Bicycle transport by plane


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This article has been published in original language (italian) byPaolo Volpato on 27.07.2012 at the following web address:

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Bicycle transport by plane

  1. 1. Bicycle transport by plane: conditions and fares of the main European and American arilines Given the impressive diffusion air transfers in the last decade, due to the raising of low cost airlines, we will see what are the conditions for the carriage of bicycles for the most relevant airlines in Europe. The information is updated to April 2014, but you’re going to plan a trip it is always better to make a further check:. On the following paragraphs for "free transport" we mean that no extra charges are to be paid; In many cases, however, the bike counts as another luggage. In all cases, the airlines require bikes are carefully packed, the pedals removed, the handlebars locked laterally, the inner tubes deflated and the packing material applied to protect the more delicate parts. Aer Lingus Except in the case of flights from Ireland to the United States, where it is not required to pay a special rate, bikes up to 15 kg flywheel are paying $ 40. If the bike exceeds 15 kg, you will have to add the payment of the same fees for overweight. The transport of a bicycle must be booked by phone before departure.
  2. 2. Air Berlin If the bike transport is booked up to 48 hours before departure, you pay 50 €; otherwise, the rate rises to € 100. For flights to the United States, you are charged respectively 75 and 125 €. Air France A fee is required, and it can run depending on the course: for flights within Europe is € 75; for intercontinental flights € 105 or € 200. If the bike exceeds 23 kg, you will also pay a surcharge. Bike transport is to be booked by phone. Alitalia The same rates of normal storage are applied, with extra charges for bikes over 23 kg. BMI Bicycles are applied the same fares of normal baggage: for economy class you pay 30 pounds up to 20 kg., and 50 pounds from 20 to 32 kg; business class passengers will not pay anything under 20 pounds, and will pay 30 pounds if the bike is between 20 and 32 kg. British Airways The British flag carrier allow bikes transport for free under 23 kg, and a total size of 130 inches (330 cm). EasyJet For bikes up to 32 kg there is a charge of £ 25. Iberia The bike transport costs 75 € Icelandair A flat fee of $ 35 is required for flights within Europe, and $ 70 for flights to or from the United States. The bike is to be storaged in a box or bag not exceeding 221x102x56 cm. Jet2 You pay £ 40 for bikes up to 20 kg, and a total size of 108 inches (274 cm); for every pound you pay extra £ 12
  3. 3. Lufthansa The bike transport costs 50 € for flights within Europe, and 100 € for intercontinental flights. Sundial For the bike you pay € 30 for domestic flights, international ones 50 € and 60 € for intercontinental. Ryanair You pay 50 € per bike (maximum weight: 30 kg) if you book online Shipping; the tariff applied through the Call Center or directly at the airport is 60 €. SAS Scandinavian Airlines Normal charges for excess baggage apply, then € 30 per bike over 23 kg and 62 inches (157 cm) in total size. The maximum allowed is 32 kg and 109 inches (276 cm). Swiss Airlines For the bike you pay 50 € for flights within Europe and 100 for intercontinental flights. Turkish Airlines The price varies depending on the airport. In Europe generally is € 30. Vueling The charge for the bike is 45 €. For U.S. airlines, have been reported rates for transportation trips between Europe and the United States; where they were shown only “imperial measurements” (inches and pounds) it was made a conversion; In some cases, however, the limits were expressed both in imperial measurements than with the decimal system, and both limits have been reported, which may not match exactly. American Airlines The transport of a bicycle costs $ 25 if it weighs less than 50 lbs (22.7 kg) and the sum of the sizes is less than 62 inches (157 cm). The cost increases to $ 150 if you exceed these values.
  4. 4. The maximum weight is 70 lb (31.8 kg); the sum of the size should not exceed 126 inches (320 cm) Delta Airlines The transport costs is 105 € for bikes that weigh up to 70 lb (31.8 kg). For more weight (up to a maximum of 100 lb - 45.5 kg) you pay proportionately more. In any case, the sum total of the size can not exceed 292 cm. Jetblue The shipment is free for bikes that do not exceed 50 lbs (22.7 kg) and a sum of the sizes is less than 62 inches (157 cm). Exceeding these values, you are charged $ 80 per bike. Maximum weight is 99 lb (43 kg). United Airlines Free transport for bikes not exceeding 50 lbs (or 23 kg) and 62 inches (157 cm) of the sum of the sizes. Otherwise you pay $ 200. U.S. Airlines Free transport for bikes that do not exceed the sum of the sizes of 157 cm. Otherwise you pay $ 200. Virgin Airlines The bike transport costs $ 50, regardless of size or weight. This article has been published in original language (italian) byPaolo Volpato on 27.07.2012 at the following web address: e-americane/