M2tech CNBS server


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CyberNet Backup Server

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M2tech CNBS server

  1. 1. M 2 te c h CNBS server
  2. 2. M 2 te c h CNBS serverCNBS or CyberNet BackupServer is a backup solutiondesigned to create selectivebackups (online workstationsand servers) and, if necessary,bare metal restore (offlineworkstations and servers)based on Linux, MS Windows,OS X and BSD.M2tech CNBS server
  3. 3. M2tech CNBS server
  4. 4. For the bare metal backup (hereinafter offline backup) the specifications are as follows:• Supports multiple filesystems and can therefore be used to backup Linux, MS Windows, Intel based Mac OS and FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD, no matter if it is 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86-64) OS. For these file systems, only used blocks are saved and restored which increases the efficiency. For any unsupported file system, sector-to-sector copy is done.• LVM2 and GRUB boot loader are supported. M2tech CNBS server
  5. 5. What makes bare metal backup special?• Almost all steps can be done via commands and options.• Multicast and massively clone are supported if PXE boot and WOL are enabled in your clients.• The hostname, group, and SID of cloned MS windows clients can be automatically changed.• The image file of the disk can be recorded on local disk, SSH, Samba or NFS server.M2tech CNBS server
  6. 6. Limitations of the CNBS offline backup procedure:• The disk on which the deploy is done must be equal or larger than the source image. Differential/incremental backup is not implemented yet by the CNBS. The partition to be cloned has to be unmounted at the moment of cloning. It is not possible to recover a single file from the image file, nor is it possible to search it due to the way of compression. To recover a single file from the backup, the image can be mounted on the virtual machine using tools like virtual box or vmware player. Network outages could corrupt the backup in progress.M2tech CNBS server
  7. 7. For selective backup (hereinafter online backup) the specifications are as follows: Backup of the files in use (locked) at the moment of backup. Selective choice of directories to be backed up. Restoring single files from the backup archive without performing the deploy of the whole backup. Automation and scheduling of back up operations for each workstation independently, as well as, keeping records and reviews of all previous backup operations including the time of the operation amount of data that is / will be backed up and the next scheduled operation. Domain environment is not required for the implementation of the CNBS functioning, meaning it can operate in a workgroup.M2tech CNBS server
  8. 8. Limitations of the CNBS online backup procedure: Administrator access privileges to each workstation on which the backup will be performed are required either via domain admin user or a local admin user. Standard locations (like Desktop, My Documents etc.) must be on default locations if their backup is planned, or we must be notified to make the necessary changes.M2tech CNBS server
  9. 9. Limitations of the current CNBS online backup procedure: The slightest change of any file that has previously been backed up will require a new backup of the whole file, which decreases the efficiency of the incremental backup… As with the offline backup, a functional, reliable and protected network infrastructure is needed.M2tech CNBS server
  10. 10. What does the client receive• M2tech CNBS server, a unique solution for creating workstation backups.• The implementation of M2tech CNBS server done by Cybernet Technology d.o.o. One year M2tech CNBS server maintenance.M2tech CNBS server