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UBM TechWeb: Selling What You Know - Three Keys to Content Marketing
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UBM TechWeb: Selling What You Know - Three Keys to Content Marketing


Find out how 1,000 IT decision makers consume content, and what they are looking for to do their job and make buying decisions, what they find most valuable, and how they use it . …

Find out how 1,000 IT decision makers consume content, and what they are looking for to do their job and make buying decisions, what they find most valuable, and how they use it .

How efficiently and credibly you provide content—and how well you deliver it to busy decision makers over the noise—can make all of the difference as to whether your products and services make the cut or get purchased.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • BTW: Magazines are potentially highly effective for content marketing – because people are already consuming content in-depth, vs surfing / searching online


  • 1. :: Marketing Research
    Selling What You Know
    Three Keys to Killer Content Marketing
    For questions: Scott Vaughan, CMO of UBM TechWeb
  • 2. What We’ll Cover
    Research on what B2B decision makers need and expect from you as a marketer/tech provider
    How to lead with what you know and infuse professional content in your sales and marketing efforts to drive revenue and relationships
    And Guide YOU on the 3 Keys to Killer Content Marketing that engages and nurtures your best prospects
    Research Methodology
    • Fielded late Summer 2010
    • 3. Email invitations sent to random sample of UBM TechWeb’s database of qualified technology decision makers
    • 4. Final dataset: 1,030 respondents
    • 5. At a 95% confidence level, the greatest possible margin of error for the study base (N=1,030) is +/- 3.0 percentage points
  • Half of Decision Makers Think Vendor Content is Useless
    A HUGE Opportunity for Smart Marketers like YOU!
    Agree somewhat or strongly with following statements:
    ½ do, ½ don’t!
    1/3 not looking at your content!
    Q. Please tell us to what extent you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.. N=1026
  • 6. Getting Started Check List for Content-Driven Marketing
    • We need to improve the content we create.
    Would consume more if content provided complete picture of solution/solutions
    Expect vendors to provide different content types
    • We need to make content more relevant and professional, providing more complete info and insights (not just product specs)
    Take action and make buying decisions based on having engaged with useful content
    Want content that’s relevant and that offers new ideas or solutions
    Consume content in many formats and across many platforms
    • We need to make our content more available.
    Expect Vendors and B2B media companies to provide access to an optimal blend of content, ranging from un-biased perspective from both experts and peers through to vendor-created content
    Professional, relevant content yields more engaged customers and prospects
  • 7. So How Do We Create Killer Content that Engages & Nurtures Professional Decision Makers?3 Keys
  • 8. Key #1: Make Your Content Credible
  • 9. Types Of Content IT Buyers Rate Most Important
    Provide Actionable, Insightful Content That Moves Buyers To Action & Engagement
    Vendors should provide the following types of content; rate each type of content as important:
    Q. What types of content should vendors provide to technology decision makers like you, and to the industry as a whole? Check all that apply. N=1022 Q. How important is each information type to you in your daily job? Please use a scale of 5 to 1, where 5 is very important, and 1 is not very important. N=1031
  • 10. Key #1: Practical Tips To Create Credible Content
    Think like a publisher, journalist, reporter
    Lead with business case or specific applications
    Don’t make claims that can’t be verified
    Use third party sources
    Research from industry analysts or tech media
    Customer best practices
    Use industry experts to author your content
    Mind the buzzwords
    Give them what they need!
  • 11. Provide Content In The Right Format And Length
    Think about the format that best suits the kind of content you want to share
    In-depth technical data is best presented in white paper format
    Videos with visuals are a great way of guiding prospects through your technology or providing training
    Webcasts are great for presenting research or case studies
    In general, shorter is better – but don’t skimp on details
    Summarize what the piece is about at the beginning
    Use plenty of headers and sub-headers in documents
    Use graphics to visualize your points
  • 12. Key #2: Make Your Content Relevant
  • 13. Making Your Content More Important
    Become IT Decision Makers “Source” – Offer New Ideas
    Rate content criteria as important or very important:
    Q. In general when gathering work-related information, how important is it that the information you use meet each of these criteria? Please use a scale of 5 to 1, where 5 is very important and 1 is not very important. N=1031
  • 14. Make Your Content Professional
    Provide The Full Picture For Maximum Results
    Vendor Content + Industry Content = Professional Content
  • 15. What Should Your Content NOW Look Like?
    Professional Content Attributes
    • Engaging title
    • 16. Short, descriptive abstract/summary
    • 17. Visual cues to amplify your points
    • 18. Action plan
    • 19. Referenced and sourced for credibility
    • 20. Written in language of your target audience
    • 21. Authentic to your company brand
    • 22. Include bio(s) + about the author
    • 23. List other recommend reading/sources
    Copyright UBM TechWeb; All rights reserved.
  • 24. B2B IT Decision Makers Offer Their Advice:Ask Your Prospects What They Want & Expect

