Agile Winnipeg iteration 22


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Agile Winnipeg iteration 22

  1. 1. @cyetainWhat is theValue ofSocial Capital?Agile WinnipegThe Winnipeg Agile User Group is sponsored by:PSCAD, Protegra, Imaginet, Telerik, Online Business Systems,MavenThought, Typemock, and JetBrains.
  2. 2. @cyetainblog http://jabe.coSend Anonymous Feedback (Jabe) Bloom&CTO:
  3. 3. @cyetain#agilewpg@cyetain
  4. 4. @cyetainTo envision the the typestechnology that teams mayreasonably be expected producein 5-10 years and to preparethose teams to envision, create,produce, and support thattechnology.
  6. 6. @cyetainTheHuman SystemsProject
  7. 7. @cyetainIndividual systems are purposive,knowledge and understandingof their aims can only be gainedby taking into account themechanisms of social, cultural,and psychological systems-RussellAckoff
  8. 8. @cyetainPsychology helps us to understandpeople, interactions betweenpeople and circumstances,interaction between teacher andpupil, interactions between aleader and his people and anysystem of management.~W. Edwards Deming
  9. 9. @cyetainWorkingPinCarArtifactsCodeHammeringCarryingThinkingCreatingWork
  10. 10. @cyetainHumansare Rational
  11. 11. @cyetainWork != Working != WorkerPinCarArtifactsCodeHammeringCarryingThinkingCreatingHUMANSBounded:PerceptionUnderstandingRationality
  12. 12. @cyetainWhat is SocialCapital?Short Answer:An organizations ability to distribute andleverage TRUST
  13. 13. @cyetainEvolution ofCapitalCapital1700 1850 1950 2000Human CapitalIntellectual CapitalSocial Capital
  14. 14. @cyetainThe human capitalexplanation of theinequality... people who dobetter are more ableindividuals;Social capital explains howpeople do better becausethey are somehow betterconnected...-Ronald S. Burt
  15. 15. @cyetainSocial capital can bemeasured by the amount oftrust and “reciprocity” in acommunity or betweenindividuals-Robert Putnam
  16. 16. @cyetainSocial Capital is the stock of activeconnection among people; the trust,mutual understanding, and sharedvalues and behaviors that bind themembers of human networks andcommunities and make cooperativeaction possible-Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak
  17. 17. @cyetainNature ofKnowledge Work
  18. 18. @cyetainLet’s Look atSome Pictures
  19. 19. @cyetainSilentlySay What You SeeOn The Next SlideSay it SILENTLYIn your mind(not out loud)
  20. 20. @cyetain
  21. 21. @cyetainGot It?
  22. 22. @cyetainStand up if you said B to yourself(in your mind)
  23. 23. @cyetainStand up if you said 13 to yourself(in your mind)
  24. 24. @cyetainKahneman
  25. 25. @cyetain
  26. 26. @cyetain
  27. 27. @cyetain
  28. 28. @cyetainNeurosis is the inabilityto tolerate ambiguity.-Sigmund Freud
  29. 29. @cyetainGOALCurrentStateUNCERTAINTY? ?ofHowAmbiguous Methods
  30. 30. @cyetainCurrentStateGOALGOALGOALGOALUNCERTAINTY??ofWhat? ???Ambiguous Goals
  31. 31. @cyetain• Direction can CollapseAmbiguity• Ambiguity Makes it difficultto create a shared vision• Just because you Knowsomething doesn’t mean youcan experience it• Specificity can be dangerous
  32. 32. @cyetainThe act of creatingvalue via informationhas a temporal nature.The optimal Methods,Tools and Individualsto create value changeas information movesfrom local todistributed
  33. 33. @cyetainThe advantage created by aperson’s location in a structure ofrelationships is known as socialcapital....The advantage is visible whencertain people, or certain groupsof people, do better than equallyable peers.-Ronald S. Burt
  34. 34. @cyetainn(n-1)/2n = number of people
  35. 35. @cyetainStructural Hole
  36. 36. @cyetainThe Performance of OVERLYconnected organizations falls
  37. 37. @cyetainPunctuatedEquilibrium
  38. 38. @cyetainBroker
  39. 39. @cyetainThree benefits of bridgingstructural holes can be expected:Access to alternative opinion andpractice, early access to newopinion and practice, and anability to move ideas betweengroups where there is advantagein doing so.-Ronald Burt
  40. 40. @cyetainClosure
  41. 41. @cyetainThe value of a relationshipis not defined inside therelationship; it is definedby the social contextaround the relationship.-Ronald Burt
  42. 42. @cyetain
  43. 43. @cyetain
  44. 44. @cyetain
  45. 45. @cyetainPeople stronglyconnected are likelyto provide redundantinformation.-Ronald S. Burt
  46. 46. @cyetainImpact of SocialCapital
  47. 47. @cyetainInformation, skill andknowledge are embedded innetworks and relationships.Individuals, instead of “owning”information, attract, translateand know how to and where toaccess to the information thatemerges in the networks aroundthem.
