Harry potter 5 hints


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Harry potter 5 hints

  1. 1. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Pheonix (Playstation 2)Complete Walkthough Version 1.0By Trinity Reloaded (trinity_re1oaded@yahoo.com)August 28th 2007~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 InformationChapter 3 WalkthroughChapter 4 Room Of RewardsChapter 5 100% Room CompletionChapter 6 FAQ’sChapter 7 Credits & ThanksChapter 8 Copyright~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1 Introduction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I have written walkthroughs for all the other Harry Potter games except one.In fact a Harry Potter game was what started me off writing walkthroughs inthe first place. I was stuck and checked for a walkthrough on the XBOX butcould not find one so I wrote one. Just like then there are no walkthroughson this site as yet for the playstation so I decided to write one.The only game I did not write a walkthrough for was the Goblet of Fire as Idid not like the changes they made from the original Harry Potter format.Fortunately they have returned to their original style of play and haveimproved upon it by expanding Hogwarts to make a massive playing area without loading screens.
  2. 2. In conclusion I really liked this one and will enjoy playing it again. I onlyhope you enjoy it as much as I did.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 2 Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Marauder’s MapThe castle of Hogwarts is a very large playing area and when you first startthe game it is very easy to get lost, especially if you have not gained theportrait passwords and have to travel the long way around to get anywhere.To make this task easier you have full use of the Marauder’s Map. Press theselect button to access the map and you will see Hogwarts grounds laid out infront of you. If you press the direction pad to the left you will see a fulllist of rooms in Hogwarts and can press the X button to select whichever roomyou want to reach. Pressing right on the direction pad will give you a list ofany characters in the game that have a task for you to do. Again, press the Xbutton to select them.When you have selected your destination you can press the select button againto return to the game and foot prints will be laid out in front of you showingyou which way to go. A very handy addition to the Harry Potter series Ithought.2. Non-Combat SpellsAccioAccio is also known as the summoning charm and is used to pull objects towardsyou. To cast the spell pull back twice on the analogue stick.DepulsoDepulso is the opposite of Accio and is used to push things away from you. Itis known as the banishing spell.Push forwards twice on the analogue sticktwice to cast it.
  3. 3. ReparoAround Hogwarts there are many things that are broken and Reparo can be usedto mend them. Very useful if you want to get the School Pride Cup. To cast itroll the analogue stick round in a clockwise direction.ReductoReducto does the opposite to Reparo and will break things down. It is not usedoften but you need to know it to complete the game. To cast it roll theanalogue stick in an anticlockwise direction.Wingardium LeviosaThis is probably the most used spell in the game and can be the trickiest tomaster. To cast it you start the analogue stick in a forwards position and rollit around the top from left to right. When you have lifted an item you can thenmove it around by moving the right analogue stick and drop it by pressing theX button.IncendioThis charm is also known as Bluebell Flames. It can be used to light manythings around Hogwarts grounds and will be needed for certain cups. To cast itmove the analogue stick from top to bottom while aiming at whatever you wantto light.3. Combat SpellExpelliarmusThis is known as the Disarming Charm and will take the wand of your opponentif they are kneeling on the ground. You need to be reasonably close for it towork though so don’t expect to disarm an opponent from far away. To cast ituse the same method as Accio and pull back twice on the analogue stick.StupefyThe Stunning Charm can be very effective to bring an opponent an opponent downso you can take their wand. To cast this spell move the analogue stick roundin an anticlockwise direction.Protego
  4. 4. This is probably the most valuable combat spell, especially if you are playingthrough on the hard difficulty. Is will conjure up a shield that will reboundattack spells from you onto the original caster. To use it push forwards onthe analogue stick twice.RictumsempraThis is the Tickling Charm and although it sounds useless, it can be used totemporarily preoccupy your opponent. Cast Rictumsempra the same way you doIncendio, by moving the analogue stick from top to bottom a few times.Petrificus TotalusThis is known as the body-bind curse and will paralyse your opponentcompletely for a few seconds. To cast it move the analogue round in aclockwise direction.LevicorpusThis jinx will flip your opponent upside down and hang them in the air. Touse it you need to move the analogue like you do for Wingardium Leviosa. Startwith the analogue in a forwards position the wiggle it around from left toright a few times.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 3 Walkthrough~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---------------*The Beginning*---------------The game begins with Harry and Dudley stuck in a tunnel with two. Dementors.To get rid of them you need to cast three Patronus Charms. To do this wigglethe right analogue stick from side to side and Expecto Patronum will be cast.-------------------*12 Grimauld Place*-------------------
  5. 5. After the cut scene you are now beside Sirius at 12 Grimauld Place. Yourfirst task here is to help Ginny push all the furniture against one wall ofthis room. To do this you must first teach Ginny how to cast Accio andDepulso. After Sirius’s demonstration of Accio you must cast it one threeitems of furniture then Ginny will copy the spell too. When you have done thatyou must do the same with Depulso. When she has learnt both spells you maythen use them to move the furniture against the far wall.With Ginny’s task finished it is now time to help Hermione. For this task youneed to learn how to cast Reparo. As with Ginny, watch Sirius then copy thespell and repair three piles of plates. When Hermione has also cast the spellyou must then repair the rest of the furniture around the room.To help Ron you need to learn Wingardium Leviosa. Once more, watch Sirius andcast Wingardium Leviosa on three items of clothing in front of the trunk. WhenRon has put the fourth one in you only need to move the ones off the bed intothe trunk and you are finished at Grimauld Place. Enjoy the cut scene.------------------------------------------*Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry*------------------------------------------When you regain control you are in the Clock tower Courtyard. Walk towards theentrance of Hogwarts and talk to Fred and George. They will tell you how touse the Marauders Map so you can find Hermione.----------------------------------*Go To The Gryffindor Common Room*----------------------------------You will find she is in Gryffindor Tower so head there first. When you reachthe portrait of the Fat Lady you will find that you don’t know the password.To get it you need to find any member of Gryffindor and ask them. There isusually one on the staircase at this point. When you have it go back to theportrait and enter the common room.When you enter the common room you will find Hermione waiting for you. She
  6. 6. asks you to check the notice board, to do this cast Accio to spin it aroundthen press the action button when facing the board. When you have read theboard you will have to find Neville. Use your Marauders map to do so.-------------------------------------*Go To Defence Against The Dark Arts*-------------------------------------On your way down to Neville you will however, be stopped by Moaning Myrtle whowill introduce you to the Room of Rewards. This is where are the cups you canearn throughout the game are kept. There are also some good interviews worthwatching, (if you are the kind of person who enjoys DVD extras), of the castand makers of the film. These are unlocked as you reach each Discovery level.You will find Neville on the Suspended Bridge surrounded by Slytherins. Pullout your wand and target them by pressing R1 so they run away. When they aregone all four of you can now go to Defence Against the Dark Arts.------------------------------------*Fred And George: Duelling Practice*------------------------------------After your lesson the only alternative to learn the practical side of defensivemagic is to talk to Fred and George, at least for now anyway. Find them on themap and head down to talk to them. They will teach you how to remove anopponent’s wand using Expelliarmus. To cast this spell is just like usingAccio, summoning their wand to you if you like. Hit Fred with threeExpelliarmus spells and they will move on to teach you Stupefy. Again, castthis one three times on Fred and then you will have learnt them. Now you canhave your first wizards duel.This Slytherin can be taken down in three moves if you do it right. Hit himwith two Stupefy spells and when he is on his knees hit him with Expelliarmus.Make sure you are stood reasonably close to them so your spells are morelikely to hit and be effective.When the duel is over you can see a cut scene then you will be back in thecommon room with Ron and Hermione.
