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#heweb10 Facebook Faceplant: Lessons Learned from Social Media Failures (and Successes)
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#heweb10 Facebook Faceplant: Lessons Learned from Social Media Failures (and Successes)


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Slides and my video from the session: Facebook Faceplant: Lessons Learned from Social Media Failures (and Successes) at the HighEd Web Conference 2010 …

Slides and my video from the session: Facebook Faceplant: Lessons Learned from Social Media Failures (and Successes) at the HighEd Web Conference 2010

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Penn State’s Main Campus University park (UP) in State College Pa
  • Who is on your page today? Why? What are they most likely to say? How are they most likely to respond?
  • Transcript

    • 1. FacebookFaceplant
      CyndeFleagle, @cyndef
      Nikki Massaro Kauffman, @nikkimk
      Penn State University
    • 2. Why
    • 3. In social media, you can’t have all the dog and pony shows…
    • 4. …without a little bit of shit too.
    • 5. FacebookFaceplant Lesson Learned…
      snOMG 2010
    • 6. H1N1 Targeted Messages
    • 7. H1N1 Targeted Messages
      “ ”
      “ill students are not required to provide a physicians excuse for missing class.”
      “Policy E-11 Requires all instructors… to provide reasonable opportunities for students to make up missed assignments and missed exams.”
    • 8. H1N1 Targeted Messages
    • 9. H1N1 Targeted Messages
    • 10. H1N1 Targeted Messages
      “ ”
      For more information on H1N1, guidelines for supervisors and recommendations for telecommuting, you may wish to consult the Aug. 10 letter from President Spanier, which can be found here…
    • 11. H1N1 Targeted Messages
    • 12. H1N1 Targeted Messages
      “ ”
      “Ill Students with the flu do not need a physician’s certification of illness.”
      “If you have questions about academic policy-related issues, please call the Associate Dean/Chief Academic Officer of your college.”
    • 13. H1N1 Targeted Messages
    • 14. H1N1 Targeted Messages
      “ ”
    • 15. Penn State University
    • 16. Penn State: University Park (UP)
    • 17. We Are…
    • 18. 2/10/2010
      K-12 Schools Closed
      Branch Campuses Closed
      Snow Emergencies: No parking along streets.
      Interstates closed.
      Con Ed Classes Cancelled
    • 19. General Weather-Related Messages
    • 20. “ ”
      General Weather-Related Messages
      “Faculty and staff should use their own best judgment...”
      “Staff may charge their absence to vacation time... supervisors should make every effort to accommodate employees who wish to leave work early because of the weather.”
    • 21. General Weather-Related Messages
    • 22. “ ”
      General Weather-Related Messages
      “It is your decision on whether or not you are comfortable commuting to campus.”
      “Ultimately, it is up to each professor to determine how he or she will handle these types of absences, but we believe they will be reasonable and understanding.”
    • 23. #SOC9: Tweet Your FaceplantLessons Learned for 2/10/2010
    • 24. Know When and How to Respond
    • 25. Dealing with Weather
    • 26. Know your numbers…
      but know the people they represent too.
    • 27. Learn from Your Successes…
    • 28. …and from Your Faceplants
      “Your safety is important.”
      “We are listening”
      Obesity research link.
      Thon post.
      Valentine’s Day Contest.
    • 29.
    • 30. #SOC9: Tweet Your FacebookFaceplantLesson Learned for UT Gunman 9/28/2010
    • 31. #SOC9: When is it best to be silent and when is it necessary to post?
    • 32. Aside….
      Wonderful job on mobile app
      Wonderful job web/text/email
    • 33. View movie (UTsansaudio)
    • 34. 61% of all Facebook
      users are over 25
      Statistic courtesy of
    • 35. This says it all….
      Infographic courtesy of
    • 36. There are many social media tools to use, people generally choose the one they feel the most comfortable with and that is where they spend their time.
    • 37. It all comes back to..
      Thinking about your audiences! (all of them)
    • 38. Learn from your faceplants
      Having an postings to the wall turned off (where only administration may post)
      2. Not updating the page while there is an event such as this happening.
      3. Not paying attention to the current thread where questions and commentsare being made.
    • 39. … and from your successes.
      The UTPD was updating their page which resulted in a MAJOR growth of their fan base
      About 1 hour into the campus lockdown, the UT Police Department page had just under 900 visitors.
      (courtesy of J.D. Ross)
    • 40. 11:22 a.m. UTPD had 1,070 fans
    • 41. 1:06 p.m. 5,001 fans
    • 42.
    • 43.
    • 44. With growth comes opportunity..
    • 45. This Squirrel
    • 46. It all started with a LOL…
    • 47.
    • 48.
    • 49. Hmmm, lets try something else…
    • 50. Penn State’s Computer Store’s HUB Showroom Grand Opening
      A brainstorming session lead to…
    • 52. Guess What?!
    • 53.
    • 54. This Squirrel’s Persona
      It's name is "This Squirrel"
      happy but not goofy
      not bitter
      geek chic
      worldly/well traveled
      likes nuts/hazelnut coffee
      hangs out at computer store in hub
      likes to travel to PSU campuses and around UP
      mean people make it angry
      platform agnostic
      social media guru
      decendant of one of the 4 grey squirrels purchased in 1925 and is friends with the PSU lion
    • 55. As of this morning This Squirrel has 1,534 fans …… and we’re just getting started!
    • 56. Images