Lua vs python


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This presentation depicts my experience that lua and python are embedded on our mobile platform. This help you understand how they are different.

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  • Cpu & memory 에 대한 비교는 다음 사이트를 참고했음
  • Lua vs python

    1. 1. P ytho n vs L ua S K p la ne t 신호철
    2. 2. Background
    3. 3. Script for making Applications Background - The complexity of applications increased extremely. - Applications need to be applied large-scale refactoring. What can the script do ? - Can reduce code-size and increase maintainability. - Make it easy to append new applications. - When the middleware layer is modified, the modification doesn’t propagate to the application layer. It’s limited to the script-engine layer. Candidate script languages - Lua, Python
    4. 4. Lua porting
    5. 5. What’s Lua  Lua is Implemented and maintained by Tecgraf*1.  Lua has used in many industrial applications such as Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom.  Lua is the leading scripting language in games.  Lua is Embedded in games ( e.g. World of Warcraft ) and Ginga*2. : Tecgraf -*1 : Ginga brasil – 브라질향 데이터방송 규격*2
    6. 6. Why Lua  Lua is small - The source contains around 17,000 Lines of C. - All standard libraries take just 144K Bytes.  Lua is powerful - Lua provides meta-mechanisms for implementing classes and inheritance. - Lua provides garbage collection.  Lua is fast - Several benchmarks show Lua as the one of the fastest languages.  Lua is portable & embeddable - Lua is definitely easy to be embedded with small footprint.  Lua is free : MIT License*1 : MIT License -*1
    7. 7. Lua-Application Prototyping - 1/2  We ported mobile Calculator into Lua - We implemented UI Wrapper functions which are required in Calculator. - GTK-related functions and Softkey functions. - Calculator Logic is implemented by Lua script. - Main functions which is needed in 4 fundamental rules of Arithmetic are ported now. - The prototype of Lua-Calculator is successfully ported in our mobile platform.
    8. 8. Lua-Application Prototyping - 2/2  GTK mapping - Wrapper functions are implemented. - makeWindow, makeButton, makeLabel, setLabel, makeSoftkey.  Calculator Logic - 190 Lines of Lua code.  Calculator UI - 54 Lines of Lua code.  Wrapper Code & Lua script Main.c Calc.lua
    9. 9. Python porting
    10. 10. What’s Python Released first by Guido van Rossum in 1991. Now managed by Python Software Foundation*1 Embedded as a scripting language in these S/W products. *2 - GIMP, gedit, Vim, Maya etc - In mobile domain, Python for s60*3 Features a fully dynamic type, automatic memory management. *1 : Python Software Foundation – Wikipedia, *2 : Python-embedded S/W – Wikipedia, *3 : Python for s60 –
    11. 11. Why Python Highly Readable - Python uses whitespace indentation to delimit statement blocks. Powerful Standard Library - Python has a very large standard library. Powerful Glue Language - Python has the ability to use a lower-level language such as C/C++. - Python can easily attach new modules by using ctypes*1 or swig*2, etc. Free - Python Software Foundation License*3 : Allows modifications to the source code and derivative works.*1 : Ctypes –*2 : Swig –*3 : Python Software Foundation License –
    12. 12. Python-Application Prototyping : Calculator To wrap gtk layer, we try to use PyGTK*1. platform-dependent functions such as Softkeys are not yet implemented by hand. Calculator UI : 114 Lines of python code - Example UI code : : PyGTK : GTK wrapper for python -*1
    13. 13. Lua vs Python
    14. 14. Lua vs Python Lua PythonBinary size about 200KB About 2MB (Lua version 5.1) (Python version 2.6)Memory usage Lua is more compactSpeed Lua is faster*1Multi-threading Thread-safe Poor-qualityStandard Library Small & compact Rich & powerfulGlue ability Easy Normal*1 : see also Lua vs Python : CPU+Memory
    15. 15. What is the most suitable for mobile applications  Lua is more compact and faster than Python. But Python is further powerful. - Python has lots of build-in modules and many open-source wrapper modules such as pyGtk.  In case of mobile application which has abundant resources, Python is the most suitable for applications.
    16. 16. Appendix
    17. 17. Lua vs Python : CPU+Memory CPU + Memory Usage + Lines of Code.