  7. 7. --------------------------------*Library Book For Healing Hands*--------------------------------For Hermione to heal your hand you need to pay a visit to the Library so findit on the map and head on down there. There are two ways you can get to thelibrary, either follows the footsteps or you can go to the portrait thatHermione points out and get its password. (See Chapter 4).The book you want is on top of one of the four bookcases in the first sectionof the Library and it is awkward to get to. To reach it is easy, you need toclimb on the table and the book will fly off to another bookcase. Move thetable using Wingardium Leviosa over to the bookcase the book is on now andclimb up again. The book will fly away again and you must repeat the processuntil the book has landed on the table in the middle of the room. Now you canjust hop down and get it by using the action button. When you have the bookyou need to go to Moaning Myrtles bathroom so you can read it in peace.-------------------*Myrtle’s Bathroom*-------------------When you reach the bathroom Hermione will show you how to cast Incendio. Whenshe has shown you how to cast it use the spell to light the lamps around thetaps. When they are all lit Myrtle will come and blow them out again. Afterthis there is a long cut scene to watch.------------------------------------------------------*Neville Longbottom: Finding The Room Of Requirements*------------------------------------------------------When you regain control of Harry you will now need to find Neville again. Usethe map and you can go straight to him. When you reach him he will ask forsome help to remove the Devil Snare. Cast Incendio at the plant and continueto cast it on the plants inside the greenhouse until they are all gone. Whenthe plants are all gone, Neville will show you the Room of Requirements.Follow him up to the seventh floor, (don’t panic if he moves quickly, if you
  8. 8. fall behind too far he will slow down).-------------------------------*Finding The Members Of The DA*-------------------------------Once you have found the room you need to find all the other members of the DAand tell them where the room is. Before you leave to find them though you needto teach Neville how to cast Protego. As always, cast the spell three timesthen Neville will copy and you have learnt a new spell. At this point you havefound 4/28 DA Members.------------------------------------*Angelina Johnson: Trophy Room Trap*------------------------------------Angelina can be found in the Trophy Room off the Great Hall. To get to her youwill need to use Wingardium Leviosa on Dumbledore’s chair that is blocking thedoor. When you get down to the Trophy Room you will find it in completedisarray. The first thing you need to do is to put the Trophies on the rightpillar. Each base has either a gold or silver square around it, put the righttrophies on depending on the colour of the square. When all four trophies arein the right spot you need to repair the glass for all four cabinets. When youare done Filch and Malfoy are both very disappointed. Angelina will bringAlicia Spinnet and Katie Bell with her so that makes 7/28 DA Members found.-------------------------------------------------------*Anthony Goldstein: Revealing The Room Of Requirements*-------------------------------------------------------Anthony can be found in the Fourth Floor corridor near the Clock Tower. Allyou need to do is talk to Anthony and he will go on up and join the others inthe Room of Requirements. He will however ask you to find Michael Corner andTerry Boot and tell them too. When you have found all three you will have10/28 Members found.-----------------------------------*Cho Chang: Mischief In The Owelry*
  9. 9. -----------------------------------Cho can be found in the Owelry so go out into the grounds and find the Owelrythen go inside the tower to talk to Cho. To get Cho to go to the Room ofRequirements you need to help her catch an owl. To get the owl for her youneed to chase it from place to place for a b it. Start by walking over to theowl in the window. Follow it half way up the stairs and walk towards it and itwill fly off again. Get to the top of the stairs and walk as close to the wallas possible. Harry will then flatten himself against the wall and you cansidle across to the owl making it fly off again. Continue shuffling along thewall and touch the owl again to move it on to its next spot.When it has moved shuffle all the way back to the left then go halfway up thenext set of stairs and touch the owl again. Walk to the top of the stairs andwhen you reach the owl it will fly off to the third floor. Climb the steps infront of you then wall sneak across a short way to the owl once you have usedReparo on the broken bit of floor. The bird will shift to the window so sidleback and get the bird to move up to the top floor.The owl will be waiting for you at the top of the stairs. When you havetouched it, it will fly to the top of the first of three broken posts. UseReparo on the broken post and Harry can climb up and touch the owl. When youdo it will fly off and land on the next one. Repeat the process of Reparo andclimbing for the last two posts then the owl will finally come to rest on theperch in the middle of the room. From here you can climb down and catch thatnuisance bird once and for all for Cho. With that dine she will leave for theRoom of Requirements and take Marietta with her. With Cho and Marietta ontheir way that makes 12/28----------------------------------------*Colin Creevey: Getting Back The Camera*----------------------------------------Colin is in the Paved Courtyard and has had a mishap with his camera. SomeSlytherins have thrown it up onto a high ledge and you need to get it back forhim. To start with you need to cast Incendio on the Devils Snare as it isblocking the way you need to go. With Colin’s help the four of you have itdown in no time. When it is out the way move the benches so they are stacked
  10. 10. one on top of the other right ion front of the lowest ledge on your left. Youcan then climb on them and up onto that ledge. From the lower ledge, climb uponto the higher one then you can sidle along the narrow ledge to the drainpipe. Go up the drain pipe until you reach a second narrow ledge and sidlealong it to pick up one of Fred and George’s hidden packages. When you reachthe end there is another drain pipe to climb up and from that you can reach athird narrow ledge.When you get to the end of the third ledge you will need to cast Reparo on thebroken drain pipe. To do this you will need to stand on the widest part of theledge you are on as Harry cannot cast a spell while facing the wall. When youhave fixed it, sidle over to the pipe and use it to climb up to the lastledge.Again, when you reach the widest part of the ledge you need to cast a spell.Target the broken bit of the ledge and cast Reparo on the broken bit. Thensidle over to the fixed part and stand on there to cast either WingardiumLeviosa or Accio to shift it off the ledge and down to Colin below. Now allyou need to do is climb back down. Fortunately going down is quicker as youcan now use the middle drain pipe all the way to the bottom ledge. When youreach the bottom Colin will agree to bring Dennis to the Room of Requirementsand that gives you 14/28 found.------------------------------------*Dean Thomas: Finding The Gargoyles*------------------------------------Dean is in the Transfiguration Courtyard trying to finish the homework set forhim by Professor Binns. To help him you will need to find 5 talking Gargoylesaround Hogwarts grounds and talk to them. The can be found in the followinglocations.1. The first on is in the Transfiguration Courtyard near the large tree.2. This one is found on the left end of the bridge for the Viaduct.3. To find this one you will need to go to the Paved Courtyard and repair thestairs in the far corner. With this done you can follow a path around thecourtyard until you come to a hole in the floor. Use Reparo then follow thepath all the way to the end and talk to the gargoyle.
  11. 11. 4. In the corridor outside the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom thereis a large set of spiralling stairs. The fourth gargoyle can be found half wayup.5. Follow the corridor from the Grand Staircase on the fourth floor and go upthe stairs at the end. At the top there is a small door leading onto abalcony. Go out onto the balcony and turn to your left hand side, (notHarry’s). The gargoyle is at the end of the balcony.When you have found all five Gargoyles go back to the TransfigurationCourtyard and talk to Dean again. When you talk to him you will have 15/28members sent to the Room of Requirements.-------------------------------------------------*Ernie Macmillan: Finding The Potion Ingredients*-------------------------------------------------Ernie is down by Hagrid’s Hut trying to find some potions ingredients forProfessor Snape’s next lesson. You need to help him find them as you need themtoo and this is the only way you are going to get him to the meeting. All youneed to find are five Moley Plants and a Mandrake root. To find the MoleyPlants go to the locations below.1. The first plant is right near Ernie in the middle of Hagrid’s pumpkin patch.2. There is a Moley plant beside an upright stone on the path near Hagrid’sHut.3. This one is near the stone circle on the path leading to and from Hagrid’sHut.4. In the stone circle near the entrance to the covered bridge.5. By the path leading from the stone circle to the owelry, at the base of thehill.When you have all five you need to go to the Herbology classroom. When you getto the greenhouse area go into the right hand greenhouse and walk through tothe next room. In here you will find pink fluffy earmuffs to wear. Put themon and you can pick the Mandrake root from the plant pot on the side. When youhave it go back to Ernie and he will go off to the meeting and you now have16/28 members.
  12. 12. -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Fred & George Weasley: Fred, George & Lee Jordan Hiding The Fireworks*-----------------------------------------------------------------------Fred, George and Lee can all be found in the Boathouse. Talk to any of thethree and they will explain they have a little situation and are trying tohide some “sensitive items”. To help them you must go inside the Boathouse andclimb up onto the floor above. When you are up use Wingardium Leviosa on bothcovers that are on the boats. When they are both open, the others below willpass you the boxes one at a time. You need to use Wingardium Leviosa to putthree boxes in each boat then cover them over again. Don’t panic if you dropone, they will keep sending them until you have six safely tucked away in theboats. When you get back down they will give you a preview of what’s in thebox. Cast either Incendio or Reducto (if you have learnt it yet) on the boxand enjoy your reward. Well done, you just helped them prove the boxes areidiot proof. With that done those three will come to the meeting bringing yourtotal members found to 19/28.---------------------------------------*Ginny Weasley: Trouble With The Twins*---------------------------------------Ginny is in the Gryffindor common room and explains that Fred and George havelost some Doxy Venom and we need to get them back from Umbridge. Go up to theboy’s dormitory and open Harry’s trunk to get the Invisibility Cloak out andput it on. When you have it on go to the Defence Against the Dark Artsclassroom and you will find your way blocked by two students being punished byUmbridge. To get the away from her door so you can pass you need to walk intothe tables that have the two vases on to knock them off. Knock the first oneoff then nip round the desks to get past the first one. Then break the vaseby the second one and step aside so he can run to the vase. When he does runpast and go up the stairs to Umbridge’s office.When you are in go through the archway on the right hand side of the room andHermione will get the venom for you. When you have it, get out of the officeand walk past the students in the classroom to the corridor outside. When youare in the corridor the game takes over and you will be back in the dormitory.Take off the cloak and go back down to the common room and give Ginny the Doxy
  13. 13. Venom. With that done Ginny will leave for the meeting giving you 20/28 found.----------------------------------*Hannah Abbot: Revision Nightmare*----------------------------------Hannah is right at the bottom of the Grand Staircase but will not join themeeting as she is afraid of getting caught. To get Hannah to the meeting youneed to find secret way for her to get there. (She may be the only person inthe game more highly strung than Hermione!).To find this passage all you need to do is go to the far end of the Dungeonfrom where Hannah is stood and go up one set of stairs. Here you will findanother portrait. If you talk to him he will tell you the password isScurrilous Scoundrel. When you have done that, go back and talk to Hannah andshe will agree to come to the meeting and she will tell Justin Finch-Fletchleyabout it too. That means 22/28 found.------------------------------------------------------*Lee Jordan: George & Lee Jordan Hiding The Fireworks*------------------------------------------------------(See Fred & George Weasley)------------------------------*Luna Lovegood: The Thestrals*------------------------------Luna can be found by following the path behind Hagrid’s Hut. She will notcome to the meeting until you have tempted the Thestrals down for theirdinner. This is one of my least favourite of the tasks in this game. You needto get the ball of food up the hill to the top. You can use Wingardium Leviosato move it up but it has to be done in stages. At some points up the hill youwill see rocks that can be used to hold the food while you gain a betterposition to move it on to the next one. When the Thestrals have had their feedshe will agree to come to the meeting. That makes 23/28.----------------------------------------------------
  14. 14. *Michael Corner: Revealing The Room Of Requirements*----------------------------------------------------Michael can be found on the Stone Bridge. When you have found him, talk tohim and he will ask you to find Anthony Goldstein and Terry Boot. When allthree are found you will have 10/28 Members in the Room of Requirements.-------------------------------------------------*Padma Patil: Revealing The Room Of Requirements*-------------------------------------------------When you have spoken to either Padma or Parvati you will need to go up toDivination and meet them outside the classroom. When you find them outside theclassroom, talk to them and you can enjoy a short cut scene. When that is donethe girls will agree to some to the meeting giving you 25/28 found.---------------------------------------------------*Parvati Patil: Revealing The Room Of Requirements*---------------------------------------------------See Padma Patil.-----------------------------------------*Susan Bones: Rescue From The Slytherins*-----------------------------------------Susan is in the Entrance Courtyard and is being harassed by Crabbe and Goyle.To get rid of the two apes you will need to duel them. Use Stupefy andExpelliarmus to defeat them and Protego to protect yourself. When they aregone you can tell Susan about the meeting and she will agree to go. Nearlythere, 26/28 members found.------------------------------------------------*Terry Boot: Revealing The Room Of Requirements*------------------------------------------------Terry is in the Clock Tower Courtyard. Terry will ask you to find AnthonyGoldstein and Michael Corner. All you need to do is talk to him though then
  15. 15. find the other two. When all three are found you have 10/28 Members found.----------------------------------------*Zacharias Smith: Helping With Homework*----------------------------------------Zacharias is in the Library and you need to help him with his homework to makesure he attends. All you need to do is get the Monster book of Monsters in theLibrary. Go into the second section of the Library and you will find the bookon the last bookshelf on the right. When you return to Zacharias with the bookhe tells you that he also wants some Wiggenweld potion. You need to go to theHospital Wing and you can find the potion on the bedside table next to thelast bed on the right. Take that back to Zacharias and he will set you a finaltask. Now you need to find Nearly Headless Nick and ask him when he died. Thistask is made easy as Nick will come to you. After the cut scene talk toZacharias again and he will go to the Room of Requirements. That should be all28 found and they are waiting for you in the Room of Requirements.----------------------*Room Of Requirements*----------------------With all members of the DA found and safely tucked away in the Room ofRequirements you can go there and learn some new spells. Only a few of themembers will ask you to teach them something so you do not need to wait untilthey are all found to learn these new spells. If you have found the person whoasks you to teach them a spell you can go there at any time to learn it.------------------------------------------*Cho Chang: Cho Wants To Learn Levicorpus*------------------------------------------As always Hermione will show you what to do with the analogue stick. Copy herspell three times and after your third Cho will cast Levicorpus. This spell isnow available to you in duels.--------------------------------------------------------*Colin Creevey: Colin Wants To Learn Petrificus Totalus*
  16. 16. --------------------------------------------------------Pertificus Totalus is the Body-bind Curse and will freeze your opponent on thespot. Hermione will demonstrate the wand movement and then you copy her bycasting the spell three times at Neville. When you have done this Colin willcopy the spell and you will now have full use of this in any future duels.---------------------------------------------*Ginny Weasley: Ginny Wants To Learn Reducto*---------------------------------------------Reducto is the opposite of Reparo, it will break things down for you. Asbefore Hermione will show you the wand movement and you copy her. Cast thespell three times and Ginny will copy you.--------------------------------------------------------*Zacharias Smith: Zacharias Wants To Learn Rictumsempra*--------------------------------------------------------Rictumsempra is the Tickling Charm but is more useful than it sounds. Tryusing it in a duel and you will see the benefits. For the last time, copyHermione’s wand movement three times, (at least this one you get to practiceon Zacharias), then Ron will copy the spell.When you have learnt all the spells with the other members of the DA you willget to watch a cut scene. When that’s out the way you will be beside Ron inthe common room. You need to leave Gryffindor Tower. As you go through theportrait you will come face to face with Professor McGonagall. She will directyou to the headmaster’s office.-----------------------------*Rush To Dumbledore’s Office*-----------------------------Find Albus Dumbledore on the Marauder’s Map and go down to him. You will meethim when you reach the Entrance Hall. After that you will need to watchanother cut scene. When the cut scene finishes you will be in the Potionsclassroom with Snape.
  17. 17. He is here to teach you Occlumency, (which if you didn’t know is a form ofmagic used to block other wizards from using Legilemency and reading yourmind).Your task during this lesson is to repeatedly tap the analogue stick in theopposite direction to the one in which Snape’s wand went. So if his wand goesleft, you tap the stick to the right repeatedly until he is forced back to themiddle and changes direction. If you can push his wand back to the middle fourtimes he will be forced out of that memory and will try to get at another.When you have pushed him out of enough memories the lesson will end.----------------*Grimauld Place*----------------When you return to the game you are back at Grimauld Place for a brief visit.There is not much to do here so you can talk to Arthur Weasley if you like andreturn straight to Hogwarts. If however you would like to explore you can doso.You can talk to Lupin and Tonks in the kitchen or leave and go up the stairs.On this floor there are three doors, two of which lead to the same room withthe Black family tree. In here you can talk to Sirius if you wish. If you gointo the room at the top of the stairs leading from the kitchen you can talkto Ginny and help her with a task. She is trying to find Black familyartefacts that Kreacher has hidden.The first item is a jewellery box under the small cabinet between the windows,use either Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to move it. Behind the picture on thewall at the far end of the room is a locket. For anyone who doesn’t know it,this necklace is actually very important in the sixth Harry Potter story. Anice touch to have put it in I thought. The cabinet beside the picture has abook on it, use the action button to pick it up. You can also use the actionbutton on the bookcase in the opposite corner to the picture. With that donethere really is nothing more to do here but talk to the other people in thehouse.
  18. 18. Up the stairs are two doors that you cannot use and a hidden portrait ofSirius’s mother screaming insults at you but if you carry on up to the nextfloor you can find Ron and Hermione in a bedroom to chat with. The other dooron this floor is useless.On the top floor there are two useless doors but the one on the left makes aweird sound when you go near it. I think Kreacher is inside.When you are happy that you have done all you want to do here, go back to thekitchen and talk to Mr Weasley who will then in turn ask you to find Sirius.Go back upstairs to the Tapestry room and talk to Sirius and you will bereturned to Hogwarts.----------------------------------*Harry’s Second Occlumency Lesson*----------------------------------With Christmas out the way it’s time to get back to business. Harry needs tofind Snape in the Potions classroom for his next Occlumency lesson. Repeat thesame process as you did for the last lesson. Move Snape’s wand back to themiddle four times to push him out of Harry’s memory. Four memories saved andthe lesson is over. With this lesson over it’s time to return to the DA in theRoom of Requirements.When you have finished the lesson you can go back to the Room of Requirementsand teach the DA members how to cast a Patronus Charm. To teach them thisspell all you need to do is press the triangle button to pull out your wandand Harry will shout “Expecto Patronum”. When he has done this wiggle theanalogue stick as you did at the beginning of the game. When you have cast thespell once a cut scene will take over.After that you will find yourself duelling members of the Inquisitorial Squad.You are not supposed to win this duel so don’t expect to. After you have lostyou will watch another cut scene.With Umbridge in charge the DA have scattered and there are other problemsarising at Hogwarts. Hagrid has disappeared and you need to get to his hut tohelp cover his over-sized tracks. When you get to Hagrid’s you will find a
  19. 19. group of Slytherins (a.k.a. the Inquisatorial Squad), outside setting fire tohis hut. You will need to duel them though by now you know all the spells andhave them ready to use.--------------------------------------*Colin Creevey: Howlers In The Owelry*--------------------------------------To help Colin you need to get into the Owelry, unfortunately Umbridge haslocked it. Your only way in is to use the ledges around the outside and getin through one of the windows. To start with though you will need to get pastthe Devils Snare. With the other three helping you, you can use Incendio andget rid of it. With this done you can use the drain pipe next to the stairs toclimb up to a ledge.Sidle along the first ledge you can reach and at the end you will find a ridgeof stone carving you can use to climb downwards. From this bottom ledge youcan sidle left to reach a window and climb into the Owelry.When you are in Colin will pass the packages up through the window. You needto use Wingardium Leviosa to put the packages into the roosts marked with redcrosses. You will find two on the ground floor, two on the first floor and onehalf way up the stairs between the first and second floor. If you drop onedown the stairs you will need to wait for Colin to send you another box ratherthan run down and try to lift it back up the stairs.When all the boxes are in the right Owl holes Colin will shout up and tell youFilch is coming. Run all the way upstairs to the rafters and the door at thetop will be open. Go through and use Reparo on the broken ledge then use it toclimb out of the window. From the window ledge move left and Harry will climbonto another stone ridge. Use this to climb down to a lower ledge then sidleleft to find another ridge. Use this one to reach a lower ledge then move allthe way to the left of this ledge. Use yet another ridge to reach a lowerledge.Follow that ledge all the way to the left then use the ridge there to get toanother ledge further down. From that ledge move right to another ridge thendown to another ledge and then head right past the window you used to get into
  20. 20. the Owelry. Continue just past that window onto the ridge to the right of itand climb to the upper ledge. Move to the right on that ledge and at the endyou will finally find the ridge needed to climb all the way to the bottom.---------------------------------------*Dean Thomas: Sabotage The Clock Tower*---------------------------------------Dean is near the Clock in the Tower and has a great idea to sabotageUmbridge’s lessons. To do this you need to tamper with the clock. To startwith move the large cogs off the right hand side of the clock and put them onthe left hand side so the clock runs backwards. Keep them in the same order asyou took them off, for example, put the one you found on the bottom onto thebottom peg on the left hand side.When all three cogs have been moved you need to go up the stairs to the nextlevel and pass Dean down the cogs you find up there using Wingardium Leviosa.When you have passed all three cogs down to Dean go back down so you can putthem on the clock.To put these three on you will need to use the pegs in the bottom right handcorner that run down in a straight line. Put them on with the biggest cog inthe middle and the clock will start to go berserk.---------------------------------------*Luna Lovegood: Swamping The Courtyard*---------------------------------------Luna can be found in the Clock Tower Courtyard. She has a nice little trick upher sleeve courteous of Fred and George. The have stashed portable swamps ineach of the Courtyards of Hogwarts. What you need to do is to get them fromtheir hiding places and set them off. To help you in this task there are redcrosses marked where you need to be to get the swamp or where to put it to setit off.Clock Tower CourtyardTo get to this swamp you need to find the red cross near the bottom of the
  21. 21. fruit tree and stack two stone benches on that cross. Use them to climb uponto the ledge above. From there you can climb up to another ledge then ontothe roof. Use Reparo on the hole in the roof so you can walk across then useReducto on the roof of the turret to reveal the swamp. Now use WingardiumLeviosa on the swamp to get it down to the courtyard and it shouldautomatically land on the red cross. When you have dropped the swamp climbback down and use either Reducto or Incendio on the box to set the swamp off.Paved CourtyardGo up the stairs in the corner that you repaired earlier for Dean’s homeworkand follow the path round until you find a broken pipe in a corner. Use Reparoon the pipe and climb up. Sidle left along the first ledge you come to thenwhen you reach the end, instead of going up carry on going left across thenext ledge. When you reach the end of this one climb up to the roof using thatdrain pipe. Follow the roof around to the end and you will find the portableswamp. Wingardium Leviosa it down to the others and they should put it on thered cross. All you need to do now is climb back down and set it off.Transfiguration CourtyardWith this one Ginny will tell you that she had to hide it in a tree so that itwouldn’t be discovered. When you get over to the tree cast Wingardium Leviosaat the swamp. Unfortunately before you can get it down you are interrupted bysome Slytherins. You need to duel them to get rid of them. When you have, useWingardium Leviosa to get the swamp down and put it on the red cross then setit off.---------------------------------------*The Parvati Twins: Silencing Umbridge*---------------------------------------The Parvati twins can be found in a fifth floor corridor and they have aningenious idea of how to upset Umbridge. Their task for you is quite simple.Find two benches and stack them under the pink speaker nearby. Climb on topof the bench and use the action button to pour Babbling Beverage into thespeaker. When you have done that you will have other speaker to find andtamper with. There locations are listed below.
