Government and economics 1-2
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Government and economics 1-2



Notes from Chapter 1 Section 1 and Chapter 1 Section 2

Notes from Chapter 1 Section 1 and Chapter 1 Section 2



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Government and economics 1-2 Government and economics 1-2 Presentation Transcript

  • Government and Economics Chapter 1 Section1
  • Vocabulary
    • Civics- the study of the rights and duties of citizens
    • Citizenship/ being a citizen- community members who owe loyalty to the government and are entitled to protection from it
  • Vocabulary
    • Service economy- having many citizens earning a living by providing services (doctors, lawyers, teachers)
  • Vocabulary
    • Popular sovereignty- government by the governed
    • Institutions- sets of ideas that people have about relationships, obligations, roles, and functions.
  • Key Ideas
    • What it means to be a citizen and a citizens duties within a democratic country
    • Immigration
      • 1600s-1700s
      • 1800s
      • 1900s
  • Key Ideas
    • Changes in Population
      • The average age of the citizen is climbing
      • Higher educated population
      • Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States
  • Key Ideas
    • Difference between principles and values
      • Freedom, equality, opportunity, justice, democracy, unity, respect, and tolerance
  • Chapter 1-2 Vocabulary
    • Immigrants- people who move permanently to a new country
    • Deport- send them back to their own country
  • Vocabulary
    • Resident alien- a person from a foreign country who has established permanent residence in the Unites States
    • Nonresident alien- expects to stay for a short, specified period
    • Refugees- people fleeing their country to escape persecution
  • Key Ideas
    • 2 ways to become citizens
  • Key Ideas
    • Steps to become a citizen
  • Key Ideas
    • How to lose citizenship
  • Key Ideas
    • Rights of legal aliens
  • Key Ideas
    • Restrictions on legal aliens
  • Additional Information
    • 675,000 aliens are accepted into the country a year
    • Priorities
      • Relatives of citizens
      • Job skills that are needed within the Unites States
  • Additional Information
    • 12 million aliens living illegally in the United States