  48. 48. @cyetainunstable externalitiescontinuousdisequilibriumcoevolution
  49. 49. @cyetainauthority
  50. 50. @cyetainauthorityREPUTATION
  51. 51. @cyetainassignment
  52. 52. @cyetainassignmentOPPORTUNITY
  53. 53. @cyetainCONWAY’S LAW
  54. 54. @cyetainChange the patterns ofparticipation, and you change theorganization. At the core of the 21stcentury company is the question ofparticipation. At the heart ofparticipation is the mind and spiritof the knowledge worker...-John Seely Brown
  55. 55. @cyetainConway’s Laworganizations which design systems...are constrained to produce designswhich are copies of thecommunication structures of theseorganizations
  56. 56. @cyetainBecause the design that occursfirst is almost never the bestpossible, the prevailing systemconcept may need to change.Therefore, flexibility of organizationis important to effective design.-Fred Brooks
  57. 57. @cyetainDynamic Teams
  58. 58. @cyetainTeaming is a verb. It is a dynamicactivity, not a bounded, staticentity. It is largely determined bythe mindset and practices ofteamwork, not by the design andstructures of effective teams.Teaming is teamwork on the fly.-Amy C. Edmondson
  59. 59. @cyetainIt is hardly possible to overrate the value… of placing human beings in contactwith persons dissimilar to themselves, andwith modes of thought and action unlikethose with which they are familiar. …Such communication has always been,and is peculiarly in the present age, oneof the primary sources of progress.-John Stuart Mill
  60. 60. @cyetainFast-moving work environments needpeople who know how to team, peoplewho have the skills and the flexibilityto act in moments of potentialcollaboration when and where theyappear. They must have the ability tomove on, ready for the next suchmoments. Teaming still relies on old-fashioned teamwork skills such asrecognizing and clarifyinginterdependence, establishing trust, andfiguring out how to coordinate.-Amy C. Edmondson
  61. 61. @cyetainWhat Should WeExpect To See?
  62. 62. @cyetainTeaming vsTeams
  63. 63. @cyetainEngagement inProblems thruSafe to FailExperiments
  64. 64. @cyetainDistributed andDiverseExperimentationDirectly withCustomers
  65. 65. @cyetainFocus onReduction ofCycle Time as aMethod forMitigating Risk
  66. 66. @cyetainHumans can and willlearn if they areprovided the resourcesand the necessarypsychological safety.~Edgar Schein
  67. 67. @cyetainManagers (must) adapt tothe ambiguity of flatterorganizations in whichbureaucratic chains ofcommand were replaced bynetworks of negotiatedinfluence.-Ronald Burt
  68. 68. @cyetainLarge Multi Feature ReleasesIncrementalSmaller CycleFewer FeaturesIdeal Single Piece Flowto theCUSTOMER
  69. 69. @cyetainMany ConcurrentSafe-to-fail Experiments
  70. 70. @cyetainPractical
  71. 71. @cyetainFocusResolutionDistance to CoherenceTasksMinimalExperimentIntentStrategyProduct NarrativeHelps to CompleteWhich when released will help achieve ourWhich supports ourWhich helps us realizeDailyDaysDaysRecurrentYearlyMonths
  72. 72. @cyetainPeopleUnderstandingInteractions
  73. 73. @cyetainModel Interaction
  74. 74. @cyetainYour Value Streamis a Linear View ofyour Social Network
  75. 75. @cyetainSwarms
  76. 76. @cyetainBy making embodiedexperience, skills & knowledge(both tacit and explicit) availableon demand; structures capableof dynamic teaming gainsignificantly higher resiliency
  77. 77. @cyetainJust Say No to XenophobiaUtilize Abduction&Scientific Method
  78. 78. @cyetainMulti-HypothesisResearch!=
  79. 79. @cyetainBRAINSTORM
  80. 80. @cyetainTheoriesOpinionsHypothesizesThe Facts and Justthe Facts
  81. 81. @cyetainTheoriesOpinionsHypothesizesConstraintsCriteria
  82. 82. @cyetainTheoriesOpinionsHypothesizesQuestionFacts
  83. 83. @cyetainTheoriesOpinionsHypothesizes Request MoreInformation
  84. 84. @cyetainHow Would I Validate myunderstanding of thisproblem?How Would Isolve thisProblem?•Based on your experiences, whatwould you do to solve thisproblem? This is your Hypothesis.•Identify WhatAssumptions Needto Be True if your Hypothesis istrue.•Imagine Experiments that wouldjustify the yourAssumptions
  85. 85. @cyetainThis is my Hypothesis,Assumptions andExperimentsChallengeAssumptions &ExperimentsRotate Pairs 2-3 TimesAllow Time for Revision Between Rounds
  86. 86. @cyetainThis is my Hypothesis,Assumptions andExperiments
  87. 87. @cyetainMultiple Smaller ExperimentsagainstMultiple Abductive Hypothesesinstead ofSingle Large ExperimentagainstSingle Hypotheses
  88. 88. @cyetainKnowledge WorkPrinciples
  89. 89. @cyetainAutonomous individualsand teams are moreengaged in their work.Therefore they notice andreact to changes in contextwhich enables innovation
  90. 90. @cyetainThe distance betweenrelevant informationand those makingdecisions impacts thequality, efficiency andtimeliness of thosedecisions
  91. 91. @cyetainDistributed decisionmaking enable faster cycletimes.Faster cycle times enableorganizations to take less“big bet” risks.
  92. 92. @cyetainFaster cycle timesresult in higher qualitycustomer interactions.Resulting in higherquality software
  93. 93. @cyetainDiverse perspectivesallow organizations to“see around corners”enabling the innovationrequired to solve novelproblems
  94. 94. @cyetainDavid AndersonJim BensonDonald ReinertsenDavid SnowdenStaff of TLCBurt, RonaldAdam Yuret
  95. 95. @cyetainIf you want trulyto understandsomethingtry to change it-Kurt Lewin