 5 points £55,000 - £64,999 35 account at all times for three £65,000 - £74,999 40 months prior to application £75,000 - £1,49,999 45 £150,000 or above 75 English Language Requirement (10 Points) People applying for a Tier 1 visa must show that they are proficient in English by proving one of the following: They have passed a test in English equivalent to an approximate overall band score of 6.5 on an IELTS exam. or If the degree was earned in India, information provided by UK NARIC can verify if the English-taught degree is acceptable enough to satisfy the English language requirement.
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF OUR VISA SERVICE Benefits you will receive: Payment Mode Access H to your own consultant throughout the entire immigration process. Sign up - Rs 10,000 H case reviewed by our experienced immigration Your advisors who will research the relevant immigration Initial Payment for Filing & Documentation - Rs 20,000 regulations and official procedure manuals to determine the Before Visa - Rs 25,000 appropriate course of action to achieve residence status according to your individual situation. Medical / Registration (case specific) H Written advice and guidance at each stage of the application process and on-going supervision of your case by our immigration advisors and consultants. Entry Clearance fees - Rs 51,000* to be paid by the applicant as the fees are non- refundable from the Consulate H Preparation of the entire visa application on your behalf, in * Fees are subject to change from time to time as per the accordance with the current immigration regulations government rules. including the completion of official application forms, submissions and supporting documentation to substantiate Cynosure educational history, work experience, funds, marital status Refund Policy - 100% etc. We do not charge for the documentation process Identifying and clarifying complications or possible in case your application is rejected, with a full refund of problems with the immigration authorities or relevant official the initial payment body. H Coordinating your time-sensitive documentation such as * No Refund in case of Fraudulent documentation, medical tests, English language tests, police reports, and, failure of Medicals or Police clearance, where necessary, the applications for professional Non-submission of required documents in 30 days registration and official qualification recognition. and withdrawal of application at anytime after sign up. H Presentation of your application to the immigration authorities in the format recommended by the immigration authorities. H Monitoring your application during the official processing of your case, liaison between you and the authorities, and responding to any questions raised by the immigration authorities. H Written advice regarding any changes made to the immigration laws that may effect your position under the regulations. H Personalised assistance and practical advice throughout the entire immigration procedure. Our Services Complete Visa documentation H Hlanding services offered after arriving Post in UK in the form of free accommodation for few days Opening of UK Bank Account before leaving India H Job placement assistance H Assistance provided in registering with Medical Insurance H and National Insurance cards
  6. 6. TESTIMONIALS I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cynosure I feel Cynosure is a genuine consultancy to deal with. for their great work in assisting me with getting my Srikanth K is a person who stresses on quality Tier 1 visa. My entire process happened through service, he never compromises on the phone and mail, until the documents are 100 % documentation which he requires to put forward our perfect; they never let me to file the applications. case/profie to consulate. Some times I compromised in some of the part of my bank documents; however they repeatedly told to I wish him all the best for his future. get the bank papers as per the immigration laws, Pavan Kumar B really more committed towards their work. They Microsoft India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad never give up a chance to raise any small query from the embassy. I would say really they are very I found our consultant to be very helpful, committed towards their job, in my personal opinion straightforward and honest in his assessment of our they are feeling our application as such their own case for permanent residence. one. I'm really very happy about their service. Mr. Vignesh Arunachalam, Thanks, Satyam Ltd, Chennai Muthu Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai Your client support had been infallible with a very optimistic approach. I would definitely recommend Hi All, I take few minutes to share my experience with you to my friends / colleagues. A job well done! Cynosure. My Tier-1 visa got approved in a span of 21 days, which was highly impossible without Sathesh M, Cynosure. Cynosure is the Best consultancy anyone CSS Corp Pvt. Ltd., Chennai can rely upon. The service provided is extremely good, in particular "The documentation work". Srikanth's Guidance was fundamental for this I don't know what I would have done without you. I outcome. His assistance throughout the process was think your agency is quite the best one I could have very professional. I would like to extend my thanks to picked, and I am referring people to you left, right and Cynosure and would definitely recommend centre! everyone. All the best for future endeavor. Mr. Arun Kumar Paramasivam Regards, Virtusa Ltd, Chennai Sandhya V Tech Mahindra Ltd, Bangalore Thank you for your promptness, helpfulness and assistance. Your service proved to be as fast and of I Would suggest cynosure consultancy for its hassle the quality stated in your