    Make the Content Good
    “Keep it short and simple.”
    “Clear, brief explanations and lots of graphics.”
    “Stay on point, be honest, and give us good information in an entertaining manner.”
    “List contra-indications for the technology.”
    “Provide me the information in whatever format works best.”
    Help Me Do My Job More Efficiently
    “Do not call me - I will call if I have questions. Email me shortly after to follow up if you want, do not call.”
    “Do not put to many impediments on getting the information. Most of what I am doing is research...”
    “Be aware that I am going to thoroughly research what others say about your products.”

  • 25. Key #3: Make Your Content Easy To Discover
  • 26. Many Content Platforms Are Utilized, Take Advantage
    Syndicate Your Content: Partner, Re-use, Re-mix, Re-Purpose For Each Platform
    Use each of the following platforms or content delivery formats:
    Q. Do you use any of the following types of information formats or sources to get information as part of your job? Check all that apply; leave blank those you do not use at all. N=1032
  • 27. Use Content Partners & Networks
    IT Decision Makers Use Media Networks To Gain Access To Vendor Content, In Addition To Providing Original Content
    Percent who agree with each of the following statements:
    Q . When it comes to technology B2B media and information companies, such as UBM TechWeb or InformationWeek, to what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? N=1022
  • 28. If You Require Registration, Make Sure The Content Is Compelling
    Agree somewhat or strongly with following statements:
    Q. . Would you register - providing contact information or logging in with an account - in order to view or download a job-related content?
  • 29. Professional Content Nurtures Engagement
    IT Decision Makers Will Take Action If The Content Is Right
    Taken following actions as a result of reading or downloading vendor-supported or vendor-sponsored content :
    Almost 1/3 !
    Q. Which of the following actions have you taken as a result of reading or downloading vendor-supported or vendor-sponsored content? Check all that apply. N=989
  • 30. Conclusions And Recommendations
    Lead With What You KNOW Using Professional Content To Connect With Decision Makers
    Develop a content strategy to engage customers, provide access to resources and build preference
    Provide content that delivers technical and how-to information, training and case studies
    Provide content that’s relevant to specific industries and tech environments, and offers new ideas or strategies
    Elevate your content to professional content: focus on credibility and relevancy
    Integrate short, descriptive abstracts, third-party sources, action plans, and bios + authors
    Deliver your content in different formats and platforms; re-use, re-purpose and re-package, driving great ROI
    Make It Easy To Discover!
    Extend your reach to develop new prospects: leverage knowledgeable, trusted third parties and partnerships to distribute your content
  • 31. Content Research – Deeper Resources for You
    Content Connects Research
    Content Modules – Full Charts, Data & Analysis By Content Type
    Case Studies
    Online Video
    Research Reports
    White Paper – Selling What You Know, Three Keys To Killer Content Marketing
    All available at: CreateYourNextCustomer.com
  • 32. For A Copy Of The White Paper Or More Information
    Please Contact:
    Scott Vaughan,
    CMO of UBM TechWeb
    TWITTER: ScottAVaughan