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Cygnet Magnolia CMS Solutions
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Cygnet Magnolia CMS Solutions


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Leveraging technology to maximize ROIHEAD OFFICEBRANCH OFFICECLIENTSServices and ExpertiseMagnolia CMS
  • 2. “ A Content Management System(CMS) is a computer program thatallows publishing, editing andDrafting content as well asmaintenance from a centralinterface. Such systems of contentmanagement provide proceduresto manage workflow in acollaborative environment. ”Publishing Content Editing ContentModifying Content
  • 3. ContentManagementSystemEnterpriseContentManagement(ECMS)DocumentManagementSystemWorkflow orBusinessProcessManagementWeb ContentManagement(WCMS)
  • 4. “Enterprise ContentManagement (ECM) is thestrategies, methods and toolsused to capture, manage, store,preserve, and deliver contentand documents related toorganizational processes.”
  • 5. “A Web Content ManagementSystem is typically a softwaretool used by both technicaland non-technical staff tomanage the creation ofstructured web pages for aweb based experience suchas an Internet Website,Intranet or Extranetsolution.”
  • 6. “Business processmanagement is somethingthat has historically beenvery much associated with(Enterprise) DocumentManagement Vendors, asthe execution of theprocesses often result indocumentation or recordsfor storage.”Enterprise Documentation
  • 7. Documentation“Document management,often referred to asDocument ManagementSystems (DMS), is the use ofa computer system andsoftware to store, manageand track electronicdocuments and electronicimages of paper basedinformation capturedthrough the use of adocument scanner.”
  • 8. Magnolia CMS is an open source enterprisecontent management System that deliverssimple and user-friendly interface to managecontent for the web pages. It containsstandardized Java architecture that is flexibleenough to customize pages and contentwhich is why Magnolia today is poweringvirtual presence of leading enterprisesworldwide.
  • 9. Fast and easy contentediting and publishing
  • 10. Inline-editing featuredisplays the right contentreducing the switchingbetween working mode
  • 11. Optimizedperformance even incase of heavy-loadwebsites due to smartcache, built-inclustering capabilitiesand distributeddeployment architect
  • 12. Best set of standardcomponents in theSTK (StandardTemplating Kit)
  • 13. Multilingual as wellas mobile friendly(Magnolia 5)
  • 14. Turn-key pagetemplates
  • 15. Navigation & Information Architecture forautomated management and link quality control.
  • 16. Media Library forstorage andcategorization ofimages, video,documents and soundfiles for reuse.
  • 17. Multiple Sites orChannels facilitate thepublishing of content todifferent devices andsites.
  • 18. Open, Versatile & Adaptableto all technical and businessenvironments with its highlyopen web contentmanagement systemarchitecture.
  • 19. Web Accessibility and webstandards compliance.
  • 20. Instant mobile sites & customizablevariationsFast and easy content editing and publishingRunning thousands of mission-criticalwebsitesBuilt to scale and optimized to performReliable support from the people who builtMagnolia
  • 21. Website and Portal Development withMagnolia CMSSetup and installationMaintenance andSupport of MagnoliaCMS websitesIntegration with third-party toolsMigration From Magnolia to otherCMSMigration from other CMS tomagnolia
  • 22. www.cygnet-infotech.comTel: +1-201-995-7444Email: inquiry@cygnet-infotech.comSkype: cygnet-infotech-pvt-ltdTwitter: @cygnetinfotech