brochure. free process and 100% guranteed way for making your career at UK. Mr. Madhusudan Aray, Oracle Corp, Bangalore Regards, Krishna kanth M CSC Corp India, Hyderabad. Just a quick note to thank you all for your efforts. The fact that the process went so smoothly and easily is, I First and foremost , I would like to extend my sincere am sure, down to your efforts and I appreciate them. I thanks to Srikanth. He played a pivotal role in getting wish you similar success with your other clients. my Tier 1 visa. Came to know about him through my colleague , just at the right time , when i was about to Mr. Anand Varadan knock the door of another consultancy. From there its Cognizant Technologies Ltd., Chennai been only simpler and straight forward.Just leave it to Srikanth and forget all the hassles. The confidence he gives you , even before you start preparing the I am very happy to know that my application has been documents and his candid nature are pretty much approved. I could not have done it without the help of appreciated. Doesn just give false promises to Cynosure and its team. I would like to thank you and everyone. Meticulous Preparation, superb guidance all your colleagues for your help!! and any time help during the documentation process are guaranteed. Thanks to him and cynosure , that i Mr. Satish Namboodiry, could prepare the docs with ease and file my VISA at Fx Labs Ltd., Hyderabad the right time. Even better, i got it pretty quick (Just coupla weeks) that i anticipated. Thanks again to srikanth and i strongly recommend him to anyone Dear Srikanth I am extremely happy with the way my who is about to pursue a TIER-1 visa. Way to go ! HSMP application was processed by your concern Cynosure. If any of my friends require similar Thanks and Regards processing, I would definately recommend Cynosure Kartik Ramakrishnan to them for enjoying the same hassle-free support Accenture India Pvt Ltd, Chennai that I had. Thanks, "I've got the approval for my UK Tier 1 application Harish, Hewitt Associates Ltd., Chennai through Cynosure. They have executed that task so beautifully without having to make even a single reminder mail or call.Thanks a lot for the Superb,Prompt and Trustworthy service they offered.On top of everything, I really appreciate the way in which they handled the whole process remotely - without me having to travel to any of their office locations!! Wishing all success to Cynosure and their clients for all current and future activities." Thanks and Regards Neerej S IBS Software Solutions Ltd, Trivandrum.
  7. 7. TESTIMONIALS Srikanth has done a awesome service in getting my I joined hands with Cynosure-Inc for my HSMP VISA HSMP approval and correction of my approval processing.I never felt like i am approaching to a letter.I am extremely happy with the service consultancy, the way they do the processing is really rendered as well as job contracts he provides. great... Thanks and Regards, And I will try to refer as many VISA aspirants to Sathya P. Cynosure for processing. CSS Corp Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Regards, Ravi Kumar V. Hello Friends! I am here to share some of my feelings Hewitt Associates Ltd., Chennai about Cynosure, infact Mr.Srikanth. I got to know about this consultancy an year ago through my friend's friend and I am thankful that I got right info at right time. With the information he gave us, I didnt Hi, I would like to thank you for providing the even look for any other consultancy nor any other opportunity to share my experience. I joined you with service. little knowledge about HSMP process and now i can gladly say that your guidance throughout the I could take this decision just with the info he gave us process was excellent which helped me to get my and the faith I had on him which was again result of Application processed successfully. I would once knowledge database he had. We were not even again like to thank you for the process and the aware of any single info about UK or its processes successful work to continue in the future. before we approached Cynosure. I can personally assure you that, if someone is like me, they can just Regards, hold on to Srikanth's hand. Coz, he is bound to get Karthik G approval with his sincere dedication and Adrenalin e-Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. commitment towards the work. Once I filed my papers for approval, it took 3months to get the approval. In the mean time, I was referring to couple of blogs for HSMP where there were people who have applied on their own and are awaiting approval for more than 3 to 5 months now. Thanks to God & Cynosure that I was not there in that list of people. My personal suggestion would be, because we are new to such kinds of processing for other countries, we must and should take help of consultants and without even a second thought I can say Cynosure is the Best because of the QUALITY OF SERVICE, PERSONAL ATTENTION, COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION. Thanks a ton for all the Service, guidance and for all the Information you have for us! What ever I wrote above is not because I had to write a testimonial......but its all what we really feel....Now that we gota chance to express ourselves, I really thank Srikanth for being a wonderful guide in our UK process Journey! We really mean it !Thanks a lot! May Appaji Always shower his blessings on you, Rupa and Uday.
  8. 8. Chennai E2 4th Floor, RM Towers, 108, Chamiers Road, Teynampet, (Opp Satyam Ltd.) Chennai - 18. Hyderabad F1, 6-3-248/G, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Lane Opp. to ICICI Bank, Hyderabad - 500 034. London Suite G3, Clarence Court, 5 Dee Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2JN Sydney Suite 6, Level 1, 27 Commonwealth Street, Sydney 2000