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Death on Facebook. Mourning and memory as a prosumer activity - Piergiorgio Degli Esposti
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Death on Facebook. Mourning and memory as a prosumer activity - Piergiorgio Degli Esposti






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Death on Facebook. Mourning and memory as a prosumer activity - Piergiorgio Degli Esposti Death on Facebook. Mourning and memory as a prosumer activity - Piergiorgio Degli Esposti Presentation Transcript

  • Death on Facebook
Mourning and memory as a prosumer activity for Social Media Users"Piergiorgio Degli Esposti" Sociology and Business Law! Università di Bologna! !
  • Digital mediated grief"•  representation of death •  changes in mourning reactions •  cemetery as segregation of death •  death 2.0 the right to remember, the will to forget?
  • After death web serivces"•  data & blog maintanence!•  email delivered after death!•  obituaries &memorial!•  wills!
  • The daily death"
  • Death & Sociology"•  E. Durkeim - funeral is a cerimony assembly that served the pourpose of reaffirming the solidarity of the group.!•  T. Parsons - active orientation contemporary society, deviant orientation fatalistic society.!•  P. Bergers - death is an essential feature of the human condition that requires people to develop means of coping with it.!•  W. Fuchs - natural death separation between traditional (arcaic) and modern world - magic and religious projections vs disenchantment.!•  J. Baudrillard - death as the domain of nature up on culture, generates a mutual exchange between living society and dead - symbolic exchange!
  • Private & Public Sphere"•  If We live in Public We also die in Public !  Death move from private to public trough media •  most mediated society ever experienced •  digital archives and digital footprints •  celebrity death
  • Hyperexchange"•  separation (ghettoize) between live and dead!•  social media seems to create new symbolic exchange with the dead!
  • Memory weinees"Structure that leads behaviors"•  Centraly percieved !•  Centally controlled!•  Hi tech controlled!•  Empty of distinctive content! ! ! Nothing Something Continuum" ! How long may last the mutual exchange?! May we speculate a zombification ofFB?! !
  • Disenchantment and Re-enchantement" Reflexivity modernity" •  Romantic ethic •  Removal of magical •  New Age and (Weber)! Postmodern •  Calculability and •  common nomenclature Burocratization! •  common origins the 60 s •  Social and economical •  Rejections of enlightenment control upon death! project•  Rationalization of time - (Campbell) Risk society (Beck)! •  End of death taboo
  • Mourning as a prosumer activity" DEATH INDUSTRY" VS! DIY MEMORIALS" the death industry has primarily had a split between those who social media has made the produced (the gravestones, consumers also the producerscaskets, and so on) and those who of the mourning and consumed (us).! memorializing process.!
  • Facebook policy"•  Facebook used to immediately delete the accounts of the deceased!•  2005 introduced memorialize profile (post and interest removed profile viewable only to friends)!•  2007 After Virginia Tech shootings, the site changed its policy in response to the deluge of comments left on the victims profile pages!•  The "memorialization" process wasn t officially announced since 2008 - before was an automatized process!•  Relatives or friends has to fill a declaration form to annoumce a death !
  • Facebook generational gap"May SNS risk to become digital graveyard or Dinosaurs of consumption?"
  • Possible models for interpretation" Celebrity" no personal knowledge! no profile! ! Phantoms" Martyr " significant other withTesto (heros or victims)" memorialized profile ! no personal knowledge! ! possible profile! ! Zombie" significant other with ! profile still active! ! !
  • Possible models of interpretation" segregation" sociality" enchantement" prosumption" video! quotes!CELEBRITY" no! photo! limited! medium! groups! video! quotes! MARTYR" partial! photo! limited! medium! groups! video! quotes!PHANTOM" partial! photo! medium! medium! groups! video! quotes! ZOMBIE" no! photo! high! high! groups! apps!
  • Conclusions"•  Prosumer activity turn something out of nothing •  There will still be the opportunity to deviate from centralized rules? •  Exist an hyper symbolic exchange? •  Will FB make obsolete graveyards (as the web did with the press, DVD and so on)? •  Could a closed and controlled system generate re-enchantemet?
  • Thank You!" www.pgde.eu!piergiorgio.degliesposti@unibo.it! twitter.com/pgde!