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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Is everyone on Facebook? What are you hoping to get out of today? --better understanding of social norms? --privacy considerations you should know about? ---Do you have a social media policy? ---Privacy settings you should know about? --how to work a Fan page? --Applications are more advanced. We can schedule 1 on 1 time to explore Facebook applications
  • So, our agenda today… Many of you attended my first session on LinkedIn. Facebook has a lot more to cover, so I’m going to do my best to keep things on track and get you out of here on time. If you have questions, you can interrupt me, but if I don’t get to all of the questions you are free to call / email me after the program. **I will upload these slides to the internet and send you an email with the link. **Last item… Drop your business card in the basket. I will draw a name to win 30 minute consultation… I’ll evaluate one of your SM pages and make some recommendations. You gotta be present to win.
  • So, last month we touched on LinkedIn… Strictly Professional Facebook is a little more intimate… you may post pictures, personal stories, funny stories… you might even play Twitter is A-D-D – it is microbursts of information to share ideas or converse. On the social media spectrum, people tend to connect more to genuine friends on facebook. Statistics show that they still only ‘interact’ with 5-10% of them on a regular basis.
  • Decide – Is this going to be with friends & family? Or am I going to use this for professional reasons? There is a huge debate on holding 1 account or 2 accounts for personal / professional. Today there is such a blur between personal life and professional life, I think it is impossible to keep the two separate. Plus, you have to enjoy your experience… not just consider it another part of your job. ~ If you are 20 – something, drinking, dancing, and your FB page is filled with stuff that you wouldn’t want your parents to see… DELETE the account. There are privacy settings… but nothing is 100% ~ If you need a semblance of something personal… that is fine, set your boundaries. ~ If you are a level headed business person… you’ll be fine. Ok, You can’t advertise yourself through your fan page… but you can market yourself through interaction. No one comes to Facebook to be sold to. They go to have fun and connect with people… You have to interact with them by doing a mix… engaging them with dialog, providing fun and useful information, giving them special ‘insider’ tips or discounts, or providing photos of them at events.
  • 70.8% increase in total US users over the last six months (71,901,400 total) 54.6% of users are female 142.4% increase in the number of users from Atlanta – the fastest growing metro The most troubling statistics we’ve seen are that there are 16.5% less high school users, and 21.7% less college users. There have been rumors that these younger user groups are being alienated by their parents joining the service, and this data seems to prove it.
  • Many of you saw this from the linked in class…
  • So, I googled my name… My Facebook profile came up in the search… This is what you see… My profile picture My ‘friends’ My groups, fan pages, etc… By the way, all of this will rotate through your friends and groups… Everyone will show up at some time What does this say about me? --Well, notice that there are no naked women… --My friends in this snapshot are a reporter, businesses, colleagues Some people say “No Sunglasses” in a shot… In some ways it says that you are hiding something. But my hair looked so good, I didn’t care. Seriously… this is Facebook people. It is a LOT more casual than LinkedIn. You can sport a more casual look.
  • facesaerch is an image search engine for faces powered by Google . All images (thumbnails) are provided, hosted and managed by Google .
  • That last page that I showed you is powered by google image search. SO, in addition to seeing your name associated with a blog comment or posting… Your picture is up there.
  • Ok… I created a list to use as an example so I wouldn’t post anyone’s personal stuff… On the left hand side you have links to sort your friend, access photos videos notes… The center is your main display… It defaults as your news feed. When you click on “Photos” on the left it will show pictures… It shows all the pictures that your friends are tagged in, not just albums your friend upload. Ok... Someone asked me “My sister always sends me messages when I’m online… It’s really creepy. How does she know that I’m online?” Requests is where you’ll get notified of your friend requests, fan page updates, pages suggestions etc. Suggestions – these are people you may know Sponsored – These are advertisements customized to your profile… Yes I’m single. Highlights – This is showing recent activity from your friends. 4 friends have commented on a picture… or 9 friends joined a group… etc. This is valuable for you as a business owner. This is one of the ways that your ‘fan’ page will go viral.
  • Your wall IS PUBLIC At one point, you could write on someone’s wall and it was between the two people… not any more. Wall posts are viewable in the News Feed and if someone clicks on your wall. If your best friend from high school says something dumb – ALL of your friends will be able to see it. On the left – pictures, personal information, photo albums, events In the center – your updates and activity On the right – advertisements
  • The more detail you leave… the easier it is to find you. DO NOT leave a home address. That is just inviting trouble Add all your websites… People do click on them Add a description about what you do… Assuming you are all here for business.
  • As a business, here are a few things that you should know about Fan Pages vs Groups Fan Page – This is much more visible and functional than a group Your company name is protected… If you find someone is using your name inappropriately, you can call Facebook and have the page shut down. A Fan Page didn’t always have a wall – within the past few months, a fan page became more like a real page. Your status updates will appear in your fan’s news feed. There are no limits to the number of fans you can have – a personal account the limit is 5,000 A Fan Page will allow you to link events & photo albums, giving it more interaction. Your fans can post information on your wall. You HAVE to monitor this. 6) Statistics show that your fans DO return to your fan page. You have to update it and keep it fresh. Groups We have a fan page for Safety Tat – This is the actual business. As a customer, I can NOT start a fan page, but I can start a group of people who love safety tat. This is where you can listen in to groups of people who are your demographic… if you have an active group. Many are started and dropped. The conversation of a group stays on the groups wall. It doesn’t appear in a news feed.
  • This is the icon to
  • Looks like a regular page, right? Wall – You can allow fans to post or not Info – describes your business Photos – Photo albums Discussions & Reviews are places to interact… I don’t see those heavily used Events – When you want to schedule an event, click on this tab
  • Walks you through setting up an event…
  • When you are ready to share your event… click “share” Don’t goal for a lot of ‘interaction’ here. People drive the interaction on your Fan page.
