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Miromar Social Media Presentation
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Miromar Social Media Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Our focus is on the marketing aspect of social networking… understanding how to communicate online
  • Now, you have more places to meet people… Are you ready?
  • With professional on linked in With you tweeple around the world With your friends and fans on Facebook You can network with these people in a matter of minutes, from your house… in your jammies.
  • These statistics are based on social media engagement of Fortune 500 companies… The correlations are not showing income direct from sales on social media, but they show the more ‘engaged’ they are… the more their revenues have grown through 2009. *Includes being on the cutting edge of technology and being proactive in their marketing.
  • This is marketing 101… If you don’t know who you are trying to reach, you are going to waste a lot of time with bad prospect.
  • Yes – Ethnicity does matter… Different social networks are more popular in different regions… Do they spend time in Germany? Or Brazil? Do they like wine & cheese? Or Rodeos? Do they go to Blue Martini? Or The Striphouse? 5 th Avenue in Naples? Or Gulf Coast Town Center?
  • Those details can help you narrow down and use the right tools.
  • Dark Blue – Facebook Fushia – Orkut Orange - Hi-5
  • The community rules are generally published… But you can read between the lines…
  • Introductions Warm Prospects Increased Sales Leads Direct Sales In-bound Marketing Decrease Costs Supplement Existing Marketing Free Polls / Surveys Test Market Product or Service Reduce Travel with Skype Increase Brand Value ~ Make it easier for people to find you ~ Make yourself a center of influence online
  • Branding Better Search Engine Results Digital ‘Center of Influence’ Big Time Commitment Better Long-Term Results
  • Professional resource ‘ Touch’ your contacts via updates Start Discussions Get Introduced via Your Network Job searches / recruitment Low Time Commitment
  • In Client’s “Data” Stream More Intimate Relationship Better Conversation / Engagement Easier to Target Pictures / Events / News Closed Network
  • The American Society of Interior Designers has over 4,000 followers on twitter
  • Or, other Design Networks… Listen to what people are talking about… Gain ideas for how to use your blog… or articles to share on other sites.
  • Over the past year, Naples Daily News and News-Press have increased their blogging and community news sections… Blogging on sites like this, will grow faster than a traditional blog
  • If you deal with business professionals, go on linked in… If you deal with wives, spouses, home-bodies, go on Facebook… If you work primarily in Lee County – blog on the News Press… This is the core information to take your direction from.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing with
    • 2. Agenda
      • What is Social Networking?
      • What is Social Media?
      • 3 Marketing Rules
      • Social Dos & Don’ts
      • Which Network is Most Important?
    • 3. Have you been to a…
      • … cocktail party?
      • … business after 5?
      • … brown bag lunch?
      • … Rotary or Kiwanis meeting?
    • 4. Guess what?
    • 5. Enter the next ‘club’… … a digital community online
    • 6. Now you can network
    • 7. Networking is fine and dandy… BUT Is anyone making money on social networks?
    • 8.  
    • 9. So, how do you market to these people?
    • 10. Marketing Rule #1 Know WHO your customer is
    • 11. … but anyone can be a source
    • 12. Can you tell me who your ideal customer is?
    • 13. You should know…
      • Age
      • Wealth
      • Job
      • Ethnicity
      • Geographic Location
      • What do they like to do?
      • What do you like to do?
    • 14. Enter the next ‘club’… … a digital community online
    • 15. Marketing Rule #2 Know WHERE your customer is
    • 16.  
    • 17. Facebook
    • 18. Marketing Rule #3 Understand WHY your customer is here
    • 19. I am participating on social networks for the most important person I can think of…
    • 20. Play by the Community Rules Do NOT SPAM people with Ads
    • 21. Build Relationships
    • 22. Social Do’s & Don’ts
    • 23. DON’T – Go overboard DO – Get a little personal
    • 24. DO - Listen
    • 25. DON’T – Offer vague expertise DO – Cross-promote your blog @cmwooll – Just posted a social media blog online at @debbierumsey -@samnickjonas Hey there, I'm Debbie and a design consultant. Feel free to ask me any intereior design questions.
    • 26. DO - Participate in the Conversation
    • 27. DO - Provide Valuable & Relevant Information
    • 28. DO – Network with your peers
    • 29. DO - Be Yourself
    • 30. What is Most Important?
    • 31. Social Media Should:
        • Increase Revenues
        • Decrease Costs
        • Increase Brand Value
        • Or why would you do it?
    • 32. Blogging by the numbers 20 million 1.7 profiting 452,000 primary income
    • 33. Blogging
    • 34. LinkedIn
    • 35. Facebook
    • 36. Twitter
    • 37. HGTV
    • 38. Blog locally…
    • 39. Remember this info…?
      • Age
      • Wealth
      • Job
      • Ethnicity
      • Geographic Location
      • What do they like to do?
      • What do you like to do?
    • 40. View this slideshow online at…
    • 41. Thank you!
      • Cyndee Woolley
      • (239)571-3174
      • [email_address]