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Orchestra handbook
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Orchestra handbook


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  • 1. Cy-Fair High School Orchestras Kevin Ray, Orchestra Director Cy-Fair High School 22602 Hempstead Hwy. Cypress, Texas 77429 Phone: 281-517-2194
  • 2. Student Responsibilities As an Orchestra member, you are very much part of a TEAM. You actually are a vital part of that team and if you do not do your part, you not only let your director and orchestra down, but also your school. Everyone’s best effort makes the team powerful and exciting. All of this is part of your “team effort” grade. Your loyalty, commitment and cooperation will reflect as you: 1. Honor your commitments. DO THE RIGHT THING! 2. Attend all rehearsals and performances. As a matter of fact, rehearsal and performances are part of your curriculum because the classes are performance classes. You will be graded. Failure to attend will result in a 0 for that event. 3. Be on time. You must be in the classroom when the bell rings unless you have a note from another teacher, administrator or nurse. One minute after the bell rings you must be in your seat with everything you need: instrument, music, pencil, rosin, etc. 4. Practice! 5. Have your instrument, music and a pencil in class daily. 6. Your instrument should stay in good playing condition. Your name should be on your instrument, bow and case. If a string breaks, take care of it promptly. 7. Extend courtesy toward teacher and other orchestra members. 8. NO GUM, FOOD OR DRINK other than water during rehearsals. 9. Keep music in the binder provided for you in an organized manner. 10. Books and backpacks should be placed in assigned areas during rehearsal. 11. Clean up after yourself. Help keep the Orchestra Room clean. IMPORTANT: COMMUNICATION! Do not hesitate to email, call or speak with me before/after school about any concerns or problems that may arise. Concert Dress Formal Events Ladies: Long, black dress issued by school Black dress shoes Small earrings fine Men: Black tux jacket and pants issued by the school White tux shirt Black bow tie Black socks Black dress shoes *Students will receive grades for uniform which will be part of the participation grade. Director and student officers will check each student before concerts for proper uniform. Students will not perform if they are not in proper uniform. Casual Everyone: Orchestra t-shirt Jeans or pants (no holes or faded denim please!), no shorts
  • 3. Cy-Fair High School 22602 Hempstead Hwy * Cypress, TX 77429 Phone: (281) 897 - 4600 Orchestra website: CLASSROOM SYLLABUS Teacher Name: __Kevin Ray___________________ Content area: _ Orchestra_ Contact Information: Syllabus for 6 week period. Email: Office Phone: (281) 517-2194 Text message (469) 502-7954 with @cdb2f to receive alerts and reminders about orchestra! MATERIALS/SUPPLIES: Violin and viola students will need to rent or own their instrument. Cello and bass students are welcome to use their own instrument or loan an instrument from the school. Students will also need a black 3-ring folder and pencil. Various method/exercise books will be recommended throughout the year to supplement instruction. Accommodations will be made for students in need who qualify for free/reduced lunch. GRADING POLICY: Formative Assessments …………………………………………………………..… _20 % Practice Records and Active Participation (2 grades per week) Relevant Applications ……………………………………………………………….. _30 % Written assessments, performance tasks, sectional participation (2 grades per 6 week period) Summative Assessments…………………. ……………………………………….. _50 % Concerts or extensive performance tasks (2 grades per 6 week period) CLASS EXPECTATIONS: Students will be given five minutes at the beginning of each class period to retrieve their instrument, folder, tune their instrument, and begin the warm-up. Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seats ready for instruction after the first five minutes of class (a timer will be projected on the projector so that students can manage their time efficiently). Horseplay, excessive talking and other off- task behaviors will be subject to consequences, parental contact, or administrative referral depending on the gravity of the offense. CURRICULUM: This is a performance-based course. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of orchestral techniques, theory, repertoire and practices through their performance on a string instrument. The curriculum will also conform to the U.I.L. guidelines depending on their ensemble. See the UIL guidelines for 5A Varsity/Non-Varsity orchestras.