  • Invite your friends to follow 1 time – maybe 2 times ~~ If they don’t join, it is because they didn’t want to… Asking them multiple times is just annoying. Remember when I said it would pop up in the ‘highlights’ section? People will start joining as their friends do… call it viral, call it following the herd… you have to be good to get them there and keep them there. Post updates on Fan Page 1 st – Your fans will see it ~~ This was an update within a few months – use it just like the ‘wall’ on your personal account. Sending an “Update” is less visible ~~ Your fans have to actually click on the ‘updates’ link to see the note. You want to be visible, so just post on your wall. Do NOT send invites / updates like a group email ~~ It is the equivalent of sending an email, copying a 100 people and then hitting reply all.
  • Send invitation with ‘special’ group present ~~ When you get into someone’s social media profile, it is like a secret handshake… being in the club. Naples Tomato did something cool when – You can tell the staff that you are a facebook friend and get a discount on your meal. ~~ Promotions like this are good at getting people to sign up… but you still have to ‘deliver’ an experience when you get them there. Post anything press release worthy ~~ If you would press release it… put it on the wall. Post fun / relevant / interesting articles about your industry ~~ It shouldn’t be ALL promotion… that is no fun. You brand yourself as an industry expert by posting info – even if it isn’t your original work. Respond to fans that comment ~~ Check your wall daily and respond to comments. ASK QUESTIONS ~~ Engage
  • Who ‘owns’ the account? ~~ If you are paying an employee to build a following… You better make a provision that you own the account after they leave. Who will you follow? ~~ Believe it or not, there are inappropriate accounts out there. You ARE judged by the company you keep. Make sure you know who you are following and / or blocking. Don’t curse, spread hate, or otherwise attack people. ~~ Nothing good comes from this… And it spreads faster online. Nothing is private anymore. ~~ True story. Employee “A” commented on a story in the newspaper. He NEVER mentioned the company that he worked for. The next day, 3 TV news stations called the PR person for said company. How did the know? They googled his name. There is nothing private anymore… You have to let people know what ‘conduct unbecoming’ is and how it can get them fired. DO NOT friend your employees. ~~ Let your employees know they are welcome to follow you or friend you… but there is a lot of pressure in having a boss try to friend you and wondering if there are repercussions to ‘ignoring’ the big cheese’s request. Employee safety. ~~ I had a client approach me with concerns about her employees safety on social networks… For most of us, we can worry about dumb kids spitting in pizza… For certain professions, there are SERIOUS safety concerns. It may be an emergency services worker, police, abused women’s shelter, child advocate, psychiatrist, or anyone that could be the target of robbery. We’re in a high-tech world and it is easy to track someone down. As an employer you need to be in touch with the conversations to protect your brand and to protect your employees. Culture NOT Rules. ~~ Hopefully you’ve surrounded yourself with quality employees who believe in doing the right thing… If you have ingrained the right CULTURE in your company, you don’t have to worry about strict rules. Your employees automatically do the right thing.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Will you be my… Friend?
    • 2. Cyndee Woolley, APR
      • Accredited Public Relations Pro
      • 9 years in Communications
      • Social Media Consultant
      • And most importantly…
    • 3. According to Facebook…
    • 4. So, who is in the room?
    • 5. Agenda for today
      • What is Facebook
      • Who is on Facebook?
      • What does your profile say about you?
      • Your Social Media Policy
      • Privacy Settings
      • Setting up your Fan Page & Getting people to interact
    • 6.
      • 4 Types of LinkedIn Users
      • Savvy Networkers
      • Senior Executives
      • Late Adopters
      • Exploring Options
      The face behind Facebook
    • 7.
      • LinkedIn = Professional
      • Facebook = Personal
      • Twitter = A-D-D
      How is Facebook Different?
    • 8.
      • Personal vs. Professional
      • You can’t ADVERTISE
      • You must INTERACT
      What is YOUR purpose on FB?
    • 9. Who is on Facebook? 300 million people worldwide
    • 10.
    • 11. What does your profile say about you?
    • 12. Things that will enhance your professional image
      • Good presence on the web
    • 13. Things that will enhance your professional image
      • Good presence on the web
    • 14. More things to consider…
      • Good presence on the web
    • 15. More things to consider…
      • Good presence on the web
    • 16. Your personal profile
    • 17. Your Wall
    • 18. The info tab
    • 19. The Fan vs Group debate
    • 20. Fan Pages & Events
    • 21. Start your Fan Page
    • 22. Elements of your Fan Page
    • 23. Elements of your Fan Page
    • 24.  
    • 25. Fan Page Etiquette
      • Invite your friends to follow 1 time
      • Post updates on Fan Page 1 st – Your fans will see it
      • Sending an “Update” is less visible
      • Do NOT send invites / updates like a group email
    • 26. Fan Page Engagement
      • Send invitation with ‘special’ group present
      • Post anything press release worthy
      • Post fun / relevant / interesting articles about your industry
      • Respond to fans that comment
      • Take polls / ask questions
    • 27. Your Company Social Media Policy You do have a policy… Don’t you?
    • 28. Things to consider…
      • Who ‘owns’ the account?
      • Who will you follow?
      • Don’t curse, spread hate, or otherwise attack people.
      • Nothing is private anymore.
      • DO NOT friend your employees.
      • Employee safety.
      • Culture NOT Rules.
    • 29. Privacy Settings No “privacy” setting is 100% For the rest go to:
    • 30. Thank you!
      • Cyndee Woolley
      • (239)571-3174
      • [email_address]