  22. 22. 1. Third Floor Corridor (near the Grand Staircase)2. Second Floor Corridor (near the Library)3. First Floor Corridor (near the Stone Bridge)4. Entrance Courtyard5. Viaduct Entrance (at the top of the stairs near the corridor)With all the speakers you will find two benches you can use to stackunderneath each one and sabotage it. Do this to all six speakers to makeUmbridge more amusing to listen to.----------------------------------*Severus Snape: Occlumency Lesson*----------------------------------When you have completed all the tasks for the DA members if is time for yournext Occlumency lesson. As before protect Harry’s memories from Snape and thelesson will soon come to an end. When the lesson has finished you will begrateful to hear that this is your last lesson. Now you need to find Fred andGeorge.------------------------------*Fred And George: Finest Hour*------------------------------Fred and George are waiting for you on the Fifth floor with Lee Jordan andanther plan for more mischief. From here you take control of one of the twinsand you need to set off the swamp with either Incendio or Reducto.When you have done that a cut scene takes over and the twins are busted. Thishowever, is their finest hour and they go out in true Weasley twin’s fashion.When the scene has finished you will find yourself on the broom flying aroundthe Grand Staircase. You need to set off the boxes of Weasley fireworks on thevarious landings up and down the stairs. This can be a bit tricky on thebroomstick but it is easier than you think when you have the hang of it. Youwill slow down on the broom when you start casting your spell. Hit each onewith either Reducto or Incendio and try to dodge the fireworks zooming aroundwhen you have set them off. Don’t panic if you do get hit though as you will
  23. 23. take control of the other twin each time you get hit.When you have set the last one off on the stair case you will then be in theGreat Hall. Set off the box of fireworks at the end of the hall near theteacher’s table and you can relax now and enjoy the cut scene.-----------------------------------*Save Ron, Luna, Ginny And Neville*-----------------------------------When you regain control of the game you are down at Hagrid’s hut and need tosave your friends. They are just above you at the Stone Circle but they arebeing attacked by the Inquisatorial Squad. This is another wizard’s duel foryou to fight in. Use your arsenal of spells and take them down. The mostimportant thing to remember to take them out quickly is to get in close whenthey are on their knees and hit them with Expelliarmus. If you get their wandthey are down for good. With them out the way you are on the Thestrals and onyour way to the Ministry.-------------------*Ministry Of Magic*-------------------After several cut scenes you will take control again when the Death Eaters andSirius have arrived and you will have control over Sirius. Here you must duelwith Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. This duel can be pretty toughdepending on which difficulty setting you chose to play on. It is notimpossible to win but it is worth noting that you don’t have to. If Sirius isknocked down the story will continue anyway.-----------------*Lord Voldermort*-----------------When you have either lost or won this duel it will be time to face Voldermort.To start with you will face him in a wizard’s duel, this time as Dumbledore.Keep casting Protego on yourself and use the offensive spells you have. Timeyour attacks so they go out after his Protego spell has worn off or you risk
  24. 24. taking hits yourself. This part should not be difficult though.For the second stage of this duel Voldermort will be stood up on the fountain.This time he will cast a spell that sucks all other jinxes or curses up into alarge green orb floating above him. When enough spells have been drawntogether he will release it at you, use Protego to send it right back at him.Sometimes they will not hit him the first time but he will move them aroundhim in an orange circle. When that happens cover yourself with Protego againso when he sends it back at you, you can deflect it back at him. Hit himenough times and the duel moves on to the next stage.This stage is noticeably harder than the others. Voldermort will be floatingtables and chairs above himself which he sends flying down to you from time totime, all the while shooting spells at you too. You will have to be slightlymore offensive in this one but do not by any means loosen on your defensivespells. The only way you will survive this stage is to continually castProtego on yourself while cast quick offensive jinxes such as Stupefy orExpelliarmus. With enough persistence he will go down leaving just one lastthing to do.Harry must now resist Voldermort’s efforts to possess him. This is doneexactly like Occlumency lessons. Tap the analogue stick in the oppositedirection to the way Voldermort’s wand goes. Force it back to the middle fourtimes and he will be forced out of that memory and move onto another. Savefive memories from Voldermort and he will be forced out and defeated.--------------------------------*Dumbledore Returns To Hogwarts*--------------------------------Congratulations you have now completed the main story line to the game. WithDumbledore reinstated back as headmaster of Hogwarts the school grounds willbe returned to normal. Fred and George’s swamps are gone and the speakers andannouncements have disappeared along with them.If you have not had a chance to complete all the side tasks and mini games nowis the time to do it. For information on how to earn each cup in the Room ofRequirements and how to complete each room 100% read the chapters below. Good
  25. 25. luck and congratulations again.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 4 Room Of Rewards~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To make things easier I will number the cups 1-18 starting with the cabinet tothe left of the portrait you enter through.-----------------*1. Homework Cup*-----------------– Complete all Teacher Mini-Quests 4/4After Neville has shown you the Room of Requirements for the first time theteacher’s mini-quests will become available. Below are the teachers that havethe quests, where to find them and how to complete their tasks.1.1 Filius FlitwickProfessor Flitwick can be found in the second floor corridor near the Library.For this assignment you need to find out who has the book you need. The girlwho has the book is in the Great Hall so head down there and when you enter aquick cut scene will show you who has the book. It is a Ravenclaw girl on thetable on the far right in the second group of tables down the hall. Go andtalk to her and she will let you look at the book .When you have you will beable to go back to Professor Flitwick.1.2 Minerva McGonagallProfessor McGonagall can be found on the outside of the TransfigurationCourtyard looking for some first years. She has given them detention but theyseem to have holed themselves up in the Divination Tower instead. All you needto do is head up there and talk to them. Send them down to ProfessorMcGonagall and then return and talk to her yourself. Although ProfessorMcGonagall does not agree with your methods she does award ten points to
  26. 26. Gryffindor.1.3 Pomona SproutProfessor Sprout is in the Greenhouses, naturally. When you talk to her shewill ask if you have completed your homework. Of course you aren’t so you needto go and talk to Neville in the Room of Requirements. He will tell you thathe has a book on Self Fertilizing Shrubs beside his bed in the boy’sdormitory. Go to Gryffindor Tower and find the book. You will find it on thecabinet on Harry’s right hand side as you enter the dormitory. When you havethe book go back down and give Professor Sprout your essay.1.4 Severus SnapeSnape can be found in front of the Potions class in the dungeon. If you havereached the part in the game where you need to do Occlumency lessons then youwill have to wait until the end to do this task as Snape disappears inside thePotions class and you cannot gain access to that classroom until this task iscomplete.Once again, to complete the homework you will need to find a book. Fortunatelythis one is in the most obvious place, the Library. The book you want is inthe Restricted Section. This is the third section of the Library that isseparated with little gates. To find the book go all the way to the back ofthe room and it is on the bookshelf on the far left, second bookshelf from theback. When you have it, go back to Snape and hand in the homework.-------------------------*2. Studious Success Cup*-------------------------– Get and ‘O’ in all lessons 3/3When you have completed the Teacher’s Mini-Quests three of them will set youO.W.L.’s to take. If you can achieve and O for Outstanding in all three ofthem you will win this cup. The time you are given to reach each grade dependson which level of difficulty you chose to play the game on. If you decided totake the challenge and play it on hard you will find it difficult to reach theO in each lesson. The grades you can achieve are listed below.
  27. 27. 1. O for Outstanding2. E for Exceeds Expectations3. A for Acceptable4. P for Poor5. T for TrollProfessor Flitwick’s ExamFor this test you will need to cast a series of Charms. Which charm you needwill be called out by Professor Flitwick and you need to aim at the rightpiece of furniture and cast it. The grade you get depends on how quickly youcan perform each charm on the right piece of furniture. The order in which hecalls them never changes so if you don’t get it first time it is easier to geteach time you try as you begin to remember what comes next. To save you thetrouble I have listed them below. To achieve an O for this test you will needto cast the spell as soon as you can so you are casting continuouslythroughout the exam.1. Wingardium Leviosa on the bench on the far right.2. Reducto on the tree stump in the middle.3. Reparo on the plates to the right of the stump.4. Accio on the chain hanging in the fire place on the right.5. Depulso on the cabinet that appears on the left.6. Accio on the chain in the fireplace.7. Incendio on the candle and plaque that appears on the far left.8. Reducto on the tree stump.9. Reparo on the plates.10. Wingardium Leviosa on the stone bench.Professor Sprout’s ExamFor this test you need to re-pot Mandrakes as fast as you can. They willappear in two rows of pots, some will be broken with Mandrakes in them andothers will be empty waiting for Mandrakes to be put it.The first set will appear with five Mandrakes on the left and five new pots onthe right. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move them into their new pots. The second
  28. 28. set will have two Mandrakes on the left and three on the right, each atalternate pots. The third round will have three Mandrakes on the left and twoon the right. This is different though. Instead of each Mandrake facing theirnew pot, they are scattered around so you will need to find a new pot forthem. It shouldn’t be too tricky to do. That was the final round so you cansee if you have reached O or try again if you did not.Professor Snape’s ExamTo pass this test you need to make a potion by adding the right colouredbottle into the cauldron depending on what colour the potion is at the time.For example, if the potion is yellow, use Wingardium Leviosa on the yellowbottle and drop it into the cauldron. The bottles will then change place andthe potion will change colour ready for the next bottle. The order in whichyou need to add the bottles is listed below.1. Light Blue2. Green3. Pink4. Blue5. Green6. Yellow7. Light Blue8. Blue9. Pink10. Yellow--------------------*3. Ornithology Cup*--------------------- Find all the flying creatures of Hogwarts 5/5Around Hogwarts there are five groups of flying creatures that can be found.You only need to get discovery points from one different creature within eachgroup to achieve the cup.3.1 Crows
  29. 29. On the Suspended Bridge there are three crows perched on the ropes. Two arehigh and one is low, walk over to them to make them fly away. You can alsofind crows in the Stone Circle an at Hagrid’s Hut.3.2 OwlsObviously these are found at the Owelry. Three owls can be found near theground on the outside of the Owelry. Two are on the wall and one is on aperch. There is a sack on the floor that you can use Wingardium Leviosa on tofeed a treat to each owl. There are also owls around the outside of the towerthat is the Owelry but you will not be able to get those until later in thegame when you are helping Colin to annoy Umbridge.3.3 SeagullsThese are found at the Boathouse. The first one is on the wall near the bottomof the stairs leading down from the Entrance Courtyard. There are two perchedon the right hand side of the Boathouse that you can touch. On the left handside of the Boathouse you can use Wingardium Leviosa on the sack on the groundto feed a treat to the three seagulls roosting there.3.4 BatsThese are found on the Stone Bridge, or more precisely, under it. On the lefthand side of the bridge, (near the entrance to the first floor), climb up ontothe far side wall and the camera will change showing you a stone ridge. Youcan use this ridge to climb down to a ledge below you. On that ledge sidle allthe way to the right and use the second ridge to move down to a lower ledge.Step out onto this ledge and take a step and bats will fly out past you.3.5 PixieThere is only one Pixie you need to find and it is in the Defence Against theDark Arts classroom. When you enter go over to the right hand row of desks andcast Wingardium Leviosa on the second one from the back to release the Pixie.--------------------------*4. Portrait Password Cup*
  30. 30. --------------------------– Find all the Portrait Passwords of Hogwarts 12/12There are twelve passwords to find in all and although they are not necessaryto complete the main story line, they will help a lot. They can cut yourtravelling time around the castle quite dramatically as their passages offermany shortcuts. If you talk to a portrait and all they do is continue to sleepon, this means you need to find their “other” portrait and talk to that one asmost of them will have and entrance and exit portrait that are identical tolook at.1. Fat Lady’s PortraitThis is the first password you will get. When you are trying to find Hermioneat the beginning of the game you need to find the password to get intoGryffindor Tower. At this point in the game there is usually a Gryffindorrunning up or down the staircase near you. Grab them and ask them if they knowthe portrait password. If there is not a member of Gryffindor near you thenfind any Gryffindor and they will tell you. When you do find out the passwordyou need is "Mimbulus mimbletonia".2. Damara Dodderige’s PortraitYou must speak with this woman when you see her on the Grand Staircase on aThird Floor landing. If you try to talk to her in her other portrait she willjust snooze on. To get her password is very simple. All you need to do is godown the staircase to talk to the painting of Gifford Ollerton on the firstfloor. When you have asked him for her food return to her portrait and shewill tell you the password is “Chops and Gravy”.3. Gifford Ollerton’s PortraitYou must talk to his portrait on the first floor landing of the GrandStaircase. When you do he will tell you that he may only let someone fromHufflepuff through unless they have the password. To get the password you needto have helped a member from Hufflepuff House. So the simple solution is tofind someone from Hufflepuff and ask them for the password. I can usually findone in the Entrance Hall to talk to. When you have found one, they will
  31. 31. remember that you helped Cederic Diggory last year at Hogwarts so they willtell you the password is “Dragon’s egg”.4. Percival Pratt’s PortraitThis rhyming man can be found on the fifth floor landing of the GrandStaircase. He will ask you to “seek the man with faces three”. To find the guywith three faces you need to go up to the seventh floor near the Room ofRequirements. If you stand with your back to the door for the Room ofRequirements and walk down the corridor in front of you, the portrait you arelooking for is on your left at the end of the corridor. It is covered incobwebs so you will need to use Incendio on his portrait first before you cantalk to him. When you do he will tell you to find Basil Von Fronsac.To find him you need to go to the portrait on the second floor landing on theGrand Staircase. When you talk to him he will send you to the portrait of theShepherdess on the second floor landing which is very confusing as you are onthat. The secret is he means another second floor landing. You need to go tothe corridor on the second floor. When you get to the corridor you will findsome stairs that keep turning back on themselves with landings in between. Theshepherdess in on the second landing down. Talk to her and she will tell youto talk to Google Stump. To find him you need to go to the Viaduct Entrance.When you get there you will find Google Stump to the right at the bottom ofthe stairs. He will direct you to Gifford Abbot at the bottom of the GrandStaircase. He is the Hufflepuff portrait whose password is “Dragon’s Egg”.Talk to him and he tells “This password is absurd”.5. Boris the Bewildered’s PortraitThis portrait is in the Third Floor corridor near the broken suits of armour.To get his password you need to talk to someone who was at Hogwarts fiftyyears ago. If you know your Hogwarts well enough you will remember thatMoaning Myrtle was killed at Hogwarts fifty years ago by a Basilisk. Go to herbathroom and talk to her and she will tell you the password is“Forget-me-never”.6. Library Portrait
  32. 32. To get this password you need to bring him the headline from today’s DailyProphet because this is a staff passage and he won’t let you through any otherway. To get a copy of the Daily Prophet you need to go to the Great Hall andwalk to the far end of the Hall. Find the Headmaster’s Lectern in front of theteacher’s table and first cast Depulso on it to see a quick cur scene of thebird windows in the rafters. (You will also see the roof which is an unheardof thing in Hogwarts.) When you have done that cast Wingardium Leviosa on thelectern and you will see four owls fly down over the tables. One of them wascarrying the Daily Prophet. Run over and pick it up then go back to theportrait in the Library and tell him the “news”. He will then tell you thepassword is “No News Is Good News”.7. Google Stump’s PortraitYou must talk to his portrait on a second floor landing on the Grand Staircase.He will tell you to find a first year Ravenclaw student and ask them whereRowena Ravenclaw came from. Head down to the Entrance Hall and you will findone there. Ask them and they will tell you she came from the Glens. Go back toGoogle and he will grant you access and tell you the password is“Studious Success”.8. Basil Von Fronsac’s PortraitHe can be found in the Viaduct Entrance to the right of the bottom of thestairs. He will only tell you the password if you can get rid of anyone withinearshot. This is the easiest password to get. Pull out your wand and aim it ateveryone in the entrance so they run away. When you have cleared them out talkto the portrait again and he will tell you the password is “Volo Futrus Unus”.9. Dungeon’s PortraitThis portrait is the one you need to open so that Hannah Abbot will attend thefirst DA meeting. He can be found up one flight of stairs in the Dungeon atthe base of the Grand Staircase. All you have to do is talk to him and he willtell you the password is “Scurrilous Scoundrel”.10. Herbology Portrait
