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Mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry
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Mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry



“Enterprise mobility is a major shift, which will reshape the manufacturing industry by making it more agile, responsive and lean!”

“Enterprise mobility is a major shift, which will reshape the manufacturing industry by making it more agile, responsive and lean!”



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    Mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry Mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry Presentation Transcript

    • Driving Flexibility and Productivity forYour EnterpriseMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • IntroductionToday, manufacturing is one of the major industry sectors which is witnessing a notable transformation in theform of product refinement and process re-engineering. The manufacturing industry is under pressure from thepotential customers, suppliers and rivals to deliver better outcome, better quality and do it within a stipulatedcost in order to survive in the consistently changing business dynamics.To enter into the new markets, cut down the costs and improve the business revenue, many manufacturers aregetting into joint ventures, mergers and outsourcing to expand their global reach. However, to maintain theircompetitive advantage and improve value for stakeholders, customers, suppliers and workers, manufacturersshould be on top of the industry trends.We’re at the peak of an ever rising wireless phenomenon. Just as email has changed our lives and the way wework, mobility in the manufacturing industry will penetrate each and every department and change the way wedo business. Enterprise mobility has rapidly emerged as one of the crucial strategic initiative among the leadingglobal manufacturing organizations.A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • “Enterprise mobility is a major shift, which will reshape themanufacturing industry by making it more agile, responsive and lean!”Technological advancements in the mobile and wireless arena bring immense opportunities for themanufacturing companies to expand their enterprise support system while improving the resourceplanning, eliminating the paperwork, streamlining the manufacturing process and enhancing the level ofcustom satisfaction.In this whitepaper, we will get a closer look at the growing importance of enterprise mobility inmanufacturing industry and understand the reasons behind the adoption of the mobility, how themanufacturing industry will benefit from it, key challenges and scope of mobile solutions in themanufacturing industry.A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • Enterprise mobility in manufacturing helps both discrete and process manufacturers establish newand improved efficiencies within their organization. Mobility has always been customer-driven, flourishing B2B environment. As the manufacturing industry entirely focuses on B2B, itrequires more efforts to see how it applies to this industry.Mobility helps manufacturers drive people cost down, improve asset utilization and cut down thematerial cost. Moreover, it minimizes the error to a great extent by offering more precisedata, which at the end results into a greater profitability, customer satisfaction and an edge overthe competitors.According to the Enterprise Mobility Market Barometer, mobility has seen a great importance in theenterprise IT agenda. 71% of the decision-makers and mobile workers agreed that mobility is moreimportant for their enterprise today than it was in the previous year.Importance of Mobile Solutions in Manufacturing IndustryA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the manufacturing Industry
    • 2%5%22%44%27%6%5%18%38%33%STRONGLY DISAGREE SOMEWHAT DISAGREE NEUTRAL SOMEWHAT AGREE STRONGLY AGREEDecision Worker Mobile WorkerA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing IndustryEnterprise Mobility Market Barometer71% of the decision-makers and mobile workers agreedthat mobility is more important for their enterprisetoday than it was in the previous year. Have a look atthe figure:
    • Mobility helps enterprises or organizations to reduce the uncertain downtime. As per the Enterprise MobilityMarket Barometer, key manufacturing mobile workers and decision makers found that almost one-third ofsurveyed manufacturing mobile workers are able to recover the downtime at least 50 min/day by utilizing mobilitysolutions – with an average of 52 minutes saved.5%14%29%19%13%20%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%No downtime recovery 25 mins or less 26 to 50 mins 51 to 75 mins 76 mins or more UnsureA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing IndustryEnterprise Mobility Market Barometer
    • Mobility offers an extraordinary value to the enterprises or organizations of any shape and size. Manufacturingenterprises implemented mobile technology strategies have seen a few clear benefits to counter their majorchallenges. Let’s have a look at the challenges or concerns of manufacturing industry:Driving Factors and Challenges• Globalization of marketplace• Reduced new product integration cycles• Rising data management costs• Optimizing internal resources to get down the costs to become more price-competent• Integration mobile applications with the legacy systems• Strict regulatory or complianceA few of the factors or challenges cause manufacturers to opt for mobility to gain an edge over the rivals.Manufacturing with zero-error or defect has become a necessity for the enterprises to be more competitive andcost-effective in today’s dire business economy.A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing IndustryMobility allows manufacturing organizations to create business value.Customer feedback/data collected directly from user devicethrough specialized mobile applicationsSmartphones with barcode reading applications to trackinventory in various stages of manufactureWireless sensors connected to machinery can send statusinformation to handhold systemsRAD tags on inventory items can store QC state informationsuch as expiration dateRemotely controlling multiple plant systems such as power andcooling and running operationsWireless surveillance systems that supply five foods tohandhold devices for security and emergency responseSensors on company assets such as trucks allow employees tocarry out better fleet managementCustomer InteractionsMaterials ManagementMaintenanceManagementQuality AssuranceFactory OperationsFacilities ManagementAsset TrackingWarehouse ManagementWarehouse sensors update ERP with entry/exit of materials.Data accessed from stakeholder smartphonesValue ChainRATIONALER&DProductDevelopmentSourcingProductManufacturingProductDistributionCustomerServiceSource: TCS Consulting
