Cyban Presentation - Show me the Money


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A presentation given by Andreas Koupparis, chairman of CYBAN, at the Show me the Money, raising funding for startups event. The event was part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Cyprus.

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Cyban Presentation - Show me the Money

  1. 1. Cyprus Business Angels Network November 20th 2013 Andreas Koupparis, Chairman
  2. 2. CYBAN Who we are • The only non-profit Angel Investment Network in Cyprus • We connect innovating fast growth companies to equity finance • We select on avg. 10 cutting – edge businesses to pitch to our members each year through Company Presentation Events • Full Member of
  3. 3. CYBAN Lobbying • CYBAN constantly lobbies for the benefits of its members: – to create a favorable economic/tax environment for angel investing (and exit) – to create mechanisms for a healthy deal flow that will allow us to select world-class investment opportunities
  4. 4. Angel Investing Introduction • Business Angels are individuals who invest on their own, or as part of a syndicate, in high growth businesses. • In addition to money, Business Angels often make their own skills, experience and contacts available to the company. • A typical Business Angel makes one or two investments per year in a three-year period.
  5. 5. Angel Investing …continued. • Business Angels would generally invest between €10,000 and €250,000 in any one investment in return for an equity share in the business. • Business Angels invest across most industry sectors and stages of business development, but especially in early and expansion-stage businesses.
  6. 6. CYBAN Membership benefits: • Provides members with expertly screened deal flow, selecting the 10 - 12 most innovative businesses from the 100+ business plans we will review each year. • 4 Company Presentation Events each year • 2-3 Investment Workshops each year • Annual CYBAN Event with high-profile speakers
  7. 7. VIDEOS Enjoy! • 7 things you think you know about Angel Investors • Froodies, Germany – An Angel funding example • Experienced Angel Investor from Finland
  8. 8. CYBAN Investment Criteria • Cyprus Registered Company • Seeking between € 25,000 and €500,000 equity finance • Most Stages/Sectors Considered • Attractive market • High Growth Business • Sustainable competitive advantage
  9. 9. CYBAN Investment Criteria ...continued. • • • • Potential for explosive growth Strong management team Validation within the market place Can be taken to market with little or no further development • Providing an Exit in the medium term
  10. 10. Application Process 9-step process • Step 1: Send your executive summary (max. 3 pages) to: • Step 2: You will be notified within 2 weeks if you have passed the first evaluation phase or not. • Step 3: If you have passed you will be asked to send your full business plan. • Step 4: Within the next 2 weeks you will be invited to attend an initial meeting. • Step 5: If all goes well, you will be asked to sign a presentation letter.
  11. 11. Application Process … 9-step process • • • • Step 6: Training Sessions Step 7: Company Presentations Event Step 8: Investor meetings Step 9: SUCCESS!!!!
  12. 12. Pitching to Investors Address 4 areas • You won't get past first base with angel investors if you can't address four areas: An angel investor will look at these 4 things: – is the business idea simple enough for me to understand and buy into? – does it solve a problem or meet a need? – is it a big enough market and customer base for the idea? – do you have the right people on your team to pull it off?
  13. 13. Pitching to Investors Impress with your Passion • The angel investors’ whole focus is on trying to size up YOU, the entrepreneur. • Looking at how much passion, wild enthusiasm and sparkle in your eyes you genuinely have for your product or service. • Never say "we're passionate" or "our product is great." People just ignore that. Such messages must be implicit.
  14. 14. Pitching to Investors Be confident, not arrogant • You must not do is seem nervous and apologetic. If you've truly made something good, you're doing investors a favor by telling them about it. • Smart investors can see past superficial flaws. • Investors are looking for raw talent. All you need to convince them of is that you're smart and that you're onto something good.
  15. 15. Pitching to Investors Mistakes to avoid • What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make during the pitch? – Rambling on about their technology or business rather than the financial opportunity—how you and the investor will make lots of money together. • Two thirds of new entrepreneurs that pitch in front of investors, don't show them how they are going to make money.
  16. 16. Pitching to Investors Be well prepared • Anticipate questions inventors might ask: – How large is your market? – Who are your competitors? – Why is your product better than what is already in the market? – What is your customer acquisition strategy? – How much money have you made? • Don't get thrown off by a tough question. It's better to say let me get back to you on that then to fumble for an answer.
  17. 17. Pitching to Investors Exit Strategy • You need an exit strategy; how the investor will make his or her money back. • Investors don't want to be your partner for life • Exit strategies: – Trade Sale – IPO – Capital Reduction (through accumulated profits)
  18. 18. ANNOUNCEMENT!! CAPITAL IMPACT PROJECT First Common Workspace in Cyprus!! Hackspace, StartupLab, Meeting rooms, Mentoring, Training, Incubation & Accelerator Programs & GREAT COFFEE!!
  19. 19. CYBAN Thank You!