  33. 33. This guy is apparently a bit fed up with looking at the portrait opposite him.All it is is a picture of an eye but you need to cover it up for him to giveyou the password. To do this you must repair the two broken suits of armoureither side of the picture. Use Reparo on them both and a banner will dropdown to cover the picture. When this is done talk to the Portrait and he willtell you the password is “Flaming Earwigs”.11. Slytherin PortraitTo find this one go all the way to the end of the Dungeon Corridor and talk toher. She will tell you that she only lets in people with the password and onlySlytherins have the password. To get this password you will need yourinvisibility cloak so go up to the dormitory and get it on. When you have itgo back down to the portrait and you will over hear a group of first yearSlytherins talking about using the passage so they aren’t late for theirpotions lesson. Follow them down to the end of the corridor and they will usethe password. Now that you have over heard it you can now go back up and putthe invisibility cloak back then go and tell her the password is “SlytherinsAre Supreme”.12. Crazy PortraitThis portrait is found on the seventh floor and he will ask you to find "him".By this he means that you must find his "other" portrait. Go down to the fourthfloor and find him then cast Incendio on the cobwebs covering him up. Talk tohim and he will tell you that the password is "Three heads are better thanone."--------------------*5. House Ghost Cup*--------------------– Find all the house ghosts of Hogwarts 4/4Throughout Hogwarts there are four places that have a portrait of each ghost.This portrait is broken into four pieces and they are all lying on the floor.You must use Wingardium Leviosa to pick up each piece and place it back on the
  34. 34. wall where there are four paler patches. When all four pieces are in place youwill have discovered that ghost and they will roam up and down the corridorwith the exception of Nick who will appear each time in the game when youstand still too long and will remind you what you need to do at each stage inthe game.5.1 Nearly Headless Nick - GryffindorThe first ghost will actually come and talk to you during the game. This isNearly Headless Nick and he will appear when you leave the Room ofRequirements for the first time to go and find the other DA Members. Ifhowever you would like to find him before that then his portrait can be foundon the third floor. You will see it as you come off the Suspended Bridge nextto the Exploding Snap Champion.5.2 The Grey Lady – RavenclawThe portrait for the Grey Lady can be found right outside the Library on thewall opposite.5.3 The Fat Friar - HufflepuffYou will find this portrait on the first floor near the Stone Bridge. If youcome from that direction move through the round part of the corridor and it isa little way down the next stretch of corridor.5.4 The Bloody Baron – SlytherinThis portrait is hidden deep in the Dungeons of Hogwarts. When you enter thecorridor, go through the first part into the second and there will be a smallroom leading off from this part. The portrait for the Baron is in there.-------------------*6. Characters Cup*-------------------– Find all characters in the game. 58/58
  35. 35. At the point in the game when you first find the Room of Requirements you willalready have encountered 18/58 characters needed for this cup. There is noreal effort needed to get this one as you will find all the characters just byplaying the game and completing the tasks available. This cup however will notbe finished until the end of the game when you have fought Voldermort.---------------------*7. Grand Master Cup*---------------------– Beat all the wizard chess champions 3/3For this cup there are three Chess Champions to be found and defeated aroundHogwarts. You will have to play them in a certain order as some will not playyou until you have defeated one of the others. They will all play the samerules and they are standard to a game of chess.I cannot really give you any tips on how to beat them all. There is however away around debating them fairly. I got stuck here myself as I am not a chessplayer so I went looking through the forums on this site. I cannot rememberthe name of the person who posted this suggestion (so I cannot give creditunfortunately), but they said to find a site where you can play chess andmimic the game.To do this I used www.chess.com and set up a game against a computer playerwith them playing as white. Every time they moved I copied it on the game thenwhen they in game player moved I copied that into the pc. With this method itwas easy to beat all three players every time. I just wish I could beat themfor real loll.7.1 Start with the Gryffindor Champion who can be found in the GryffindorCommon Room.7.2 The second opponent you need to take on is the Slytherin Champion who canbe found in the Great Hall.7.3 Finally, when you have defeated both of the other champions you may take
  36. 36. on the Ravenclaw Champion in the Library.-----------------------*8. Exploding Snap Cup*-----------------------– Beat all exploding snap champions 2/2There are two Exploding Snap Champions around Hogwarts who must be beaten toearn this cup. You will know you have found them as you will hear their cardsexploding nearby them. You will need to play two different styles of snap, onefor each champion, to defeat them both.8.1 The Gryffindor Champion can be found on the Third Floor near the portraitof Nearly Headless Nick. If you come from the Suspended Bridge end you willsee her as soon as you step into the corridor. She will play the Classic Ruleswhich means the cards will turn over one at a time. When two are turned oneafter the other that match, press the square button to call snap. If you callsnap on a pair that don’t match they will explode reducing the amount ofmatches you can make in a game. With each pair you match the speed at whichthey turn will increase. You must find six or more matches to beat thischampion.8.2 The Hufflepuff Champion can be found in the Fifth Floor corridor near theClock Tower. If you enter from the Clock Tower you will see her half way downthe passage. She will play the Patience Rules. This is played like a game ofpairs. The cards will be laid out in front of you face down and you turn twoat a time and try to find a match. When you have turned over though, you willonly have a short amount of time to find its match before the card explodes sospeed is a factor. Find five or more pairs and you will win.------------------------*9. Golden Gobstone Cup*------------------------– Beat all Gobstones champions 4/4
  37. 37. This is by far the worst part of this game. There are three styles for playingGobstones and two of them are easy enough but the third is awful! You need tobeat each Champion in three games following their rules.9.1 Ravenclaw Champion – Clock Tower Courtyard – Jack Stone RulesThis game is easy enough and should not give you too many problems. Eachplayer has four Gobstones and the Jack Gobstone is placed in the middle of thecircle. The aim of the game is to have one of your Gobstones closest to theJack than any other at the end of the game. As your opponent goes first theeasiest thing to do is to try each time to knock his Gobstone away from theJack. As hitting his one will slow your Gobstone down it will usually stopsomewhere near the Jack. Beat him three times then you can move on.9.2 Hufflepuff Champion – Entrance Courtyard – Traditional RulesThis variation of Gobstones is awful. It may take some getting used to asprecision is the key. The game begins with fifteen Gobstones in a circle inthe middle of the playing field. You and your opponent will take it in turnsto flick one of your Gobstones into the ring and try to knock one of thegolden Gobstones out of the ring. You each play with only one Gobstone eachand move it around the playing area each time you take a turn. If you knock agolden Gobstone out and your Gobstone follows though, they golden one youknocked out will go to your opponent. Persevere and try to be as accurate asyou can. That, coupled with the fact that the Hufflepuff Champion is prone tomaking mistakes from time to time will help you win. Beat him three times.9.3 Slytherin Champion – Paved Courtyard – Snake Pit RulesLike the Jack Stone rules this one is easy and applies pretty much the sameplaying theory. Instead of trying to get close to the Jack Stone, this timeyou need to get as close as you can to the hole in the middle without actuallydropping down into it. I used the same method as I did for the Jack Stonerules and each time it was my turn I knocked my opponent’s ball out of theway. As theirs slowed mine down it was usually a fail safe way of preventingmine from dropping into the snake pit. You each get four Gobstones andwhoever’s is the closest at then end wins.
  38. 38. 9.4 Gryffindor Champion – Paved Courtyard – One of EachWhen you have beaten all of the other three champions you can then challengethe Gryffindor champion. You will need to beat her in one game of each of thethree rules. This means you need to beat her once playing the traditionalrules, once playing the jack stone rules and once playing the snake pit rules.You can play her the same as you did the others using the same methods exceptwhen playing the traditional rules. You go first and she does not makemistakes like the Hufflepuff champion. To get a lead on her you will need todo one of two things. On your first turn deliberately miss the ring ofGobstones forcing her to break them up so you can be the first to get one outof the circle or be flash and try to knock two out at once. This is highlypossible in your second move of the game. Aim for a group of two or moreGobstones side by side and hit them hard. If you aim right and don’t leave thecircle you can get two out at once.----------------------------*10. Friend of the Year Cup*----------------------------– Find Luna’s lost belongings 5/5When you have defeated Lord Voldermort at he end of the game, Luna will befound in the Entrance Hall stood in front of the statue. Talk to her and shewill tell you that she has lost her stuff and needs to get them back. To getthis cup you need to find her missing belongings and give them back to her.10.1 Great Hall – This can be found on the first table on the left as youenter, about half way down.10.2 Entrance Courtyard – Use the broom to sweep away the leaves on the righthand side of the courtyard, (the side the boathouse is on) and you will findone of her things under a pile of leaves.10.3 Viaduct Entrance – Look on the floor next to the portrait.10.4 Library – This is in plain sight on the end of the table.
  39. 39. 10.5 Clock Tower Courtyard – As you come out of the portrait head straightinto the courtyard and you will see it lying on the ground in front of thefountain.------------------*11. Smuggler Cup*------------------– Find Fred and George’s hidden parcels around Hogwarts 12/12Dotted around Hogwarts Fred and George have hidden a dozen packages, none ofwhich they want to get into the hands of Filch or Umbridge. Find all twelveand you will win this cup.11.1 Stone Circle – Cast Depulso on the fern by the rock in the middle of theStone Circle.11.2 Stone Circle – Cast Depulso on a fern that lays half way up the trailleading to the Owelry.11.3 Hagrid’s Hut – Cast Wingardium Leviosa on one of the pumpkins in thepatch and place it on top of Hagrid’s hut on the chimney. When it gets blownoff a package will drop out for you to pick up.11.4 Hagrid’s Hut – Cast Depulso on one of the ferns behind Hagrid’s Hut.11.5 Hagrid’s Hut – Cast Depulso on a second fern behind Hagrid’s Hut.11.6 About halfway between Hagrid’s Hut and the Thestral clearing there isanother fern on the trail. Cast Depulso on it to get another package.11.7 Hagrid’s Hut – Go to the Thestral clearing and cast Depulso on the fernnear the bottom on the hill.11.8 Owelry – When you are helping Colin to mail the chocolates you need toclimb around the outside of the Owelry. When you do you can touch a few owls
  40. 40. but only one is needed for the cup.11.9 Paved Courtyard – When you are gathering the DA you will need to helpColin retrieve his camera from a high ledge. When you do this you will find apackage on the second ledge up.11.10 Boathouse – At the bottom of the stairs leading from the EntranceCourtyard, turn and walk to the right hand side of the screen to find apackage lying on the ground.11.11 Boathouse - This one can be found lying on the ground halfway down thetrail that leads from the Boathouse to the Paved Courtyard.11.12 Library – At the back of the first section to the Library is a largecabinet. Cast Depulso on it to move it aside then collect the package from thegap behind it.-----------------------*12. Secret Statue Cup*-----------------------– Find the secret wizard chess statues of Hogwarts. 12/12There are twelve statues taken from Wizard chess and hidden around the school.You will find them behind tapestries but not all the tapestries have a statuebehind them. Use Depulso to move the curtain and see if there is more thanjust a wall behind it. If there is use Wingardium Leviosa to open the tapestryand you will find your statues.12.1 Fourth Floor – Coming from the Grand Staircase move down the corridoruntil you come to some windows on your left. Halfway along the window sectionthere is a tapestry on the wall opposite. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to revealthe chess statue behind it.12.2 Second Floor – Near the Library the corridor bends twice. On one of thosebends is a tapestry hiding a statue.12.3 Second Floor – Opposite the last tapestry is a spiral staircase. Go up it
  41. 41. and go through the door at the top. Opposite you as you come out is anothertapestry with another chess statue.12. 4 Herbology – Coming from the second floor corridor turn into the corridorat the bottom of the stairs and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the second tapestryon the left.12.5 First Floor – Coming from the Grand Staircase, go through the firstcorridor and into the one beyond it. In here cast Wingardium Leviosa on thefirst tapestry you come to on the left.12.6 Second Floor – Coming from the Stone Bridge, cast Wingardium Leviosa onthe first tapestry on the left as you enter into the round part of thecorridor.12.7 Second Floor – Follow the corridor round until you come to a section thathas a long stretch of carpet. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the tapestry on theleft.12.8 Second Floor – Turn the corner and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the nexttapestry on the left.12.9 Go to the end of the corridor and cat Wingardium Leviosa on the lasttapestry on the right before you reach the stairs.12. 10 Dungeons – Follow the corridor round until you are in the last room atthe end. Turn to the right as you enter and cast Incendio on the cobwebs toreveal the statue.12.11 Dungeon Corridor – As you enter turn to the right and cast Incendio onthe cobwebs concealing the statue.12.12 Dungeon Corridor – Walk to the end of the corridor and cast Incendio onthe cobwebs there.------------------------------------*13. Famous Witches and Wizards Cup*------------------------------------
  42. 42. – Find the hidden wizard plaques around Hogwarts. 15/15Hidden around Hogwarts there are fifteen plaques. Some of them are hiddenbehind stones on the wall and need you to cast Accio to remove the stones.You can then use the square button to look at the plaque. The others will needyou to cast Incendio on the small candle below it before you can look at theplaque.13.1 Dungeons – As you enter go down the corridor a short way and you will seethe plaque. Cast Incendio to light the candle then press the square button toexamine the plaque.13.2 Dungeons – Go into the next corridor and you will see the plaque at theend near the room, with the Bloody Baron’s portrait in it. Light the candlethen examine the plaque.13.3 First Floor – Enter from the Stone Bridge and follow the first corridorto the end where you can turn left into another corridor. Before you turn intothe next one there are four bricks on the wall opposite you. They can be a bithard to see as it is dark. Reveal the plaque then examine it.13.4 First Floor – Turn left into the next corridor and go to the end. Besidethe door to the Grand Staircase is another plaque, light it then examine it.13.5 Second Floor – Enter the corridor from the Transfiguration Courtyard andturn to the right as soon as you enter. On the wall are four pale bricks, castAccio on them then examine the plaque.13.6 Second Floor - Follow the corridor and turn right at the junction. At thenext turn you will see the plaque beside the door to Myrtle’s Bathroom. Lightthe candle and examine the plaque.13.7 Herbology – Near the portrait you can use as a short cut there, there isa plaque you can light then examine.13.8 Herbology – On the wall opposite the last one there are four pale bricks.Move them with Accio then examine the plaque beneath it.
  43. 43. 13.9 Second Floor – Stand with your back to the Library and look on the wallto the left. On that wall there are four pale bricks. Move them then examinethe plaque.13.10 Second Floor – Continue down the corridor and turn left at the portrait.On your left is another plaque, light it then examine it.13.11 Third Floor – Enter from the Grand Staircase and go through the roundroom into the corridor. Halfway down the corridor you will see the plaque onthe right. Light it then examine it.13.12 Fourth Floor – Enter from the Grand Staircase and look closely at thewall on the left as soon as you enter the corridor. Cast Accio on the fourpale bricks then examine the plaque.13.13 Fifth Floor – Enter from the Grand Staircase and go through the roundroom. Step through the arch into the next corridor and turn to your right.Beside the arch you just came through are four pale bricks. Move them andexamine the plaque underneath.13.14 Fifth Floor - Move further down the corridor turn round the corner. Youcan find the plaque between to suits of armour. Light it then examine it.13.15 Fifth Floor – Go through the arch at the end of the corridor and turn toface the wall on your right. Cats Accio on the bricks and examine the plaque.----------------------*14. Nature Trail Cup*----------------------- Find all the rare creature tracks hidden in Hogwarts 3/3These tracks can all be found around Hagrid’s Hut.14.1 The first set of tracks belong to a Hippogriff and can be found at theend of the low wall that runs along side the pumpkin patch.
  44. 44. 14.2 The second ones belong to Fang and are at the start of the trail leadingfrom the hut to the Thestral clearing.14.3 The last set are Thestral tracks and can be found half way down thetrail from the hut to the Thestral clearing.------------------*15. Explorer Cup*------------------- Find all known areas of Hogwarts 100%This one is awarded to you once you have been in every room or area withinHogwarts grounds. If you have not gotten this cup by the end of the game,(which I know could surely not happen), then you need to look at yourMarauder’s Map and visit each room on the list to the left of the main mappage.----------------------*16. Architecture Cup*----------------------- Uncover all the hidden Hogwarts symbols. 12/12These are found in groups of four, one for each house of Hogwarts. They arefound in three different locations.16.1 Entrance Courtyard – In this courtyard there are four piles of deadleaves. Beside one of the piles is a broom. Use Wingardium Leviosa to pick thebroom up and sweep up the piles of leaves in each corner until you haveuncovered all four insignia. You can if you like put a bench with the matchingInsignia on each symbol but it is not a requirement for the cup.16.2 Paved Courtyard – Repair the broken stairs in the corner and go up ontothe balcony. Up here there are four broken statues. Repair each one withReparo to reveal four more Insignia. Again you can place the benches on thematching symbol but you do not need to.