    • The days are gone when manualtimesheets and excel spreadsheetswere used to track the production. Ifyour organization truly wants toovercome rising material & laborcosts, smaller margins and otherobstacles while increasingthroughput, than you should startembracing enterprise mobility. Knowfew instant benefits moving in thisdirection? Let’s have a look at thebenefits:A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the manufacturing Industry• When you integrate mobility solutions, it willautomate all the operations within yourorganization, which will help you get instant andreal-time updates or information. It will enableyou to manage the inventory in a more effectiveway while eliminating the production downtime.More precise and clearinventory counts• By providing easy and timely access to thecritical information within the organization, itwill help you minimize the cycle times. You caneasily reduce the average cycle times andmonitor the variances from it.Reduced cycletimes, which meanslesser costs• Moving towards the mobility solutions at theend result in a reduced overall cost structure andthis will result into a better bottom line. Themore precise inventory count will enable thepurchasing department to negotiate morefavorable pricing.Improved marginsDriving Factors and Challenges
    • Loss of productivity No precise data Rising costs Poor service• Tasks take too long• Lower average taskscompleted per worker• Too long driving time• Data entry errors• Delay in status reports• Redundant data entry• Unwanted overtime• Poorly-planned additionsto permanent headcount• Raised supportinfrastructure• Too long downtime• Repeat visits• Inability to fulfil theexpectations• UnorganizedappointmentsLiability issues Reduced efficiency Reduced moral Poor communication• Regulatory compliance• Lease managementobligations• Disclosure to safetyinteractions• Reduced outbound calls• Too much paperwork andnon-selling time• Poor interaction withcustomer• Feel pressured byadministration• Impact on personalearnings• Waste of time findingpeople and resources.• Managing ad-hoc groupsto accelerate problemresolutionsBefore Incorporating Enterprise Mobility SolutionsA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • Improved customerserviceEnhancedcompetitivenessImproved revenue Reduced service costs• Quick response• Enhanced first-time fixrates• Speedy reports to clients• Improved customerretention• Enhanced brand awareness• Get new customers• Up sell potential• Increased no of calls perservice person each day• Minimized service penalties• Reduced operation costs• Low overtime costs• 20-30% improved efficiencyBetter intelligence Improved work morale Reduced selling costsEnhanced employeecommunication• Enhanced service levelagreement• Improved communityknowledge• Better analytics• Precise visibility intooutsourced activity• Reduced paperwork• Lesser complaints tomanage• Minimum office visits• Enhanced sales productivity• Reduced non-selling time• More calls• Improved efficiency of thesales manager• Reduced wasted time infinding people andresources• Collaborate more effectivelywith colleaguesAfter Incorporating Enterprise Mobility SolutionsA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • Scope & Opportunities
    • Scope & OpportunitiesMobile solutions play a crucial role in almost each and every aspect of the manufacturing cycle, starting from rawmaterial collection to the supply chain management and the delivery of the end product. Mobile solutions doesn’tlimit restrict itself from changing the work from the traditional PCs to the handheld mobile devices.Manufacturing enterprises present various challenges for the implementation of mobility as they operate indiverse environments which comprises of warehouses for incoming material and outgoing products, clean orindustrial production areas and so on. A few of the critical challenges in implementing mobility include:A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry• Network security related threats – Data and IP security• Poor number of useful business applications• Lack of executive level buy-in for deploying mobile solutions• Reliability and persistence of networks and signals• Diverse requirements of production environment
    • A Case StudyCygnet Infotech developed an iPhone Application for a client which offers a simple and easy-to-use machine service scheduling solution that allows the user to manage and keep track ofservice dates and service needs for machines.The application reduces costs by minimizing time spent on scheduling, avoids schedulingconflicts and provides latest servicing information.Highlights:• Manage machine details• Schedule the present and future servicing checks• Schedule events into calendar for a particular machine service check• Add Notes for a particular event• Keep track of the servicing for a particular machineIn addition to this it is also synchronized with the device Calendar that sends reminders tothe user for the events scheduled earlier.A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
    • ConclusionEnterprise mobility for manufacturing industry is not all about mobilizing the existing process. It is all aboutrethinking and searching new ways to embrace the growing mobile workforce. It is the right time to take themobility solutions part of your small, medium or large-sized IT infrastructure. Invest today in enterprisemobility and position your company to take the maximum benefit of the “Next BIG Thing” of the future!Cygnet Infotech is a global IT services and IT solutions provider with clients in 24 countries. Mobile applicationdevelopment is our forte and we have developed mobile apps for various industries includinghealthcare, education, entertainment, telecom, travel and tourism.Talk to us about using Mobile Solutions in ManufacturingTel: (India) +91-79-30487400 | (USA) +1-646-915-0021Email: info@cygnet-infotech.comWeb: www.cygnet-infotech.comA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry