Mobile solutions for the healthcare industry


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Mobile solutions for the healthcare industry

  1. 1. A Prescription for Improved Clinical Collaboration & Better Outcomes In HealthcareMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  2. 2. Enterprise mobility is gaining momentum each passing day! It has becomeimperative for organizations around the world to find different ways to connectwith customers, employees and clients using new devices and applications, andhealthcare industry is not an exception to it!The healthcare industry is one of the early adopters of enterprise mobility.Today, evolution of various mobile devices and apps significantly contributestowards each & every aspect of health care industry. mHealth solutions areplaying a crucial role in solving a few major challenges faced by the industryincluding rapidly changing regulatory environment, increasing costs, reducedprofitability, demand for more powerful and effective treatment and so on.IntroductionA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  3. 3. Bringing mobility to the healthcare – specifically to the clinical care operations –could be a great way to enhance patient care, minimize the complexity, boostup efficiency and enable healthcare professionals with insights of at the site ofcare.According to the survey conducted by HIMSS 2011 (Healthcare Informationand Management Information Society),1 More than 72% of the caregivers were deeply interested to get connected to the monitoring devices.Recent studies conducted by Telenor Group and the Boston Consulting Groupshows that almost 30% of the Smartphone users are interested to usewellness apps by 2015. The study further shows that using mobile apps forhealthcare can greatly reduce the costs in elderly care by almost 25%.2 72% of the US physicians use Smart-phones, the number expected to reach 81% by 2012.3 86% of the medical professionals are interested use their smart-phones to access EMR information.A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  4. 4. Mobility in healthcare, which appeared initially in the form of basicservices like getting doctor appointments, call centers and so on, hasexpanded its scope today by covering major portions of thehealthcare activities. With mobility becoming a vital medium for thepatients and medical organizations, today the patient care has taken ahuge shift.According to the recent survey conducted by PwC HRI, not only themobile users but the medical professionals are also interested in usingwellness apps to perform their day to day tasks. The study showssome interesting facts and figures on how choosing mobility solutionscan help physicians.The Significance of Mobile SolutionsWhy Enterprise Mobility Is Crucial For HealthcareA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  5. 5. According to an earlier PwC HRI survey,Percentage of Doctors who commented on the impact of mobile appsBoost up thecollaborationamong themedicalprofessionalsMinimize thetime foradministrativetasksEstablishbetterbondingbetweenpatients &doctors56%39%36%24%Acceleratetheirdecision-makingA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  6. 6. Today, healthcare systems across the world are facing a wide range ofissues like constantly increasing population without any direct orappropriate way to access the medication, lack of professional andwell-qualified professionals, the rise of new kinds of diseases andshrinking economical resources.On the other side, various mobile devices like tablets, smart phonesand so on are rapidly becoming popular among the medicalpractitioners. Mobile apps for healthcare have become more secureand easy to integrate with various operations within the medicalorganizations.How healthcare mobile solutions address the majorconcerns or issues of healthcare industry?A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  7. 7. Major concerns of healthcare industryHow to bring down the overall expenses of the medicaland make the medical treatments more affordableorganizations.How to target major issues of best practices anddecision support processes.2How to enable healthy interaction between themembers, which helps in streamlining their activities.How to make important tools and critical informationavailable in the hands of end users and those who offerand manage medical services.How to enable healthy interaction between themembers, which helps in streamlining their activities.1453A Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  8. 8. Benefits of mHealth SolutionsRespondingpromptly toconstantlychangingconditions of thepatient as criticalinformation isbeing delivered.Making it easy andsimple for theclinical users toenter and unlockthe informationthey require tomake decisions.Identification anddetermination ofthe best suitablemedical treatmentfor patients whileimproving thequality oftreatment andstreamlining thework process.Enabling decisionmakers to get theright informationat their finger tipsusing role-baseddata analytics onmobile devices.Mobile applications or solutions offer a whole host of benefits to medical / health organizations.Creating and deploying enterprise-level mobile solutions for health industry can help themachieve desired objectives or goals while reducing the expenses and complexity of theoperations.1 432
  9. 9. Today, mHealth solutions have become a driving forcethat simplify and streamline the complex operationswithin the healthcare organizations. Wellness apps areopening the new doors of immense opportunities forthe physicians and patients to determine the bestsuitable medical treatment and manage their health onthe fly.Scope Of mHealth SolutionsA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  10. 10. • AssetTracking• Demand & Capacity• Tracking BusinessAnalytics• Job SchedulingAdministrator• AppointmentAlert• History of the patient• Medical Reference• Metabolic standardsPhysician• Patient History• Job Schedule• MedicationAlerts• Drug requisition• Metabolic standardsNurses• Alert For Medication• Care History• Instructions ByPhysician• Real-time medicalassistancePatient• StockAlert• Stock Details• Fulfil drug requisitionsPharmacist• Physician’s instruction• Real-time coaching• Patient detailsPathologistOpportunities for Mobility in HealthcareA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  11. 11. Scope OfThe Healthcare SolutionsTreat, manage and monitor a patient’s illness remotely with the help ofmobile devices.Patient MonitoringDeliver health related advice through professional medical experts in anemergency.Call Centers &Patient Help LinesEnable virtual consultation between the medical professionals andpatients through voice, text, data or imaging functions of mobile devices.TelemedicineSoftware to guide professionals about clinical diagnoses of patient basedon their medical history.Decision SupportSystemGather and display detailed records of the patient at the point-of-carethrough mobile devices.Maintain RecordsAsset tracking, demand & capacitymanagement, appointments, monitoring and moreBetterAdministrationA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  12. 12. As per the survey conducted in 2010 by research2guidance, Smartphonesand tablets will offer great opportunities for the mobile healthcarebusiness by 2015 and therefore, enterprise mobility is the FUTURE of thehealthcare industry!The FutureA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  13. 13. Cygnet Infotech developed an universal iOS application for physiciansthat helps them check investigation reports and x-rays of patients whilethey are away from their clinic or hospital. This anywhere and anytimeaccess to patient’s diagnostics assists them to keep a continuous track ontreatments for critical patients.A Case Study• Display of X-rays and Reportswith zoom feature• Notifications of new X-rays andReports• Thumbnails and Search FeatureA Cygnet Infotech WhitepaperMobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  14. 14. Cygnet Infotech is a global IT services and IT solutions provider withclients in 23 countries. Mobile application development is our forte andwe have developed mobile apps for various industries includinghealthcare, education, entertainment, telecom, travel and tourism.All images in this whitepaper have been used for illustrative purposes. Cygnet does not claim rights to any image except the logo.Talk to us about using Mobile in HealthcareTel: (India) +91-79-30487400 | (USA) +1-646-915-0021Email: info@cygnet-infotech.comWeb: