Simple Tips to I,prove your Golf Game


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Take the Swing Speed Challenge and hit longer drives - effortlessly

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Simple Tips to I,prove your Golf Game

  1. 1. ==== ====Join thousands of others who have found relief from inflammation pain - experience Nopalea foryourself HERE - ====Most weekend golfers just go out to the golf course to enjoy the sunshine, the good fellowship oftheir golfing buddies and have a few brewskis after the round of golf. Thats good. We arent alltrying to be Tiger Woods. We just want to duff around and have fun.But sooner or later we start to think about our handicap and become a little tired of being kiddedabout it. Being nicknamed Sahara for so many times we get into sand traps, or Woody because ofour drives that end up in the trees is fine, but the more we play, the bug to become a better golferand have a respectable handicap gets stronger. So, if thats the case with you - try some of thesetips to improve golf swing.Most golfers will tell you that putting is the most important part of your golf game and I agree. But,you need to get onto the green before you can putt. The golf club that starts the process of gettingto the green is the driver and this is where most of the trouble starts. Here are a few things to keepin mind.When we take our stance at the golf tee, we need to consider some factors to improve golf drivingdistance such as wind conditions and the width of the fairway being a couple. If the wind is behindyou, a higher drive is best. To hit a higher drive, tee the ball a little higher and stand a little forwardof the ball. If the wind is in your face, tee the ball lower and stand back from the center of the ballto hit a lower drive. This is known as a leg position golf swing. In fact if you are really serious aboutbecoming a good golfer, you might consider taking some leg position golf swing lessons. If you arefacing a narrow fairway, with trouble on either side, you might want to hit an iron or cut down onyour swing. Keeping the ball in the fairway is the main priority.When we begin golfing, the tendency is to overpower the ball. Step up, take a baseball grip and tryto knock it out of the park. In order to play good golf, you should experiment with different gripsand see which one works best for you. If it turns out to be a baseball grip then use it.Besides using it to think with your head plays very little part in your golf game, except to keep itstill. The natural tendency is to look up as soon as you hit the ball to see where it is going. Thatcuriosity turns many a golf round from pride to disaster. Now dont get me wrong, its virtuallyimpossible not to have some head movement. Youll see it even in the best of golfers, but theycontrol it. If you watch a good golfer closely, you might see some movement on the back swing butthey make sure that their head is behind the ball at the point of impact.Keeping the head still should become automatic over time and you shouldnt need to consciouslythink about it. As soon as you start thinking too much the trouble starts. Once you hit the ball yourhead will follow through naturally with the movement of your shoulders.
  2. 2. Golf is a fun game to be enjoyed with good companions. Dont take it too seriously. If you doprobably only frustration will follow. These golf swing tips are meant to simply improve your golfgame a little and not take the fun out of it.Are you wanting to improve golf swing? About the author: Harry Archer has been a keen studentof the game of golf, has played in tournaments and head to head matches, where he developedhis skills. He shares that experience with you at http://www.golfshotswiz.comArticle Source: ====Join thousands of others who have found relief from inflammation pain - experience Nopalea foryourself HERE - ====