  • 4. Eligibility A six week grade of 69 or below in any subject renders a student “ineligible to participate” in extra- curricular activities. Orchestra is classified as a co-curricular activity by the State Board of Education. Under this classification, a student may participate in certain activities that are ruled as an “extension of the classroom”. The following activities are PERMISSIBLE for orchestra students who are otherwise ineligible. On-campus concerts (where no admission is charged) Extra rehearsals Field trips which do not interfere with the attendance of the school day Ineligible students are not allowed to participate in: Competitions Concerts for which tickets are sold Field trips or trips which interfere with attendance of the school day *Eligibility is part of the rules of the state as designated by UIL (University Interscholastic League). These rules must be upheld by all organizations in the school to maintain UIL status. Violation of one group could affect the status of all other groups on campus. Eligibility is strictly upheld. Sectionals/Performances Each Orchestra is a performing group. The success of each performing group is dependent on the work that is done in sectionals. All Orchestras will have sectionals and rehearsals outside of class during the school year. Students must attend sectionals in order to perform and will probably have one at least once every 2 weeks. Students will receive a sectional and rehearsal schedule each 6 weeks. Please put the sectional dates on your family calendar so that everyone knows when you have rehearsal. There is a grade for the sectionals and should be an easy 100. If you have to miss a sectional or are sick on the day of your sectional, you must make it up. The make-up will be determined by the director. Curricular and extra-curricular performances are part of the expectation for participation in the orchestra program. Participation in both curricular and extracurricular activities may be considered when assigning the grade for the grading period during which the activity occurred. Letter Jackets To qualify for a jacket, you must EARN a minimum of ten points in ONE school year. You will only be awarded one letter jacket during your high school career, no matter what the area. For instance, if you already have a letter jacket from football, you will not get another jacket in Orchestra. Instead, you will be awarded an additional letter. Orchestra members may earn points on the following basis: 3 points... ...making and performing in the All-Region Orchestra 4 points... ……...taping for All-State Orchestra (All-Area patch) 4 points... ....making and performing in the All-State Orchestra 3 points... earning a superior rating (1’st division) on a Class I, II, or III Solo at UIL Solo/Ensemble Contest Note: Only freshmen may perform Class III solos. 2 points... earning an excellent rating (2’nd division) on a Class I, II, or III solo at UIL Solo/Ensemble Contest Note: Only freshmen may perform Class III solos. 2 points... earning a superior rating (1’st division) on a Class I, II, or III Ensemble at UIL Solo/Ensemble Contest Note: Only freshmen may perform Class III ensembles. 2 points... at the end of the first year of satisfactory participation (must have not missed events due to ineligibility) 5 points... at the end of the 2nd year of satisfactory participation 10 points… at the end of the third year of participation
  • 5. Area Music Stores Amati Violin Shop………………………………………..………713-666-6461 Fishburn Violin Shop……………………………………..281-290-4580 Gold Violin Shop…………………………………………….......713-729-2231 Jan Karon…………………………………………….………….…...713-665-7396 Lisle Violin Shop…………………………….…….……...281-487-7303 Music & Arts Center…………………………..………………713-996-7993 Richsound Violins…………….…………………..……..………281-564-8999 Wu’s Fine Violins………………………..………….……………281-565-7088 Stores in bold… Store representatives call on the orchestra director each week. String Supplies Fishburn and Lisle Violin shops send a representative to Cy-Fair HS once a week to pick up instruments for repair. The rep can bring supplies such as strings, rosin, etc. Students can purchase supplies without having to go to the music store. Here’s how to do it. 1. Call the representative’s voice mail. (Number will be by our Orchestra office phone, 281-517-2194) 2. Make sure you leave your name, school name and what you play. 3. Tell him what you need. 4. Leave him a number that he can call to give you the price. 5. Bring a check made out to the proper Music Store for the amount. The ordered supplies should be there within a week. Orchestra Parent Association (OPA) The Cy-Fair High School Orchestra is very fortunate to have a booster club known as OPA to support it’s musical endeavors. The parent association meets once a month (usually on the second Tuesday of the month). OPA organizes the orchestra’s fundraisers during the school year in addition to making our concerts beautiful. Please join OPA and support the Orchestra. It is only $10.00 to join. It is very hard when everything is left to a handful of people each time help is needed. Please reach out this year and help a little bit. If everyone does a little bit, the results will be unbelievable. Parents – please join OPA! Support the Orchestra! Private Teachers Violin Cello
  • 6. Connie Barrera (Cy) 281-370-8497 Karen Isenhower (Cy) 281-304-8279 Armand Berisha 281-654-7830 Ron Grimm (SB) 281-799-3826 Carol Blue 281-251-9363 Ritone Ivaske (SB) 713-266-5723 *Lech Borowicz (Cy) 281-890-7349 Brady Lanier (G) 713-527-8559 Amy Chang 281-981-7417 Teresa Matchett 281-568-8064 Johnny Chang 713-293-8748 Patrick Moore 405-388-2017 Molly Emerman 847-525-1697 Suzuki Academy (S) 281-440-5709 Caroline Ewan (Cy) Jose Rocha 281-897-4200 Kaycee White (K) 832-865-1153 Barbara Nelsen (Cy) 281-859-912 Lori Fay 713-526-3590 Curtis Robinson (G) 713-784-4387 Mika Hasler (B) 281-480-3404 Donna Rogers (SB) 713-468-6170 *Kelly Hearn (Cy) 281-970-5645 Elli Travers 713-824-7890 Anna Hornstra 281-693-4514 Cornelia Watkins (SB) 713-895-7758 *David Hunter (Cy) 713-443-4075 Connie Yancy (WB) 281-444-7196 Alan Johnson (Cy) 281-955-8164 Arton Zhuri (SB) 281-679-7741 Emily Kalish 713-542-9157 Helen Karakas (K) 281-492-3780 Bass Jane Kimmes 281-587-9384 Andrew Dugas 713-880-9086 Catherine Lee (Cy) 281-304-9500 David Klingensmith 713-526-5248 *Elizabeth Marquis (Cy) 281-807-9552 Frank Murry 713-527-0733 Valentin Nicolaescu 281-757-2073 Suzuki Academy (S) 281-440-5709 William Pu 713-981-7417 Evan Farmer (H) 530-558-5169 Cynthia Rubin 713-667-6820 Charles Schadel (G) 713-691-1960 Shauna Shaw (SB) 713-462-2781 Marcos Altamirano 832-474-7131 *Suzuki Academy (S) 281-440-5709 Andy Moritz 713-690-7279 Catherine Thompson 210-317-5633 Veronica Wilson (Cy) 936-668-1373 Piano * also teaches viola John Ford (Cy) 281-373-9236 Viola Area Key Aaron Bielish 713-942-0673 B Bellaire Sherrill Calvert (SB) 713-660-3828 Cy Cy-Fair Laurette McDonald 281-866-9406 G Galleria John Randolph 713-468-0788 K Katy Gilberto Rocha 281-935-8884 S Spring Becky Tompkins (SB) 28 1-597-9663 SB Spring Branch Mike Willer (WB) 281-379-1144 WB Willowbrook H Heights KL Klein Cy-Fair Medical Release/Student Information
  • 7. Student Information – please print Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ School ID#______________ Last First Int. Address: __________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ________________ Subdivision: _____________________ School:____________________ Birthdate: ________________________ Grade:_____________________ Instrument: _____________________________ Month, Day, Year Father Name____________________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone ________________________________ Cell Phone__________________________________ Work Home _________________________ext.____________ Mother Name____________________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone ________________________________ Cell Phone__________________________________ Work Home _________________________ext.________ Medical Insurance Company Name____________________________________________ Name of Insured____________________________________________ Certification Number________________________________________ Current Coverage___________________________________________ Group Number_____________________________________________ Medical History Blood Type: _______________ Name of Physician & Phone #: _____________________________________ Does this student have a history of:  Diabetes  Asthma  Epilepsy  Drug Allergies  Heart Trouble  Other ____________________________________ _____________________________________ List daily prescription medication needed when traveling with the group. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ In Case of Emergency Name: __________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ___________________________________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________________________________________ Work Phone: ___________________________________________________ In Case of Emergency Name: __________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ___________________________________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________________________________________ Work Phone: ____________________________________________________ Authorization is hereby given for the administration of any medical treatment deemed necessary during any music trip. Such treatment will be administered only by a licensed nurse or doctor. We agree to accept responsibility for all authorized doctor, hospital and medical expenses incurred on this trip. In case of serious illness, I hereby grant permission for school employees to secure medical services for the student named on this card. Signature of Parent/Guardian___________________________________ Date: ___________________ Over the counter medication my child has permission to bring and use on the orchestra trip: ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Parental Permission Slip Cy-Fair High School
  • 8. Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D. 22602 Hempstead Hwy Cypress, TX 77429 218-897-4600 I hereby grant my son/daughter/ward, _____________________________________ (Student’s name) my permission to attend and participate in any and all activities which are part of the Cypress-Fairbanks High School Orchestra field trip. I understand that the class field trip activities will be supervised by adult leaders and I also understand that my son/daughter/ward will be responsible for all her/his expenses connected with the course and/or fields trips. I understand that the class and field trip activities will be supervised by adult leaders. I hereby release the Cypress Fairbanks I.S.D. and all its supervisors, employees and/or representatives from any and all liability and/or claims and/or cause of actions, individually or collectively, for any damages or injuries which might be received during class activity, on field trips or in traveling to and from such field trip destinations, except for those which the School District, it’s supervisors, employers, and/or representatives have effective insurance coverage but only to the extent of such insurance coverage. ___________________________________ (Parent/guardian’s signature) ___________________________________ (Telephone number where you may be reached during school and field trips.)