  45. 45. 16.3 Transfiguration Courtyard – For the last four you need to cast WingardiumLeviosa on the globe sculpture in the middle of the courtyard. This will lightup eight shields on the floor. Around the edge of the courtyard there areeight benches which will now have a different coloured shield on each one.Move each bench onto one of the coloured shields around the sculpture so theshields match. When all eight shields match you will have found all of theInsignia needed for this cup.---------------------------------------*17. Defence Against The Dark Arts Cup*---------------------------------------- Cast all defensive spells in a single encounter. 6/6For this cup you do not have to get into six different wizard duels. Eachperson you duel with counts towards this cup so you will have plenty ofopportunities to earn it. Keep checking though as plentiful as they are, theopportunities are limited.----------------------*18. School Pride Cup*----------------------- Complete all Hogwarts Chores 66/66Around Hogwarts there are things you can do to tidy up the school such as castReparo on broken items or straighten up the suits of armour. Completing allthese chores to smarten the place up will earn you this cup. I have listed allthe shores below.18.1 Seventh FloorCast Reparo on the four broken pots in the corners of this floor. 4/6618.2 Gryffindor Boys DormitoryCast Depulso on four of the beds to make them tidy. 8/66
  46. 46. 18.3 Fifth FloorCast Depulso on four rugs to shake the dust out of them. 12/66Cast Depulso on two suits of armour enough times to make them stand upstraight. (Three times on the first one and four times on the fourth onedown.) 14/66Cast Reparo on the broken suit of armour. 15/6618.4 Fourth FloorCast Depulso on the first suit of armour three times. 16/66Cast Reparo on two broken pots. 18/66Cast Depulso on the two rugs up the stairs. 20/6618.5 Hospital WingUse Depulso one five untidy beds to make them straight. 25/6618.6 Third FloorCast Depulso on the first three suits of armour in the corridor. 28/66Cast Reparo on the suit of armour at the top of the stairs and the one at thebottom of the stairs. 30/66Cast Reparo on the broken pot at the bottom of the stairs. 31/66Cast Depulso twice on the last suit of armour. 32/6618.7 Defence Against The Dark ArtsUse Wingardium Leviosa on the mop at the top of the stairs and move the mopdown to the statue at the bottom. Use the mop to clean up the two dustypatches on the floor beside the statue. 34/66
  47. 47. 18.8 HerbologyCast Reparo on the two broken suits of armour outside the greenhouses. 36/6618.9 Second FloorCast Reparo on two broken pots Near the Viaduct Entrance. 38/66Cat Depulso on the rug near the Transfiguration Courtyard. 30/66Cast Depulso on the two rugs near the Library. 41/66Cast Reparo on the broken pot near the portrait. 42/6618.10 Entrance HallOpen the door to the left of the entrance leading to the courtyard and castWingardium Leviosa on the mop. Move the mop out and clean the four dustypatches that are on the ground near the statue. 46/6618.11 Entrance CourtyardCast Wingardium Leviosa on the broom near a pile of leaves then move thebroom over the piles of leaves until you have found four Hogrwarts symbols,one in each corner of the courtyard. 50/6618.12 First FloorUse Reparo to mend three broken pots along the corridor. 53/6618.13 Viaduct EntranceCast Reparo on the four broken pots in the corners. 57/66Use Wingardium Leviosa on the mop near the bucket and clean the threedusty patches near the entrance. 60/6618.14 DungeonsCast Reparo on the broken suit of armour in the second corridor. 61/66
  48. 48. Cast Depulso to straighten up five suits of armour in the last corridor.66/66~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 5 100% Rom Completion~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Below I have listed each room and included a list on how to get 100% in eachone. You will also notice after each job I will include how mand DixcoveryPoints you get for each action.-----------*Boathouse*-----------% ACTION4 Near the bottom of the stairs leading down from the Entrance Courtyard there will be a gull sitting on the wall. Walk near it and it will fly away. 10DP49 Light the twenty two torches on the stairs from the Entrance Courtyard using Incendio. 110DP53 At the bottom of the stairs, move to the right hand side of the screen to collect one of Fred and George’s packages. 10DP61 In front of the Boathouse on the right hand side there are two sea gulls perched on posts. Walk over and touch them both. 30DP65 Light the two torches that are either side of the Boathouse entrance and you will get a short cut scene of all the torches you lit coming down the stairs. 20DP69 To the right of the portrait inside the Boathouse there is a chain on the wall. Walk over and pres the square button in front of it for a mention of the Durmstrang ship that moored on the lake during the Triwizard Tournament. 10DP92 On the left hand side of the Boathouse entrance there are three more sea gulls. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the sack on the floor and feed a treat to each of the birds. 40DP96 From the left side of the Boathouse there is a trail that leads up to the Paved Courtyard. Follow that trail and about half way round you
  49. 49. will find one of Fred and George’s packages. 10DP100 Keep following that trail round until you can see the arch that leads into the Paved Courtyard. Use Incendio to light the torches either side of that arch. 10DP--------*Charms*--------There is nothing to find here.-------------*Clock Tower*-------------% ACTION38 Start at the top of the Clock Tower, coming from the fifth floor. Walk to the left of the clock and cast either Accio or Depulso (your choice) on the small bells hanging in the frame. This will result in a small cut scene of the larger bells playing Harry Potter’s theme. 50DP53 Go all the way down to the bottom of the tower and stand looking at the portrait. To the left of it you will see four paler bricks in the wall. Cast Accio on them then press the square button to examine the Slytherin sign. 25DP69 Repeat the same thing for the next set of pale bricks along the wall and look at the Ravenclaw sign. 25DP84 Repeat this again to see the Gryffindor sign. 25DP100 Finally repeat this to see the Hufflepuff sign and to see all their colours hanging down. 25DP-----------------------*Clock Tower Courtyard*-----------------------% ACTION15 Use Reparo on the four statues around the fountain in the middle of the courtyard to put them back together and the water will start in the fountain again. 55DP
  50. 50. 91 Use Wingardium Leviosa to move five pears from the floor or the tree into the bucket nearby. 25DP100 Beat the Ravenclaw Gobstone Champion three times playing the Jack Stone rules. 25DP----------------*Covered Bridge*----------------There is nothing to be discovered here.-------------------------------*Defence Against The Dark Arts*-------------------------------% ACTION3 Starting at the bottom of the stairs as you come from the Suspended Bridge, press the square button when stood in front of the large statue the holds the entrance to the secret passage to Honeydukes shop in Hogsmead. 10DP6 Halfway up the stairs cast Incendio on the talking gargoyle. 5DP11 At the top of the stairs use Wingardium Leviosa on the mop and throw it down the stairs. Keep casting on it until you have moved it all the way down to the statue at the bottom. When it is down cast the spell again and hover the mop over the two dusty patched on the floor until it has cleaned them both up. 20DP14 Go back upstairs and enter the classroom. At the back against the right hand wall you will see a large cabinet. Cast Depulso on it to move it over then press the square button when close enough to look at the space behind it that you revealed. Ah, Gilderoy Lockheart. Harry even misses him compared to Umbridge. 10DP17 Cast Depulso on the large projector in the middle of the room to start it up. 10DP20 Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the second desk from the back in the right hand row to release a Pixie. Another reminder of Gilderoy Lockheart. 10DP48 Now cast Wingardium Leviosa on all the desk in the right hand row so the lids on all four desks are raised. Stand at the front of the class
  51. 51. and cast Depulso on the first desk. If you have done it right all the lids will close like a house of cards. 25DP83 Do the same for the desks in the left hand row but bear in mind, there are five desks in this row so be sure to lift the lids on all of them. 25DP90 Stand in front of the blackboard and press the square button to start the chalk writing on it. 25DP97 Cast Accio on the blackboard then press the square button again so the chalk writes on the other side of the board. 25DP100 Cast Incendio on the furnace at the back of the class near the stairs to Umbridge’s office. 10DP------------*Divination*------------There is nothing to find here.------------------*Dungeon Corridor*------------------% ACTION50 As soon as you enter the corridor turn to your right and cast Incendio on the cobwebs that are covering the chess statue. 10DP100 Walk to the other end of the corridor and do the same for the cobwebs there to find another chess statue. 10DP----------*Dungeons*----------% ACTION4 As you enter the corridor, walk half way down and cast Incendio on the plaque then press the square button to examine it. 10DP8 Go through to the next part of the corridor and turn right. Use Reparo on the broken suit of armour in front of you. 10DP45 Turn around so you are looking up the corridor again and go through
  52. 52. the door at the end in front of you. All there is in this tiny room are the four pieces of portrait on the floor. Use Wingardium Leviosa to put them back on the wall and reveal the Bloody Baron, Slytherin’s House Ghost. 25DP49 Go back to the previous corridor and turn left as you enter. Cast Incendio on the candle in front of the plaque then press the square button to examine it. 10DP53 Go through the arch beside the plaque and turn right as you enter. Cast Incendio on the cobwebs to reveal a chess statue. 10DP62 Turn around and you will see a curved room with many suits of armour. Starting on the left hit the armour four times with Depulso. 25DP72 Use Depulso twice on the next suit of armour. 25DP81 Use Depulso twice on the third suit of armour. 25DP91 Skip the next suit of armour and use Depulso four times on the fifth one. 25DP100 Finally cast Depulso four times on the last suit of armour. 25DP---------------*Entrance Hall*---------------% ACTION100 Open the door to the left of the main entrance and you will find a mop. Use Wingardium Leviosa on it to move it out and clean the four dusty patches at the base of the statue by hovering over each one. When all four are clean you will get a cut scene of the statue and some history from Hermione. 45DP--------------------*Entrance Courtyard*--------------------% ACTION1 Beat the Hufflepuff Gobstone Champion three times, playing the Traditional rules. 5DP5 Cast Wingardium Leviosa twice on the wheelbarrow next to the entrance to place the wood in the torches. 20DP13 As you come out of the entrance hall turn to the left and you will see
  53. 53. a pile of leaves with a broom beside it. Use Wingardium Leviosa to hover the broom over the four piles of leaves in each corner of the courtyard. This will uncover four hidden Hogwarts Insignia. 5596 At the far end of the courtyard there are four benches that will glow with a different colour shield after you have swept the leaves. Move each bench with Wingardium Leviosa onto the right coloured Insignia on the floor. 100DP98 There is a path that leads around the outside of the courtyard. The arch that divides the courtyard and the path has two small pillars either side. Cast Incendio on them both to light them. 10DP100 Now go to the other arch dividing the path and the courtyard and light the two pillars there with Incendio. 10DP-------------*Fifth Floor*-------------% ACTION15 Starting from the Grand Staircase go through the round room and into the corridor beyond it. Cast Depulso on the two rugs on the floor in front of you. 20DP33 Cast Depulso on the first suit of armour three times. 25DP41 Use Reparo to fix the broken suit of armour. 10DP56 Continue down the corridor and turn the corner then cast Depulso on the two rugs there to shake them out. 20DP63 Between the two rugs there is plaque. Cast Incendio on it then press the square button to examine it. 10DP81 Cast Depulso on the fourth suit of armour four times. 25DP89 Go through the little arch at the end of the end of the corridor and turn to your right. On the wall there are four paler bricks. Cast Accio on them then press the square button to examine. 10DP93 Turn into the next corridor and beat the Hufflepuff Exploding Snap Champion. 5DP100 Go back to the first suit of armour and face the arch leading to the round room at the beginning. Beside the arch you will see four pale bricks. Cast Accio on them then press he square button to examine the plaque. 10DP